A Fight Back Against Spam
With Washington State Law

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[-001-] About geneb2@genesbmx.com
[-002-] What Is Spam?
[-003-] What Should I Not Do With Spam?
[-004-] Washington State Spam Laws & WAISP Registry
[-005-] URL`s/Links To Spam Help On the Web
[-006-] MailWasher Spam Elimination Email Tool
[-006.1-] Email Virus - Mass-Mailing Spam Flooding Worms.
[-007-] Yahoo! Mail Spam Abuse Help?
[-008-] Yahoo! Groups Spam Email Help?
[-009-] Tips For Using The Usenet Newsgroups
[-010-] News Clips About Spam Email - Wa.

[-001-] About geneb2@genesbmx.com

E-MAIL ADDRESS ( geneb2@genesbmx.com ) Is registered
as belonging to a Washington State e-mail address holder via
on the waisp.org and Is a Washington State - USA Resident.

Being on the internet alot I get spam ( junk email ) messages.
I am a active contributor to alot of BMX/Bicycling email forums
of various sorts. It gets me lots of spam junk email because of the
spammers harvesting my email address from newsgroups, e-mail
lists, chat groups, etc. This is a big problem in the US. and around
the world. So here listed is some "Help Tips To Stomp Out Spam".

A Highlighted Question? That is asked alot.
Does spam emails increase over the holiday periods?
Yes!, Over Christmas from 2001 - 2006 spam was said
to have increased by 650%.

[-002-] What Is Spam?

Spam is any message or posting, regardless of its content, that is
sent to multiple recipients who have not specifically requested it.
It can also be multiple postings of the same message to newsgroups
or live chat rooms and list servers that aren't related to the topic of
the message.

Other common terms for spam include:
UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) and UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email).

[-003-] What Should I Not Do With Spam?

Never respond to unsolicited email/spam. To the individuals who
send spam, one "hit" among thousands of mailings is enough to
justify the practice.

Never respond to the spam email's instructions to reply with the
word "remove." This is a ploy to get you to react to the email and
alerts the sender that your email address is open and available to
receive mail, which greatly increases its value. If you reply, your
address may be placed on more lists, resulting in more spam.

Never click on a URL or web site address listed within a spam.
This could alert the site to the validity of your email address,
potentially resulting in more spam.

Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from
spam lists. Although some of these sites may be legitimate, more
often than not, they are address collectors. The legitimate sites
are ignored (or exploited) by the spammers; the address collection
sites are owned by them. In both cases, your address is recorded
and valued more highly because you have just identified that your
address is active.

[-004-] Washington State Spam Laws & WAISP Registry

Washington State US Residents can Fight Back Against Spam with
Washington State Law Chapter 19.190 RCW Commercial Electronic
Mail RCW 19.190.010 http://www.wa-state-resident.com/walaw.htm ( info )

On the Web: • http://www.wa-state-resident.com
• http://www.spamlaws.com/state/wa.shtml

Washington Association of Internet Service Providers WAISP Registry
BEFORE you receive unsolicited e-mail, - PROTECT YOUR E-MAIL
ADDRESS CONTACT YOUR ISP; don't wait for your ISP to contact
you about the protections under Washington's law.

1.Authorize your ISP to disclose you have a Washington e-mail address
2.Encourage your ISP to provide this disclosure service if they don't have it
• http://registry.waisp.org. • http://www.waisp.org

As long as the location of a Washington e-mail address is
available to the would-be spammer, whether or not they
actually check all possible sources of this information, they
are prohibited from sending unsolicited e-mail in violation
of the law to a Washington resident.

AFTER you've received unsolicited e-mail

Once you've been “spammed” ask your ISP
to block all future e-mail from the sender.

This is an important step that can help you and thousands of
other subscribers. Once an ISP has reason to believe their
network is being used to send unlawful unsolicited commercial
e-mail, they can block all further e-mail sent to you from the
address or domain name of the sender.

Bennet Hasselton's Site - What you can do, Washington residents
( Suing a spammer using the current state of the Washington law )

Washington State Attorney General Information Junk Email Page

[-005-] URL`s/Links To Spam Help On the Web

• http://spam.abuse.net
• http://spamcop.net
• http://www.peacefire.org
• Unsolicited Mail, Telemarketing and Email: ( ftc.gov )
• U.S. Targets Spam-Based Scams ( newsfactor.com )
• Information on the petition filed to the FTC
• Opt-out of Direct Marketing Association e-mail
• FTC's response to the anti-spam petition
• IRTF Home Page promote research of the future Internet
• Fake Checks.org Alliance for Consumer Fraud Awareness

• Google.com = Washington State Spam Search

There are several utilities available on the web to run a search.
Here's one web site where the utility will try to determine the
actual computer that uses the IP address:
• http://www.wcwcw.com/lookup
• http://www.arin.net/whois/index.html

Other good info from a biking web site about spam email at:
• http://sheldonbrown.com/spam.html

[-006-] MailWasher Spam Elimination Email Tool

http://www.mailwasher.net ( spam elimination tool )
This is a way to check and manage your emails before you download them.
MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination.
Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and emails before they get
to your computer. Finding it hard to be removed from mailing lists?
Getting harassed by someone on your email? Tired of getting junk email
from unknown sources? Why not make them think you no longer exist by
bouncing back their email so it looks like your address has been closed
down. Not only this you can Blacklist junk email senders. Mailwasher.net
Is Free and it works the best to get rid of junk email senders AKA Spamm!

Gene`s BMX News: - 09/21/2007
To all of the people in the North Central Washington area that
are having problems with the spam elimination tool, MailWasher.
It has been found in the last few days that people using the ISP
NWI Northwest Internet, that you can not bounce back spam email
We have got a hold of NWI asking why and they have told us that
they will not support the MailWasher spam elimination tool. That is
all we know. It is strange that NWI is the only place on the globe
over the last few days has blacked out people from using this tool.
So if your ISP is NWI please note that you can NOT now bounce back
spam emails using the MailWasher tool. -- How nice of (NWI) to black
people out so now the people will have to get all the spam emails and
take a BIG risk of getting unwanted viruses from spam. I do not know
much more on why they have blacked people out so Im going to say
if your ISP is NWI, give them a phone call and ask them why..........

[-006.1-] Email Virus - Mass-Mailing Spam Flooding Worms.

*** Symantec Security Response Bug Threats - Category 3 and up ***
Threat Assessments, Technical Details, Recommendations, Removal Instructions
[ Name of Threat ] - [ Date Discovered ]
See: http://www.symantec.com/enterprise/security_response/index.jsp

*** Reward to Stop Viruses, & Mimail Virus Spreads ***
WASHINGTON (AP) -- 11/05/2003
Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday it is creating a $5 million
reward program to help law enforcement identify and convict those
who illegally release worms, viruses and other types of malicious
programs on the Internet. ( More )

[-007-] Yahoo! Mail Spam Abuse Help?

Spamming from a Yahoo! Mail account is not acceptable.

If the spam or abusive email is being sent from a Yahoo! Mail
account, please forward an unedited copy of the message with
the full headers to abuse@yahoo.com. Yahoo will evaluate the
situation and take action as per Yahoo`s Terms of Service.

[-008-] Yahoo! Groups Spam Email Help?

Yahoo! Groups has a very strict policy about spam: Members
may not use yahoo service to send unsolicited or unauthorized
advertising, promotional materials, spam, chain letters,
multilevel/pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation.
Yahoo! Groups reacts quickly to any complaints of spam and may
remove any member who violates Yahoo! Terms of Service.

Some tips for Yahoo! Groups if spam emails happen.

I have found that in Yahoo! Groups if the owner of the Yahoo! Group
takes the spammers email address and adds that address to the BAN"
list even if the spammer is not a member of your Yahoo! Group,
It helps so the spammer can not post messages in your group.
Also "Delete" all the spam post~s from in your group archives.

Trying to help keep are BMX-Bicycling Yahoo! Groups
of communications Via the internet clean and spam free!
Here is some usefull tips that has been found to help out.
Yahoo! Groups Tips For Owners, Moderator and Members

[-009-] Tips For Using The Usenet Newsgroups

Information about Usenet spam

There is tuns of spam posts listed in just about any Usenet newsgroup.
Spammers do harvest email adderss from them big time. A good way to
not have your email address get harvested by spammer is to fool them.

Most spammers are robots (bots) picking out your email address.
So if the robot gets a dummey email address, who care about it.
The spam will go to no one but out to cyber space and float about.

A good tip and a good way to fool them bots is like this,

Your email address is something like ( Im_me@internet.com )
add in "Remove No Spam" to your address so it will look like
this ( Im_me@REMOVE-NOSPAMinternet.com ) this is a pain
to do evey time you post to the Usenet Newsgroups. It does help
from you getting tuns of spam email sent to your email address.

Most people that post to the Usenet Newsgroups do know this trick
and if your wanting a reply back from your post, some people post
a note at the bottom for there post saying to remove the (remove no spam)
from ther email and to please reply back to them.

Some People deal with this by setting up their software to give
a false return address whenever they post or mail a message.

This is commonly done by inserting the words "NOSPAM" or
other conspicuous characters into the middle of the return address
specified in the "settings" or "preferences" menu of the software
involved. The hope is that your readers will notice this when they
click "reply" and will delete the extra characters.

The problem with this approach is that while you make
it harder for spammers to reach you, you also make it
harder for legitimate correspondents to respond to you.
But it does works some so you don`t get junk emails.

To all the contributors on the ( alt.bmx ) Usenet Newsgroup,
Please Note to take out the NO SPAM or in some cases the
REMOVE-NOSPAM to Reply back to someone.

~~~~~ Usenet Newsgroups and Trolls ~~~~~
Do Not Feed The Trolls! - http://www.genesbmx.com/trolls.jpg ( Photo )
On Usenet, a Troll is someone who posts messages in newsgroups
with the deliberate intent of provoking flames or heated discussion
or, in the case of a destructive troll, an attempt to destroy the group.
A troll can also be know as Spammer. IE: flooding, mass cross-posts.
Also See: - http://www.hyphenologist.co.uk/killfile/antitrollfaqhtm.htm

[-010-] News Clips About Spam Email - Wa.

07/22/2008 - Spammer Sentenced Nearly Four Years
05/01/2008 - Man Gets Prison Thousands Of Spam E-mails
03/18/2008 - The King Of Spam Soloway Pleads Guilty
12/01/2007 - Teenager Arrested Over Computer Crimes
11/02/2007 - US Spammer Gets Two Years In Jail
08/19/2007 - Spammers Find New Ways To Slip Through
08/03/2007 - Storm E-mail Worm Evolves As It Wreaks Havoc On Net
06/20/2007 - US 'Spam King' New Slick Face Of Cyber Crime
06/14/2007 - FBI Pulls Plug On Several Botnet Hacker Spammers
06/06/2007 - E-mail Senders Can Pay To Bypass Filters
05/30/2007 - Feds Indict Seattle Man Accused Of Spamming
05/28/2007 - Hong Kong Cracks Down On Spam
05/23/2007 - Study: More Spam But Fewer Complaints
05/03/2007 - Spammers Use New Technique To Evade Filters
05/01/2007 - Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Targets Big Spammers
04/28/2007 - New Image Spam Scheme Hits Photo-Sharing Sites


*** Man To Pay $7 Million To Settle Microsoft Spamming Lawsuit ***
Redmond, Washington -- 08/09/2005
A man once accused of being one of the world's top three spammers
has agreed to pay $7 million in a settlement with Microsoft Corp.,
the software maker announced Tuesday. ( More )


*** Spammer Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison ***
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- 05/30/2004
A man who sent 850 million junk e-mails through accounts
he opened with stolen identities was sentenced to up to
seven years in prison on Thursday. Atlanta-based Internet
service provider Earthlink Inc. said it hoped the sentence
and an earlier $16.4 million civil judgment against Howard
Carmack will deter other spammers. ( More )


*** Man Takes On Spammers And Wins ***
Redmond, Washington (AP) -- 05/08/2004
They raked in nearly $100,000 a month sending illegal spam
to your computer. Now a local man just helped put them out
of business. It's the first arrest since the new anti-spam
law took effect this year. He has information you need to
get more spammers behind bars. ( More )


*** Internet Companies Sue Spammers ***
WASHINGTON, D.C. - 03/11/2004
Setting aside their rivalries to fight unwanted e-mail
choking cyberspace, leading Internet companies announced
Wednesday they have sued hundreds of people suspected of
sending unsolicited junk messages known as spam. ( More )


*** Microsoft Creates Group To Fight Junk E-Mail ***
Seattle Washington (AP) -- 06/25/2003
A week after filing 15 lawsuits against alleged junk e-mailers,
Microsoft Corp. said Tuesday it has created a specialized group
of researchers and programmers to develop new technological
tools to fight spam. ( More )


*** Microsoft Files 15 Anti-Spam Lawsuits ***
Sometimes it's a phone number, a Web site address or a company name,
but somewhere, every piece of junk e-mail, or spam, includes one or
two pieces of real information.

Those clues helped Microsoft trace e-mails across 34 countries,
identify the senders and file lawsuits against 15 people and businesses
accused of sending more than 2 billion deceptive e-mails that flooded
Microsoft's computer systems and customers' inboxes. ( More )


*** Spammers Lose In Small-Claims Court ***
March 25, 2002
Free-speech group Peacefire.org has won a legal round
in its fight against unsolicited e-mail, by invoking
Washington state's anti-spam law. ( More )

`If you are a spamer,WACH OUT! this is a step to stomp you off the world wide web".

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