Youth Olympic Games,
BMX Community Lacking?


Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 07/11/2007
Back on July 5th 2007 the International Olympic Committee
(IOC) approved to create the Youth Olympic Games for
athletes between the ages of 14 and 18.

This is a BIG score for the BMX Community,
`BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle' - Or Is It?

I would think this would be big time talk in the BMX
Community online and off-line. Since it was said I
have surfed the web up and down looking to see if
BMXers are saying or talking anything about the
Youth Olympic Games. It has almost been one week
and I can Not find any chat online about the topic in
the BMX Community online. I know it has only been
one week now but heck if all the other youth sports
out there are talking about it I ask why not the BMX?

Is the BMX community lacking?

Some PRs are in the news wires of some citys around
the world makings bids to host the Youth Olympic Games.
It looks like alot of other youth sports are getting talked
about. Why not the sport of BMX? `Race and Freestyle'

A question that was sent to me back on Monday from a
School Teacher in Fountain Valley, Calif. asking about this.
Do people in the BMXing community just not care about
being involved in the Olympic Games?

It is a good question, I just do not know how to answer it.

You would figger that with the new Youth Olympic Games
for athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 that every BMX
racing track and every city skate park for freestyle in the
USA would be jumping for joy and would be wanting to get
involved with the Youth Olympic Games. But one week latter
there is nothing in talk on the web with in the BMX community.

04-26-2007 - IOC Welcomes Idea Of Youth Olympic Games...
07-05-2007 - IOC Session: A 'Go' For Youth Olympic Games..
08-10-2007 - IOC Bidding Process For Youth Olympic Games.

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