Waterville BMX

Waterville, Washington
About 35 miles North/East of Wenatchee on Highway 2.
Waterville is the county seat of Douglas County, Washington.

( Waterville BMX Track )

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The Waterville BMX track was constructed in the mid 1980's.
Waterville BMX track was not sanctioned, but races where put
on by the Waterville Lions Club. - The track was not raced on
to much. Today, the track is a nice little track for recreational
BMX riding, with a challenging old school BMX track layout
with some jumps and turns for improving your riding skills......

The track is easy to find,
The track is located at the Pool Park and Bike Track,
just east of the Swimming Pool on East Locust Street.

There is no cost to use the track.
Park Closes at 10:00PM - 6:00AM

Helpfull contributors for information on this page:
Howard Lane - Waterville Parks & Recreation.
Douglas County Parks Archives - EastWenatchee Wa.
Monty Cavadini - BMXtalk Discussion Forum.

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