CPSC BMX Racing Petition Has No Merit

BMX Bikes Can Be Toys - They Will Say NO To BMX

Here Is Why:

Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 01/13/2009
A petition addressed to the US Legislators for change of federal law:

Since the petition is addressed to the US Legislators and is asking to have
changes made to a federal law, -- just how is the BMX community going
verifi that the signatures and names are of legal voting age on the petition?

Without verification of the signatures showing of legal voting age on the petition,
the US Legislators will have to throw the petition out by law. So in all nice things
said, the petition would have No Merit. This could be any petition that is out there.

Key Notes:
The law does not put any legal age limits on signing a petition.
But the petition is asking to make changes to a federal law.
Since all 50 states require registered voters to be at least 18,
to vote to make them federal laws, the petition should actually
have an age restriction on it. That is, if people want the petition to
make a difference in US Legislators decisions of making a change.

It is the legal age voters that count that the US Legislators will
listen to on a petition that deals with federal law. - Nothing less.

Im just trying to be helpfull. - Good Luck,



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