How Rude!

If you disturb me at home with some stupid survey,
don't think I'm rude for telling you to stuff your questionnaire

If someone called me at home and asked if I'd participate in a survey on manners,
I'd hang up.

Rude? I think not.

So, what does that say of the people who said "yes?"

I'm not too polite to tell. I think they're self-absorbed, politically correct
extremists who naively believe the world would be a better place if we all had
a regular Saturday sing-along of "Kumbaya."

Back in January, researchers surveyed 2,013 adults around the country.
By the time it was over, 79 percent of those adults said
lack of courtesy and respect is a serious problem in America.

Say what? Haven't these people ever been to France?

They cited crowded malls, cell phones, email and foul language as examples of rampantly rude behavior.

They ignored Miss Cleo, inept politicians, price-gouging oil companies and Teletubbies.

This survey on manners was paid for by money from a charitable trust.
I find that to be rude. Guess I'd rather see charitable trusts used for,

I politely offer the following to our researching friends:

PLEASE: understand that terrorism turmoil in the Mid East,
unemployment, taking care of our families, watching out for our friends,
and extending our hearts and wallets to needy people around the country and around the world,
may sometimes leave us preoccupied.

So, when you disturb us at home with some stupid survey,
don't think us rude for telling you to stuff your questionnaire.

And by the way, don't put too much credence on those who have nothing
better to do than play along with your ill-mannered survey on rudeness.

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