Grand Coulee Skate Park

The Grand Coulee Skate Park Is - Located At The North Dam Park On The
Ice Rink Site In Grand Coulee, Washington USA - North Central Washington.
The Home To The Grand Coulee Dam, A Larg Producer Of Hydro Electricity.

Call it a halfpipe dream, - Bruce Butler would like to see the
skate rink at North Dam Park augmented with "halfpipes", and
other equipment kids & competitors would like available locally.
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The ice rink in Grand Coulee was crossed off of the location list.
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Skate park approved locate on present ice rink North Dam Park
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*~~ Grand Coulee Skate Park - NEWS! ~~*

( All news clips and storys are listed from new to old as they are found )

*** Skateboarding Scene Could Grow In The Coulee ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 07/11/2018

Photo:- Ben Hughes no longer has fluorescent hair, but demonstrates that he can still
ride at the SK8 Park at North Dam Park, which hed like to see further developed.

Hughes, who currently works for Coulee Medical Center as the patient access manager, says he would
like to see the current skateboarding scene develop into a safe but challenging recreational spot for athletes
of all ages that may not exactly fit the current school sports options. And hed eventually like to see Lake
Roosevelt Schools adopt skating as an afterschool sport, requiring the same academic standards as any of
the other sports.

For the park itself, Hughes would like to see more features installed, including ramps, a pyramid, a bowl,
a rainbow rail, a kink rail, boxes, and stairs, all of which can be used by skaters to perform different stunts
and tricks. More than that, Hughes would like to see competitions in the area. Id like to have one to two
contests a year that will, hopefully, organically grow into local traditions and annual events, Hughes says.
Best Foot Forward is a great small town skate contest tour that takes the best skaters from around the
country and gets them to a national competition when the tour ends. ( More )


*** Grand Coulee Skate Park Issue: Maintenance ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 04/02/2010

Who is going to maintain North Dam Park is still a question, but the
Bureau of Reclamation and the city of Grand Coulee are talking about
it. Grand Coulee ended a 25-year lease in 2006, and has maintained
the park without a lease for the past three years. ( More )


*** Grand Coulee Dam Area Visitors Guide 08-09 ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 06/16/2008

Not to much reportings about the Grand Coulee Skate Park since it
has opened. We just happend to find a cool looking photo shot of the
Grand Coulee Skate Park on Grand Coulee Dam Area Visitors Guide.
Page 55 - A skateboarder uses the new skate park.


*** Kids Know Better Than To Use Skate Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( Star Opinion ) -- 05/08/2008

Kids of this area seem to be a little smarter
than the adults about the skateboard area.

My granddaughter is a little tomboy and loves to skateboard.
Well, after [she had been] using the area, I found her out in
front of the house skating. I made the comment she should go
to the park and skateboard as a lot of people gave their time
and money so the kids would have a place to have fun.

Well, to find out, the area is used as a place to exchange money for
DRUGS. Of course we dont have drugs in this area, now do we.
So that is one reason why the kids don't use the skateboard park.

Maybe we should hear and see what our kids are
telling us or not saying to keep out of trouble.

-- Al Jordan Sr. Grand Coulee, Wa

CC - The Grand Coulee Star.


*** YouTube Video Grand Opening Grand Coulee Skatepark ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 03/06/2007

The small town of Grand Coulee, WA located at the grand dam know as
Grand Coulee Dam, recently opened it very own public skatepark. MLSC
Skateshop was present for the opening ceremonies and proceeded to kill
the little park for all the locals. - ( YouTube Grand Coulee Video Source )


*** Grand Coulee Skate Park Trash A Disappointment ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 10/04/2006

Photo - Trash at the new skate park.

Garbage problems at the new skateboard park could result in
the area being shut down for a couple of weeks,according to
Grand Coulee Mayor Tammara Byers.

She told city council members Tuesday night that she
was "very disappointed" in the amount of garbage and
cigarette butts tossed around at the park.

A lot of people worked hard to get the park
and a few are creating the problem, she said.

Byers told the council that an elderly man was coming
every day and picking up the garbage. She said he is
getting about a garbage can a day of material.

It shouldnt be his responsibility to pick up garbage,
and the city crew shouldnt have to either, she added.

The mayor said if the problem continues the city will
padlock the gates and close the park down for a couple
of weeks. Smoking is not permitted in city parks and Byers
said she is going to ask the police to monitor the problem.

Fred Long, 83, supplied photographs of the mess to
The Star after picking up nearly a garbage can full
of trash in one day last week.


*** Grand Coulee Skatepark Supporters Thanked ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 09/27/2006
Dozens of people of all ages turned out Saturday for the
ceremonial opening of Grand Coulee's new skate park,
usable since just last Thursday.

Complete with a ribbon-cutting by Mayor Tammara Byers
and recognition of many volunteers who raised funds for the
$33,000 Coulee Area Parks and Recreation District project,
the event more anticipated by skaters was the demonstration
by a group do Moses Lake skaters.

CAPRD Chairman Ted Piccolo said commissioners of the
district had not forgotten other priorities voters had in
mind when the district was formed in 2002, when many
pushed for a swimming pool.

"The success of this project is not an
end, but a beginning," Piccolo said.

Commissioner Karl Pearson called up a dozen volunteers
for recognition, including his wife and two young sons
who knocked on doors to solicit contributions.

Pearson acknowledged the late-campaign contributions of
major donors and grants that put the effort over the top,
including the Colville Confederated Tribes, Grant Countys
strategic infrastructure program, the Northwest Area Foundation
and the local municipalities of Grand Coulee, Coulee Dam, and
Electric City.

The 11 a.m. program took less than an hour, but skate
boarders and a few on scooters could be seen at the
facility the rest of the day.


*** Saturday Ceremony Grand Coulee Skate Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 09/20/2006
Ribbon cutting for the areas new skateboard facility
will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at the North Dam Park site,
officials said.

The park received its ramps from a Winnipeg supplier
early morning Sept. 12, and a number of volunteers
worked throughout the day to put them in place.

Skateboarders had the opportunity to try the ramps out
Thursday after school and the park has been busy since.

Grand Coulee mayor Tammara Byers has been
invited to officially cut the ribbon Saturday.

The special ceremonies will include a skateboarding
demonstration by Josah Mohs and his team from Moses
Lake. Mohs is a Pro/AM-skateboarder who owns the
MLSC Skateshop in Moses Lake.

After the demonstration, he and his team will
stay behind to skate with local skateboarders.

The local effort to begin a drive for a skateboard park
started late in 2003, after Coulee Dam banned skate
boarders in many areas. In 2004, Dale Singer, who
originally worked on the project, took his ideas
to the Coulee Area Park & Recreation District.

District Commissioiner Karl Pearson and his wife Gina
took up the challenge and organized a community-wide
fund raising plan. It took two years, but fund raisers
collected over $33,000 to make the park a reality.

The pre-cast modular ramps were cemented in place Sept. 12,
and when the mortar was dry on the following Thursday, the
park became active.


*** Skatepark Efforts By Many Appreciated ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 09/20/2006
The Coulee Area Parks and Recreation District would
like to thank all the local businesses, organizations, and
individuals who supported this community skatepark effort.

They gave of their time, money, and donated items for
the raffles, yard sales, bake sales, and special fundraisers
like the Lovestich Concert, Bowling Mania, Eagles Breakfast,
Colorama, and Silent Art Auction.

We would especially like to thank the Skatepark Committee,
who volunteered hundreds of hours on the fundraising effort
for one year to raise $33,000.

The core committee members included the following adults
and youth: Karl, Gina, Andrew and Daniel Pearson, Carla
Marconi and Parks Conant, Cheryl and J.C. Moses, Dale
Singer, Candy and Dustin Munger, Tyler Stricter, Shannon
Peart, and Shelley Lindberg.

Last, but not least, the ramp installation could not have been
accomplished without the assistance from the Bureau of
Reclamation, National Park Service, and city of Grand Coulee.

We hope the skatepark will bring many youth
endless hours of recreational enjoyment!

Karl Pearson - commissioner.


*** Grand Coulees Skatepark In Place And Ready ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 09/13/2006

Photo - Workers unload several pieces off of two semi-truck
loads Tuesday that were put in place to form the elements of
a new skatepark in Grand Coulee.

The official ribbon cutting for Grand Coulee's new
skateboard park has been set for 11 a.m., Saturday,
Sept. 23, Karl Pearson told the city council Sept 5.

The park was completed Sept. 12, with the installation
of the long awaited concrete ramps that arrived by semi
truck from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

After a two-day delay to allow mortar to set,
skateboarders may start using the ramps on Thursday.

At last weeks meeting, Pearson invited Grand Coulee
Mayor Tammara Byers to cut the ribbon at opening ceremonies,
and she immediately accepted.

The ceremony will feature a skateboarding demonstration
by Josh Mohs and his team. Mohs is a Pro/AM-sponsored
skateboarder who owns the MLSC Skateshop in Moses Lake.
After the demo, Mohs and his team will stick around and
skate with the local skaters.

The council approved two signs for the park.
One would provide rules for the use of the skateboard area.
The second sign is to be a bronze plaque with a list of donors.

Pearson, who serves on the Coulee Area Parks & Recreation District
Commission, also asked the city of Grand Coulee to underwrite
postage costs for mailing invitations to the ribbon cutting.

Councilman Chris Christo-pherson quickly reached for his billfold
and gave Pearson postage money on behalf of his family.

Efforts toward the development of a skatepark within the
district got a bump start in October 2003, when the Town
of Coulee Dam banned skateboarding in certain areas.

A local group of students, assisted by Dale Singer, originally worked
toward the development of a skatepark, and then brought their ideas
to the Coulee Area Park & Recreation District in January, 2004.

After that group found it difficult to secure grants for a skate
park because they were not a registered non-profit organization,
the recreation district took up development of the skatepark as
a project, starting in July, 2004.

Momentum for the skatepark built through 2004 and 2005 as the
district formed a Skatepark Committee staffed by volunteers
to raise funds for the skatepark. Donations for the skatepark built
through 2006 to a total of just over $33,000, culminating in the
purchase of pre-cast modular concrete ramps for the park in August.



*** Goal Reached For Grand Coulee Skate Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 08/03/2006

Candy Munger applies the final red paint on the thermometer
measuring growth of funds to buy ramps for the skatepark in
Grand Coulees North Dam Park.

Coulee Area Park and Recreation District commissioners formally
announced at a special meeting Wednesday night that $33,868.33
had been collected.

Commissioner Karl Pearson placed a cell phone call
on the spot to order the ramps for $33,058.40.


*** County Awards Grand Coulee Skatepark Grant ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 07/20/2006
Skatepark officials received notice of a $5,000 grant this week
from Grant County economic development funds, bringing the
groups total to about $30,000, but still short of its needs.

Karl Pearson and his wife Gina, who have spearheaded the
drive for funds, also found out this week that the delivery
price for the concrete skate ramps is over $33,000.

We still have a ways to go, Pearson stated Monday night.

The couple plans to continue the drive to raise the additional
money needed. It will take six to eight weeks for delivery of
the ramps once the order is placed, Pearson noted.

Gina wrote the grant request and we are very happy to
receive a favorable response. It is our largest contribution,
Pearson stated.

~~ No Tourism Taxes For Skate Park

The use of hotel/motel tax dollars to support the proposed
skateboard park would be inappropriate, Electric City
officials were told Thursday.

Toni Nelson, who works as a small city specialist for the state
auditors office, told Mayor Ray Halsey and Town Clerk Jackie
Perman that hotel/motel tax money cannot be used except as out
lined by law. She said her advice is not to do it. State law
says the funds must only be used to promote tourism.

The subject was raised at the towns last council meeting
by Councilmember Mark Borden, and it was decided to ask
skateboard park representative Karl Pearson to attend
council's July 25 meeting to discuss a donation.

Now it wont be necessary, as far as those funds go, Halsey stated.
Pearson had appeared before the council a couple of times earlier
this year, soliciting funds for the project.

Coulee Dam contributed $1,000 toward the skateboard park,
but did so out of its park department general fund. The council
there wanted to be a part of the project, but decided not to use
hotel/motel tax money for the contribution because the park
would be well outside the town.

Grand Coulee opted not to give money to the project,
but will be involved in the maintenance of the area.

Elmer City, while giving skateboarders a cordial
greeting when they appeared, opted not to give money.


*** Art Auction For Skate Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 06/28/2006
The skate park fund raisers will host a silent art auction at
Coulee Dam Town Hall July 3-4, and are still encouraging
donations to that effort by artists.

Artists interested can call either Karl Pearson,
at 633-3239, or Carla Marconi at 634-2580.

The group will hold a special artists
reception from 6 to 8 p.m. July 3rd, 2006.


*** Another Grant For Grand Coulee Skate Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 06/14/2006
Local supporters pushing for a skatepark in Grand
Coulee were thrilled Monday with news of a $4,000
grant that puts them within $6,000 of making their goal.

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington,
through a grant to the local DARE association, will
provide the funds for the skatepark.

Karl Pearson, an active member of the skatepark organization
and a commissioner for the Coulee Area Park and Recreation
District, said the donation, plus an $800 matching grant from
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, will put funds at
the $24,000 mark.

Pearson said the group hopes place an order
for its skateboard ramps by August.

In the meantime, theyll hope to raise remaining funds
for the $30,000 project in two upcoming fund raisers.

The group will host a silent art auction at Coulee Dam Town
Hall July 3-4, and is still encouraging donations to that
effort by artists.

Artists interested can call either Pearson,
at 633-3239, or Carla Marconi at 634-2580.

The group wil hold a special artists'
reception from 6 to 8 p.m. July 3.

Donna Shear will also hold a big yard sale with proceeds
going to the cause. Her number for donation arrangements
is 633-1644.

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington
manages some $23.7 million in assets of its charitable community
trust to benefit causes in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties.
They gave out more than $660,000 in 2005.


*** Grand Coulee Skate Park Funds Bumped Up ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 05/04/2006
Skateboard park promoters said Monday that
their fund raising efforts have reached $17,500.

Karl Pearson of the Coulee Area Park & Recreation District,
coordinator of the project, said Saturday's community yard
and bake sale in Electric City was a huge success.

Donna Shear, who spearheaded this fund raiser, did an
outstanding job," Pearson said. We all want to thank
the many people who donated items for this sale.

The goal of the group is $30,000.

During the month of May, Galaxy Pizza will donate 15
percent of its Friday receipts to the skateboard park,
Pearson said.

In other fund raisers, Wal-Mart has agreed to match up to
$500 raised at the groups Colorama booth. Skate boarders
will put on demonstrations at the skateboard site at North
Dam Park, have an entry in the grand parade, and sell items
at the booth.

Thrivent International will match up to $800 raised at
the group's July 3 and 4 silent auction of donated artwork.

We hope to be able to order our ramps by the end of summer,
Pearson said.


*** Grand Coulee Skate Park Fund Building ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 04/05/2006

Photo - Alex Michel, 15, works his skateboard in a makeshift
skatepark made of plywood and cinderblocks in the parking lot
of the Vets Center in Electric City Tuesday.

The skate board park fund reached $13,000 this week
and may make it to $14,000 if a "check in the mail"
gets here in time.

Were really happy the way things are going, Karl Pearson
said. He is spearheading the fund-raising drive for the Coulee
Area Park & Recreation District.

Three local kids were honored this week for outstanding fund raising
efforts in the door-to-door campaign and will receive gift certificates to
purchase - you guessed it - skate board products. Those honored were
Andrew Pearson, J.C. Moses and Parks Marconi.

Several fund raisers are now being planned. The group is
working with the Eagles Lodge to put on a breakfast April
23, to raise money for the skateboard park. That will run
from 8:30 to 12:30, and cost $6.

Pearson said some of the skate boarders will appear before the
Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce at its noon meeting
on April 13.

A big community garage sale has been scheduled for April 29,
Pearson said. Persons wishing to donate items to the sale, or
provide baked goods for the sale, are asked to call Donna at
633-1644, after 6 p.m. The sale will be held at 31 McNett
Street in Electric City, beginning at 8 a.m.

Another fund raising effort will be held on Friday and Saturday
during Colorama with the group selling items from a tent at the
ice rink site.

And, Pearson said, a silent auction will be held July 3 and 4
at the Coulee Dam town hall. Items may be donated by calling
Pearson at 633-3239.

Pearson said that the Rotary Club has
donated $500 toward the skateboard park.

Our skateboarders are going to help the Rotary Club
in its taco feed fund raiser April 21, Pearson noted.


*** Skateboard Group Sticks With Site, Seeks More Money ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 03/10/2006
Coulee Area Park & Recreation District Commissioner
Karl Pearson told Electric City Town Council members
Feb. 28 that his research showed that any electromagnetic
field danger from locating the proposed skateboard park
at the ice rink site near North Dam Park was insignificant.

He said that he had looked up information on the Internet
and couldnt find anything that would suggest there would
be a serious health risk locating the skateboard park near
the overhead power lines.

Councilmember Mark Borden had raised the question of high EMF
readings at an earlier meeting, suggesting that a potential problem
existed and that more information needed to be collected. Borden said
he took readings at the intended site and they appeared to be high.

Borden emphasized at that meeting, and again last Tuesday night, that
he wasnt against the location, but he felt obligated to raise the issue.

Councilmember Troy Ritter said that there were other sites
at North Dam Park that would be a couple of hundred yards
away from the overhead power line that might be better.

Pearson indicated that his group was going ahead with
plans to locate the skateboard park at the proposed site.

Pearson's primary purpose of asking the town for a donation
to the park fund had been overshadowed by questions raised
by Ritter and Borden.

Commissioner Pearson had appeared before the council,
along with a number of young skateboarders, asking for a
donation. At that meeting he had asked for just over $800.

At the Feb. 28 meeting, Pearson asked for
$5,000 out of the hotel/motel tax fund.

City Clerk Laurie Hilton told the council that only $2,000 was
budgeted for use this year. She said $1,500 was pledged to the
chamber of commerce and $500 would help with the Miss
Grand Coulee Dam program.

Hilton later explained that if the council wanted to make a
donation from the hotel/motel monies available they would
have to pass a budget amendment freeing up additional funds.

Pearson reported that his group had raised $11,000 towards
its goal of $30,000. That amount would purchase concrete
ramps from a Canadian firm.


*** Advocate Questions Stand On Grand Coulee Skatepark ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 02/22/2006
The contention that a skateboard park cant qualify for
hotel/motel tax dollars because it wouldnt attract
tourism is a misconception, according to Diana Mey,
who called from Wheeling, West Virginia, this week.

Mey said the idea that skateboard parks dont attract
tourists is not based on research and there are communities
around the country that have experienced strong out-of-town
interest in local skate parks. She acknowledged that rules
for hotel/motel tax dollars might change from state to state.

She said that she saw The Star newspaper story on line
as a result of a Google alert about skateboard parks.

The story she referenced was one that came out of
a recent Coulee Dam Town Council meeting in which
Town Clerk Carol Visker advised the council and town
officials that a legal adviser in the Municipal Research
and Services Center had told her that, in their judgment,
a skateboard park did not meet the criteria of the statute
that governs hotel/motel tax dollars usage.

Visker said the question was whether the skateboard park
was primarily for local usage, or for tourists. The other issue
was that the proposed park would be located in Grand Coulee.

Thats why we gave our money from regular tax funds,
and not from hotel/motel monies, Visker said. The issue
might be handled differently in Grand Coulee since the
proposed park is located there, Visker said.

Mey said she applauded the town of Coulee Dam for taking
$1,000 out of its park budget to give to skateboard park
advocates, but she said cities all across the country have
found out that such parks do attract tourists.

Milton-Freewater, Ore. City Manager Delphine Palmer stated
on a skatepark advocacy web site that our new park is
bringing in tourists and that teenagers are requesting
their parents to bring them to Milton-Freewater so they
can skate in the bowl. While kids skate, parents shop,
she reported at

The organization, Skaters for Public Skate Parks, reports
that some communities that had built up barriers to prevent
skateboarding are now tearing them down, recognizing how
popular the sport has become. It has become, according to
advocates, the fastest growing sport in America.

If your city doesnt have a skatepark, then your city is a
skatepark, reads the motto at the top of their homepage.

Local advocate Karl Pearson, a commissioner of the
Coulee Area Park & Recreation District, said Monday
that with the commitment of $1,000 by Coulee Dam the
current fund is just over $11,000. The goal is $30,000.

Already, we are thinking about future phases where we
will expand our local park," Pearson said. Our skateboard
park will give visitors one more thing to do while they
vacation in the area.

Pearson acknowledged that a skateboard park would have to have
a lot of amenities before it would have a wide tourism appeal.

Pearson and local skateboarders have made presentations
to all the town councils in the area and to the Rotary Club.

We are still waiting to hear from Grand Coulee,
Electric City and the Rotary Club, he added.


*** Coulee Dam Supports Skate Park Push ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 02/16/2006
Skateboard park promoters got a boost Wednesday night
when the Coulee Dam Town Council voted the group $1,000.

The money will come from the town's park fund. Town Clerk
Carol Visker said she discovered with research that it would
not be proper to use hotel/motel tax money for the skateboard
park, an idea suggested at the last council meeting.

By state law, hotel/motel tax funds
can only be used for promotion of tourism.

Visker said that the money will be made available
when the actual purchase of skateboard ramps is made.

The council also approved a new procedure for hotel/motel
tax money recipients to follow. It will be a contract with
the town on rules for getting and using the monies.

It should make it easier to control the funds and make certain that
they are used for their intended purpose, Visker told the council.

The council did not make decisions on hotel/motel tax fund
requests by the Lake Roosevelt Forum and the Coulee Corridor.

The Corridor request was for $250 and the Forum request was for $500.
Visker told the council that both would qualify for money under the rule
governing the funds use.


*** Bowling For Skaters Event Saturday ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 02/01/2006
Skateboarders will benefit from a Bowling Mania fund raiser
at the Riverview Lanes Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006 from 3-7 p.m.

The Coulee Area Park & Recreation District is heading the
drive to create a skateboard facility in Grand Coulee near
North Dam Park, on the ice rink site, already has raised
$9,400 towards its goal of $30,000.

Riverview Lanes owner Ron Nielsen is donating his bowling
alley for the fund raiser Saturday, with all the proceeds
between 3-7 p.m. going to the skateboard park drive.
The group has raised its funds through a door-to-door
community drive, garage sales and a concert.

Karl Pearson, commissioner for the Parks & Recreation District, said
the group hopes to be able to do something this summer at the site.


*** Public Funds Sought For Skateboard Facility ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 02/01/2006
Coulee Area Parks & Recreation District officials
made a pitch to Electric Citys town council last
Tuesday night for funds to help with the proposed
skateboard park.

A number of skateboarders helped make the
pitch and were well received by the council.

However, Councilman Mark Borden brought up the fact that
the proposed site was locate d right under the power lines
at North Dam Park.

He told other council members and the audience that he
had taken electro-magnetic field readings at the site and
the numbers were very high, suggesting that the area might
not be safe for children.

While there are no really definitive studies I can point to, I
think you should consider a different site, Borden told the crowd.

Borden reported that tests were four times higher at
one end of the ice skating rink than at the other end.

Parks & Recreation Commissioner Karl Pearson told the council
that his group has raised $9,400 toward its goal of $30,000.
The group has used a house-to-house community campaign,
a garage sale, and concert to raise funds.

Council members discussed using hotel/motel tax money for
a contribution, but Mayor Ray Halsey said he didn't know
if that would be appropriate. He said he would have the
information for the council at its next meeting.

The recreation group and some skateboarders also approached
the Coulee Dam Town Council Wednesday night and asked for funds
for the skateboard park. Council members were receptive and two
members are going to work with Town Clerk Carol Visker to see
how they might make a contribution. It was suggested that the
council might use hotel/motel tax monies for the skate park.


*** Grand Coulee Group To Enter New Fund Raising ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 01/12/2006
Commissioner Karl Pearson said yesterday that Coulee
Area Park and Recreation District officials are pleased
with community response to fund raising for the proposed
skateboard park.

We have over $8,600 in the bank and the money
is still coming in," Pearson reported Tuesday.

The groups house-to-house money raising plan is about
30 percent complete. And a number of fund raisers have
produced good results, Pearson added. He said containers
are at local businesses to make it convenient for people
to give.

We are entering a new phase in money raising now,
Pearson said. We will appear before the Nespelem
Town Council tonight (Tuesday) asking for major
donations and we plan to be at Elmer City Thursday night.

Appearances before Electric City and Grand Coulee
councils are planned for later in the month.

We also plan to ask major businesses for contributions,
Pearson stated.

The next community fund raiser has been set for Feb. 4,
at Riverview Lanes. The recreation district will get
all the proceeds from bowling from 3-7 p.m. that day.

The group has set a $30,000 fund raising goal which will
be enough to purchase all the necessary ramps for the park.

We received some comments from Tony Hawk about our plan,
Pearson noted. Hawk is widely known nationally in skateboard
circles and his foundation provides some grant monies for parks.
Our group plans to submit a grant request this year, Pearson said.


*** Grand Coulee Skate Park Fund-Raising Shows Gains ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 10/20/2005

Photo - J.C. Moses takes off from a small plastic jump at the skate rink at
North Dam Park. Supporters are working to raise $30,000 to put in better
equipment that can be used by skateboarders, in-line skates and bicycle riders.

Photo - A group of kids among those working for new skatepark equipment gather for
a photo around their fund-raising “thermometer” sign in front of the skate rink at North
Dam Park. The Coulee Area Parks and Recreation District, which collects no taxes,
has raised about $5,500 of $30,000 needed and plans more fund-raisers coming up.
From left, are:
Andrew Pearson, Tanner Loe, Jesse Adkins, Tyler Strickert, Jeff Lowery,
Lee Williams, Steven Keffeler, Parks Conant, David Pearson, Zach Heater,
J.C. Moses, Jake Adkins, Nate Pachosa, Dustin Munger and Jarred Balthazor.

The taxless Coulee Area Park and Recreation District is inching closer to its
$30,000 goal for a new skate park in Grand Coulee and is planning more
opportunities for residents to support the effort.

Weve been really pleased with the community support so far,
said Karl Pearson, a member of the committee doing the fund
raising and a district commissioner.

Residents of the district have given more than $5,500 in donations
for the skate park, officials said. Future opportunities to support
the skate park will come later this fall with a bake sale and raffle on
Oct. 27, and benefit concert on Nov. 12 at the Grand Gallery Theatre.

The current total, which is less than a quarter needed for the skatepark,
reflects donations from a range of sources. The district hosted a community
yard sale in Sept. 10, raising almost $1000. A bake sale held the same day
raised just over a $100,and $300 in raffle ticket sales started out the
September fund-raising effort.

Local skaters have since been dropping their boards long enough
to ring doorbells and ask for donations. Pearson estimates that
skaters have contacted about 30 percent of the districts residences.

The District has also been working with local governments, businesses,
and foundations. The Colville Confederated Tribes alone has donated
$1,000 to the skate park, and local businesses have provided goods and
services for the upcoming raffle.

Items highlighted in the raffle include a Pendleton blanket from the
Colville Tribal Museum and numerous gift certificates from local businesses.
The district hopes to hear from the Tony Hawk Foundation in November
regarding its grant application, which they submitted in late August.

On Oct. 27, the district will sell baked goods and raffle tickets during
"Moonlight Madness" in front of Foisy & Kennedys new offices in Grand Coulee.
The raffle drawing will happen at a benefit concert at the Grand Gallery Theatre
Nov. 12 from 7 to 10 p.m. Local band "Lovestitch" will be playing classic rock,
and the admission is $5.

Residents wanting an up-to-date accounting of the fund-raising effort can
check the thermometer standing next to the ice rink in North Dam Park.
This sign, painted by Jennifer Ferguson, of Inchelium, shows the total
amount of funds raised so far.

Pearson said that the skate park committee has been very pleased with
all the generous community support, but that the district still needs more
financial help and volunteers. In skater jargon, the time has come to,
land, slam, or bail.

Pearson said people wanting to help can call him at home, at 509-633-3239.


*** Grand Coulee SK-8 Park Benefit Sale Scheduled ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 09/07/2005
People working to raise money for a skate park will hold a sale
Saturday at North Dam Park's picinic area beginning at 8 a.m.

The group is working to raise money to convert the Grand Coulee
park's ice rink, which has never held ice, into a skate park
with half-pipes and attractions for skateboarders and others.

A committee of eight has been collecting donations, including
a lot of reasonably priced items for the sale, said one of the
eight, Sheila Whitelaw.

There will also be some big ticket items,
such as a motorcycle, she said, plus a bake sale.

Anyone wishing to donate more items for the sale can drop them by
the sale site Friday night, Whitelaw said. She can also be reached
at 633-0465.


*** Grand Coulee Skatepark Fundraiser To Start ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 07/27/2005
A community campaign to raise money for a skate
board park at North Dam gets under way this week.

Karl Pearson, one of the commissioners of the Coulee Area
Park & Recreation District (CAPRD), told Grand Coulee
council members last week that solicitors will be calling
on businesses and homes throughout the region in an effort
to raise $28,000, the amount needed to purchase equipment
for the park.

He said five coordinators will canvas businesses and homes to
get contributions or pledges so that the equipment can be ordered.

The ramps that have been selected are made out of concrete
and will come from Canada. The ramps were selected by
skateboarders from among several available for skateboard
parks, Pearson stated.

Earlier, members of the park and recreation district appeared
before the council to show members the style of ramps and
information about the manufacturing process.

The recreation district does not receive tax money and must
operate from fund raisers or contributions. The district will
enter into a special arrangement with the city of Grand Coulee
to use the ice skating rink near North Dam Park. Details of
that arrangement are still being worked out.

CAPRD commissioners approved the plan at their July 11 meeting.
They hope to raise the funds this summer and fall, so equipment
can be installed next spring.

They will seek additional funds or in-kind donations of labor
and equipment for the placement of the ramps on the existing ice
rink surface, they announced in a press release this week.

The centerpiece of this fund-raising plan, they said, is the
commitment of volunteers who will work as coordinators
for six different aspects of the fund-raising effort.

The commissioners have filled all but one of the coordinator positions.

Dale Singer, who helped organize local skaters before CAPRDs work,
will contact local organizations regarding the ability to assist in
the project.

Carla Marconi will coordinate contacts with local businesses, as well
as any raffles that might be used to raise funds. Carol Schoning will
plan the door-to-door effort. And Cheryl Moses will target skaters
and their families, especially local skaters who might like to take
on pledge efforts to raise funds.

Gina Pearson is drafting a brief management plan for the skatepark,
which will help secure grants from various foundations and agencies.

One more coordinator is needed to deal with donation cans.

Community members who would like to assist in the effort are
encouraged to contact one of the coordinators, or District
Commissioner Karl Pearson at 633-3239


**** Skate Park Approved In Grand Coulee ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 04/27/2005
~Scout wants to head fund raising~

Skateboarders can look forward to plying their skills on the present
ice rink at North Dam Park, if every piece of the puzzle fits together.

Grand Coulees City Council on April 19 gave the Coulee Area Park &
Recreation District (CAPRD) permission to locate a skateboard park
on the ice rink site. There are a few wrinkles yet to be worked out.

Council members wanted some assurance that the citys liability
could be eliminated, plus some indication of who would really
be in charge of the skateboard park, such as maintenance and
clean-up around the area.

Recreation officials and council members plan to get together
soon to see if all the questions the two groups have can be settled.

A number of skateboarders arrived at the council meeting moments
after the matter was approved and were pleased that their sport may
soon have a home.

CAPRD officials showed council the equipment proposal submitted
by Barkman Concrete, a Canadian firm, whose Skate Concept idea
for ramps was selected. The cost of the ramps would be $27,500.
Recreation officials said they wanted an answer so they could
start raising money.

One of the young skateboarders, Ian Waltermeyer, told council that
he would like to take on the money raising duties for his Eagle Scout
project. He currently is a Life Scout and a freshman at Lake Roosevelt
High School, and said he is looking for a suitable project to earn his
Eagle badge.

Speaking to council, CAPRD Treasurer Jan Schrader said the ramps
resist graffiti and are easy to clean and are all-weather.

The ramps are heavy and would have to be lifted
in place by a crane, Schrader told council members.

All the components of the ramps are made
from high-strength, pre-cast concrete.

Skateboarding has been a hot topic in the area, with the
Town of Coulee Dam creating an ordinance that restricts
the area where kids can ride their boards. The skateboard
park would be a great place for kids to have fun, Schrader
told the council.


*** More Skateboard Restrictions In Coulee Dam ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 04/21/2005
An amendment of the ordinance governing the use of skateboards
in the Town of Coulee Dam was passed by Council Wednesday night.

The amendment was simple and increased the towns leverage
to control skateboarding by adding to the specific places
where the activity is restricted by the line and as is
otherwise posted within the Town of Coulee Dam.

It is now unlawful to operate or ride upon any skateboard
on the sidewalk or the street in the following places:

1) 6th Street, from Birch Street to Aspen Street;
2) West side of Birch Street, from 6th Street to Roosevelt Street;
3) North side of Roosevelt Street, from Birch Street to River Drive;
4) Inside of the Community Building;
5) West side of Fir Street, from 6th Street to Mead Way;
6) North side of Mead Way, from Fir Street to Cedar Street.

The amendment also enables the town to post any
other area where it wishes to prohibit skateboarding.


*** Grand Coulee North Dam Park Preferred For Skaters ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 03/31/2005
The existing skating area at North Dam Park is the
officially preferred site for a new skatepark area.

So resolved the Coulee Area Park and Recreation District Board
of Commissioners Monday night. They will ask to discuss the idea
with the Grand Coulee City Council at its next meeting April 5.

Theres a good shot at having ramps this summer if we get going,
Commissioner Karl Pearson said.

Getting going was the subject of some frustration
Monday night at the special meeting Pearson requested.

Before considering his motion to declare the Grand Coulee site
as the preferred alternative, commissioners hashed over a prior
resolution. They had voted in February to write a letter by April
to city authorities asking to explore the possibilities regarding
the Grand Coulee site and others in Coulee Dam.

Only three members of the five-member board had been present
at that meeting, and the group has circulated e-mails since,
bringing up other discussion points, Pearson said.

Also under discussion were the former barbecue area
in Coulee Dams Mason City Memorial Park and an empty
lot across Mead Avenue between Red Door Gifts and the
Colville Tribal Museum.

The latter site is owned by the Colville Tribes. Both other
sites are owned by the Bureau of Reclamation but are under
lease to the cities.

Commissioner Jan Schrader said he would prefer to not consider
the Coulee Dam park because the Coulee Dam Business Alliance
had already expressed opposition to that site since a master
plan has already been drawn up for that area.

Schrader, a civil engineer by profession, also said he had
estimated the value of the existing pad at what was originally
built for an ice rink at North Dam Park - about $17,000. The
North Dam Park site would give the community the best bang
for the buck, he said.

Pearson said for that reason and more, including the large space
available and established parking, the rink at North Dam Park
offers the best site to build in ramps to accommodate skaters.
He said the commissioners should not waste time looking into
less viable options.

Why should we ask Coulee Dam for a site that is not superior?
he said, comparing the process to hiring the best candidate for a job.

Coulee Dam Councilmember Dale Singer, who was active in
researching skateparks early on in the process, said he wouldnt
favor siting the skatepark at the old barbecue site because of a
lack of space and too much traffic.

Pearson pushed for a vote on a resolution to declare
North Dam the preferred site, barring unforeseen problems.

That would give us a clear direction, he said.
Weve got a lot of feedback from the community.

Chairman Ted Piccolo called for the vote,
which went 3-1 in favor with one abstention.

Commissioner Sean Hess voted against the resolution.
He said other issues had not been considered enough,
including the fact that highway 155 runs by the site.

I think were going to be back here making a decision again,
Hess said.

Commissioner Lauriann Mountjoy abstained,
saying she didn't have enough information.

Commissioner resigns from district

Park and Recreation District Commissioner and Treasurer
Lauriann Mountjoy resigned very regretfully Monday night,
leaving the year-and-half-old district in search of a replacement.

Other commissioners tried to talk her out of it, noting the expertise
she could bring because of her past work experience in recreation.

Mountjoy is more than seven months pregnant,
which she said she hadn't counted on when running for the office.

I just cant do it all right now, she said.

The other commissioners voted to table discussion of her resignation,
but elected Commissioner Jan Schrader to take over as treasurer.


*** Public Input Sought On Grand Coulee Skatepark Ideas ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 01/27/2005
The idea of a skatepark in the Grand Coulee Dam area now
has an image to go along with it. In fact, it has four of them.

The Coulee Area Park and Recreation District (CAPRD) has released
four skatepark designs, different ideas on how a skatepark in the
area would be put together. The commissioners are now seeking
public comment on which of the ideas the community would like
to see made a reality.

A public meeting will be held at Center School in Big Bend
Community College room 205 (on the east end of the building,
second floor) on Monday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. The primary goal of
the meeting is gather public input on the designs, and other
issues related to the skatepark.

Some of the foundations that provide skatepark grant funding,
such as the Tony Hawk Foundation, give higher priority to projects
that demonstrate broad community support and involvement.

By soliciting public opinion early in the planning process, the
commissioners hope to tailor the skatepark to local needs. This
public meeting will be an important step in the construction process.

In addition to the public meeting, CAPRD will send representatives
to meet with students at Lake Roosevelt High School and Grand Coulee
Dam Middle School. Commissioner Sean Hess plans to attend the regularly
scheduled skate club meeting at LRHS tomorrow at noon to discuss the
current plans and seek input from the students.

On Feb. 3, CAPRD will make a similar presentation at Grand Coulee
Dam Middle School. The commissioners see youth participation in the
planning process as a way of giving the students who will use the park
a sense of pride in ownership, encouraging them to take on some
of the responsibility for facility construction and maintenance.


*** Location, Location, Location For Grand Coulee Skate Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 12/15/2004
The Coulee Area Parks and Recreation District is working on
the first step of an action plan aimed at building a skate
park in the Grand Coulee Dam area - finding a location.

The skate park action plan includes acquiring a piece of property,
either donated or through a low-cost lease, then using that land
to leverage grant funding.

Were in a situation now where they've got nothing," District Chair
Ted Piccolo said, referring to local skaters. Theyre being pushed
from one place to another. The board plans to work quickly to make
the dream of a skate park a reality.

A variety of locations have been thrown out and discussed.
Two were pared from the list at Mondays meeting, while the
list grew to include new ideas.

The ice rink in Grand Coulee was crossed off the list for several
reasons, including proximity to the center of the district, and
access. Board members expressed a concern with kids having to
cross at least one highway to get to the site.

Another suggestion, the site of the old pool in Coulee Dam, was also
named as less than desirable. The site creates patrolling issues
because it is out of the way, Commissioner Sean Hess said. You
dont want to create a location that is invisible to the public."

The favored location is a site up against the sand pile in Coulee Dam.
It is close to the high school, and it has several features that make
it appealing. There are two former house pads that could potentially
be used as part of the structure, and the area around the potential
park site is landscaped.

The commissioners decided to draft a
letter to the USBR to ask about the land.

A second piece of USBR property is also of interest,
on the edge of Mason City Memorial Park.

A lot of people who are skateboarders are
gravitating toward that area," Hess said.

Keeping in the same area, the board is also interested in the
land between Red Door Gifts and the Colville Tribal Museum
as a potential site.

The board is also discussing collaboration with other groups with
construction plans in the near future. One such possible collaboration
is with Coulee Community Hospital.

Location isnt the only issue the board is looking at.
During the first weeks of January, they hope to make
available possible layouts for the park so the community
- especially the skateboarders - can offer input on the project.

Commissioner Karl Pearson will be asking a concrete company
for four different options for viable parks that fit within the same
price range. Once those are in hand, computer drawings will be
released to the public for review and comment.

The kids were discouraged because this has been brought up before
(over a year ago) and nothing came of it. Pearson said. "Although
we've got an initial package here, there is some flexibility, and
we want to get input from the skaters.

The tentative plan that is currently being used as a base for funding
and land purposes was put together by Dale Singer, in cooperation with
a group of local skateboarders. Based on that package, three quotes
were received, using three different materials. Composite plastic and
steel were ruled out, and concrete was named as the preferred material.

Advantages of concrete include low noise (concrete muffles),
skater preference, and low maintenance costs.

The concrete parts are poured in a controlled environment and then
delivered, with two options for installation. Either a pad can be
poured first and the ramps attached, or the pre-fabricated pieces
can be put in place, then the pad can be poured around them.

The second option allows for a seamless, though permanent,
finish,with no concerns over joints.

The boards next regular meeting is Jan. 10.
A special meeting to review the park plans is scheduled for Feb. 7.
The board is hoping to have a representative from Barkman Concrete
on hand at the February meeting to answer any questions.


*** Grand Coulee Park And Recreation Dist. Skatepark Priority ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 11/25/2004
In response to growing interest, the Coulee Area Park and
Recreation District is developing plans for a skate park,
commissioners announced in a press release this week.

They are hoping that a skate park located in Grand Coulee
or Coulee Dam could be ready for use by the fall of 2005.

The Coulee Area Park and Recreation District was formed in
January 2004, originally to lay the groundwork for a community
pool. The district continues to work on plans for a pool, but
it has become clear that one of the most pressing community
recreational needs is a safe skatepark, the release stated.

Controversy arose in 2003 regarding potential conflicts between
pedestrians and skateboarders in the commercial district of Coulee
Dam, resulting in an October 2003 anti-skateboarding ordinance.
Despite the ordinance, skateboarders continue to frequent almost
any available expanse of flat pavement, leading to the potential for
future conflicts, commissioners said. Such conflicts could be avoided
easily through the construction of an attractive, well-placed skate park,
they stated.

The district commissioners, in partnership with interested members
of the public and local skateboarders, have been trying to narrow
the range of skate park design options. The current preferred option
combines five elements (a high straight ramp, a high concave ramp,
an elevated, flat top rise, a low bi-concave ramp, and a grinding rail)
on a concrete slab measuring at least 45 feet wide and 90 feet long.
Three ramp manufacturers have provided estimates ranging between
$17,500 and $20,000 for the ramps alone, which may be made of
plastic composite, steel, or concrete. Additional costs would include
the concrete slab and shipping of the ramps.

With a preliminary design in hand, the task of finding a home for the
skate park begins. The commissioners are evaluating potential options
in the towns of Grand Coulee and Coulee Dam that are close to the
geographic center of the district and would be safe for use by boarders.
Other criteria to be used in site selection will include the cost of the land,
the suitability of the site for construction with a minimum of earth-moving,
proximity to other recreational facilities, and the visibility of the facility
to local parents and law enforcement. Letters will be going out to landowners
in the near future inquiring about the availability of their properties for
lease to the district.

Funds for the skate park facility are likely to come from a combination
of local donations (both in-kind and monetary), private foundation grants,
and federal grants. Development of a construction budget will help the
district determine how much money to seek from each of these sources.

Anyone interested in participating in the design and site selection process
is encouraged to attend regularly scheduled district meetings. The next
meeting is Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Big Bend Community Colleges Grand
Coulee campus at the former Center School on Spokane Way.


*** Grand Coulee Skate Park Idea Gaining Support ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 11/17/2004
When security at the Coulee Dam Casino was alerted to the
skateboarders outside the casino one afternoon, it wasnt
the first time the youths had been asked to leave the area.
But problems can lead to solutions.

This particular afternoon, Curt Davis, a maintenance supervisor
at the casino, accompanied security outside to talk to the young
skaters. When he saw the looks on their faces, he knew this wasnt
the first time these kids had been moved on. More importantly,
he knew they didn't have anywhere to move on to.

Davis started to think about where these kids would go, and an idea
formed in his mind. After talking with a group of skateboarders and
some of his co-workers at the casino, he decided action needed to be taken.

With this, a grassroots campaign to bring a skate park to the Grand Coulee Dam
area was born. Some research on the Internet brought ideas and input from other
community groups throughout the Pacific Northwest that have put in parks of their
own. He collected information and ideas on funding, design, legal issues, and
many of the other factors that go into a project like the one he had in mind.

Eastern Washington examples he looked at included the Hillyard
Park project in Spokane and the Leavenworth skate park, which
had its ribbon cutting last May.

One important consideration that came up repeatedly was the importance of
having youth input in the project. In fact, some grants hinge on youth input.

Private grant funds are available from numerous sources. One grant the
Hillyard Park project took advantage of was the Tony Hawk Foundation grant,
which can range from $1,000 to $50,000. The next deadline for application
is March 16, and Davis hopes to have enough community involvement to apply
this spring.

Dates are set for two benefit concerts to get things rolling
for the skate park fund, and build interest in the project.

Three Omak bands will play at the Grand Gallery Theatre Nov. 20.
The groups include a hip-hop/rap/DJ group, a hardcore punk band,
and an industrial metal band. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds
will go to the skate park.

The second concert will be held Dec. 18, also at the Grand Gallery
Theatre. Davis hopes to have more local content. Details on this
event are not yet available.

Adult and youth volunteers are needed to help make the idea a reality.
A meeting is planned for 11:30 a.m. Friday at Pepper Jacks. Anyone
interested in the project is invited to attend and bring their ideas.

Discussion with a group of local skaters with an interest in building
a skate park is planned in the coming weeks, but specific dates were
not available at press time. Volunteers can also come to the Grand
Gallery Theatre Saturday at 5 p.m. to lend a hand with the concert.


*** New Skateboard Rules Revamped ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 12/18/2003
Exactly where someone can and cannot ride a skateboard
in the town of Coulee Dam has been clarified in a new
law passed by the town council Dec. 10.

The towns new ordinance bans skateboards on the sidewalk
or the street in six specific sections of the town.

Those areas are:
* 6th Street- from Birch Street to Aspen Street
* West side of Birch Street - from 6th Street to Roosevelt Street
* North side of Roosevelt Street - from Birch Street to River Drive.
* Inside the town's community building
* West side of Fir Street - from 6th Street to Mead Way
* North side of Mead Way - from Fir Street to Cedar Street.

That means bicycles, roller skates, scooter or any other vehicle
propelled solely by human power can once again ride on any street,
alley, sidewalk, park or publicly owned parking lot in Coulee Dam.

Its been watered down, Coulee Dam Mayor
Quincy Snow said of the new ordinance.

Initially the law was requested as a safety measure in the town, when
skateboarders were seen to endanger themselves and others in town.

An earlier ordinance made it unlawful to ride skateboards, bicycles,
roller skates and coasters in the central business district of Coulee Dam.

But after its passage Oct. 8, residents of the Grand Coulee Dam area
and Coulee Dam Councilmember David Schmidt criticized the ordinance
because of how unclear and restricting it was.

At the Nov. 12 meeting, area residents, including several young
skateboarders, attended the Nov. 12 council meeting to protest
the law. None of those citizens attended the Dec. 10 meeting.

The ordinance still requires all human-powered vehicles to obey
traffic control signals, signs and other control devices applicable
to vehicles, unless otherwise directed by a police officer.

They must also ride the vehicles with reasonable regard
for the safety of the operation and other persons.

The ordinance takes effect today.


*** Grand Coulee Citizens Debate Skateboard Ordinance ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 11/21/2003
Several skateboarding kids and several parents talked with
Coulee Dam town officials last week about a controversial
ban on skateboards.

Twelve people, including six young skateboarders, attended the
Coulee Dam Town Council meeting Wednesday for about an
hour to talk about an ordinance that bans skateboards, bicycles,
roller skates and scooters from any alley, street, sidewalk, ( More )


*** Grand Coulee - Most Election Results Decided ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 11/13/2003
The Grand Coulee mayoral race and the joint parks and
recreation district appear settled, while one Coulee Dam
council race remains very close a week after elections.

All of the results are tentative, however, until county
canvassing boards certify the results next Wednesday.
The also plan to pursue a new skateboard park in the
area and playground equipment. ( More )


*** Changes To Skateboard Ban Delayed ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 10/31/2003
Councilmember wants more clarity, Changes on a ban on skateboards,
bicycles and other vehicles in the town of Coulee Dam was scheduled
to pass before a clearer ordinance was requested.

So far, no skateboarders or their parents have attended the twice
monthly Wednesday night meetings when the council has discussed
the ordinance. But several people have written letters to the editor
at The Star denouncing the law.

The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. ( More )


*** Editorial - Flap Points To Need For Parks District ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 10/23/2003
Its actually been brewing for years.

The current ruckus over Coulee Dams attempts to deal with
the skateboard issue, is just a specific result of the whole areas
lack of attention to what in most communities is a major public
interest - parks and recreation.

Each of the small towns that comprise this community lacks the
resources to consistently do much more than mow the park lawns.
And lets face it; if any one of us had to choose between keeping
the water system working, the sewers flowing, the streets passable
or the park lawns green, ( More )


*** Challenger Says Council Out Of Touch ***

Grand Coulee, Washington -- 10/23/2003
To Kenneth Newkirk, the town council of Electric City
has lost touch with whats going on in their town.

Right now this town is going nowhere fast, Newkirk says.
He says something needs to be done before it becomes a
ghost town. Half of the town council is not from Electric City
and they are trying to run it like a big city, he says. ( More )


*** Free-Wheeling Banned In Business District ***
*** Skateboarders Unhappy With Coulee Dam Law ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 10/15/2003

A skateboarder deciding to jump a curb in front of Harvest Foods
or a bicyclist cutting someone off walking across a Coulee Dam
sidewalk may now pay a price. Johnny Berg jumps for a challenge
at Lake Roosevelt High School Monday.

*** Free-wheeling Banned In Business District ***

~All self-propelled vehicles no longer allowed in parts of Coulee Dam~

A new law passed by the town council last Wednesday regulates
where and how vehicles propelled solely by human power,

- which includes skateboards and bicycles and several others.
- can be ridden.

The new ordinance states that its unlawful to ride on any street,
alley, sidewalk, park or publicly owned parking lots in the central
business district of the town.

Mayor Quincy Snow said its up to a police officers judgement
to decide what is considered the business district, which he said
could stretch from Harvest Foods to Mervs Chevron and farther.

If someone is seen riding in the central business district
of town they could receive a fine ranging from $50 to $500.
The town will also impound the vehicle for 10 days.

Since the passage of the law is not well known, Snow said he would
like to see police give people a warning first before citing them.
The law became enforceable today.

The law also states that anyone riding a self-propelled vehicle
in other parts of town must not operate the vehicle in a negligent
manner. That includes not yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians
and not stopping at stop signs and other traffic control devices
unless directed by a police officer.

The ordinance was suggested by Harvest Foods owner
Ray Duclos at the Oct. 8 council meeting. He said people
riding skateboards on the sidewalk pose a risk to customers.

Its a safety issue, Snow said. The town needs to prevent
skateboarders and others riding self-propelled vehicles from
getting into an accident and hurting themselves or running into
someone else, Snow said.

We dont want to give them a bad time, he said.
We just want them to be safe.

A location to ride skateboards was also discussed,
with council members suggesting several places,
such as the high school football field parking lot,
across the fence-line near Mason City Memorial Park
and by the Masonic Temple.

But all of the locations discussed were probably not very feasible,
Snow said, and the best choice in the Grand Coulee Dam area is
probably the skating rink at North Dam Park in Grand Coulee.

He said if a spot in Coulee Dam is found, however,
those who use it would need to put in temporary wooden ramps
that can be removed. He added that the responsibility of the town
ends when the town finds a spot.

If we can find a place, it's up to the kids to build it," Snow said.

Coulee Dam resident Dale Singer said the kids just want
to find a place to skate until a permanent place can be built.

One of the parking lots by the casino might work, he said.
It could be enclosed and easily patrolled.

He said a group led by Grand Coulee Dam area resident
Bruce Butler has been meeting twice a month to talk about
building a skate park at North Dam Park in Grand Coulee.

Singer said with the passing of the law, the town now needs
to get the information to the public about the changes so
skaters know where to go.

The ordinance outlines the banned vehicles as a skateboard,
bicycle, roller skates, coaster and any other recreational vehicle
propelled solely by human power.

*** Skateboarders Unhappy With Coulee Dam Law ***

Jumping the stairs with a skateboard at the Colville Tribal Museum
might be the one activity several Grand Coulee Dam area teenagers
believe keeps them from drugs and worse.

But a new Coulee Dam law could fine them for
doing the activity they enjoy most in the area.

Johnny Berg, Vernon Reyes and Cody Crim are among about
20 high-school age kids that will no longer be allowed to ride their
skateboards in the central business district of Coulee Dam.
And they're restricted from riding in other parts of town.

The news of the ban on skateboards, bikes and other self-propelled
vehicles came as a surprise to the three Lake Roosevelt High School
students, who were using the Columbus Day holiday on Monday to
skateboard around the high school and museum.

They said because theres not much for them to do in town, skateboarding
is one of several activities they have to keep them from drugs.

The law was passed by the town as a safety measure after business
owners said several skateboarders have almost hit pedestrians.
Its up to police to determine where they can skate.

Theres nowhere to skate anymore, Reyes said.

They said the only place they go regularly is the high school tennis
courts, which do not provide much challenge. They also ride on a rail
in the backyard of Reyes Coulee Dam home.

A skate park would allow several challenges for skateboarders,
bicyclists and in-line skaters, Berg said. All three said they would
support building one, and they would no longer skate on the streets
and sidewalks if one was built.

Skateparks include ramps and rails for people to ride on and jump
off. Several local communities, including Ephrata and Tonasket,
offer access to skate board parks.

Wilson Creek, a town of about 230 people, recently
received a grant to build a skate park, as well.

Berg said they only recently learned of the ban. He said a group of
about 20 skateboarders have been meeting with Grand Coulee Dam area
resident Bruce Butler to discuss building a skateboard park in the area.

He said Butler should have told Sam Halvorson about the law
being considered and a group of skateboarders would have
shown up at the meeting.

(We) didnt even know it was going on, Berg said.
Id rather fight for my rights than not."

The high school sophomore said skateboarding is the only thing
to do in the area and unless a skate park is built, he will continue
to skate on the streets.

Berg said besides skateboarding, they also play video
games and bowl like any normal teenager would do.

The troubles between business owners and skateboarders just began,
Berg said. The three boys agreed that business owners have become
more hostile to them lately, even when they are just standing around
and not riding skateboards.

Crim said one day while standing on his skateboard between
Bank of America and Harvest Foods, a man came out and
told him to get off the property.

The three said they are not the ones who skate down hill near
Harvest Foods and the Coulee Dam Casino, Berg said.
The skaters who do that are in middle school and they
do not hang out with them, they said.

A reason they chose to ride skateboards is that its safer than
bicycles and in-line skates, Berg said. Its much easier to jump
off a skateboard than a bicycle or in-line skates. And its a
good source of transportation and exercise, he said.

Id rather have my health and keep a skateboard, he said.


*** Town Considers Skateboard Ban ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 10/01/2003

~Ban might inspire action for skatepark~
Skateboarding on public sidewalks in Coulee Dam could become
a punishable offense after a town business owner requested that
the town ban them.

On Sept. 24, Harvest Foods owner Ray Duclos asked the town
council to consider banning skateboards and rollerblades on public
sidewalks. He said about 12 of the skateboarders have been riding
in front of his store and they pose a safety hazard to the stores customers.

The town council approved the drafting of the ordinance
and it will be prepared for an upcoming council meeting.

About a dozen kids ride in front of his store without regard for
pedestrians, Duclos said. He mentioned an incident where he
was helping a customer with groceries and one of the skateboarders
nearly hit the customer.

Theres a blatant attitude of disrespect,. he said.

Duclos said he has asked them nicely and finally
threatened them to make them leave, but they still ride there.

He said hes sad that it has come to this, but its the only way
police can take action. Every business person has the right to
the peaceful conduct of business, he said.

Its clearly a safety issue, said Councilmember David Schmidt.
If the skateboarders get hurt on a sidewalk in town,
then the town could be liable in the accident.

Duclos said he would support a skateboard park and
suggested one could be put in at Freedom Point Plaza near
the Columbia River Bridge or Mason City Memorial Park.

It should be up to the parents and kids to put in the effort
of putting in the ramps, so they learn responsibility rather
than having it handed to them, Duclos said.

Paul Townsend said the effort by Bruce Butler to develop
a skateboard park at Grand Coulee's North Dam Park
could work because it could be fenced in and controlled.

The problem with that park for Coulee Dam residents is that
many skateboarders could not drive to the park, someone in
the audience said.

Councilmember Ben Alling said until something is put in place,
parents won't do anything. The ordinance would prompt the
town and the community to raise money for the park.

Schmidt said it should be made clear, however, that not all of the
kids are bad and there should be a positive spin on the need for
the ordinance.

They are performers, said Councilmember Bonnie Femling,
so whatever ramp is built, it should be in an area where they can be seen.

The council members suggested a concrete slab at either
Mason City Park or Green Field as possible spots to put a skate park.

The question of a place for kids to skateboard has been a source
of debate for the last several weeks. Many kids have stated that
skateboarding is the only source of entertainment they have.

No skateboarders attended the meeting.


*** Man Proposes Grand Coulee Skateboard Park ***

Grand Coulee, Washington ( The Star ) -- 09/04/2003

Its just a vision now, but a Grand Coulee Dam area man hopes to build
a skate park with wooden ramps and trick bars targeted toward youths.

Bruce Butler said he decided to pursue the idea after hearing
about a need for the park and reading letters in The Star.

That interest gave him the incentive to start
working toward the goal on August 27.

I think its time for someone to try at least something, he said.

Hes now working on what needs to be done to build the ramps
and metal bars at the winter skating rink facility at Grand Coulee's
North Dam Park. Butler said building the equipment would be a
learning process for him. He said he picked the park because
everyone who drives into the area can see it.

The unemployed construction worker said the park would
give local and tourist children something to do in the area.
He said he wants to include kids in the process to help
raise money and other tasks.

Butler said the facility would be for skateboarders,
bicyclists and in-line skaters.

The ramps would be temporary and could be removed
during the winter for the ice-skating park, Butler said.

Hes also talked to area business owners to find people
who are willing to donate time, money and material.
As of last Thursday, he said about 20 promises of money,
time and materials had been promised.

He said the Colville Tribal Enterprise Corporation
has also promised to match up to $1,000 in donations.

Butler said hes also tried to get in touch with the
Tony Hawk foundation to receive grant money.
Tony Hawk is the superstar of the skateboard world.

Butler said the program provides money to low-income,
small communities, but many people apply to it and the
foundation likes to see progress before stepping in.

He said hes received some information on the Internet
about the process to build a park. That includes insurance
considerations and how to talk to city councils.

Theres a lot you have to go through, Butler said.

He said he wants to build it as soon as possible before
people lose interest. People like progress, he said.

Butler, who grew up in the area, said he wants
to partly dedicate the park to George Shear.

Shear helped build the ice skate park shortly
before dying in a car accident several years ago.

Butler said he hopes the park might draw interest and bring celebrities,
such as Hawk, to the area. He would also like to find ways to sponsor
competitions for area kids and those from surrounding communities.

Finished in May 2000, the ice rink has never held ice.


References and Sources

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This plan is an attempt to enhance and develop the City of Grand Coulee
park and recreation areas. The document demonstrates the commitment
that this community has toward open space and recreational opportunities.

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