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Portland, Or.( Gene`s BMX Quote ) -- 08/19/2007
The Vans® Invitational this last Saturday on NBC,
with showing "Skate Park Finals". NBC’s coverage
of the event on TV was way cool but one big thing
was missing in this event by the skate athletes and
that was ( HELMETS ).

This did not catch my eyes until Ryan Sheckler took
a small fall and it looked like it stunned him a bit but he
got back up and finished his skating run. But Sheckler
did not have a helmet on. From that point my eyes where
glued to the TV set and looking at all of the other skate
athletes and they to did not have helmets on in this event.

You would think that the AST Dew Tour would have some
sort of a rule for the athletes to have a helmet on when they
are at the event giving it there all. With luck it looked like no
one got hurt bad at this event for what was seen on the NBC.

You would also think that the pro skate athletes would be
wanting to be showing everyone safety by having helmets on
with the athletes knowing that they are being seen in a mass
amount of homes around the world on broadcast television.

Some 47 Photos of the Dew Tour Portland Skate Park event.
( Note: photos show no helmets on athletes. )

Giving that alone this year watching the AST Dew Tour
on TV it looks like allot of the athletes in all the events
skate, bmx, fmf are pushing it hard and a good hand full
of crashes have been seen. We can not point fingers at
NBC for showing the event on television But we can ask
the Athletes and the AST Dew Tour its self, Where where
the helmets at in this pro skate event?

Also something else we somewhat have found looking at
the AST Dew Tour event. A clip by we ran
across over the weekend. X Games vs. AST Dew Tour:
What's Better?
A cool clip to check out showing the 50/50s of both events.

In this clip it said something that got me thinking and looking,
it brought up the point that there is NO Female athletes at the
AST Dew Tour. After watching the Dew Tour for the last three
years now I will say that they are right. But I ask WHY is
there NO Female Athletes in the AST Dew Tour events?

Just bringing up a few points that I found over this weekend
with the AST Dew Tour. Maybe it can help make the event
better or maybe it cant, who knows, but either way I enjoy
watching the AST Dew Tour on NBC. No pun to anyone.

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