High Gasoline Prices
Will High Gasoline Prices Squeeze The BMX Community?

Gene`s BMX News Market Watch Quote -- 06/19/2014
High Gasoline Prices: So, Here We Go Again.
They Say Gas Prices Are To Go Over The $4 Mark Sometime This Year 2014.

But As Gasoline Prices Reach Over The $4.00 + A Gallon Throughout The Nation,
For People Traveling To BMX Events This Could Make It A Lot More Expensive.
Lots Of People May Shun On Traveling To Them BMX Events.

Gasoline Prices Where Seen Skyrocketing Back In Year 2012 And In Year 2011.
A News Story Clip From Richland, Washington USA On May 02nd, 2011:
* Gas Prices Tough For BMX Riders. - By NBC KNDU, Says High Gas Prices Makes
It Challenging For Most And Impossible For Many To Get To The BMX Race Track.

Will The High Gasoline Prices Squeeze The BMX Community In 2014? = Only Time Will Tell.

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