Apple Capital Recreational Loop Trail Hawley Street

Apple Capital Recreational Loop Trail

Hawley Street

Wenatchee, Washington USA

*** Loop Trail Segment To Separaed From Traffic ***

A section of the Apple Capital Recreational Loop Trail
will be converted from a sidewalk to an actual path
and separated from a nearby street.

Chelan County will widen the trail and create a 5-foot
open space along a quarter-mile section where it leaves
WallaWalla Point Park and follows Hawley Street.
Work on the $170,000 project began this week.

The loop trail uses the 4-foot-wide sidewalk along a
1,200-foot stretch of Hawley Street before entering
Confuence State Park. It is one of two places on the
12-mile riverfrount loop trail where pedestrians are
not separated from traffic. The other is along
Worthen Street near the southend pedestrian bridge.

The plan is to tear out the sidewalk and build a
10-foot-wide trail in its place. It will be separated
from the road by 5 feet of open space.

Hawley Street will narrow from 40 feet wide to 30 feet
in that area, The coner where Hawley curves into Miller
Street will be widened to accommodate semi-tractor trailers.

The County had originally looked into moving that section
of trail farther away from the street to the east side of
Chelan County PUD property on Hawley Street. But the utility
doesn`t own all of the land where the county wanted the trail to go.

"It was a nice idea, but it just didn`t work out,"
"There were lots of other parties invlved."
But it`s worked out to where the county`s final plan
is going to benefit everyone who uses the trail.

The county received $148,000 in federal grants for the project.
The county will contribute another $13,000
and the city of Wenatchee will pitch in $8,000.

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The Hawley Street Project will affect trail access,
Access to the Apple Capitol Loop Trail will be RESTRICTED
over the next couple of weeks due to a Chelan County Public
Works Construction Project.Access to and from the trail will be
CLOSED at each end of the Hawley Street Pathway Improvement
Project. The work began Monday May 13th 2002


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