Wenatchee`s Apple Blossom Festival 2003

The 84th Washington State
Apple Blossom Festival
April 24 through May 4, 2003

The Wenatchee Valleys largest celebration of the year
is the annual Washington State Apple Blossom Festival.
The Apple Blossom Festival is a safe, fun, family event that
represents the values of the Wenatchee Valley Community.
The City of Wenatchee Welcomes! everyone with a nice warning!
to all that are making there way to Wenatchee for the activitys.
Wenatchee`s Apple Blossom Warning ( More )

*** 2003 Apple Blossom Festival ***
Some News & Photos Of The Happing
At Some of the Events "as they happen"

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Photo Albums Index of 2003 Apple Blossom Festival (by Geneb - Gene`s BMX)

*** Festival crime report: Arrests tripled in '03 ***
921 citations issued, but fewer serious crimes reported
Authorities issued at least 921 criminal citations during the
Apple Blossom Festival's final weekend, more than triple
the number reported last year, according to statistics
released by law enforcement agencies. And the
Festival party crowd called tame, despite arrests
Festival criminal citations Figures 1991 - 2003 ( More )


** Beefed up State Patrol makes 650 arrests during festival **
The State Patrol made 650 arrests during the
Apple Blossom Festival, the agency said this morning.

The total number of arrests made during the festival is not yet
available. The Wenatchee Police Department and other law
enforcement agencies have yet to release statistics.

But the State Patrol arrests alone mean more arrests were made
this year than any year since 1996 when 664 people were
arrested. Last year, there were 298 arrests. In 1993, there were
1,717 arrested. In 1994, 1,046 arrests were made. ( More )


** The Wenatchee World News Report of the 2003 Apple Blossom Festival **
01 - A colorful Blossom weekend: Wenatchee ends another 'great festival'
02 - On The Ave: Wild once again
03 - Police struggle with crowd control
04 - Local Rotary gets award
05 - Beads common, despite pleas to stop sales
06 - Grand Parade winners
*In The Wenatchee Washington News
07 - Brewster woman killed in collision on Highway 97A
08 - Woman raped by man she met while cruising
09 - Police investigate cash, jewelry theft from booth
All of the storys and ( More )

** A Busy Apple Blossom Weekend for Police **
Law enforcement were kept busy during the final days of the
Apple Blossom Festival. As of 8 A.M. Sunday, 141 people had
been cited on charges ranging from lewd conduct to driving
under the influence, with 164 criminal charges placed.
Records officials with the Wenatchee Police Department say
officers were a little busier then last year. However,
The number of serious incidents appears to be down.( More )

** The 2003 Apple Blossom Festival Rolls to a End! **
Memorial Park Food Fair - Entertainment in the Park
The venders pack up and leave Wenatchee and The Carnival
Closes down and starts rolling up and moving it out ,
at the River Front Park at the foot of 5th Street on the Columbia River.
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Photos Added! Photo Album # 08

Cruising Wenatchee`s AVE After the Grand Parade
bumper to bumper with cars - "People just having Fun"
With the Law Waching over them. ( Photos 0169 - 0175 )
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Photo 0176 Some guy using the Apple Blossom Festival weekend
standing infront of the Wenatchee Police Dept. on Chelan Ave.
exercising his right to free speech with some foul language about
the Police Dept. on a cardboard box cut out.
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Photos added - Photos 0177 - 0179
A band Rocks the stage in the small park where the
old Columbia Motel sat before it burn down in 1988.
on Wenatchee Ave & Yakima Street
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Photos added of the Wenatchee Washington
Apple Blossom Grand Parade at Orondo and Mission Streets.
The last 3 photos of Album # 3 0070 - 0072
and Photo Albums # 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ( Photos 0070 - 0168 )

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** Picture-perfect parade day **
The Valley catches the spirit in a big way as
everything falls into place for a fabulous festival
The 84th-annual of the Washington State Apple Blossom
Festival Grand Parade. ( More )


*** Cable company to broadcast the Grand Parade ***
KWCC-TV will broadcast the Apple Blossom Festival Grand
Parade on Charter Cable TV channel 19 at 1 p.m. Saturday.
The station is also shown on channels 45 and 40 in some areas.
Residents who do not have cable can view the parade on
channels 7 and 59 in Cashmere and Monitor; 11 in Leavenworth,
Dryden and Peshastin; 11 and 3 in Entiat, Orondo and
Waterville; 8 in Ardenvoir; and 9, 57 and 59 in Wenatchee,
East Wenatchee, Rock Island, Malaga, Crescent Bar and Quincy.
The station will also broadcast the parade on the Internet at
The parade will be broadcast by 560 KPQ-AM radio and cable
television channel 99 starting at 11 a.m. Saturday.

*** Apple Blossom Parade route chair and bench tally ***
Chair count TODAY 1,478
Chairs 1,338
Benches 140
Same day last year: 1,358

*** Festival party patrols on full alert starting tonight ***
A temporary jail on Whitman Way. Police checkpoints
on the city's major roads. Cops in cars, on bikes and
on foot, ready to respond to gang violence and other lawlessness.
Those are ways authorities will make themselves known as The
Big Weekend - the final Friday and Saturday of the Apple
Blossom Festival - unfolds. Tens of thousands of visitors are
expected in the Wenatchee area, some to attend the Grand
Parade and others to cruise the streets and party. ( More )

*** Suspect sought in carnival assault ***
Wenatchee police have issued an arrest warrant
for a man suspected in an assault at the Apple
Blossom Festival carnival in Riverfront Park
on Thursday evening. ( More )


Hate Crimes at Memorial Park Food Fair,Entertainment in the Park
A group of young people sitting on a bench and standing
around in the park next to the Apple Blossom Festival Booth
yelling and saying sexual gestures and calling people
sexual offenders as people try to walk in the park.
A Seattle Washington man a dad of 4 was outraged over
being called the names and said he and is kids will not return
next year to the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival he said he
thought the Apple Blossom Festival was a safe, fun, family event
up till he and his kids where called gesture names.
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The Doll House on South Mission Street
Showing off a photo "beads-for-bare-breasts"
on the frount of the Doll House in Wenatchee Wa.
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** Recent shootout on Mission St. involved rival gangs,**
~contrary to police statements~
At least 11 shots were fired in the Sunday-night exchange,
The shooting Sunday night happened as the Apple Blossom Festival
was concluding its first weekend. A concerned about gang violence
occurring this weekend. ( More )


*** So Far, So Good for Festival ***
Police report no major problems thus far during
the first full week at the Apple Blossom Festival.
Pre-Festival publicity promoting a safe and sane event appears to have worked.
Law enforcement is now bracing for the Grand Parade weekend,
Wich has historically been a crowd control problem.

*** Parade to be broadcast live on radio and TV ***
The Apple Blossom Festival Grand Parade presented by
Albertsons and Washington Mutual Bank on Saturday will be
broadcast live on 560 KPQ-AM and on cable television Channel
99, beginning at 11 a.m.
Channel 99 will rebroadcast the parade at 5 p.m. Sunday.

** East Wenatchee Link service affected by Classy Chassis parade **
Link Transit routes will be adjusted on Friday evening after 5
p.m. for the Les Schwab Classy Chassis Parade. All trips near
Wenatchee Valley Mall will be affected.

** Apple Blossom Parade route chair count **
TODAY 1,316
Chairs 1,194
Benches 122
- Yesterday: 1,167
Same day last year: 1,252



*** Cops keep watch at carnival ***
~A peaceful first weekend for Apple Blossom~
Teenage boys roamed in small groups and girls boldly
wore colorful strings of beads while police kept a
watchful eye over all of them during a peaceful opening
weekend at the Funtastic Shows Carnival. ( More )

*** High spirits highlight youth parade ***
A bug-eyed wild child riding on an iridescent purple
Oldsmobile convertible evoked a song and dance from one
preteen parade-goer on Saturday. ( More )


*** NEWS - Apple Blossom Festival Continues ***
There's a Red, White and Blue feel to the 85th annual
Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. U.S. Troops
are the grand marshalls for the grand prade next Saturday,
with parade watchers encouraged to wear Red, White and Blue clothing.
In addition, ten- thousand American Flags will be handed out along
the parade route. Also, tickets are still available for the
All Service Club Luncheon set for Thursday at the Wenatchee Center.
Tickets are 16 Dollars each in advance, and are available at the
Festival office and the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Photos added -
The Keyes Fibre Youth Parade At Orondo & Mission St.

Photos 0030 - 0048 & Photos 0049 - 0063
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Photos added - The Carnival is working hard to set up and
looks ready to go at the foot of 5th Street on the Columbia River.
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Memorial Park Food Fair - Entertainment in the Park
Photos added - The food booths open up at the park. and
The frount of the Chealn County Court house, Showing the
Spirit of the Apple Blossom Festival 2003 with the USA flags.
WoW! A Hummer was found in one of the food booths and
it had some STYLE in to having lunch at the park.
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Memorial Park Food Fair - Entertainment in the Park
The booths are starting to pop up at the park.
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Memorial Park Food Fair - Entertainment in the Park
Date: April 24-May 4
Location: Memorial Park at Orondo & Chelan
Hours: Opens daily at 11 a.m. During lunch & dinner hours & all day on weekends


A few more photos added of the Carnival starting to set up
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The Carnival starts rolling in to Wenatchee and starts to set up
at the foot of 5th Street on the Columbia River.
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Funtastic Shows Carnival
Dates: April 25-May 4, Grand Opening, April 25 at 5:30 p.m.
Location: River Front Park at the foot of 5th Street on the Columbia River
Time: Grand Opening: 4/26 at 5:30 p.m.
Weekdays: Opens at 5 p.m. - Weekends: Opens at 12 p.m.


Wenatchee, Washington (AP) -- 04/10/2003
~~Washington city tries to stop beads-for-bare-breasts at apple fest~~
In a newsletter this month, the chamber and police urged businesses
not to sell the beaded necklaces during the April 24-May 4 event,
which attracts about 100,000 visitors to this north-central Washington
city each year. Festival director,Darci Waterman, supports the bead ban. ( More )

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