BMXer On Cover Of SIkids
The Ya, Right! - Quote


Gene`s BMX News ( Quote ) -- 09/27/2007
All the PR going around about, Let`s all help
to get this ABA BMX racer, on to the cover of
Sports Illustrated Kids as the 2007 Youth Athlete
of the Year. This would be HUGE exposure for
BMX racing as the ABA BMX quotes.

Ya right on!, Im all up for press and getting BMX
exposure But I have to say that this place is a joke.
Why wast your time with SIkids they are there for
the money only as it dont take much to see that on
there web site.

Its cool that this kid got some press
but Im not to fond of SIkids.....

SIkids: On there web site or print
they do not support BMX to much.

What has SIkids ever done for the BMX community?
What, a few press briefs like this one? Heck they do
not even have a dedicated page on there site for BMX.
They have everything else but not BMX. Hmmm. I would
say that is some good support for the BMX community.
r-Right on.....................

Maybe the ABA BMX could help them set up a PAY
SIkids BMX web page to help kill off the BMXing
community more than it is. That is Just an idea.
As the ABA BMX is moving more and more to its
all about the money and the heck with the BMX.

So, Im not to fond of the SIkids as I see them
as they are there for the money not the sport
of BMX as it seems. Like said above, nice that
this kid got some press. But count me out as I
dont want anything to do with SIkids or there site.

On Principle: Just standing up for my rights, -
as a BMX webmaster and a supporter of BMX.
No pun to the kid in the press brief..............


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