KFC: Kentucky Fried Chicken Rant
Give The Customer What They Want In The First Place, Dont Lie About It.

Gene`s BMX News Commentary Quote -- 05/10/2012
We make a phone call to the KFC/A&W 1015 N. Mission Wenatchee, Washington 98801
Store ID#C150001 at 2:00pm asking about a KFC 7 piece meal deal that we seen on TV.
The person says yes, they will give us that deal. We then ask, can we get that KFC 7 piece
meal deal with all chicken legs. The person says yes, then we give are name and phone
number to them and tell them we will be there a little bit after 4:00pm. We also stress more
to this KFC person that we realy want this KFC 7 piece meal deal with all chicken legs....

A little bit after 4:00pm about 4:10pm we arrive at the KFC/A&W store, Inside we let the clerk
know that we called at 2:00pm asking about this KFC 7 piece meal deal with all chicken legs.
The clerk knew nothing of such thing. He then asked someone else and they then proceeded to
help us. This other clerk said they knew nothing about us calling in at 2:00pm but she would go
ahead and give us this KFC 7 piece meal deal for $11.99. I then asked about all chicken legs.
The clerk told us she would see what she could do. We then pay for this. A few minutes later
the clerk hands us are KFC 7 piece meal deal and tells us to have a nice day. We then look at
the clerk in the face and ask if this KFC 7 piece meal deal had all Chicken Legs in it? The clerk
then said NO, that KFC did not have that many chicken legs and that she had to substitute and
give us three chicken thighs instead of the legs. We then left the store with out what we wanted.

As we are driving down the road thinking to are selfs, we never get what we want at the KFC.
We always get stuck with what some clerk wants us to have, We Wanted 7 Chicken Legs, not
something else. So, we wip the car around and go back to the KFC. This time, in the drive thru.
We then order just three ( 3 ) KFC Chicken Legs. The same clerk, had no problem giving us 3
KFC chicken legs. Stabbing us for another $5.47 for the three chicken legs. The clerk said that
she gave us a discount on are oreder becouse we where just in the store. - We then drove off.

`What Ever Happen To Customer Satisfaction? In all, this KFC clerk lied to us, - The Customer.
In the first order the clerk told us KFC did not have that many chicken legs and that she had to
substitute and give us three chicken thighs. BUT when we go back ten minutes latter in the drive
thru, the same clerk gives us three chicken legs and stabbing us for more money just to get what
we, the customer wants. We like the KFC chicken/food. The KFC chicken/food was great. But after
having to make two orders and a bigger price tag in the end, we got are 7 chicken legs all together.

It is just not right on how KFC conducts business by lying to the customer about being out of the
KFC chicken/food product when they really are not out of it. If the KFC clerks will lie about being
out of chicken legs, then they will lie about anything. `Lying To Customers, is not good business.

Below are copy`s of are receipts:


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