Leavenworth Skate Park - Leavenworth, Washington USA

Leavenworth Skate Park

~~~ The Leavenworth Skate Park Is Closed And Removed. See News Below. ~~~

Leavenworth, Washington USA
The Bavarian Village Just 20 miles west of Wenatchee On Hwy 2.
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The Leavenworth Skate Park is located at Chumstick Hwy.
near the foot of Cascade High School parking lot. And across the
road from the Leavenworth Fire Department Headquarters Station.

Photo - Ribbon Cutting of the Leavenworth Skate Park 05/28/2004

The Leavenworth Skate Park is a Reality! ( Click a photo for full size )
( Also see news of the skate park below for all of the happings. )

Cascade School District - Land .................................
Grindline Skateparks Inc. - Desing & Construction .
Robert Knows - Project Danagee ..............................
City Of Leavenworth - Sponcer .................................

City Of Leavenworth - $50,000.00 & IAC - $67,500.00
Skate Park Committee Donations - $17,500.00 plus ...

Leavenworth Electric & Excavaton | Swiftwater Construction & Excavaton
Plane Hardware & Lumber | Two Rivers Sand & Gravel
Pape Machinery | NC Machinery | Blackbird Lodge | Graybeal Signs

*** Leavenworth Skate Park Rules And Regulations ***
Hours : 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
The use of protective equipment, including helmet, knee
and elbow pads, and wrist gurds, is strongly recommended.
Bikes are not allowed in the skatepark, No parking in the
bus zone. - Help keep this park clean by picking up litter.
Photos - Leavenworth Skate Park Rules ( 0002 and 0003 )

Please Note Rules: - ( No Bicycles! ) At Leavenworth Skate Park.

Washington Laws, 1997 Chapter 26 [Substitute Senate Bill 5254]
An Act limiting liability of landowners for injuries to recreational
users [RCW 4.24.210]


******* News Of Leavenworth Skate Park *******

Leavenworth Skate Park Officially Closed and Removed

Leavenworth, Washington -- 06/20/2016

The Leavenworth Skate Park Is Officially Closed and Removed As Demolition Of The Skate Park Is Seen In This
Photo Shot By Joe On June 20th, 2016. The Bigger Part Of The Pile With The Dirt In It Is From The Skate Park.
The Dirt On The Far Left Is Where The Skate Park Was.

The Leavenworth Skate Park Is Officially Closed and Removed As Demolition Of The Skate Park
Is Seen. A Group Is Upset For Allowing The Demolition Of Skate Park. The City Of Leavenworth
And The Cascade School District Might Build A New Skate Park Sometime Soon. The Skate Park
Was Demolished As Part Of The Construction Work At The Cascade High School.


Leavenworth Skate Park To Close and Demo

Leavenworth, Washington -- 06/16/2016
As Quoted From The Cascade School District Website Back In May 2016:
The City has approved the demo of the skate park and the District has the demo permit in hand to begin June 16, 2016.



City Of Leavenworth Update: Skate Park

Leavenworth, Washington ( Koho )-- 06/15/2016

Leavenworth Mayor Cheri Farivar joins Clint to talk about the formation of an ad hoc committee to tackle the
skate park issue and select a location for a new park. * http://koho101.com/2016/06/city-of-leavenworth-update-13


Group Upset For Allowing Demolition Of Skate Park

Leavenworth, Washington -- 06/04/2016

On April 26, local skateboarders came to the Leavenworth City Council meeting and expressed concerns about the
skatepark being demolished as part of the construction of Cascade High School. Their main point was they wanted
another skatepark built somewhere in town.

Since that meeting, members of the city council and school board met and worked out an agreement to build a new skatepark.
On May 23, the Cascade School Board went into executive session to talk about the agreement. After their executive session,
they voted to approve the new inter-local agreement.

"We met with the city council today and came up with a proposed solution to the skatepark issue. The skatepark will be demoed.
Then, the city is going to acquire property or use some property they already have. The school district will jointly work with
the city replacing the skatepark to another location," said Cascade Superintendent Bill Motsenbocker.

Board member Carrie Sorensen said there was a lot of give and take with the negotiations. Motsenbocker said this will release
the school district form the inter-local agreement they signed in 2000. "We'll have some new agreements. The city will take the
responsibility on working with people on the design, where it is going to be located, how large. There will be limits on the
total amount for construction, of which the district will share a percentage of that cost," Motsenbocker said.

Boarders and other advocates packed the city council chambers at the May 24 meeting. Feeling the boarders were there to
hear about plans to build a new skatepark, the council met in executive session to talk about the agreement reached with
the school district. When the executive session ended, the council voted to approve this agreement. It was thought this
would be good news for the boarders, but that was not the case. Those who spoke to the council mainly were upset about the
existing skatepark being demolished without their input, an abrupt change of face from the previous council meeting.

"We have good news and bad news. The good news is that city and school district have agreed to build a new skatepark in
Leavenworth. The bad news is that this conversation should have taken place at least a couple years ago," said Mike Leeds
of Wenatchee, founder of Community for Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks. "I definitely feel extremely deceived and disappointed.
I think there are well over 600 signatures on a petition right now. This is very unfair. We're not happy about it. It's very
disappointing to feel like outcasts."

Plain resident Rob Whitten began a email campaign with the city council and school board trying to find some way to save the
existing skatepark. Whitten spoke to the council at length on his disappointment with how the whole issue was being handled.
"I feel disappointed you took your executive action before you listened to what we have to say. That's disappointing because
we feel like the community is not being listened to," Whitten said. "There's been some compelling memos to you written about
the skatepark. We feel excluded from the process. It's not how we want our council to behave."

Whitten felt the school district could have done more to save the skatepark. He felt the school district did not have permission
to demolish the skatepark due to the 2000 inter-local agreement. He faulted the council for not having public discourse overing
rescinding the 2000 agreement. "This has led the school district to think they could design their school on top of the skatepark.
I find fault with the city for making the problem worse and for not communicating with the public about what is going on. The city
doesn't seem to be aware of the details of the agreement with the RCO (Recreation and Conservation Office). Yet, we're making
these agreements," Whitten said.

Councilman Elmer Larsen said he appreciated the interest in the skatepark, but felt this effort to involve the RCO was only
going to delay this process. He urged the boarders to help design the new park and select a location. He encouraged them to
look forward not back. "The skatepark sits on a very small corner of a 43-acre site. It could have easily been designed around.
But the school district chose not to, even though they were bound by the inter-local agreement," Whitten said.

In discussions with the school district, Councilwoman Mia Bretz said the skatepark was not in their long term plans.
So even if the park stayed another nine years, the school district was interested in removing it at that time.

Cascade High School senior Josh Wulfman said he was disappointed with the way the situation has been handled.
"I have done my best to come here and represent the skateboarding community in the best light possible. I feel
like I've become a liaison between the city and the skate community," Wulfman said. "I feel like there is a
definitive lack of transparency with what is going on here. I don't feel like I'm a respected member of this community."

Wulfman felt the boarders should have been allowed to give some input. Attorney Steve Demarest said his son Brian was
a skateboarder. Demarest said the skatepark came about through the involvement of four parties, the school district, city,
skate community and the state, through the RCO. "All the decisions are being made by two of the parties right now. That
doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right there is an executive session even while we are here," Demarest said.

The agreement with the RCO states the city should maintain the park for 25 years. "You are excluding the skate community
and, council member Larsen, you are excluding the RCO. They put up good money to build this park," Demarest said. "I want
an affirmation from the city council they would honor their agreement with the RCO, wherever that takes you." Skater John
Kruse, a Wenatchee teacher, said he felt a little letdown. He was concerned a new skatepark would not be equitable to the
current one. Leeds told Councilwoman Bretz they would much rather have a skatepark for nine more years, than not have one
for two years.

Overcome with emotions, Bretz tried to respond. "I think we have to all get together to express some collective sentiment
to everybody. It's really hard for me to sit quietly tonight and hear all the criticism. It breaks my heart," Bretz said
Mayor Cheri Kelley Farivar said the criticism of the city council was inappropriate and the result of a tremendous amount
of misinformation. She said they will come out with some explanation or timeline that illustrates the city's involvement.

"I am in total support of the skateboard community, however, all the attention is falling on the city of Leavenworth and the
reason is because we hold all the meetings and we allow public testimony, but for you to place all of the blame and all our
your anger on the city council just feels tremendously inappropriate to me," Farivar said. "Yes, you wrote a petition that
goes to the superintendent of schools, but have you talked to the school board in this way? I think not. I feel pretty beaten
up about this and it is inappropriate, in my opinion." The city has taken this very seriously, Farivar said. They are committed
to rebuilding the skatepark and would like the boarder's input in that process. Larsen said the school district has a timeline
and a budget. He said they are in jeopardy of not being able to finish what they started.

"There's tremendous pressure to try and build three schools. To say, one group or user can negate all that and jeopardize the
bonds and everything ... we are making an honest, fair effort to involve the public. It's interesting somebody came to us with
the positive idea of a pump park and that was accomplished in seven to eight months. It can be done, but not if we're being
attacked from every side," Larsen said. "Let's get together and work this out, find a site. Let's design something that meets
your needs. Let's move forward in a constructive manner. If there is a commitment to move forward on their buildings, we cannot
jeopardize that, period." Bretz, more composed, said they should trust their elected officials.

"We have more detailed information. Several people asked if you even know what it says. Frankly, that's insulting. Of course,
we know what it says," Bretz said. "We know exactly what it says. We know more than you and that's why we're making the
decisions we're making. We're really interested in making sure the skate community feels supported and heard and fully involved
in the process moving forward." Farivar encouraged the skaters to stay engaged and interested, but do so in a more positive fashion.

"There has not been a good word about the city council or the school board on your petition, on Facebook," Farivar said.
"If you have the hope this kind of negativity and this kind of criticism for the city council is going to get a new skate
park built or resolve the issue of the skatepark as you see it, I can assure you it will not. Please rethink the attitude."

The Leavenworth Skatepark was completed in 2004 at a cost of $135,000. It is 6,000 square feet, designed by Grindline.
As far as funding for the project, $17,500 came from local donations, $50,000 from the city and $67,500 came from the RCO.


Skate Park Furor - A Minute With The Mayor, Cheri Farivar

Leavenworth, Washington -- 06/01/2016

In 1999, a grassroots effort arose to build a Leavenworth Skatepark. Parents, skateboarders and the community raised seed
money of $17,500, then went to the School District who supplied the land. Together, they came to the City who contributed
$50,000 by obtaining a grant from the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO); a total of $67,500 was obtained and it was
built. The RCO grant required a 25-year commitment and the Skatepark is now 16 years old.

Recently the voters approved the rebuilding of the high school, which needs every square foot of the existing land, requiring
removal of the Skatepark. Thus, the District and the City began the analysis of how to best support the new school, the RCO
commitment and the Community.

After some negotiation, the City and the District agreed to share in the cost of a new Skatepark. These financial negotiations
were conducted in private as is required by law. However, there was an uproar from skateboarders from all over the Wenatchee
Valley. Fueled with misinformation and anger, many skateboarders and a few parents attended the last City Council meeting and
spoke out, attacking both the School District and the City for the lack of transparency in the decision making process. These
folks are incensed that they were not consulted and encouraged to comment on the Skatepark removal prior to any agreement.

Two of the parents were furious that they were not allowed to take part in the private negotiations between the District and the City.
In truth, this was one of the most unpleasant public comment sessions I have ever witnessed. The comments were so critical and
vitriolic that they brought two Councilmembers to tears. The bottom line is that these skateboarders are not really interested
in a new skate park, they want to keep the existing one regardless of the fact that the new High School needs the land.

(There is even an on-line petition, but you have to sign in support of proponents to make a comment, so anyone with a dissenting
opinion cannot comment.) Interestingly, the petition is titled ďRebuild the Leavenworth Skatepark, which is exactly what the Council
is trying to do.

So, your City Council has heard from many angry skateboarders from all over the area, (very few of which actually reside in
Leavenworth). But, we havenít heard from the overall community. Personally, Iím interested in hearing opinions and comments
from you, the actual Leavenworth Residents I am sworn to serve. Iím asking the hard questions here. Do you agree that
Leavenworth should strive to keep the existing Skatepark regardless of the hardship on the new high school building project?
Should it be replaced, and where? Or, does Leavenworth even want or need a Skatepark?

This is your chance to weigh in on the controversy. Go to our City website send an e-mail to your Mayor and Council. Or,
call any one of us, write us a letter, or stop us when you see us in town. Better still, come to a City Council meeting
and speak your mind. What say you, Leavenworth?

CC: * http://cityofleavenworth.com/a-minute-with-the-mayor-skatepark-furor


Press Release Ė Leavenworth Skate Park

Leavenworth, Washington -- 05/25/2016

* http://cityofleavenworth.com/col-assets/uploads/2016/05/Press-Release-Leavenworth-Skate-Park-05.25.16.pdf
* http://cityofleavenworth.com/press-release-leavenworth-skate-park


National Go Skateboarding Day

Leavenworth, Washington -- 05/21/2007
On June 21, 2007 Revolution Snow and Skate
will be skating at the Leavenworth skate park.
We'll be skating in honor of this glorious day.

We'll start up there around 12:00 and skate
till it gets dark. Also there will be BBQ, but
make sure you bring some drinks because
it gets super hot.

Get yourself up to Leavenworth to skate all
day with us, don't miss out our 3rd National


Leavenworth Skate Park One Year Note

Leavenworth Skate Park Photos

( Click On Photo/Link For More Photos )

Leavenworth, Washington -- 07/17/2005
It has been a little bit over one year now since the
Leavenworth Skate Park has open. Not to much
of changes, but a little bit of trash and vandalism
has been found at the skate park. This makes the
skate park look like it is something in a big city.

The trash and vandalism just does not fit in to the
Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, and makes people
not want to visit the town of Leavenworth becouse
people do not want to see big city life vandalism.

So, Skaters Please "Respect It! - Take Care Of It!
- Or - You All Just Might Lose It!" - Look at what
just happend with Cashmere`s Skate Park "Closed"
I hope we don`t see this happen in Leavenworth too.

So Please EVERYONE! Help take care of the
Leavenworth Skate Park, pick up your trash,
don`t spray paint logo tags on the parks walls,
If you see trash on the ground around, help out,
pick it up and put it in a trash can. - This is not to
much to ask of everyone that uses the skate park.

Also on this nice day was a few skateboarders at the
skate park, skating in the hot sun of the day but they
looked like they where having fun on the skate park..


Leavenworth Skate Park Trash Note

Leavenworth, Washington -- 09/08/2004
Some reports from this past weekend September 4th-6th 2004
Labour Day Weekend saying that the Leavenworth Skate Park
has alot of trash all over the place. The reports say that alot of
garbage has started to show up in the Skate Park, like Mcdonalds
trash, eggs and left over food, pop cans, Beer cans, and gravel
rocks being throwed in to the Skate Park bowl.

Leavenworth was nice to give you all a Skate Park,
So Please respect it! Pick up your trash! put it in to
the garbage can or the dumpster....

PS - A lot of Beer cans where found around and in the
Skate Park. Please Note: Alcohol and drugs are Prohibited!
in and around the Skate Park. The land was donated by the
Cascade School District, The Skate Park is with in 1000
feet of the school. - Please - No Alcohol and drugs.............


Leavenworth Skate Park A Good Place

Leavenworth, Washington -- 08/31/2004
Leavenworth Skatepark - It's small, but a lot of fun,
and a good place to learn how to ride Cradles, and hips.
And a good place to work on those ollies over the hip.

Some good demonstrating Photos at:
Page 1 - http://www.northwestskater.com/leavenworth.html
Page 2 - http://www.northwestskater.com/leavenworth2.html


Leavenworth Skate Park Protective Gear Needed

Leavenworth, Washington -- 07/23/2004
The medical staff at Cascade Medical Center applauds and
supports the new skate park located next to the high school.

Local skateboarders are fortunate to have such a well-designed park.
Our medical staff, however, is concerned about a significant rise in the
number of skate related injuries occurring at the park since it opened.

We have also observed that protective gear
is worn only by a minority of boarders.

The park is designed to challenge riding skills and as a result more
falls are going to occur. We hope that boarders and parents of
boarders strongly consider getting and using helmets, wrist guards,
and protective padding when riding.

We would much rather see you enjoying the park
safely than see you in the emergency room.

Cascade Medical Center,
Geoff Richardson MD, Tony Butruille MD, Karl Kranz, DO,
John Deliduka MD, Floy Detwiler MD, Maury Hafermann MD,
Edward Nash MD, Marilyn Hedges ARNP

CC - Leavenworth Echo Editorial Letters.


Leavenworth Skate Park Photos

( Click Photo For More Photos )
Photos by Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com
Leavenworth, Washington -- 07/17/2004


Linking Into Leavenworth Skate Park Information

Leavenworth, Washington -- 07/01/2004

Best Western Icicle Inn
505 Highway 2
Leavenworth, Washington 98826

Activities - Leavenworth Washington Skatepark


Leavenworth Skate Park Photos Found

Leavenworth, Washington -- 06/21/2004
Here are some more cool photo shots found
surfin the web Leavenworth Skate Park Photos!
URL by - http://snake.kittycrack.net

Leavenworth, Washington -- 06/09/2004
Here are a few cool photo shots found surfin
the web, Check out - Album: Session Pics
for some cool lookin Action photo shots.
Leavenworth Skate Park Photos!
URL by - www.brockmcnally.com


Leavenworth Skate Park Opens - No Bicycles

Leavenworth, Washington -- 05/27/2004
Rocking the cradle....

Skateboarder Cristian Wehrhahn tries out the 13-foot "cradle"
at Leavenworth's new skate park on Wednesday. Skaters started
shredding soon after the construction fences came down.

The 6,000-square-foot park is insured by the city and
located on the edge of Cascade High School property.

A grand opening is scheduled for 4 p.m. Friday, and fencing,
lighting, landscaping and signs will be added soon.

The facility is designed for skateboard and inline skate use,
but not bicycles, said Teresa Gonder, who was part of a
citizen group that raised $25,000 for the $140,000 project.

CC - KPQ.com News Headlines


Leavenworth Skate Park Photos

( Click Photo For More Photos )
Photos by Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com
Leavenworth, Washington -- 05/22/2004


Grindline - Leavenworth Skate Park

Leavenworth, Washington -- 05/15/2004
Watching a skate park being built is like watching art in progress.
At least that is the process used by Grindline, the Seattle based
company is building the 6,000 sq ft Leavenworth Skate Park and it
seems to be looking good at this time. You can take a look at the
Grindline web page and wach them build the Leavenworth Skate Park.
( http://www.grindline.com/default.aspx?page=parkby&gallery=48 )

Grindline is the premier Skatepark Design /Build Contractor.
Grindline Web Site: - http://www.grindline.com


Leavenworth Skate Park Construction Underway

( Click Photo For More Photos )
Photos by Joe - Gene`s BMX.com

Leavenworth, Washington -- 05/08/2004 -&- 04/09/2004
The Leavenworth Skate Park construction process is now underway.
The soon to be Leavenworth Skate Park is located at Chumstick Hwy.
near the foot of Cascade High School parking lot.

With the spring weather being nice out, the construction process of
the Skate Park project is in its first stages. A hole has been dug in
to the ground in a shape of what the Skate Park will look like.

It is not known of a completion date of the Skate Park, but it`s
starting to look like a reality for Leavenworth having a Skate Park.


Proposed Land For Leavenworth Skate Park

( Click Photo For More Photos )
Photos by Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com

Leavenworth, Washington -- 10/13/2003
The soon to be Leavenworth Skate Park. The proposed
and slated land to be located at Chumstick Highway near
foot of Cascade High School parking lot.


Leavenworth City Council Meeting Sept. 23, 2003

Leavenworth, Washington -- 10/02/2003
At the Leavenworth City Council meeting on
Sept. 23, 2003 Council members brought up
the topic of skateboarders running tourists over.

Whats the standard operating procedure when skateboarders
become a problem? asked council member Carolyn Wilson,
noting that when she was a police officer in California,
confiscating the skateboards and taking the juvenile riders
home often worked well as a deterrent.

Although a city ordinance in place prohibits wheels on
sidewalks (except for wheelchairs), it does not allow
confiscation of offending recreational wheels.

Well take a closer look at the ordinance at a staff meeting,
McCauley said. Before the topic ended, Burnett asked,
Isnt the city working on having a skateboard park built?

Yes, but the biggest delays are due to a lack of timely
fund-raising by the [citizen skateboard committee].

The city has been bustin butt to get the [park] built,
said council member Bill Wells.

Council has been very pro-skateboarding.
Itís been on the parks agenda since 1997,
other council members quickly added.

There is just a situation by a few people downtown
who lack basic courtesy, and theyre ruining it for
the rest of them, said council member Rob Eaton.


Leavenworth Skate Park News

Leavenworth, Washington -- 09/17/2003
Backers of the still phantom Leavenworth skate park are
discouraged by the prolonged planning stage that was
initiated nearly two months ago, when architect Robert
Knowles was hired to oversee the bid and construction process.

The city will advertise for bids on the project the week of
Sept. 14, which means fall weather will be setting in before
any construction could get underway.

It might be in the best interests of everybody to wait, said
park proponent James Munly at the Sept. 9 council meeting.

Munly asked if the community group that raised $17,000 in
funds for the project could have some say in the bid process
and [which contractor] is ultimately chosen.

Although sympathetic to the groups concerns,
City Administrator Scott Hugill said the bidding process
would not be competitive and therefore in violation of
state law, if a company besides the qualified low bidder
were chosen.

The skateboard park supporters would like some assurance
that this special construction meets certain quality standards.
The company, Grindline, Inc., that submitted preliminary plans
for the park, specializes in skatepark projects, and Munly
hopes their expertise could still be used even if they dont
become the contractors.

In our original discussions, Grindline had offered to come in
and inspect the work thatís going on, Munly said. So if theyre
not actually hired to do the project, maybe we could [hire them]
to make sure its done right, since that type of quality inspection
would have to be done anyway.Ē

CC - The Leavenworth Echo.


Leavenworth Skate Park Contract Delayed

Leavenworth, Washington -- 08/15/2003
Barely a month ago it appeared that the Leavenworth Skate Park
had a real chance of becoming reality by the end of October,
although skeptics shook their heads in disblief.

At last week`s City Council study session, the skeptics were proven
right. It now seems that only the first stages of the park may be done
before winter descends, delaying completion until next spring, or later.

Fortunately, that won`t result in the loss of a $67,500 state recreation
grant for the project. Due to Governor Locke`s recent action, further
extensions on this type of grant can be authorized through 2004.
But the extension won`t make up for a loss in planning and design
on the project.

Although Grindline Designs, a contractor that specializes in
skate parks, fulfilled all the requirements of the citys bid request,
We didnt ask all the right questions, said City Administrator
Scott Hugill. As a result, further architectural and engineering
details specific to the park`s intended location need to be
provided before a bid can be accepted and excavation begun.
Grindline was paid $11,000 for the general plans they submitted.

There was a miscommunication as to what we`d get and
[ all the correspondence ] had to review before we fully
understood that they would not include specific design
documents," Hugill said.

In order to expedite the process, city staff has proposed
hiring Robert Knowles, a architect out of Wenatchee,
who has been under personal services contract to oversee
other city projects. Knowles could be paid $ 21,000 for
his services. The city has a good working relationship
with Knowles, who "has good experience with public
projects from both the design and construction perspective,
Hugill said.

Council members grilled Knowles about the prospect of getting
the skate park underway this year, Knowles replied that at this
point it could be into October before it could be started, then
two weeks to excavate. As a result,[concerns about the weather]
make me prefer to start construction next spring."

Id like to see us make a good effort to get something started,
at least a show of good faith," said council member Rob Eaton.

If we put this off, Im concerned that there could be further delays
in the spring and on into late summer and another season could be
lost, added council member Carolyn Wilson.

The council is considering including a provision in the contract
requiring work to proceed as soon as weather permits next year.
In addition, volunteers, their equipment and donated materials
all have to be drawn under the contractor`s authority, Knowles said.
Its important that we coordinate carefully with volunteers because
if something goes wrong, [the contractor] would still be responsible.

Past history on other projects, including the community pool,
makes the city staff and council wary about trying to rush
time-tables. The pools original excavation apparently sat
through the winter, filled with water and froze, causing
distortions and making timely completion impossible.

I deeply share your feelings of frustration about the
[ skate park ] but weather could be a terrible detriment
to this in the long run, said Mayor Bill Bauer.

Clearly disappointed at yet another delay, was James Munly,
one of the chief citizen proponents of the skate park who is
on the city`s Economic Development Board. Munly and
other residents attended the study session and were puzzled
about why it took them a month to realize they didnt have
enough information to get a bid. In October of last year we
were told that it would be completed in the spring and now
here its going to be a whole year later... A whole generation
of skaters has grown up and graduated since the idea took
shape and seemed on the verge of happening. Next spring,
it will be six years since this process started, he said.

The skatepark, which is slated to be located at Chumstick
Highway near Cascade High School, has a project budget
of $135,000, $17,500 of which has been raised by community
members, $50,000 contributed from the city and the rest
through the Interagence for Outdoor Recreation.


Leavenworth Skate Park In The Works

Leavenworth, Washington -- 01/02/2003
The idea of creating a skate park for area youth appears
to have come to fruition. $5,000 still remains to be raised
for the $135,000 project.

Skate park backers partnering with the city of Leavenworth
have chosen nationally known Grindline Sports to design the
park, which will be built adjacent to the Cascade High School.

The skate park is being purchased with a $67,500 matching
grant and $50,000 put up by the city. The remaining $17,500
was raised by local fundraisers and skate jams held earlier
in the year at the Festhalle. Construction slated to begin April.

CC - The Leavenworth Echo


Leavenworth Skate Park Workshop Slated

Leavenworth, Washington - 07/28/2002
The city of Leavenworth and Grindline Skateparks of
Seattle will hold an outdoor skate park design workshop
at 3 p.m. Thursday at the fire station, 228 Chumstick Highway.

The city has received a construction grant for a skate park
at Cascade High School of up to $67,000 from the Washington
State Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation the balance
of the funding will be provided by the city, individual donations
and skater/volunteer fund-raisers.

Grindline has designed skate parks throughout Washington
and Oregon, and will prepare designs for final review and
comment in September.

For more information, contact the City Hall at 548-5275.


Time For Some Responsible Adult Leadership

Leavenworth, Washington - 06/05/2002
First let me make it very clear that I support the skateboard
park and the need for our young people to have a place to practice
their sport. The Echo was one of the first contributors to the skate
park fund and has promoted the need for contributions to the skate
park fund on a regular basis.

Having said that, it is time for the Leavenworth Skate Park Committee
to honor their commitments and to move out of the fruit warehouse. From
the very beginning LSPC was told their use of the fruit warehouse was
temporary and that their special use agreement would run from November
15, 2001, to April 15, 2002.

The committee now argues that they were not allowed to move into the
building in November because of water problems that the city did not repair.

Those problems do not change the fact that other groups had contracted
to use the facility before LSPC was issued their temporary use permit.
LSPC knew the length of time they would have use of the fruit warehouse
before they began to construct their ramps. To now argue that they should
be allowed to disrupt the plans of other groups is not only irresponsible,
but sends a very bad message to our young people. The negative tactics the
group is using to make their arguments only serves to reinforce the lessons
of irresponsibility.

The city of Leavenworth should deny LSPC any further consideration.
They should require them to remove their equipment from the warehouse
and make the space available to those groups who were promised full
use of the facilities last summer. LSPC claims they need to remain in
the warehouse in order to raise the money they need to complete the
construction of the permanent skate park.

There are other ways to raise the money needed. Young people in Cashmere
raised all of the money they needed by going out and knocking on doors.

They visited all of the service clubs and the PUD seeking donations.
Leavenworth youth have not done any of that. It would appear that they
could learn a great lesson here from the example set by Cashmere.
Cashmeres skate park has already been completed.

City councilman John Pool gave the group a start by forming the Pool
Challenge Fund. At a council meeting last fall Pool challenged 170
people to give $100 to the fund. If 170 people gave, it would raise all
of the matching fund money needed for the city to begin construction.
That fund now has $4,900 of the $17,000 needed. LSPC claims they have
raised $10,000. If the group really wants to get the skate park built,
they should stop attacking other local groups and go out and find another
21 people who will give $100 so we can get the permanent skate park built.

CC - Bill Forhan Publisher, Leavenworth Echo.


Leavenworth Skate Park Open For Skate Jam

Leavenworth, Washington - 05/15/2002
The Leavenworth Skate Park will have a skate
jam on Saturday, May 18, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., at
the warehouse at the corner of Front St. and 10th.
Ride the ramps, skate demonstration, at 12 p.m.
by boarders for Christ Skate Team; free style
and High Ollie contest, 3 to 6 p.m.; entertainment
by DJ and live bands, skate and snow board movie
premiers, BBQ and snack bar. This is a family
oriented event. Come and support a wonderful
community project. All proceeds go to Leavenworth
Skate Park construction fund. For information or
to help call Teresa Gonder at 763-2593 or email

The Seattle chapter of BFC drove a couple of hours east to be
part of a youth pastors conference in Wenatchee, Washington.
We had a good time meeting people and making connections.
We want to say a special thanks to Brad and Jesse at the
Leavenworth skatepark!.


Leavenworth Skate Park Closed For Maifest

Leavenworth, Washington - 05/09/2002
The Leavenworth Skate Park will be closed
Saturday and Sunday, May 11th and 12th, 2002
due to the Upper Valley Arts and Maifest events
being held in the Festhalle.

We will re-open for regular hours on Tuesday, May 14th.
Look for further announcements for a Skate Jam to be
held this month! And big thanks to all of our volunteers
that have spent the time at the skate park!


Leavenworth Skate Park To Re-Open Volunteers Needed

Leavenworth, Washington - 05/06/2002
The Leavenworth Skate Park committee
is preparing to re-open the skate jam park in the
cityís warehouse. The group hopes to raise the
balance of funds needed to begin construction of
the city skate park adjacent Cascade High School.

Volunteers are needed to open the park.
We need adults who can dedicate a three-hour shift
one day a week. Call Teresa Gonder at 763-2593 or
email skateleavenworth@juno.com


Foot Note That Was Posted Via Top Of Page

The temp Leavenworth Skate Park is located at
Front St. and 10th Street at the old Leavenworth Fruit Co.warehouse
( Note: Closed at this time, See News Clips. )

*** Leavenworth Skate Park Rules and Regulations ***

All riders must wear helmets and they must be fastened
Only 1 person riding a ramp at a time
No drugs, alcohol or tobacco allowed in or outside skate park
No riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol
No fighting, foul language or flashing of signs
No throwing skateboards for any reason

BMX Bicycles are WELCOME! at the Leavenworth Skate Park
Skateboarders , Inline Skaters , BMX Freestylers
Leavenworth Skate Park has made it a point that all 3 are allowed,
All 3 have and do work and ride at the skate park together.
SPAUSA Leavenworth Skate Park Committee's Organizer
Teresa Gonder skateleavenworth@juno.com


Leavenworth Skate Park Project May be On Hold

Leavenworth, Washington - 11/15/2001
The Leavenworth Skate Park Project may have to be put on hold.
Because of the downturn in the econmy, The state is suspending
funding for a number of capital projects, including the 67 thousand
dollars for the skate park. Construction was to have begun in the
fall of 2002. The time line may be altered if the funding is not
restored by next summer.


The Leavenworth City Council Special Use Permit

Leavenworth, Washington - 11/13/2001
Shredders will stay warm in leavenworth, if the city council
approves a special use permit this afternoon. Organizers of the
"Skate Jam" have asked to use a portion of the city`s Fruit Civic
Center this winter to raise funds for a proposed outdoor skatepark.
If the permit is approved, skateboarders would use the metal room
at the west end of the building on a temporary basis, until mid-April.


Skate Park Project Gets Ready To Roll

Volunteers Tim Wesley and Angelyn Withrow,
both of Leavenworth, work on a quarter-pipe
ramp in old Leavenworth Fruit Co. warehouse.
The ramp will be used at Saturday's community
fund-raiser, which will feature this indoor skate
park, video games and dancing.

Leavenworth, Washington - 09/13/2001
It was difficult at first for Teresa Gonder to understand
why her 15-year-old son took up skateboarding a year and
a half ago.For one, Garet Gonder was an athletic kid, and
good at football and basketball. But he decided those
sports weren't for him, she said. Plus, she wasn't sure
riding around on a flat board with wheels really qualified
as a sport. Then she saw him skate.

"My gosh, these guys are awesome athletes," she said.
Gonder is part of a group of Leavenworth adults working
to get a skate park built in the city. Some are parents of
skaters, others are skaters themselves.

They have received financial support from the city of
Leavenworth and a grant from the state, and now they have
to come up with the last $17,500 to make the park a reality.
The group is hoping to raise the cash Saturday night
during a fund-raiser.

The event will feature an indoor skate park, stunts by
advanced skaters and BMX bikers, a dance, video-game
room, raffle for items donated by area businesses and lots
of food.

The money is needed as matching funds to a $67,500 state
grant the city received last July. The city has allocated
another $50,000 to the project.

The skate park will cost $235,000. Because money can't
be raised all at once for the whole project, it will be done in
two phases, Gonder said. The first is a 5,000-square-foot
facility next to Cascade High School that will cost $135,000.

Volunteers have been working nights this week to build
ramps in the Leavenworth Fruit Co. warehouse for the
fund-raiser.If the ramps can't be sold after the event,
skaters hope to keep the temporary facility in operation
until the permanent skate park is finished next summer,
said James Munly, a volunteer and owner of Das Rad Haus,
a bike shop in Leavenworth.

He said the only good place to skate now is downtown.
But store owners and the authorities frown on that, he said.
City Administrator Scott Hugill said a city ordinance
prohibits bikers, skateboarders and in-line skaters from
riding on downtown sidewalks and closed streets.

Councilman John Pool said local residents, including
himself, have pitched in $100 each to raise about $2,000.
"This is the first truly positive action that has been taken
for the youth of Leavenworth," he said. "If we don't want
the kids to skate downtown, let's give them place to skate."

CC - Wenatchee World photo/Tom Williams, Ryan Feeney, writer.


Washington Wildlife And Recreation Coalition

Leavenworth, Washington - 2001
The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program ( WWRP ) is a state
grant program that creates and conserves local and state parks, wildlife
habitat and working farms.

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office
administers WWRP grants, and the legislature funds the program.

Leavenworth Skate Park
WWRP Applicant: City of Leavenworth
RCO Project Number: 00-1469
County: Chelan
Legislative District: 12th
WWRP Category: Local Parks
WWRP Grant: $67,500
Applicant Match: $67,500
Recipient Match: $67,500
Project Type: Development
Date Funded: 2001

More Information:


Funds Needed For Skate Park Construction

Leavenworth, Washington -
Plans for building a skate park on a site owned by Cascade School
District along Chumstick Highway, beside the high school parking lot.

Are on hold until an initial fund of $17,000 can be raised to begin
the first phase. A skate park has been determined to be the second
priority,after rebuilding the community pool in the city`s 1997 Parks
and Recreation plan.

Skateboarding and inline skating have grown in popularity over the last
several years, but skating is NOT allowed on the sidewalks of downtown
Leavenworth doe to hazards to shoppers, pedestrians and skaters.

The site beside the Cascade H.S. parking lot was selected for it`s proximity
to the schools, ball fields,tennis courts,water and gym,while being situated
far enough away from residential areas to avoid noise problems.

The existing slop of the site allows for ramps and amphitheater seating
without having to pay extra funds for site work. The site is close to
existing bus routes and the fire station,in case medical attention is
needed if injuries occur.

Its high visibility along the highway is a deterrent for graffiti or vandalism.
The city hired an architect with experience designing skate parks, and he
worked with skateboarders and inline skaters to design the project.

The architect estimates the project will cost $230,000.It can be divided
into two phases,and the first phase will cost about $135,000.The city has
a reserve of about $50,000. for parks,and the fund can be used as a match
to a state grant. In August 2000,the city applied for a $68,000 grant from
the state of Washington for the project and is waiting to find out if the
legislature will determine that funding will be made available for the project.

Meanwhile,a committee is working to raise the balance of $112,000
for the project with $17,000,construction of the first phase can begin.

Anyone wanting to help fund the project can send donations
to the Leavenworth Skate Park Construction fund at:

Leavenworth City Hall
P.O.Box 287
Or call the city hall at:
509-548-5275 for information.


Arcitect`s Drawing Of Proposed Skatepark.( Courtesy Sketch )


Grant Would Aid Leavenworth Skate Park

Leavenworth, Washington - 01/05/2001
Banned from downtown sidewalks and streets,
skateboarders and in-line skaters could soon
have a place of their own.

City officials are hoping to build the first half of a
9,000-square-foot skate park near Cascade High
School by the end of this year or early in 2002, said
City Manager Scott Hugill.

The city hopes to win a $60,000 grant this spring from
the state Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation.
It already has set aside $50,000 in city matching funds.
Hugill said skaters have agreed to raise $20,000 in cash
donations to fund the project.

"This is really going to fill a need," said Mitra McCauley,
a mother of two in-line skaters and a member of a group of
parents and local teens working to get the skate park.
"There's not a lot for teen-age boys to do in Leavenworth
if they don't play organized sports."

McCauley said her group hasn't planned any fund-raisers yet.

Skaters last summer went to a series of meetings with architects
to discuss what they want the skate park facility to include.
Skaters made drawings and gave them to architects, who drew up
plans using the skaters' ideas.

Architect's drawings show an oval-shaped facility. It has rails,
a trick box in the center and quarter pipes, all of which would
be included in the first half of the project, Hugill said.
The second half would include more quarter pipes and rails.

The city thinks it can construct the skate park for $235,000
including donated materials and labor, said Hugill. The rest
of the skate park will be built in the next couple of years.

Wenatchee and Omak built skate parks in 1997. There's also
the Skate Barn in Winthrop. Cashmere is working to build a
skate park by this summer in the Aplets Way parking lot.


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