Moses Lake Skate Park

Moses Lake, Washington USA
The City of Moses Lake - in Central Washington, is easily located
from Interstate 90, coming from either Seattle or Spokane ( Map )
Moses Lake is located about 75 miles South/East of Wenatchee....
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Moses Lake Parks And Recreation -&- Moses Lake BMX Track

Moses Lake Skate Park Information:

The Moses Lake Skate Park is at the Corner of 4th and Dogwood.

The Moses Lake Skate Park is open to the public,
Admission is free to this park. Established 1993.
Built in lauch ramp, and a steel covered mini-ramp
approx 22 feet wide, a ramp up to a box with a rail
back down the other side, a raised slider bar and
grindable parking blocks and alot of more fun things.

Info Of Moses Lake Skate Park by City of Moses Lake Parks. 2004
Combo Half Pipe, Quarter Pipe, Bank Ramp, Pyramid Ramp, Hump Ramp,
Fly Box, and Slider Rails Within 1,900 Square Feet of Concrete Surface....

Moses Lake Park and Recreation Skate Park Rules & Regulations

( Photo Of The Rules )

Skate Park Closes 10:00pm.
Skate at your owen risk. This park is not supervised.
Saftey helmet & equitment must be worn at all times.
Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, or Glass containers not allowed.
Skating against traffic not permitted.
Ramps must be clear of other skaters before you proceed down.
Bicycles & BMX`s Are Not Permitted.
Profanity, loud music, bad behavior or recklessness is not allowed.
You must be 8 years old or older to use this facility.
Failure to follow these rules & regulations may endanger the saftey
and enjoyment of others.
Please Protect & Preserve Your Facility.

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____________________( Moses Lake Skate Park Photos )____________________

Moses Lake Skate Park March 2004


Photos of the Skate Park - Year 2000,
BMX Bikes Are Not Allowed, Please Note The First Photo, Park Rules.


Aaron D. Of Ephrata Wa. - Year 2000
At Moses Lake Skate Park Riding It Hard!


Aaron Shelton Of Coulee City Wa. - Year 2000
At Moses Lake Skate Park Shredding It Up! On His Sk8-Board.


Steve Kirkman Of Moses Lake Wa. - Year 2000
At Moses Lake Skate Park Giving It All Hes Got On His Inlines.


Other Information: Moses Lake Skate Park

Moses Lake Skate Crew - MLSC Skateshop
320 S Cedar Street - Moses Lake, WA 98837
Website -

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09/10/2004 - News - City Of Moses Lake Passes Scooters Ordinance...
04/07/2005 - News - Moses Lake Concrete Park? Skaters Vs. BMXers

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