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Gene`s BMX News -- 02/09/2006
I take it you have been watching this BMX Olympic thing some?
Well have you? - If your a BMXer you should be watching this.

It don't look like to many out there care to much for BMX
being in the Olympics or least it seems that way as most are
all in this petty fight mode over ABA vs. NBL things but the
Olympics is one of the biggest things in the sport of BMX
happings. I hope im not boasting that to much but in all,
the "Olympics", it is the top of what the BMX sport can be.

With in time I think people, BMXers" will start showing support
for the Olympics, least I hope so as the hole world will and is
starting to watch the BMX happings everywhere because of news
casts saying BMX is now in to the Olympics Games.

Just this last December I had some guy here in my town
ask me about BMX in the Olympics, sort of strange, as
I did not even know this person, So it somewhat shows
me the word is getting around to the everyday Joe blow
sports freaks that watches the Olympic sports happings
and other sports extra.

As I have quoted in a news group I said I have and seems
im the only one "so fare" that has made a information web
page about BMX being in the Olympics. A quote from this
person that asked me about BMX Olympics that was here in
my town, said he has surfed the web looking for Olympic
information on BMX web sites and he could not find much
and he also quoted that it was harsh that the people in the
BMX sport its self, does not seem to care to talk about it.

I took that as a strange quote, but after surfing the web my self,
I have to say, the guy is right, there is no information posted
out on everyday BMX web sites for the Joe blow to surf and find
out information about the BMX in the Olympic Games. What little
there is are news cast AP press clips that don't really say to
much more than BMX is now in the Olympics leaving a Joe blow
person with allot of questions. Confused? I am...

Well that word "Olympics" is a big time powerful word for in
the everyday sports freak world. It is a pride word for sports.
The sports world does put allot of pride in to the word "Olympics".
as it has been seen that way threw out sports history.

So I have tried to put this little web page up and get the word
out about BMX at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Most of ever thing I have gathered up from the news press
and UCI-PR`s extra. Bottom line, its nothing more than just
that a big hand full of news press clips and no in-put from
the BMXers them self's. Some things make you wonder,
- what is going on?

So here is a question? - What about the BMXers that is to be
or is trying to get to the Olympic Games? I can not find any
thing like who is trying to get there. A name list of riders
that are inline of the UCI rankings game. People out there
might want to be watching the BMX in the Olympic rankings
game like they do in a foot ball game or any other sport.

People want to see some named BMX riders even
if they make it or not. You do see this in all other
sports. It shows pride in the other sports, But in BMX?

So why are we not seeing this in the sport of BMX, the road to
the Olympic Games. Is it the thing about ABA vs. NBL that has
the BMXers shamed from caring about the Olympic Games? Or
what its it with the no pride of BMX among the BMXers them self's?

The Olympic Games for 2008 is not about ABA or NBL its
about having pride in the sport of BMX. To the world, BMX
in the Olympic Games, it will show every one the best of
the best in the sport of BMX. It does not matter on to who
you chant for. This rider or that rider, or who that BMX rider
rides for. BMX in the 2008 Olympic Games should show
us all that are sport if fun and we all take pride in to it
with out pity to one another.

I know BMX is new to the Olympic Games for 2008 in Beijing
but I would say it is time for the people and BMXers out
there that do care for are sport of BMX to start taking
some pride in to the road of the 2008 BMX Olympic
Games. Some of the big time BMX web sites out there
need to start putting up pride tags about the 2008 BMX
Olympic Games on there web sites so the world will see
that the BMX internet community does take some pride
to being seen at the Olympics in year 2008.

In all, I have high hopes that are sport of BMX can be
shown to the world in the 2008 BMX Olympic Games
with everyone having smiles upon there faces and with
pride of ridding a BMX bike anywheres in the world.

Well as we all get ready this week to kick back and watch
the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Feb. 10th to 26th
2006 - keep this in mind, The 2008 Summer Games will soon
be here for are sport of BMX to show its stuff off to the world,
But will the BMXing community be ready to show its pride in to it?


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