Guns With In The Sport Of BMX

Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary ) -- 10/25/2006
Some people out there wonder why the BMX rider counts are down
at BMX tracks and BMX events around the world. Its a topic found
allot among people in the internet's BMXing community.

Among the topic of the BMX rider counts, is Kids with Guns.
Some scary thoughts arise among the kids and the parents
with the thought of a gun being at BMX events or places that
the BMXers are riding there bikes at.

Over this last week a med number of BMX post boards on
the web and in has seen some topic issues
with firearms being at the BMX tracks and in places that
the BMXers are riding there bikes at. Some findings in the
talks about guns and BMX show some scare, scary talks
among some of the BMX youth.

Some posts say that they would not think twice to pull a
gun out and shooting at someone letting the air out of a
bike tire, even if it was a joke. Some posts even go into
how a youth would like to shoot another youth because
they never win BMX events and are always in the way.

Some posts also found, show youth as young as 12 years old,
They brag of taking a firearm to a BMX event for protection but
have never pulled it out. Some posts also show talks of people
legally carrying a gun for protection at BMX events and BMXing
around in there towns and cites.

Obviously with allot of talks of guns starting to show up and
being with in the sport of BMX, Its no wonder why we are
seeing a drop in the BMX rider counts. Just doing this small
report gave me abit of a scare and a wake up.

With all the school house gun shooting seen in the big press and
now the findings of talks of guns hitting in to the BMX community,
It makes you really wonder, Does the BMXing community
have some problems with guns mixing with BMXing kids out there?

WAKE UP! Parents, where are you?
Does your kids pack a gun when BMXing?

Guns and the sport of BMX - Do Not Mix!
No matter what age the person is that has a gun.

Help Save A Life, Don't just stand there and watch
a life be taken. If you are at a BMX event and you see
someone with a gun, Please pick up a phone and call 911.

Please be safe out there everyone,


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