Opinions In Buying A BMX Bike?


Gene`s BMX News -- 11/09/2006
When most people think about sports, they think
football, baseball, basketball, and soccer (futbol).

Aside from not being the most popular sport, BMX
racing is known among most people to be a "bicycle"
sport which is done on a BMX bike, and that is as much
as they know about it.

BMX is an abbreviation for bicycle motocross, because
as many people know its easier to just abbreviate something
rather then saying the whole thing, like USA. "Bicycle sport"
is a general term, and although it does describe some aspect
of it, it really does not do it justice.

BMX bikes are specially designed bicycles that are
different from mountain bikes or racing bicycles.

They have the smallest wheel design of the 3 types of
bicycles, being at only 20". The bikes are often used
in races on sandy and hilly tracks.

They also perform equally well on wooden ramps,
flat ground, and/or obstacles found in streets, etc.

Back when BMX was first starting, kids would take
their plain bicycles and modify them to the best of their
ability. Such modifications would include adding motorcycle
handlebars, specialized tires, and work on the frame, to
make it stronger. Although many wanted the actual thing,
most would settle for the general look of it, even if it
performed the same as a regular bicycle.

BMX racing bikes became specialized, like other
forms of cycling competition, as soon as BMX racing
gained popularity.

That was when the companies knew this would last and
started getting more involved. Mongoose, one of the first
BMX bicycle manufacturers, was responsible for building
the "perfect" BMX bike.

Durability was the focus point on earlier models,
but weight slowly came into picture as racing became
more popular. R&R Racing Products paved the way
for light weight frames.

They were constructed to be very light, but strong
enough for racing. Steel rims, coaster brakes, and
mag wheels were replaced by aluminum rims with
freewheels and caliper brakes.

Many companies started up in hopes to fill a void for
BMX fans every where. Some of these companies include
GT, Schwinn, MBK, Torker, Huffy, Murray, Diamondback,
and the others mentioned above.

Times have changed since then and it seems that freestyle
BMX has become more popular of the two types.

Freestyle BMX is the process of being imaginative while
riding a bike. They have almost the same exact look as the
racing bikes, but with some differences.

There are many more areas in which to place your feet,
which could be considered as the cornerstone of freestyle
BMX. A gyro will usually be placed on this type of bike
and is located near the headtube.

A Gyro allows the handle bars to be spun 360 degrees
without changing the breaks performance.

This also helps add an extra flare to the tricks that are
done on the bike, along with the creation of some tricks
in itself.

After you have selected the type of bike you want,
be sure to know what type of activity you will be doing.

You do not want to buy a BMX racing bike, when you
will be doing freestyle BMX, and vice versa.

Always research the bike you are going to buy, there are
people who will tell you what is good to have and what is
not. If the majority of sources say good, then its good.
Trust your own instincts when its comes to the bike.

Its nice to have the opinion of others,
but they are not the ones buying it, are they?


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