Ellensburg BMX
Ellensburg, Washington USA

Mt.Stuart BMX Park

The Ellensburg BMX track was constructed in the fall of 1996.
Ellensburg BMX track is with 1,100 feet of challenging jumps
and turns for improving your riding skills.

The track is easy to find,
Located next to Mt. Stuart Elementary School on 15th Avenue.

Helmet and appropriate clothing strongly recommended.
There is no cost to use the track.

~~~ News Of Ellensburg BMX ~~~


* Ellensburg Plans Expansions For Rotary Park.
Ellensburg, Washington USA -- 10/03/2014
Rotary Park in Ellensburg is going to see some major improvements starting this year.
Action News learned what steps the citys taking to make the green space a tourist
destination. The city wont stop there. Future plans include a BMX track, a roller rink,
more fields and more places to relax in the shade.


* Email: Sunday, July 13th, 2014: - Ellensburg BMX Track.
The Ellensburg bmx track by Mount Stuart Elementary School was constructed in the 70's
by Bruce Fairbanks and others. Mr. Fairbanks is an avid motorcycle and off road biking
enthusiast and innovator for more than 65 years and counting. Currently does high end
modifications for racing lawn mowers( seriously).

The Morgan Middle School shop teacher which started the BMX Dirt blasters bmx club
for the area youth inthe early 70's. through grant writing efforts and collaboration with
local busineses (the past owner of happy's corner market, lawyers, etc.) The land was
procured for bmx. After the 80's the track fell in disrepair. There were races there about
every weekend as it was on the local aba circuit in the golden days of bmx.

How do I know?
I am his son, I was there when we built it. I was there to test the first drop of the
starting gate. I will be working with some of the old eburg locals who raced then, like
Nathan Hill. Please correct the very incorrect information. If you have any questions
please feel free to email. -- Marc Fairbanks.


* Ellensburg Skaters Seek A New Skate Park.
Ellensburg, Washington USA -- 06/19/2013
In the 17 years since the city of Ellensburg welded together steel ramps and set them up
on a concrete slab at 200 N. Pearl St., skateboarding has gone from a fringe activity to
one of the countrys fastest growing youth sports. The Ellensburg skatepark on Pearl Street
provides evidence of how popular skateboarding has become. On most days its full of local
skaters, but only because there’s nowhere better to skate, they said. Local skaters and
BMXers who arent satisfied with the old metal ramps have been meeting with city officials
about building a new skatepark. ALSO SEE: * Riders Seek New Skatepark. By E.D.R.


Plans Are In The Works For A New BMX Sanction Race Track In Ellensburg 2011-2012

Landscape Architects Lay Out Proposed Rotary Park Master Plan
Ellensburg, Washington USA -- 05/12/2012

The latest plan for Rotary Park would add a multi-use field, roller rink, skate park,
BMX bike track, youth baseball fourplex, more parking, children`s spray park, a 2
-acre off-leash dog park and other amenities in West Ellensburg. ( More )


BMX Bike Track, Land Deal On Tuesdays Agenda
Ellensburg, Washington USA -- 09/03/2011

~~ Ellensburg City Councils Meeting At 7 p.m. On Tuesday Sept. 6th, 2011.
~~ City Council Chambers, City Hall 501 N. Anderson St. In Ellensburg, Wa.

The Ellensburg City Councils regular meeting is at 7 p.m. Tuesday because
Monday is a holiday. In addition to considering a new online bill pay agreement
with Paymentus, the Council will have a public hearing about vacating a portion
of Seventh Avenue east of Poplar Street adjacent to the old Armory building.

Vacating the land is the final element of a property exchange deal between
the city and Kittitas County. The county will get the deed to the Seventh
Avenue property at the Armory building, which is owned by the county, and
the city will get the deed for the parking lot on the corner of Sixth Avenue
and Pearl Street.

After the public hearing, the Council will consider first
reading of an ordinance vacating the Seventh Avenue property.

The Council also will review the master plan revision for Rotary Park
which includes a new BMX track. In his staff report, Parks and Recreation
Director Brad Case said having a BMX track at Rotary Park will give more
kids and adults the opportunity to use it and increase the tracks visibility,
potentially growing the sport. It also may give the Ellensburg BMX Association
an opportunity to host local, state and regional events, the report said.

The last agenda item for Tuesdays meeting is a financial status report
for the second quarter, presented by Finance Director Ade Ariwoola.

Agenda Report BMX Track:
See Full: Ellensburg City Council Agenda For September 6, 2011 (.PDF File) | Page.


~~~ Other Information ~~~

* Ellensburg Parks And Recreation Department.
* City Of Ellensburg, Washington USA.
* Kittitas County/Ellensburg Chamber Of Commerce.
* Daily Record News.com - Ellensburg News.

* Central Washington University.

* Recycle Shop Inc. - A Full Service Bike Shop!
415 N. Main Ellensburg, WA 98926

Ellensburg Skate Park

Ramps for skateboarding and in-line roller skating
ADDRESS: Pearl St & 2nd Ave across from Public Safety Building
For more information about the skate park see: * Ellensburg.wa.us/Skate Park
* http://www.concretedisciples.com/cd_skate/washington/ellensburg


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