A Quote On How To Produce
Live Streaming BMX Webcasts

`If your going to do it, Do it to help promote the sport of BMX
for everyone around the world to view on the world wide web.
-Or- Just don`t do it at all, - if your going to be greedy about it'.
The web casts should be free open source, with No membership
hoop jumping required, so people can just surf in to watch at will.

Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 01/17/2007
With some pay BMX racing web sites showing up and trying to black out
the internet's BMX racing community and giving people "Excusses" on why
they have to scam you and BMXers out of your money just to look at there
live video feeds of a BMX racing web cast on the world wide web, I thought
maybe people should know on how "easy" and "cheap" it really is to do and
to broadcast a live video BMX web casts feed on to the world wide web.

Actually it is all pretty simple, a laptop, web cam, and a internet connection.

(Photo by Utah BMX.com)

Think about it,
Allot of people at some of the BMXing events out there already have there lap
tops and are clicking and surfing the web at some of the BMX events now days.

But if a person does not have a lap top this part could get a little expensive.
The cost of a lap top, a guess of somewheres around the $500 + for a basic
LT. And if a person shops around some like on ebay.com sometimes you can
find your self real good deals on there. If a person already has a lap top, Its a +

Allot of people already have real time live web cams hooked up on there home PC`s.
As they use them to chat with friends and family and what ever on the world wide web.
If a person already has a web cam, Its a + But if you do not have one, don't sweat it. As
you can find web cams just about anywheres now days for a cheap price like anywheres
from $15 - $35 So don't lose your pride to much, take a walk in a Wal-Mart store some
time and look for your selfs. Yes, Im shore if you have lots of money to burn you can find
your self a good high priced web cam out there somewheres if you think your going to lose
your pride by using a cheaper web cam than them pay BMXing web sites are using.

The goal is to be broadcasting a live streaming video BMX web casts feed for free.
This way everyone on the world wide web can enjoy some BMX racing may they
be rich, middle class, or poor not to say it helps show the sport of BMX racing to
the people that do not know about BMX and doing it with out hate or greed in it.
This , It makes BMXing fun for everyone "rich or poor" on the world wide web.
`Everyone gets to surf in and enjoy the live streaming BMXing fun"

Unlike the pay BMX web sites out there that pay over $2000. for there web cams
that gives everyone excusses why they have to black out the sport of BMX racing
on the world wide web by adding a price tag to a BMX web site to sucker people
out of money just to pay for there high priced web cams and then some. But If you do
happen to get your self a high priced better web cam to do live streaming broadcasts,
Please don't be greedy like them pay BMX web sites are by asking people to pay to
look at it. Be better than they are and "share it" with the world, on the world wide web.

A Internet Connection is up to the person that wants to do a live web casts.
In some places it is hard to find a internet connection and some places it can
be real simple. In some places internet connections may be free and or cheep
and some places may even cost alots of money. Its a judgment call with most
internet connections from place to place on what is offered by internet providers.

You may want to get ahold of your BMX Track Operator and ask if they know
what is offered via internet connections at the track or if anything is offered at all.
At some BMX tracks internet connections may have WI-FI witch makes it easy
to broadcast a live streaming video BMX web casts feed. Some wi-fi connections
maybe even free at the track depending what if offered in the city/town of the track.
Does your town, city, state provide a FREE! Wireless Wi-Fi Hot spot? If so it helps.

Now that we have a small run down of the equipment that it takes to broadcast a
live streaming video BMX web casts feed, Your going to need a host to beable to
show your live web cast off to the world on the world wide web. Keeping this free
cheep and easy, There are lots of free places on the web that offer people a place
to host live streaming video web casts feeds, Some places like Yahoo!, MSN and
more. - A good way to find places is to do a web search and look for the places.
Allot of the free hosts out there will provide you with how tos to help get you going.

Some free and easy places found - :
Check out: - ( http://www.justin.tv ) - www.justin.tv/p/help_resources
Check out: - ( http://www.ihigh.com ) - www.ihigh.com/aboutihigh.html
Check out: - ( http://www.ustream.tv ) - www.ustream.tv/about
Check out: - ( http://new.livestream.com ) - new.livestream.com/about/us
Check out: - ( http://www.youtube.com/live ) - www.youtube.com/about youtube live

Once you get your host all set up and in line the way you want it,
you can try it out and run a test live streaming video web cast just
to make shore it all works. Some of the free hosts give out scripts
to copy and past on to a web site page. If a person already has a
BMX web site it don't take much to make a web page to past in the
live web cast feed scrip code for everyone to view from your web site.

If people at the BMX race tracks pull together and work together
with where to place web cams around the BMX track, I would say that
this cheep and easy way could work well to web casts live BMX racing
events to help promote the BMX tracks and to help promote the sport of
BMX racing in all and on the world wide web for everyone to view for free.

Once you get eveything going with your live streaming BMX web casts
The Idea Is To Share It With The Internet's BMXing Community. If your
viewers are watching your streaming BMX events have them SHARE IT!

Let your friends watch what you are watching on the web too. - It easy,

No one gets left out of BMX this way if you "Share" your BMX with everyone!

Don`t Be Greedy Like Them Pay BMX Web Sites Are. - Have fun For Now,



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2009 BMX Racing Web Casts Information
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free open source live BMX web casts of BMX Racing. - Is anyone doing
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