Bruce B. Mayer – VP/Partner -

Over the last year ATi has been working diligently to
create a rounded sponsorship base, of riders and teams,
from the grassroots level to NAG, A-Pro and AA-Pro riders,
and has been very successful. Due to our success,
with each passing month we are inundated with more and more requests
from teams and individual riders who want to become part of the
ATi sponsorship program. As you can well imagine,
for any company to provide free product sponsorship,
to everyone that applies, would be a very expensive undertaking,
and because of this many riders and teams have to be turned away.

Numerous teams, and individual riders,
have made requests for co-sponsor product sponsorship
that would allow them to acquire parts, accessories, and clothing,
at a greatly reduced price so they would still have money left over
for travel related expenses and entry fees.
ATi, in an effort not to disappoint anyone,
and to help further the sport of BMX, has come up with a plan.
This plan may not be new, or the most unique,
but certainly has merit and will assist many riders and teams.

We have created the TEAM ATI CLUB and here is how it works;

1) Each individual rider, or each rider on a team,
purchases a TEAM ATI CLUB membership for $ 30.00.
This membership lasts for 1 year and entitles each member to a membership number,
a letter certifying their membership, and a club card to keep with them.

2) For purchasing the membership,
each rider is entitled to receive two (2) pairs of ATi grips of their choice,
one (1) ATi Pad set of their choice, and one (1) ATi number plate of their choice,
and their numbers for the plate, as well as ATi stickers. (MSRP $ 60.00)

3) For the next year of membership
each member is entitled to purchase ATi products at a
discount of 20% below Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.

4) As a Club member each member will be considered to be officially product
sponsored by ATi and will be encouraged to stop by the booth,
at the races we attend, and meet us as well as other TEAM ATI CLUB members.

5) As a Club member you will be informed immediately
of any promotions or new product availability from ATi.

6) Teams (with more than 5 members)
will be entitled to receive a 3’ by 5’ ATi banner.

7) Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, AM/EX, COD or Personal Checks.
Checks must clear before product is shipped.

8) Any enhancements to the TEAM ATI CLUB that are made throughout the year
will be offered to all other members that signed up previously that year.

Anyone interested in the TEAM ATI CLUB can contact Bruce at
(619) 280-7024 or by e-mail at

Membership benefits are subject to change without notice.
ATi reserves the right, at their discretion,
to refuse membership to anyone or any team.
The $ 30.00 membership does NOT include shipping charges.
Shipping for the items mentioned in line 2 costs approximately $5.10.

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