Chula Vista BMX - No Alcohol?
UCI BMX Supercross World Cup September 18th - 20th, 2009 Chula Vista, CA.


Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 09/22/2009
I will agree alcohol and smoking is a big problem and
is seen at lots of the BMX race tracks around the USA.

Photo - Aerial Photo Shot Of The UCI BMX Supercross
World Cup BMX Track In Chula Vista, CA. Sept. 19th..

You would think it would be a problem with teen BMXers,
but is not. If you look, it is the parents of the youth BMX
riders that are the ones drinking alcohol and smoking at or
around BMX race tracks at the events. A good hand full of
people-youth leave the sport of BMX Racing every year
and the alcohol and smoking at the track by parents plays
a part of it.

Most BMX race tracks and city/town parks have rules that
state: No alcohol and smoking allowed at this facility.. but
the mass of BMX race tracks lack to the enforcement of it.
So alcohol & smoking is a big problem at most BMX tracks.


U.S. OPEN/UCI BMX Supercross Code of Conduct

Dear BMXer:

On behalf of the American Bicycle Association, the United States
Olympic Committee and Union Cycliste Internationale welcome to
the ABA BMX US Open and the UCI Supercross World Cup. This
will be a history making event and we welcome your participation.
With that said, we do need to make you aware of a few special rules
for the weekend. As you are a guest of United States Olympic Committee
you MUST adhere to the following:

* RV Camping- Lights must be out by 11pm each night (Quiet Time)
* RV Camping- NO open flames/BBQ
* NO motorized vehicles of any kind (Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Scooters, Etc.)

Upon making your way to the BMX Tracks-
Please be very careful when you and your
families are crossing the street.

* NO Pets Allowed
* NO Alcohol Allowed
* NO Smoking (This is a Tobacco Free Facility)

Anyone not adhering to the rules and regulations
as set forth will be asked to leave!

The ABA has worked tirelessly to provide you this fabulous
event. Please help us to ensure that this is an annual event
and please help us to show our kind host that BMX truly is
the best sport out there! For your safety Chula Vista Police
Department and Security Staff will be onsite 24 hours per day.

I wonder how much or if any of this so called { Code of Conduct }
the rules, was enforced at this BMX racing event in Chula Vista, CA?

From some of the reports, photos and videos and feeds I am seeing
from this BMX Race event, alcoholics & drunks is the words that can
best be used to sum them up and just to think that this BMX event
was at a USA Olympic Training Center.

Iv seen a few emails saying there was lots of alcohol at and around this
BMX Race event in Chula Vista. - Even in the live web cast coverage by
Freecaster of this BMX Race event some slip ups of talking of drinking...
`this guy needs a drink' or extra of something drinking was herd in the
live web cast. Also a Bud Light beer is seen with some guy eating at the
BMX track in a photo shot by a news crew.

Will Anheuser-Busch the owners of Bud Light go on record saying
that they had something to do with this BMXing event, this event
that targets youth world wide so they can push the Bud Light name
to the BMX crowed, witch is most of youth? A-B would be fools to do
so and we do not think that they would. - So what is Bud Light beer
doing being seen around a BMX Race event. Bud Light Beer = Alcohol.

The parents and over heads of BMX Racing need to clean it up. People
drinking alcohol at and round any BMX Race event does not set a good
example for youth. -- It looks and sounds like the sport of BMX Racing
has some alcohol problems since they can not keep the alcohol away from
even this BMX Racing event. - Just Sad! - If people want to get all juiced
up or have a beer when they eat, Go home or to a tavern to drink alcohol.

Responsibly Matters,

Studies show, parents are the primary influence on youth choices in drinking,
Having beer, alcohol at or around any BMX race track event influences youth.
Parents, be a good role model, set an example as a responsible adult in BMX.
Please keep the alcohol away from the sport of BMX, its tracks, - its events.


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