Schwinn Balls - anyone have any?

anyone have any?
Im looking for a set of them.

EXIT sign? well if im not welcome here and thank you for locking
that thread after I kill filed it. Nothing like having trash to look at.
Least I post SCHWINN BMX in here. But I guess this is not the
place to post Schwinn BMX? - What, no Answer to my question
that I asked in that thread since you re-posted it up and locked it.

Can I please ask you to RE-remove/ kill file that post.
( )
Is that to much to ask? Do you like looking at that trash?

But I have to tell you, I am in need of a set of Schwinn Balls
for my Schwinn BMX bike. But all I can find is other brands like
Redline or Hutch. So where does a person find Schwinn Balls?

So Is this the place to find a set of Schwinn Balls?

This was posted on the Schwinn BMX Forums by Gene`s BMX
March 26th, 2007 and was Deleted the same day by Schwinn2 Administrator.

Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) --
On March 25th 2007 Gene`s BMX made a post on the Schwinn
BMX Forums board pointing out off topic posts and asking questions on why
people where posting the off topic posts on a Schwinn BMX Forums. Also in
the post, a question to target to and asking the Schwinn BMX Forums Admins
if people could post the URL Links from the Schwinn BMX Catalogs TimeLine
page on to the Schwinn BMX Forums.

A few raving replys showed up and made me think, I guess this is not to be
poined out or asked about. So I took it upon my self to kill file/delete the full
threaded post in all so it would not start a internet war with people. `The Schwinn
BMX Fourms board does give its users the opps to delete ones own posts". So the
post was deleted in all by me Gene`s BMX.

On Monday March 26th 2007 I got an e-mail from someone asking me where they could
get a set of the Schwinn Ball Valve Caps. I was going to tell this person to get them from
the same place as I did, but to find out the place is not there anymore. So I thought I would
make a post on the Schwinn BMX Forums board asking people where I could find a set of
the Schwinn Balls at. Upon pulling up the Schwinn BMX Forums page to make a post to ask
people where to find the Schwinn Balls at, I find my old post that I deleted staring me back.

So, I opend and looked at that post to find that the Schwinn2 Administrator
made a reply post back to it. It quoted: `Feel free to find the EXIT sign and
follow it if you're not happy here, Gene." And to find out after looking at this
thread and post that it was locked up so no one else could make a reply post back.

All along I wanted to ask about them Schwinn Balls so I could help the person
that asked me about them. So I made a new thread and posted my question about
the Schwinn Balls and also at the same time asked questions on why no answers to
my questions in the locked posted thread. I also asked for the locked thread to be
deleted as I was the one to deleted in the first place as I did not want a internet war
started. But with the Schwinn Forums Schwinn2 Administrator reposting it back up
after I go out of my way to get rid of it, It realy make you wonder why this Schwinn2
Administrator re-listed it back on the forums board. - `Schwinn must like trash"?.

The 4 basic questions I asked where never answered by this Schwinn2 Administrator,
1 - Can URL Links from the Schwinn Catalogs Page be posted up on the BMX Forums?
2 - Why was my post Re-listed and locked after I deleted it my self? - A War path?.......
3 - Where do I find them Schwinn Balls at? ( this answered by someone else ).................
4 - Why did you remove my question post on where I can find Schwinn Balls at?............

I have no idea what this Schwinn2 Administrator problem is with me but with his
bad attitude problems on Schwinn`s web site that is scarry if you think about it.

If the guys running the web site at Schwinn have bad attitude problems,
Just think what the guys that are building the Schwinn bikes are like.
Do they have bad attitude problems too? They all work for Schwinn Bicycles.
Your next Schwinn ride, It could be the last one if they are having a bad day.

I do not know about you, but I know Im going to think
twice before I buy another Schwinn Bicycle. - Scarry!

Added Notes:
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