Big Brother Is Waching - Online Street Cams & Scanners Feeds - Wenatchee, Wa.

Big Brother Is Waching

Is Big Brother Watching Us All Now?

Its A Time and A Place Where The World Watches The World!
In a Public Place, there are Web Cams - Street Cams & Scanners.

Wenatchee, Washington USA - Cams

Wenatchee Area Street/Road Approach & Parks Cams
There are lots of them with in the Wenatchee Area........
Here is a List of Web Cams in Public Places in the Area.

06/04/2010 - Wenatchee Red Light Cameras - Wenatchee, Washington
Starting July 1st, 2010 Violators will receive tickets in the mail for $124.

SR 28, and Grant Road in East Wenatchee looking north Cam

SR 28, East Wenatchee approach to Sen. Sellar Bridge looking south Cam

SR 285, Sen. Sellar Bridge looking east Cam

SR 285, Wenatchee River Bridge looking south Cam

US 2 Wenatchee (hillcrest) looking south/east Cam

US 97A Wenatchee/Chelan Hwy looking north Cam

US 2/97A Wenatchee/Odabashian Bridge looking east Cam

SR 28 Quincy Rest Area (East) Cam

US 97A, Knapps Hill Tunnel ( Chelan area ) Cam

Chelan on US 97 @ MP 240.2 ( Chelan area ) Cam

Mansfield on SR-17 @ MP 112 ( Mansfield area ) Cam

Waterville Webcam courtesy of Elite Woodworking every 5 minutes.

The Mission Ridge Ski Area Cam

Wenatchee High School Cams List( World Famous Science Cam )

Pioneer Middle School Site Cam

Chelan Area Cams ( - Chelan Wa. )

Downtown Cashmere from the Cashmere Fire Department Cam

Vale Elementary Cam in Cashmere

Leavenworth's Icicle Junction Fun Park Cam

Leavenworth's Downtown Web cam looking to the southwest

Lake Wenatchee Web Cam Via - Lake Wenatchee

Pine Cone Cabin, Lake Wenatchee

US2 Leavenworth at Riverbend Dr. Cam

US97/US2 Junction( The Big Y )&( Blewett Pass area ) Cam

Blewett Pass Summit ( US97 WSDOT - Wa. ) Cam

Stevens Pass Summit( US2 WSDOT - Wa. ) Cam

Stevens Pass Ski Area Cam

~~~~~ Area Cam Indexs ~~~~~

North Central Washington Web Cams Index By the WSDOT

Washington State Department of Transportation Road Cams Index

Wenatchee Web Cams Index By Wenatchee World Paper

Wenatchee Web Cams Index By Wenatchee

~~~~~ Other Skate Park Cams Around ~~~~~

Adelaide, Australia Skate Park Web Cam

City of Fontana, California Skate Park Web Cams.

City of Manteca, California Skate Park Web Cam.

Skate Zoo Streaming Web Cam.

Zero Gravity Skatepark Cam Western North Carolina.
-Or- the live feed:

~~~~~ Some Cool Cams Around ~~~~~

2012 Olympic Park Cam London, England

Cameras are all over the place in the World - Search Express Your Self Live!

** Live Online Scanner Feeds & Scanner Nummbers **

Police/Fire Scanner Audio Feeds: + Online Scanner Apps:

Scanner Feeds: Washington State by County:
* State Of Washington Live Audio Feeds = All.
* County
* County
* County
* County
* County
* County

Other Live Online Scanner Feeds: Has URL Feeds To Police/Fire Online Scanners Targeting to:
the Seattle Trunked Radio ( Seattle Metro PD - Fire WA State Patrol ) and
the Yakima, Washington Police, Fire, Sheriff, and also a lot more online feeds.

Lake Chelan Valley Online Fire/Police Scanner. ( Chelan County ) Or

****** Wenatchee Area Scanner Channel Nummbers ******

Chelan & Douglas County Fire Net - 154.430 & 451.625

Douglas County Fire Working F-2 - 154.310

Chelan County Fire Working F-3 - 154.250

Wenatchee Fire Working F-4 - 154.160

Fire Working Tack #2 - 154.220

U.S.F.S. Lk.Wen/Lea. #1 - 171.500

U.S.F.S. Ent./Chelan #2 - 168.160

U.S.F.S. Air Attack - 169.280 & 159.270

D.N.R. area #C & common - 151.415 & 159.420

D.E.S. Bace & Working - 153.995

Grant County Fire Net - 154.190

Ballard Ambulance - C.W.H. - 155.220

Lifeline Ambulance - 155.280

Central Washington Hospital - 463.000

L.E.A.R.N. Net - 155.370 & 155.475

Washington State Police Area - 154.935

Chelan Co.Sheriff #1 & #2 - 155.625 & 155.070

Wenatchee Police Dept.#1 & #2 - 155.310 & 156.090

Douglas County Sheriff - 155.415

East Wenatchee Police Dept. - 155.010

CCRJ- area Jail - 154.875

Chelan County Washington Scanner Frequency Resources:
Douglas County Washington Scanner Frequency Resources:
Grant County Washington Scanner Frequency Resources:
Kittitas County Washington Scanner Frequency Resources:
Okanogan County Washington Scanner Frequency Resources:

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