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Gene`s BMX News ( Quote ) -- 04/20/2009
BMX Tracks In Washington, Oregon, Idaho, BC Canada.

I am not going to disrespect any of the BMX tracks
here in the Northwest but things are lacking big time.

Everyone wants new BMX racers to show up at the tracks but all
iv been seeing so fare on all of the BMX Track Web Sites is just
a schedule and registration times, and how to get to the track its
self. Yes, that is something but it lacks getting the attention of new
people, new BMX racers.

Many people have computers and internet access now days and
the internet is part of the mainstream BMX RACING and it does
help get the word out.

The BMX Racing community in the Northwest needs to get new peoples
attention. Just a schedule, registration times it is something but it lacks.
WHY NOT show off BMX Racing Events on to the world wide web.

Why not post up Results of the BMX Race events on the track web
sites and some photos and videos showing off this weekends and the
next weekends BMX Race events and keep doing so on and on.

It would give new people that are looking in to BMX on the web
something more than just a schedule to look at. - It would help
get attention of new people on how fun BMX racing can be and
just maybe, who knows, tracks around the Northwest could end
up gaining new BMX Racers that way.

It just does not end on a BMX Track Web Site.

Once a track posts and lists Results photos, vids extra. on there
track web site, a small news cast of each event even if the track
has a bad weekend with just 5 to 10 racers. A small news cast
makes talk with people and Fact is, It gets peoples attention with
a small news clip showing a few photos and or a few small videos
and how joe blow kid did.

Dont target the news cast to adults, Target them to kids. Don`t for
get kids love to show off to other kids, that makes for good attention
to get new people to the track. Also it makes for some attention for
schools and public library to pick up on what the kids are doing and
then it gets pasted on and on and on.... = new riders at the track.

Some where along the line the 20 year cycle of the some old
thing has to change to help make BMX Racing better than it is.

Just my thoughts I know someone will blast this down but its also
a point of view from what Iv seen over the last 13 years of running
a big BMX web site in the NW. BMX track web sites need to start
to work with each other and then some But fact from what I see,
They do not...... People need to make it better.

I try and try the best with my BMX web site but I do not
see to much BMX support back from with in the Northwest.


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