Gene`s BMX Delists BMXmuseum

Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 07/29/2009 has delisted URL BMXmuseum dot com
from with in its web site listings because of the web site
and its web site tools does not have full compliance to free
educational open source on the world wide web for youth.

Accordingly, URL BMXmuseum dot com uses a php baced
forums board as a master web site tool for its web site.
A member person can inlist a message on to its web baced
forums board but can not voluntarily edit the messages and
or the author to voluntarily delist a message from with in
the site forums board with out pay to webmaster to do so.

Information and fact regarding URL BMXmuseum dot com,
the site description has deemed to a financial gains, and or
a pay web site more than a free bmx educational research site.
This giving reason for complete delistings on

URL BMXmuseum dot com is a BMX bicycling web site that
does target to youth, teens and adults for its web site audience.
EDU, public schools, public librarys, youth clubs and youth groups
should beaware of the sites closed source financial gain practices.

Genes is a independent webmasterd not-for-profit
bmx bicycling web site and is a lead focal point for free access
to documentation on bmx bicycling on the world wide web.

Gene`s web site does not and will not link to
pay closed source BMX or Bicycling content web sites.

Below is a copy of what is listed via on URL BMXmuseum dot com
regards to financial for users to use its web site baced forums boards.
Please note that it is vary misleading as it is addressed to the forums
board Classified Sale Section, not its entirety ( other area topics ) of
the forums board its self. The misleading part is they left out that this
effects the entirety, all of the other area topics of the forums board.


This site is still free for everything except posting new threads on
the Classified section. The new Classified/paid membership/"Pro
Member" is in effect. Here is a link to donate to the museum and
become a "Pro Member". Anyone with
threads in the for sale section, those will stay, until the usual prune
time comes or the item has sold (request of the seller to delete)

Below is a little more about the "Pro Membership".

To better serve you, we are developing a more robust Classified
section "Buy/Sell BMX & Want Ads", which you can fully participate
in for a mere $20/year. Your membership also provides:

* A bigger PM inbox (750)
* Larger signature
* Images in your signature
* Bigger avatar at 150 by 150
* paid sight supporter "Pro Member" badge on your posts and profile
* Ability to edit/update your For Sale post
* New "Mark sold" button archives your For Sale post

We hope this move will make the Classified sections even better
while reducing the problems seen in the past. Your support also
goes towards new features and faster hosting with fewer downtimes.
Thanks in advance! -- June 1, 2009................

Gene`s BMX has been a BMX contributing member on BMXmuseum dot com
forums boards since April 13th, 2007. -- Over the time I have seen some nice
information regarding BMX bicycles. I have also talked BMX with a good hand
full of the forums users.

I have never had problems with any of the sites users. But to be
mislead in to and for a web sites financial gain is not my kind of thing.
BMXmuseum was a nice BMX web ride untill it became a pay site.

Take Care and Good Luck,


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