Chelan Skate Park - Chelan, Washington USA

Chelan Skate Park

Chelan, Washington USA
Just 35 miles North of Wenatchee On Hwy 97
City of Chelan | Chelan City Parks |

The Chelan Skate Park Is Located At:
Don Morse Park = ( Skate Park.htm )

Skateboards, BMX Bikes, And Inline Skates Are Welcome!

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Rules At Chelan Skate Park | Photos At Chelan Skate Park
News And History Of Chelan Skate Park

Rules At Chelan Skate Park

( A Photo Of Chelan Skate Park Rules )

1. This Facility is used by both experienced and inexperienced
skaters. Serious injury or death may result from being hit by a
skateboard falling or colliding. City of Chelan does not assume
responsibility for injuries. USE AT OWN RISK!
2. This Skatepark is not supervised.
3. The use of protective equipment including helmets, nee
and elbow pads and wrist guards is strongly recmmended.
4. No bicycles allowed. ( 4. Revised on 11/14/2002 )
( The City Allows BMX Bikes At The Skate Park. )
5. Alcohol,drugs or glass containers are not permitted.
6. Skate respectively. Be respectful of other park users;
moderate your language, keep music volume down and use
trash containers provided.
7. Non-skaters and spectators are to stay off skating areas.
8. Park opens at 8 A.M. and closes at dusk.
9. Report any unsafe conditions to park office 682-8023.


Photos At Chelan Skate Park

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Chelan Skate Park Photos On 07-29-2005

Chelan Skate Park Photos On 09-25-2004

Chelan Skate Park Photos On 08-09-2003

Chelan Skate Park Photos On 08-09-2003

Chelan Skate Park Photos On 04-13-2003

Chelan Skate Park Photos On 11-01-2002


**** News And History Of Chelan Skate Park ****

A Web-Site Page Devoted To Chelan Skate Park

Chelan, Washington -- 10/10/2008
Dan's Skate page, one of the many skate pages on the world wide web it
has many photos and some nice information about the Chelan Skate Park.
Check it out at: ( )


Chelan Skate Park Lighting

Chelan, Washington -- 11/08/2007
Chelan City Council Agenda - Regular Agenda:
4. Budget Amendment to Fund Skate Park Lighting Project 06-065J

~~~ Cut From Minutes Of The Council Meeting 11/08/2007 ~~~

Fonfara reminded Council that consideration of a proposed
budget amendment for installation of lighting at the skate
park in Don Morse Park was tabled on 10/25/07 pending the
provision of additional information concerning the lightings
energy efficiency and compliance with dark skies legistlation.

Fonfara reported that the lighting being considered is 50% more
energy efficient than any comparable system on the market and
that the luminaries are installed with visors to redirect what would
be wasted light back onto the lighted area, thereby increasing the
light output from each luminary and reducing off-site light spill and
glare. In addition, the design maintains the most energy efficient
position for the lamp arc and allows the optimum field aiming angle.

Following brief discussion, Weldy moved to amend the 2007 City Budget
to appropriate an additional $13,500 for lighting the skate park at Don
Morse Park, for a total appropriation of $27,000 for the lighting project.
Seconded by Rodionoff, motion passed unanimously.

~~~ Cut From Minutes Of The Council Meeting 10/25/2007 ~~~

Administrator Fonfara proposed that Council consider a budget amendment
to fund installation of lighting for the skate park at Don Morse Park.

Fonfara explained: $13,500.00 in Recreation Capital Improvement funds
was budgeted for the project. McCandlish Electric is asking $24,200 plus
tax for installing the lights, pole and miscellaneous components provided
by Musco Lighting. The City will provide the digging and backfill for the
power conduit from the electrical service to the light pole.

Pape-Miller recommended that the lighting be energy efficient and
Rodionoff recommended that it comply with the City’s pending dark
sky ordinance. There followed discussion on these recommendations
leading to Council consensus to postpone amending the budget for
the skate park lighting project until the City Administrator reports
back with information on the cost of installing energy efficient lighting
that complies with the dark sky ordinance.

CC -


Chelan Rock n Rail Revolution Skate Demo

Chelan, Washington -- 08/24/2006
Skateboarding demonstrations, live rock music,
a humorist and inflatables - all free and all
part of the Rock ’n’ Rail Revolution at Don
Morse Park, 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Aug. 26th 2006

The event features master of ceremonies Jose Zayas, national
bands Souldeep and Day of Fire, and skateboarder Tim Byrne.
Call the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, 682-3503, for
more information.

CC -

Check out the Library of Event Photos by Go Lake Chelan
a random look at the day, taken late in the day unfortunately,
after the skate board demonstrations.


Skate Park Fun

Chelan, Washington ( GLC ) -- 11/28/2005

Chelan's new skate park equipment was getting some
use on Nov 12, 2005 Even one fellow out on Sunday
afternoon 11/27. Wonder who cleaned the snow off of
part of the park? - Check out the cool Photos!


Chelan Skatepark Dedication September 9th

Chelan, Washington ( GLC ) -- 09/06/2005
Friday - September 9th 2005 Chelan Skate park
Dedication City of Chelan Don Morse Park 4:00 p.m.

Please join the City of Chelan on Friday, Sept. 9, 4:00 p.m.
to celebrate the renovation of the Skateboard Facility.

The Skateboard Park was recently renovated by a group
of community volunteers using a funding from the City
of Chelan, Chelan Rotary Club, and the Skatecrew.

The program will include a short program by Chelan
Mayor Jay Witherbee, City of Chelan Parks Staff and
recognition of the project sponsors and community volunteers.

Please RSVP to John Keates at Chelan Parks and
Recreation Department, (509) 682-8015 if you can attend.


Chelan`s New Skate Ramps Are Big Hit With Kids

Chelan, Washington ( GLC ) -- 08/27/2005

( Click Photo For More Photos )

The only recently completed installtion of all new ramps
at the Chelan Skate Park at Don Morse Park seems to be
meeting with the overwhelming approval of the kids who
can use them.

Jumpin' and Grindin' and a whole lot more tricks that
looked extremely difficult to us were being performed
like they could do it with their eyes closed. One more
experienced Skate Boarder said it's more than hard work,
he said "It's hours and hours of practice.

You have to be totally committed to learning in order to
be able to learn without getting hurt" he said. "This isn't
like a lot of other sports, "you can get hurt here, if you
fall wrong."

( Click Photo For More Photos )

On Friday, Chelan Parks Director John Keates sent out
a happy email announcing the project had been completed.

Keates, who had successfully sold the concept to the City
Council and then enlisted a host of volunteers to assist
in making the upgrades happen wrote his supporters......

I am proud to report that the renovation of the
skatepark at Don Morse Park was completed today.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped with the project.

( Click Photo For More Photos )

If you have the time, go by the park and check it out.
It’s been receiving a lot of use. This project was
truly a community effort! ~ John Keats City of Chelan

The kids of Chelan can also thank long time Skate Park
advocate Mike Sherer, who never tired of the challenge
of bringing this recreational facility to Chelan.

Upon receiving the Park Director's email .... Sherer,
who heads up the Lake Chelan Recreation Foundation,
wrote Keates back, saying.... John,
Congratulations to you from our foundation as well.

The work you have accomplished here in
a short period of time is impressive.

Thank you for spearheading the Skatepark upgrade,
guiding it through the Chelan City Council, and
conducting all the necessary liaison to get it done.

You are a good communicator and obviously work
well with your staff to accomplish your work.

( Click Photo For More Photos )

The Skatepark was already the busiest attraction in Don
Morse Park on a 12 month basis even with the wimpy jumps.

You have now made it a destination for youngsters of all ages.

Thank you for your contribution to the community.
Mike Sherer, LCRDF

Photos and story by Jerry Isenhart


Chelan City Skate Park Getting New Ramps

Chelan, Washington -- 08/15/2005
There was a bit of excitement at Don Morse Park this morning,
as the City of Chelan took delivery on the first of two loads of
Ramps for the Skate Park.

The decision to install these new ramps was approved just
a few weeks ago by Chelan City Council, and the order was
placed the next day.

City Parks Director John Keates has been out recruiting
volunteers to assist with the installation of these new ramps.

Here's part of a recent Email .....

.... it is time to begin recruiting the helpers we will need.
Here’s the preliminary schedule.

The City will coordinate the volunteer labor and securing of
equipment. The City may have the tools needed, but if you have any
of the equipment, please let me know. E-mail or call (509) 682-8015.

The Installation will take 6 days beginning
on Thursday, August 18. Sample schedule is:

Thursday 8/18: On, start at 7:00 a.m.
Friday, 8/19: On, start at 7:00 a.m.
Saturday, 8/20: Probably on?? Start at 7:00 a.m.**
Sunday: Off
Monday, 8/22: On, start at 7:00 a.m.**
Tuesday, 8/22: On start at 7:00 a.m.
Wednesday, 8/23: On, start at 7:00 a.m.
Thursday, 8/24: On if needed??

**= A welder will be needed one of these two days.

Monday, August 15. The first truck will arrive with ramps.
We will need three helpers to help unload the truck.
Equipment needed is one dozen #3 square drive bits.
The unloading process should take about 3 hours.
Time of arrival is not certain yet.
Plan for mid morning, 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, August 18. The second truck arrives and
the installation process will begin. Repeat of 8/15.
Three helpers and one dozen #3 square drive bits.

Each day we need a minimum of three skilled workers.
A skilled worker is someone who can follow directions
and operate simple tools such as a power drill. Two
additional helpers each day will make the process go faster.

CC -


Some Notes: Chelan`s Parks & Skate Park

Chelan, Washington -- ( June-July 2005 )

*** Northwest Parks Foundation ***
The City of Chelan has entered into an agreement with the
NW Parks Foundation that will hopefully raise funds in the
future for Park Department related needs.

Some potential fund raising programs could be directed to,
but limited to; park projects, maintenance / operations, and
equipment purchases such as picnic tables, playgrounds,trees,etc.

The City Council approved the agreement at the June 23
City Council meeting. In the near future, the parks staff
will be working with the foundation to identify specific
needs and potential funding sources for these needs.
One immediate project could potentially be the Lakeside Trail.

This agreement is not an “exclusive” agreement to raise funds
but just one additional option that can be utilized by the City.

Parks Staff member James Hayter has created a link from our
existing Parks Department Web Site to the NW Parks Foundation.

In the near future, the staff will use the Parks Department
web site to advertise that the City is soliciting donations
for a variety of needs for the Parks System, which would
include the golf course.

If you’d like to see how the linkage works, log onto
the Parks Department Web Site at the following address:

Once connected to the web site, on the left hand side
you’ll see the “NW Parks Foundation” among the options.

Click on the NW Parks Foundation and that will take you
directly to the NW Parks Foundations “Parks Safety Net”
where anyone interested can make a donation via mail or
credit card. To make a credit card donation, you’d click
on the “donate now” icon and then click the dropdown feature
on the Parks Safety Net Funds and you’ll see Chelan listed
with the other cities.

Hopefully, in time, this will be a beneficial partnership
than will enable the City to expand our fundraising abilities.


*** Parks and Recreation Month ***
A Proclamation will be presented at the July 14 Chelan
City Council meeting recognizing July as Parks and
Recreation Month in Chelan.

Nationwide, many communities do the same because the
National Recreation and Park Association has proclaimed
that July is Parks and Recreation Month all across the
United States.


*** City Of Chelan Parks and Recreation Department ***
TO: Interested Parties / Chelan Skatepark
FROM: John Keates, Chelan Parks and Recreation
SUBJECT: Skateboard Park Update

Thank you for your help with the process thus far to
renovate the City of Chelan Skateboard Park. I have
a couple of very important bits of information that
I need to pass your way.

First, I sent a Notice to Proceed today to the
American Ramp Company giving them the authorization
to begin working on the new skateboard ramps for the
Chelan skatepark. The Chelan City Council provided
the approval to take this action at the June 23 City
Council meeting.

With the approval to order the ramps from American Ramp
, I now need to ask your help with the installation.

The City has decided to go with a supervised installation,
which means the American Ramp Company will be providing a
supervisor and equipment to guide the City with the installation,
but the City will need to provide the supervisor three to four
volunteers per day during the installation to assist with the
installation process. Using this install method has allowed
the City to purchase additional ramps.

The installation will take place sometime in August and will
last 7-10 days. If you’d like to volunteer to help, please
contact me at 682-8015. Also, please pass this information
along to any of your friends as the more help we have, the
easier the installation process will be.

Also, we are short approximately $275 in revenue to cover the
project costs. We’ll need to either complete a fundraiser or
secure additional donations. If you have any ideas I’d appreciate
hearing from you. We’ll need to raise these funds prior to the
installation of the ramps in August.

In the meantime, thanks for your help with this project and I’ll
look forward to working with you on the installation. This has
been a long process and I think we can now say that we “can see
the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Here is a copy of the Skateboard Park improvements
for Don Morse Park in Chelan, Washington.

( Please NOTE that the file link is a .PDF file. )

Also Click Here! For an Air View Photo of Chelan Skate Park Area.

A BIG Thanks to Jerry Isenhart of
for digging up all of this information and passing it along.


*** In The News Of the Lake Chelan Mirror ***
( Please NOTE that the file links are .PDF files. )

Skate Park Offer Accepted Over City Attorneys Concerns.PDF

Skate Park Gets More Funding.PDF

A Big Thanks to Dan Hughes on at the
Skaters for Public Skateparks Forums for this information.


Chelan To Get New Skate Park Ramps

Chelan, Washington -- 06/24/2005
The Chelan City Council on Thursday approved the purchase
of new skate park ramps to replace deteriorating ramps at
Don Morse Park.

Construction, shipping and installation will cost just under
$64,000 and work is expected to be done by mid-to late August.
said city parks business manager John Keates.

Funds include $50,000 from the city, $5,000 from the
Chelan Rotary Club and $9,000 from the Chelan Skate Crew.

Vert Manufacturing of Santa Ana, Calif., will build the new
ramps, Keates said when the new equipment arrives, the old
ramps will be removed except - except for grind rails, which
will remain. He said the city wanted to replace the ramps due
to safety concerns. CC - The AP Wire + Wenatchee World.

** Added notes by Gene`s BMX:
Vert Manufacturing of Santa Ana, Calif.,has provided many
communities with outstanding ramp terrain. They built the
Cashmere Skate Park up in Cashmere, Wa. But if you look
at Cashmere`s Skate Park, Bicycles are NOT welcome there.
The city of Cashmere says that bicycles damage the ramps.
So - Is Chelan making a mistake here? Only time will tell.

Skaters for Public Skateparks - City of Chelan, again...


Air Photo Map - Chelan Skate Park

Chelan, Washington -- 06/01/2005
Go Lake has a nice photo map
of where the skate park is at via a air
photo shot of the Don Morse Park area.
You can check them out! They are big photos:

( CityPark-MarinaFULL.jpg )
( CityPark-Marina24x14.jpg )

Its a good way to find out where you are
at and where the skate park is in Chelan.


Skater Group, Parks Department At Odds Over Park

Chelan, Washington -- 09/01/2004
Biker says city is dammaging skate park ramps;
city points to vandalism and litter - Council Supportive

Photo - John Guimond, a member of the group that maintains the
skate park in Don Morse Park, wants the city to add more ramps.

A member of a group that supports Chelan`s skate park
accused the city of mishandling the parks ramps, which
are used by bicyclists, scooter riders and skateboarders.
John Guimond of the Lake Chelan Skate Crew also expressed
at a City Council meeting last week his concern about the
future of the park once the city takes over its maintenance
next year.

Guimond, 16, asked the City Council on Aug. 26 if the
city had any money set a side for additional ramps.

"We're having higher usage than we expected," Guimond
said. He counted 53 riders at one time at the skate
park on a recent Friday.

Maintenance and improvements to the park became the city's
responsibility in April 2005. The skate park was opened
in April 2002, and since then maintenance has been the
responsibility of the skate Crew.

"More ramps need to be added," Guimond said in an interview
after the meeting. "With 50-pluse people using it on a daily
basis, there's not enough ramps."

Guimond said that double or triple the number of ramp could be
added to the concrete slab near the entrance tp Don Morse Park.
"The slab is not being used efficiently," Guimond told the City

City park employees are aggavating the problem, Guimond said,
by removing ramps from the parkonce they discover that kids have
moved them. He said the city has removed four or five ramps.

Parks supervisor Lee Reynolds said that the department has removed
only one ramp, which had been removed from its proper position.
Reynolds said city employees removed of ramp after the skaters
refused to put it back.

Reynolds said that bikers pull the ramps apart to create
jumps, but the separation poses a hazard for skateboarders.

"Skateboarders can't make the jump, but they try," Reynolds said.

Guimond said that on July 10 or 11 a group of rtheiders was
trying to pull two ramps apart because this was how they had
been positioned. When ramps are pushed together, Guimond said,
a four-inch gap between the two ramps poses a hazard to skateboarders.

Guimond said that the riders tried to comply when a parks employee
asked them to push the two ramps together, but they were too heavy.

Reynolds said that liability concerns require the city to remove ramps
that are out a place."We do need to get it off of there if it`s not
where it`s supposed to be," Reynolds said. He said that the ramps must
remain in a particular layout to prevent skateboarders and bicyclists
from running into each other.

Reynolds said the city will return the ramps after a group of adults
who support the Skate Crew draw up a new layout of the ramps for
the citys approval.

Guimond said that the citys handling of the ramps has necessitated extra
repairs by the Skate Crew. He said that city employees turn the ramps on
their sides when they are removing them, putting excessive strain on them.

He also said that a parks employee drove a small vehicle onto one of
the ramps to block riders from using it during the July altercation.
The situation escalated, and several kids were kicked out of the park,
Guimond said.

Reynolds said he was not aware of a parks employee driving a vehicle on one
of the ramps. He said if that did happen, it would likely damage the ramp.

"We`re not herting the ramps," Reynolds said. "Besides,
we have to take over the to maintenance of that."

Jane Farris, another parks supervisor for the city of Chelan. said
she is supportive of the skate park, but the young people who use
it are creating problems there.

"We`re all for the skate park because thats what we are - we`re recreation,"
Farris said. She said that people have moved picnic tables and grocery
carts into the skate park and have defaced signs and left litter there.

Farris said it`s only "a handfull of kids" the use the park inappropriately.

Reynolds said the abuse of the park by those
who use it gives the kids a bad reputation.

"It adds to the image people already have of what these
people are like, and they`re not at all like that," he said.

Guimond got no detailed answers at the City Council meeting regarding
how the city will manage the park once it takes over in April. Guimond
said that Skate Crew members will likely continue to carry tools with
them and make on-the-spot fixes as needed.

Several City Council members expressed
support for the skate park at the meeting.

"That skate park is a real asset to the community
and that park," council member Guy Harper said.

"It`s one of the few luxuries we have for the kids, and
it fills a real need," council member Steve Olsen said.

"If we have a bare slab out there, it will be an absolute shame,"
Olsen said.

Mayor Jay Witherbee, who will prepare a draft budget for 2005
in the next couple months, made note of council`s interest in
approprating funds for the skate park.

The city allocated $10,000 for the skate park in the year`s budget
to prepare for it`s maintenance obligations beginning next year.

Olsen said the city should stick to a single manufacturer when it
purchases ramps in the future. He said if new piecces meet consistent
engineering standards, the skate park will be more acceptable to the
city`s insurance provider.

Pieces range in price from $2,000 for small
component to $30,000 for a half-pipe, Olsen said.

Guimond, a BMX biker, said the skate park is essential for kids who
appreciate the "individualistic ways" of skateboarding and biking.

Teenagers have no other options in a town for the same price,
he said. - "It`s free entertainment."

CC - Chelan Mirror September 1, 2004 * Volume 113 No, 35
By Ralph Schwartz Editor | Photo by - Ralph Schwartz

Also contributing to the source to this news
clip, D. Hughes, in late November 2004


Chelan Skate Park Action

Chelan, Washington ( Gene`s BMX News ) -- 09/25/2004
Chelan`s Skate Park had some good skateboarding action today.

( Click Photo For More Photos )

Gene`s BMX don't have a clue who these people are, - but it
really doesn't matter, does it. They where having a blast.

It was a nice warm and sunny first week-end of Autumn in Chelan.

The settings of Don Morse Park, it was a picture perfect
setting to host a carnival this week-end as part of the
Lake Chelan Hydrofest. The sound of thunder from the Hydro's
where loud and the smells from the carnival is what made the
Chelan Skate Park a nice place for a little skateboarding action.

A few skateboarders where out having alot of fun making the
skate park come alive, showing off there skills of skateboarding.

A small look at the Chelan Skate Park, The park its self was clean!
A few places on some of the ramps need a little minding or fixing up.
It seems a ramp or two is missing from the skate park? Word in the
skateboarding grape vine, some talk that the Parks Dept. removed a
ramp from the skate park? If someone was to look over to the North
of the skate park, across the parking lot, is a fence, with one of
the ramps that should be in the skate park its self, But it is not!

Skateboarders and people are asking why? When I asked a Parks Dept.
employee that was driving by on a motor buggy, he gave me dirty looks
and said, that it was removed becouse the skateboarders abuse the
skate park. Then the Parks Dept. employee burned rubber out of there
on his motor buggy when I let him know that I was taking a few photos
of the skate park to be posted on the net to show off the park......

I guess only time will tell us all WHY the Parks Dept. removed a ramp?

Other than the ramp(s) being removed from the skate park,
Chelan`s Skate Park seems to be doing well and looks nice!


Chelan Skate Park Is Lots Of Fun

Chelan, Washington 08/09/2003
Chelan`s Skate Park was hot today with some
hot skating action on this hot summer`s day.

( Click Photo For More Photos )

A Inline skater showing what he`s got and
shreding it up with some good action.
Along with some skate boarders and bikers
thrashing it out in the heat of the day.


Email In The Mail Box Of Gene`s BMX

12/10/2002 Hey Gene,
This is John Guimond The kid who went to the
Chelan City Counsel and single handedly talked
to the city on the the issue of bike in the park.
I think that your site kicks ass and i Remember
seeing you in wenatchee this summer and wondered
who had such a kick ass bike. I remember you were
riding your schwinn Matt Polkamp and it was spotless
not a spec of dirt on it(nice attention to detail).
Any way the real point of my letter. Im writting to
you and sending some pictures of me and my frineds
riding in and around the town of chelan. Also,
I was out yesterday with my dad helping put up the
last ramps not yet on the slab. They are a hella steep
wedge box that is four feet tall and a bout the same
size in length of the other existing box and has a 40"
deck on top. And the other ramp is a 8' long- 12" high
grind box set off the end of the T ramp coming off teh
box already there. I will have new and better pics as
soon as i can get this dang rain/snow/slush to stop.

More About Me
I am also the former Lake Chelan Skate Crew President
and i have been riding for 2 years. Also, I have been
riding my new Black Hoffman 900 since about august
(in case you've seen me around wenatchee when i go there)

The picture is of me grinding off the
Lake Chelan Chamer Of Commerce Ledge
Feeble Grind To manual
Click Here! - to see Photo Of John Guimond

Geneb" - John Guimond, Thanks for the nice quote!


More Skate Park Confusion?

Posted 10:18 PM, Tuesday, November 19, 2002
by Jerry Isenhart

We've been told that volunteers of a local service club
who have been donating their time, free of charge, are
feeling a little frustrated tonight after having spent
the afternoon today installing rails on the ramps at the
newly opened City of Chelan Skate Park and then shortly
after they completed their work, the rails were removed
by City crews.

Our source says that the members of the Lions Club arrived
at the Skate Park to install the rails and were told by City
staff exactly where and how to install the rails, but that
for reasons unknown, the work was removed after the volunteer
crew finished and left the area Tuesday afternoon.

Is this true? We wern't there - but our source is normally
very reliable. Is there more to the story? We assume so.
We're hoping to hear what it is soon.

We also understand that this situation is likely to be discussed on
KOZI's 2nd Cup of Coffee Wednesday morning, as one or more of
the volunteers is expected to be calling in on the program, which
starts at 8:45 AM Monday through Saturday.


City Allows BMX Bikes At SkatePark

Posted 8:35 AM, Friday, November 15, 2002
by Jerry Isenhart

While we were unable to attend the Chelan City Council Meeting last
night, we've been advised that the Council, after lenghty discussion,
voted to permit BMX Bikes in the newly opened Skate Park at Don
Morse Park. Hopefully we can have additional details soon.

The decision surely was made, in part, by the letter of
October 29th, from Joe Guimond to the Council asking
that they reconsider their position.


November 14, 2002 - 6:00 p.m.

On The Regular Agenda,
1. Skate Park Use Request 96-093O
and more stuff listed aswell....


Bikes Or No Bikes? That Is The Question

Posted 6:19 AM, Wednesday, November 13, 2002
by Jerry Isenhart

Expect the Chelan City Council to respond this
Tursday evening to a regulation that has been
posted at the new Skate Park at Don Morse Park
which prohibits BMX Bikes.

Skate Park promoter Joe Guimond
(and the father of two boys who helped build the facility)
wrote the City on October 29th, asking the City to re-think
the posted policy which prohibits BMX Bikes.

Guimond's letter to the City says in part:

I am glad to hear and see that the Skatepark
finally has some ramps in place and is now useable.
It has been a long time coming and will surely get
a lot of kids out of Riverwalk Park and into the Skatepark.
As we all know the youth of this area have limited things to
do if they aren't part of the school athletic scene here in
this town.

I am writing to you to clarify a situation that happened
yesterday when the park began operation. My sons,
who had been anxiously awaiting the park opening,
showed up with their bikes to ride. They were informed
by one of the Parks people that bikes were not allowed
and they could ride them anywhere other than there.

These boys and their half dozen BMX riding friends were
the opnes that stepped up and made this happen, while
the skateboarders were still in Riverwalk Park complaining.
They were active in fundraising and very active in the nuts
and bolts of all the work done. There were many days that
they would have rather done anything else than spendning
a nice afternoon in that dingy warehouse cutting and
painting on those ramps.

It was one of my sons who went to the Lions Club,
presented the project to them and solicited their
help getting the project finished. From day-one
the intent for this to be built as a dual purpose
bike and skate park. All of the ramps were re-done
with that in mind. The logic behind having a dualk
purpose park was to maximize the number of people
using it AND get the kids oput of the Riverwalk
and Chamber and onto a controlled riding environment.

If the scope and intent of the park has changed,
please let me know. At this point I have a hand
full of angry young men who feel they were used
and lied to in order to get a project completed
for others that were too lazy to do it themselves.
Joe Guimond

Greg Moser of the City Of Chelan has provided the
Council with a memo and documentation that indicates
the Skatepark was not built to Bike standards and
that the Washington Cities Insurance Authority
(The City of Chelan's Insurance Carrier) has advised
against the use.


Meet Bergval

Posted 9:16 PM, Monday, November 4, 2002
by Jerry Isenhart

Meet Bergval!
This delightful 'thinker' is a common contributor
to our FORUM an area on this Web-Site that allows
for Community Discussions.

The latest Hot Issue has been the Skate Park-and Bikes.
There's been some good inter-action.
Best of all - it makes everyone "think"
and that just has to be healthy.

Not Familiar With Bergval? - Click Here!
We don't have a clue who these people are
- but it really doesn't matter does it!


Skate Park Opens At Don Morse Park

Posted 4:35 AM, Friday, November 1, 2002
by Jerry Isenhart

The sub-freezing temperatures don't keep these young
men from jumping right on Chelan's new Skate Park,
which opened earlier this week.

An unexpected sign says "No Bicycles" and has many
of the young people shaking their heads in disbelief.
One told us that it's like having a lake and not allowing boats.

Bren Starcher says the new park is 'cool".


Yikes! - No Bikes? - Are You Serious?

Posted 9:17 PM, Wednesday, October 30, 2002
by Jerry Isenhart

...has a new posting tonight that ought to bring about
some lively discussion if folks will participate.

It's a Skate-Board/BMX Bike Fan Issue - but in any case
- we can all learn by looking on. Here's the message as
posted on the Forum:

I was very happy when I saw that some quarterpipes
and a funbox got put in down at Don Morse, but when
I read the rules I was not! No Bikes???

I think that is rediculous. I can understand roadbikes
and mountainbikes but not allowing BMX bikes is like
saying boats aren't allowed on Lake Chelan.

The wear and tear of the ramps with rubber tires from bikes
is much less than the plastic on skateboards and rollerblades
and scooters which are apparently also allowed.

How do you think Matt Hoffman and Dave Mirra got good?

I cannot agree with this rule. Is there anybody else
who feels this way? -- By LC Rules.

Like most things - there's probably someone out
there who has a logical reason for the new sign.
We've never known someone to purposely put up
a sign without some 'reason' that seemed right to
the person doing it. On the other-hand, maybe they
never thought about the position expressed above.

Having said all that -
We encourage you to jump in and have a good discussion
on our: FORUM or Visitor's Comments Chelan Skate Park
A Inter-Active-News Page by




Joe Guimond, representing the Skate Crew,
reported that all ramps have been resurfaced and as
soon as John Gordon completes building the railings,
the Skate Crew will have met its obligations.

Guimond said that installation could take place as
early as next week. Guimond invited Councilmembers
to visit the work site to see the interior
construction of the ramps.

Goedde reported that Lions Club volunteers have been
working on the ramps and have some concern about the

Sypher reported WCIA’s stance on insuring skate parks.
Noting that WCIA asks that these parks be built right
to minimize liability exposure, Sypher said that Council
needs to decide if using the homemade ramps to be
provided by the Skate Crew is an acceptable risk.

Sypher pointed out that with no recognizable manufacturer,
there could be no second party to any lawsuit filed against
the City for an accident alleging substandard ramps.

Sypher also reported that WCIA would stipulate coverage
for a single serious claim as the result of a substandard
ramp and then would withdraw coverage for the skate park
unless all ramps not constructed by a licensed,
bonded and insured manufacturer were removed.

Sypher confirmed that the Skate Crew has completed its
required tasks and said that the only outstanding issues
are whether or not the ramps are acceptable and how they
will be fastened down. Witherbee moved to authorize City
Engineer Sypher to inspect skate park equipment and if
it fits Council criteria, to allow its installation.

Seconded by Harper, motion passed 6-1 with Witherbee,
Harper, Austin, Goedde, Keeton and Olsen voting aye
and Rodionoff voting nay.

Mike Sherer, representing the Lake Chelan Recreation
Development Foundation, summarized his 9/3/02 letter
to Council (Exhibit “B” attached). Following discussion,
Council consensus was to authorize Councilmembers Austin,
Harper and Olsen to investigate alternatives for
implementing the skate park proposal submitted by the
Lake Chelan Recreation Development Foundation in
Mike Sherer’s 9/3/02 letter to City Council.

Prepared by Linda Allison-Liles, City Clerk
Approved by City Council October 10, 2002


05/16/2002 Photos by Gene`s
The Skate Park looks like it`s in a good
spot in Chelan at the Don Morse Park,
Not much at this time but a slab of concrete.
I asked a hand full of people in Chelan when
the skate park was to be finished and open.

Is all I was told was its under Construction
at this time" and they did not know.

A few people said thers some sort of liability
concerns with the ramps,Unfortunately is all
that sits in Chealn`s Don Morse Park at this
time is a slab of concrete. Im am wondering
my self when the skate park will be finished.


Finally A Community Skate Park in Chelan!
Visitor's Comments Chelan Skate Park
A Inter-Active-News Page by


Posted March 30, 2002 by

In the midst of the Egg Hunting Saturday at
Don Morse Park, we couldn't help but notice
the crowd of volunteers gathered to work on
building Chelan's new Skate Park - A project
recently approved by the City Of Chelan, but
dependent upon a tremendous amount of volunteer
materials and labor. And if today was an indication
of the degree of committment - we're convinced.

This picture is looking from the South end
of the Skate Park back towards the Parking
area; shown is the site preparation that was
done in the last week.

Notice the rolls of sod that have been taken
sliced, rolled, and stacked at this end.
Notice too the steel grid of rebar and gravel
getting ready for a concrete pour, we assume.

Notice the tractor/backhoe in the background here.
The volunteers never batted an "egg" as the park
filled up with young and old for the Eagles Annual
Event. What a GREAT community day!

The volunteers in addition to all those Volunteers
who made up the Eagles Team who have been
annually holding the Mega-Egg Hunt for over 30 years!


Skate Park To Be Built In Chelan

Chelan, Washington -- 03/01/2002
After several years of fits and starts,
proponents of a skate park at Lake Chelan
are finally on a roll.

A 1,100-square-foot, steel-reinforced concrete
slab with about 15 ramps will take shape at
Don Morse Park this spring. Voting 5-2, the
Chelan City Council approved the project
Thursday night.

"Our kids in the town of Chelan need a place to skate.
That's why we're building this," said Mike Sherer, president
of the Lake Chelan Recreation Development Foundation.

Youngsters and their parents have been working for the
better part of a decade to see the project through. They
have raised $11,000 for it from donations,
car washes and the like.

"I think it's wonderful," Kitty Green of Chelan,
an adult member of the volunteer organization named
the Skate Crew, said of Thursday's go-ahead.

Chelan excavation contractor T. Janisch Enterprises
is donating its time and equipment to the effort.

Construction costs are estimated at $26,320
and will be funded with $30,000 from city coffers.
Money raised by the Skate Crew will be used to
maintain the park and jumps in a safe condition
for the first three years.

A dissenter in Thursday's vote, Councilman Jay Witherbee,
said he didn't oppose building a skate park, but he believes
Don Morse Park is the wrong location. He and others said
there are better uses for the lakefront parklands.

But supporters said Don Morse Park is the best place
for the facility because it's fenced, gated, highly visible
and often patrolled by police.

The skate park will be built between the volleyball court
and the parking area. Construction is expected to begin
March 18, with completion by April 11.

If the skate park doesn't work out, Sherer said,
the slab could be converted into a basketball court.

CC - By Laurie Smith Wenatchee World staff writer.


Skate Park Challenge!

The Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce wholeheartedly
supports the proposed Skate Park project and challenges
everyone to make a contribution to help the group meet
their goal of raising $30,000. Donations may be sent to:

Lake Chelan Skate Park
Jeri Dowell Accounting
PO Box 783
Chelan, WA 98816
(509) 682-8023 - City Parks Dept.


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