BMX Bikes And Their Popularity


Gene`s BMX News -- 11/09/2006
BMX has been the mainstay of hard core adventurous
bikers and the BMX fan club is only growing which is
reflected in the BMX bike sales over the previous decade.

BMX or bicycle motocross is a take off on the popularity
of the motocross of the 60s and discerning kids wanting to
imitate the motor bike events. BMX bikes are short in height
and meant to withstand shocks and rough use.

The fiberglass and carbon enforced frame are just some
of the enhancements that the BMX bike offers to riders.

BMX bike sales have taken off in the past two decades partly
because of it s wild appeal to youngsters and hormone raging
teenagers who sometimes consider it as an extent of their movement.

BMX bikes are short in height and have several suspensions
across the frame; BMX bikes also include wide tires to handle
the road and surface grip. Unlike speed bikes with a tall frame
and thin tires, they are modeled around mountain bikes with a
sturdy frame, wide tires and abrasion resistant surface.

The rise in sales and growing demand for BMX bikes is
only testimony of its popularity and its growth potential.

What else have been the drivers behind the BMX popularity
and its unprecedented popularity in the biking community?

The Television and movies of course. Hundreds of television
serials have features dare devil stunts men and teenagers
display their agility with the BMX bike performing stunts and
dives that would leave the audience gasping.

Besides commercials and television, another reason for its
success is because of it inclusion as an extreme sport.

BMX bike sales have grown up considerably because of some
of the usual events that are held across the country which exhibits
the handling and maneuverability talent of the BMX bike.


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