Ephrata Skate Park - Ephrata, Washington USA

Ephrata Skate Park

Ephrata, Washington USA
About 55 miles South/East of Wenatchee on Highway 28.
And About 20 miles East of Quincy on Highway 28. And
About 20 miles North of Moseslake on Highway 17. Also
See: Ephrata Chamber of Commerce -&- Port of Ephrata

The Skate Park is located at: Ephrata`s Sports Complex, On the
West side of Ephrata's Community Pool SplashZone. 780 A ST SE.

Admission is Free at Ephrata Skate Park, The "Rules" are listed below.
Located outdoors, With metal ramps, It has a four stair and a hand rail.
It has a kinked rail, kinked funbox, bank ramp, and a roll in.

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City Of Ephrata Skateboard Park
Hours Of Operation: Sunrise To Sunset. Closed At Dark.
Attention All Users: Skate At Your Own Risk
No Attendants On Duty: Helmets With Safety Straps
Must Be Worn At All Times While Using This Facility.
1. Elbow And Knee Pads And Shirt Must Be Worn At All Times.
The Following Items Are Highly Recommended, Long Sleeved Shirts,
Full Length Pants, Hand Gloves And Wrist Guards. Users Must
Wear Tennis Or Rubber Soled Shoes Or In-Line Skates. No Bare Feet.

2. Facility Is Open To Usage Of Only Skateboards And In-Line Skates.
Other Usage Not Permitted.

3. NO BICYCLES, Go-Carts Or Motorized Vehicles Are Permitted.

4. Skate Courteously. This Facility Is Open To All Age Groups.

5. No Hard Or Pointed Objects In Pockets.

6. Be Certain Your Skateboard And In-Line Skates Are Properly
Maintained And Safe To Ride.

7. No Foul Language Or Tough Horseplay. No Hockey Games Or Sticks Allowed.

8. This Is a NO-Smoking Facility.
Please Help Us Keep It Clean By Using Trash Containers.

9. No Pets Allowed Inside Skateboard Park.

Any Participant Failing To Observe And Follow These Rules Is
Subject To Being Removed By The Ephrata Police Department.

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News About Ephrata`s Skate Park:

* Ephrata Uses Dedicated Funds To Improve Skate Park With Half Pipe.
Ephrata, Washington USA -- 10/17/2013
Ephrata skateboarders will see an improvement at the citys skate park.
The city council approved a $29,374 contract to purchase a half pipe
for the park, located near the Splash Zone. The city decided to move
forward on improvements to the skate park.

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