Time gos fast, 30 And Counting

Getting older and older, but still riding a BMX bike
"I Never will give up riding a BMX", I`m not to old.

It occurred to me the other day that I`m going to be 30
at the start of this July. Man, that sounds so old to me.
Somewhere along the road of being a kid on a bmx bike I turned
into someone who`s almost 30! I`m not sure where all the time
went exactly, but I guess looking back I do see quite a few
years stacked up against the back wall of my skull gathering dust.
It`s certainly been a fun and entertaining ride so far,
and I`m interested to see where things will lead from here.

Anyway, I can clearly remember being younger and thinking how
I only had a limited time to ride before I would be too old and
have to stop. Now, I am getting older and it doesn`t seem at all
strange to still be on a bmx bike. More importantly, I don`t
feel like my body is slowing me down in anyway. I actually feel
that with the years of experience I have, I can do things on a bmx
bike now that I never would have dreamt of doing ten years ago.

BMX bikes are just tools. We can use those tools to accomplish amazing things.
They can help a short bmx rider go higher than anyone, and they can help a
heavy bmx rider jump 30-foot doubles. A bmx bike can also help a middle-aged
man break the rules of society that say he is to old to keep pushing himself,
progressing, and playing around like a little kid on a bmx bike.

Am I to old to ride a bmx bike at age 30?
I say my friends, "I do not think so". I`m not to old for a bmx bike.
I will just put on a smile and ride that bmx bike till I am way older than you.

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