Wenatchee Immigration Reform March
Wenatchee, Washington USA Saturday May 01st, 2010

Wenatchee, Washington ( Gene`s BMX News ) -- 05/01/2010
Immigration Reform Sparks Federal-Local Concerns In The
United States. A Immigration Reform March Took Place Down
South Wenatchee Ave. On Saturday May 01st, 2010.

The march from Walla Walla Point Park to Lincoln Park began
about 5 p.m. Several Wenatchee streets where temporarily
closed Saturday evening during the Immigration Reform March.

Photos by: Gene`s BMX.com.

About 300 marchers started out at the Walla Walla Point Park,
and a similar number of marchers joined in along the route to
Lincoln Park. - In all, about 600 to 700 marched in Wenatchee.

The Wenatchee Immigration Reform march looked all peaceful like
as it was marching down the streets of Wenatchee. No problems that
we seen. - A few police cars and a few police motorcycles and police
bicycles seen. The Police officers where seen keeping the peace well.

As I was shooting the hand full of photos seen on S. Wenatchee Ave.
I had three-3 people ask me, What are they saying / chanting about?

I understand just a little but no comprende, its a riddle, - U.S. inflation?
They where in march to Reform Immigration Laws, calling on Congress
and President Obama to reform the nation's immigration system.

If people can not understand what is being chanted as the people march
down the street. How is there ever going to be change. Just Maybe if the
march chant was being yelled out in English the point might have came
across to everyone.

As we where leaving the S. Wenatchee Ave. area we where over hearing
a good hand full of people talking down about Mexican people. -- In other
words, hate talk. Some of the hate talk had some good points and some
of it was just slur speech due to lots of the people not understanding each

English is the set standard language in the U.S.A. If people want people
to understand what is what, say it, chant it in English or things may just
stay the same as they are or get worse.

A lot of hate gets created among people if people can not understand
one another. --- A common ground with in people to understand one
another in the U.S.A. is the English language. - If people want to stop
the hate in the U.S.A., then it would be wise for everyone to use the
set standard language, - English.....

On Friday, April 30th, 2010 Amnesty International USA Media Release:
* Amnesty International USA Voices Serious Concerns About Federal
Immigration Proposal Priorities ( More )

You can also get a look at a few photos from the Wenatchee Edition
Of the National March back on May 01st, 2006 that we have on file:

Photos - Wenatchee Edition Of the National March 05-01-2006


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