Quincy BMX Track - Quincy, Washington USA

Quincy BMX Track

Quincy, Washington USA
About 35 miles South/East of Wenatchee on Highway 28.
City of Quincy - is a productive agricultural farming town.

The Quincy BMX Track is easy to find,
The Quincy BMX Track is located at the Quincys East Park at the east end of town,
"just north of the swimming pool", baseball fields, next to the - Quincy Skate Park.
There is no cost to use the bmx track.

The Quincy BMX track was constructed in the 1980's.

Quincy BMX track was ABA sanctioned in the 1980`s, Today, the track,
still inplace, It just sits, with the area youth play riding on the track. The track
- a challenging track layout with a nice starting gate and some jumps and turns
for improving your riding skills. In todays bmx world, the track is known as an
old-school bmx track and played a good roll in the Washington state BMX history.

It would be nice if someone would step up and help run the bmx track today.
The Quincy bmx track looks like its comming along, but needs lots of work.
The kids would love it!


Photos Of The Quincy BMX Track

Photos by Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com 09-15-2005

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Quincy BMX Track Seeking Restoration

Quincy, Washington -- 08/18/2005

~City hears from teen seeking BMX track restoration~

The city council heard from 16-year-old Bill Crane of Quincy
who suggested that the city restore its BMX bike track back
to its original condition.

He said that competitions were once held there that brought
riders from Moses Lake, Wenatchee and other areas to Quincy.

The council and Mayor Dick Zimbelman agreed that it would
be valuable to the city and also give young people something
positive to do.

"We don't even have a theater in this town,"
Councilmember Tony Gonzalez said.

The mayor and council members all agreed that they would
have to discuss the request further with Allan Galbraith,
the city attorney, and review the city's insurance coverage.

If you want to help out in anyway,
contact Bill Crane at: bikerboy666_69@hotmail.com

Also a Hard Print News clip from the Quincy Post Register. 08/18/2005

Also a Hard Print News clip from the Wenatchee World. 08/19/2005


Photos Of The Quincy BMX Track

Photos of Quincy BMX Track 04/10/2004

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The BMX track looks about the same today as it has for
the last few years now. Its to bad someone has not done
anything to get this bmx track up and racing...................


Photos Of The Quincy BMX Track

Photos by Gene`s BMX.com as of April 02, 2000

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Washington BMX Stories Abound

A History Of Quincy BMX Via Go BMX History, Mike R.

One anecdote concerns the day that couldn't be done. When points chasing
was really points chasing, a discussion took place on several occasions
about the possibility of making four races in one day, on several Eastern
Washington tracks. Multiple races per day were an easy program in some
parts of Arizona and California, but, in Washington, you had to be nuts
to consider four in one day.

The season's schedule showed several days when four races occurred starting
with Quincy Valley BMX in the morning and Yakima Super BMX at midday,
and two tracks in the Tri-cities area later in the afternoon and evening.

Yakima to Tri-cities was a no brainer and several people did that getting
three races in a day. Three races a day were being done in several areas
at the time, in Washington and Oregon.The discussion that kept coming
up was could a person start in Quincy and make all four that same day.

Mathematically, computing a reasonable sign up time, reasonable moto posting
time, reasonable start time, and average race size for Quincy, the computable
travel time did not exist to make the Yakima race. Therefore, common sense,
and the laws of physics, and the laws of the State of Washington would not
allow a four race day to happen in Washington.

One of the Premier point chasers of that era, Jack Backus, father of Chris
Backus, Orting's most famous BMX rider, said he tried to do it and the time
frames caused them to miss the Yakima race at midday. After some discussion,
it was decided that it couldn't be done. August 24, 1984, a Friday evening at
North Sea-Tac Park BMX,the conversation started again. Mike Raich and
Gary Risley discussed it at some length and decided again that it couldn't be done.

You would have to drive from Quincy to Yakima at 110 mph average to even come
close. Gary Risley went home convinced four races in one day was not possible in
Washington. But in those days there were some people who didn't believe in the
laws of physics, and winked at the laws of our fair state at times, and thought that
if Quincy had help running their race and knew what we were trying to do, the track
crew would cooperate, and it might just be possible to make the trip from Quincy to
Yakima without having to drive 110 mph all the way.

The key to making the four race day happen was to have Quincy's race run at an
accelerated rate that special morning. The leader and promoter of this idea was
bike shop owner and team owner of "Inside Line", George Ota. George reasoned
that if we provided assistance in sign up, helped in setting up motos, and moto writing
(no computers in those days), provided an announcer geared to what we were trying
to do, a scorekeeper geared to what we were trying to do, a stager geared to what
we trying to do, the Quincy race could be accelerated to a point where the drive
would be possible.

All this discussion and reasoning was on August 24, 1984, a Friday evening at
Sea-Tac. Early Saturday morning, August 25, George with his son Jeff, arrived
in Quincy with Rob and Brent Lee, The Gainsford family, Cheryl, big Corky and
little Corky as they were known then, Marlene, Mike, and Mitch Raich, and a couple
folks not privileged to the Friday evening conversations, but who grasped the situation
as soon as they saw everyone at the Quincy Valley BMX parking lot that morning.

Bill Hander, from Wenatchee, had brought is son William to Quincy to race as he had
done often before. Having spent a lot of time racing and working races on the west
side of the Cascades, Bill knew immediately why we were all there.

When George asked him to approach the Quincy crew to speed up the races,
Bill said sure if George took his son William along for the four race package.
Bill couldn't make it to Yakima, but had already planned to be at the Tri-cities
tracks that night. The late evening race was going to be a double. So the stage
was now set. Could the Quincy race be accelerated?

With Cheryl and Corky Gainsford, Mike and Marlene Raich, Rob Lee, and
Bill Hander handling announcing, finish line and scoring, and staging the
race was run at breakneck speed. Rob Lee completed the staging of riders,
and he and Brent were the first to leave for Yakima. The race was completed
before the grill got hot in the concession trailer. And the race against
time was on. We may not have had to average 110 all the way to Yakima,
but no one was exactly sure how fast we did have to go. Cheryl Gainsford
drove at heretofore unknown speeds the whole way and her knuckles were
pure white when she reached Yakima, and blood didn't return to them until
late in the evening.

George Ota lead the charge to catch Rob Lee who had left earlier,
before he got to Yakima. Following George's large Ford Van was an
experience every driving instructor should have. My Dodge minivan
speedometer reads a maximum of 85 and the needle never got that low
from Quincy to Yakima.

I went uphill out of vantage behind that BIG Van of George's at speeds faster
that my minivan could ever travel by itself on flat ground. We reached Yakima
with 10 minutes to spare in sign up; no call ahead sign ups at that time, and
arrived in a big cloud of dust, sliding into parking spaces at the Ahtanum
Park track sight.

Gary Risley met us with a strange look on his face, and profanity on
his lips, because he knew the four race program had just been done,
because the rest of the day was going to be easy.

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