What is BMX Racing & Freestyle?


Gene`s BMX News -- 11/09/2006
What is BMX Racing?
In simple terms a BMX race can be described as
"sprint cycling over a specially prepared race track".

Races are run on tracks which are usually 1000-1500
feet long and consist of a series of jumps and bumps
with banked corners known as "berms".

Riders race each other over one lap with
a maximum of eight riders in each race.

Even though BMX Racing is a fast, exhilarating sport,
its safety record is second to none for cycling sports.

At all events region or national race team riders are
required to wear suitable safety equipment.

Details are covered in the rules of BMX racing.
The basic requirements are a helmet, gloves,
knee and elbow pads.

It's common for the whole family to be involved.

Usually Dad acts as coach and mechanic and mom
being on hand with the food, refreshments, and sympathy.

The family nature gives the race day far more depth and
dimension that just a simple race, it is an Event!

BMX bikes have a similar basis specification but, each
one in time, becomes customised to meeting the owner's
preferences. Race classes vary depending on the status
of the meeting. Sanctions often run meetings which enable
riders of similar abilities rather than ages to race against
each other.

What Is BMX Freestyle?

Now freestyle is a whole new ballgame when it comes
to bmx biking. There is no track or course laid out to
race around.

You're not really racing against other riders at all.

Ramps are constructed in various configurations which
riders use to perform tricks and stunts on.

Each rider gets a set amount of time to perform his or
her routine which is then reated by a panel of judges.

There is usually a point system and riders are given a
certain number of chances to get the most points they
can for each performance.

Riders perform a routine which they have put together
that must include certain skills/stunts pre-determined for
the event.

Riders must attempt each requirement to successfully
satisfy the judges and earn points.

Bmx freestyle has really become a popular sport.

If you have never seen the x games, keep an eye out
for this one which usually takes place in the summer.

Its broadcast on tv and it will definitely catch your attention.

The stunts that they perform are unbelievable to say the least.


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