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Video Playlist: 2020 Tokyo Olympics BMX: ( Info )
Playlist 1: * www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOiyl29Q8cNMhQ6

Video Playlist: 2016 Rio Olympics BMX: ( Info )
Playlist 1: * www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOiyl29Q8cNOX5Z

Video Playlist: 2012 London Olympics BMX: ( Info )
Playlist 2: * www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD208F085427AF4C
Playlist 1: * www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=36B97DA34B6EE84B

Video Playlist: ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals: ( Info )
Playlist: * www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=171D2216149C5F81


www.youtube.com/genesbmx -&- www.youtube.com/bmxquality

Gene`s BMX YouTube Playlists - Listed Are Of The Older Layout Style: - Easy.

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Gene`s BMX - BMX Quality

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Washington State #1
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Washington State #2
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Washington State #3
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Washington State #4
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Washington State #5
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Washington State #6

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Moses Lake BMX

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Oregon State
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Idaho State
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Northwest + BC Canada

* www.youtube.com/bmxquality/Playlist/ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals 2
* www.youtube.com/bmxquality/Playlist/ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals 1
* www.youtube.com/bmxquality/Playlist/2008 LG Action Sports Championships
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/USA BMX 2014 Grand National
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/USA BMX 2013 Grand National

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/UCI BMX Racing
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/UCI BMX Racing 2
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/UCI BMX Worlds 2013-2014
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/2020 Tokyo Olympics BMX
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/2016 Rio Olympics BMX
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/2012 London Olympics BMX 2
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/2012 London Olympics BMX 1
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Beijing 2008 Olympic Games BMX
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/The Associated Press AP - Beijing
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/The Associated Press AP - Beijing-2

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Movie - Trailers
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Movie - BMX Full Movies

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/TV Adds - In General +BMX
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Schwinn Bicycles - In General
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/BMX Everything Mix - In General.
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Movie - RAD BMX ( 1986 )
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Wenatchee, Washington Area - Everything

* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Music
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Music - 80s
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Music - BMX
* www.youtube.com/genesbmx/Playlist/Music - Michael Jackson Vids

Here Are All Of Gene`s BMX YouTube.com PlayLists:
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( YouTube Channels BMX-Bicycle Index List:- Featured Channels. )
( YouTube Channels BMX-Bicycle Index List:- Subscription Channels. ) = All YT Channels.
( YouTube Channels BMX-Bicycle Index List - Pacific Northwest and More ) = OutDated:- Archived.
Listed are baced from with in Washington, Oregon, Idaho States, B.C. Canada
and from all over the world. Continuous: - adding in New when found.

~ You Can Also Search Youtube.com By Date/Time Of Uploaded,
= Listing New To Old As Videos Are Posted On To YouTube.com:
* www.youtube.com/search/date_uploaded/BMX
* www.youtube.com/search/date_uploaded/BMX Racing
* www.youtube.com/search/date_uploaded/BMX UCI
* www.youtube.com/search/date_uploaded/BMX Olympics
* www.youtube.com/search/date_uploaded/Schwinn
* www.youtube.com/search/date_uploaded/Wenatchee



~~~~~ Gene`s BMX YouTube News and Notes: ~~~~~

03/25/2019 - YouTube.com Search Filter:- Upload Date: Sort By: Upload Date:
It Is Not Working Well As It Mixes The Search Results, Old And New To All In One. It Is A Mangled Mess.
YouTube Help Center Community:- Search Filters Broken? === ( 03/28/2019 - It Is Somewhat Fixed. )

03/08/2018 - YouTube.com Forces A New Layout Today March 08th, 2018:
The New Layout Messes Up Viewing Video Playlists And It Is Vary Slow Loading To View Videos For People
That Use Desk Top PCs, No Matter What Browser Is Being Used. The Restore Classic YouTube Is Gone Now.
( * Photo Screen Rip:- Video Playlist.jpg ) ++ * YouTube Help Forum = ( * Classic Youtube Removed Again )
Added Notes:- 03-14-2018:
In Some Playlists Some YouTube Videos Listed Say The "Video Deleted" And Shows No Logo Or Video Heading
Link For The Video. - BUT The YouTube Video Is There If The "Video Deleted" Link Is Clicked On. It Looks As
If YouTube`s New Layout Is A Big Flop As YouTube Is All Messed Up And Vary Slow For PC Desk Top Users Now.
example:- On This YouTube Videos Playlist: ( * www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E80FAB930F6B4CA3 )
Down Next To End Of It, YouTube Has Tryed To Remove Some Videos Leaving A Blank Video Logo That Shows
A No Video, But A Video Is There, When Clicked, As It Was Never Removed In The First Place By The User.

03/20/2014 - YouTube.com Messes Up Video Playlist Pages Layout:
YouTube Playlist pages only shows up to 160 videos per playlist page and killing
off some videos making YouTube Playlist Not Vary User Friendly and To Hard To Use.
What A Mess YouTube Has Turn Out To Be. Also See Some YouTube Forum Posts Links:
* Playlists Mangled By YouTube Update | * YouTube Playlist Issues | * A List Of Whats Wrong With Playlists

06/06/2013 UPDATE: - YouTube.com Forces Users To YouTube One Channel Layout:
On June 05th, 2013 At 18:50 = 6:50PM YouTube.com Forces Gene`s BMX YouTube -And- BMX Quality YouTube
To YouTube One Channel Layout. YouTube.com Has Forced All Its Users To The New YouTube One Channel Layout.
Like It Or Not, Most Users Don`t Like It. The Layout Out Is Way Sad Looking. :- ( It Does Not Look Vary Professional.
I Have Found It Is Vary Slow Loading When A Trailer Video Is Loading And Playing As A Person Tries To Surf A
YouTube Page. ( I Have Turned That Off From My YouTube Pages. ) The Top Page Banner Is Vary Hard To Place
A Fixed Sized Logo In To A Biger Photo So It Can Be Seen With Out Being All Smashed Up. After 4 To 5 Hours Of
Resizing The Top Page Banner, I Gave Up. ( What Is Up There, Is Up There. It Looks Sad. ) I Have Also Found
That It Is Hard To Find Lots Of A Pages Videos Contents As Lots Of It Is Hidden Under Layers Of Other Contents.
The New YouTube One Channel Layout Looks To Be Made For People With Phones, I-Phones And TV And Not For
People That Surf The World Wide Web On A PC, Desk-top. Google`s YouTube.com Changes Its Layout Way To Much.
YouTube.com Is Good To Host A Video ( Just For Free Space ) And Then Link The Video To Some Other Web Page To
Share The Video. If People Are Looking For A Free Video Host + Page, Find Some Other Place On The Web To Do So
As The Way YouTube.com Is Now, It Is Not Vary User Friendly - To Hard To Use. Also YouTube.com Now Uses Lots
Of Off Topic Ads On Its Videos And Pages. Adblock Plus Does Help Some To Block The Ads If You Do Not Like Ads.
A Good Luck On YouTube.com Everyone, Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com

05/22/2013 UPDATE: - YouTube.com Forces Users To YouTube One Channel Layout:
( Screen Rip PHOTO.jpg )
Looks like June 05th, 2013 YouTube.com will be forcing everyone to the YouTube One Channel Layout.
The above screen rip photo was found today when I logged in to my Gene`s BMX account. I guess that
Google`s YouTube.com does not care what its users want. Well there is not much anyone can do about it.
The new layout sucks! - It loads way slow and it is vary hard to find video contents. The YouTube.com
canges there layouts way to much making it hard for users and surfers to keep up with. A thumbs down to
YouTube.com. If people are looking for a free video host Gene`s BMX says find some other place to do so.
ACC - http://youtubecreator.blogspot.com/2013/05/youtube-one-channel-launching-across.html

05/02/2013 UPDATE: - YouTube.com Wants Us To Upgrade To YouTube One Channel:
The new channel design allows cross-device branding, a welcome video for new visitors
and better organization. * http://www.youtube.com/onechannel - Gene`s BMX Says: NO WAY!
Everytime I log-in to my YouTube.com account they have a pop-up ad that ask me to upgrade.
After looking at a hand full of other peoples YouTube.com accounts I have found that it is even
harder to surf and find video contents and info and it is slow loading and does not look professional.
Well I use the internet on a desk top, not a cell-phone. As I say hang up the phone and drive safe.
People don`t need to be driving a car down the road and looking at YouTube videos at the same time.
So, Gene`s BMX -&- BMX Quality say the new layout is junk and un-safe for people. I will not upgrade
to this new YouTube One Channel thing layout is is not the right thing to do. As we have seen in the
past, in giving time YouTube.com will end up forcing this on to everyone. But till then YouTube.com`s
new One Channel thing layout can just stick it, as it sucks! There is nothing wrong with the way my
YouTube.com layout is now. Leave us users alone and quit changing things all the time its getting old.
-- Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com

05/30/2012 UPDATE: - YouTube.com Tweaks With Playlists Again:
Getting started with playlists -&- PR New Playlist Features: Edit Page, Start and End Times

03/07/2012 UPDATE: - YouTube.com Has Force Everyone To Its New Layout:
The New Layout Sucks! It Is Hard To Surf Video Content On It And It Is Slower In Loading.
Newer Video Content On The Pages Is Now Hard To Find. Video Playlists Are Not Alphabetized
Anymore. When Trying To Add A Video In To A Playlist It Is Also Harder To Do As The Playlists
Index`s Are Not Alphabetized Anymore. The Subscribers and Subscriptions Lists Are Vary Hard To
Find. They Are Lost In All Of The Confusion On The Page. The Page View Counters Are No Wheres
To Be Found. Is All People See Are The Video View Counts And That Number Is Way Off In Counts.
Google`s YouTube.com Has Forced Tweaked Its Web Site To Its Worst Ever. Lots Of People Are Not
To Hapy With The New Layout As It Is All Messed Up. YouTube.com Has Lost Its Originality In For
Free Video Hosting On The Web. - Will Google`s YouTube.com End Up A Ghost Town On The Web?
Only Time Will Tell. What A Mess YouTube Has Turn Out To Be. Good Luck Everyone. - Gene`s BMX.
~~ * ~~ Note-Things We Found: Re: - www.youtube.com/genesbmx That Makes This YT Layout Suck.:
Main Page, View Counter Is Missing And Subscribers and Subscriptions Missing From Public View.
Also On The Main Page, Featured Channels Or All Channels Are Missing From The Page Public View.
On Main Page, Featured Playlists - At Bottom ( View All ) When Clicked, It Takes People To The
Uploaded Videos And NOT The Playlists But Playlists Link Listed On Left Side Of Uploaded Videos
Page. = Miss-Leading As People Have To Jump Hoops To View All The Playlists. On All Playlists Page,
Nothing Is Alphabetized. The Playlists Page Links Are All Mixed Up And No Way To Alphabetized Them.
When Trying To Add A Video In To A Playlist, It Is Also Harder To Do As The Playlists Index`s Are Not
Alphabetized Anymore. On Main Page, On Top The Feed Link: No Way To Block The Feed Thing Link.
The Feed Thing Page Is Useless As No RSS Feed To Go With It So It Is A Waste Of Space On The Page +
Content That Is Listed, It Is Mixed Up In Postings Of Content, It Is All A Mixed Up Mess Of Contents.
On Main Page, On Top In The `About' Area, A Person Can Not Add Click-Able Links In To There Info.
On Main Page, It Is Hard To Surf For Video Content On It Now As You Have One Video And A Hand Full
Of Playlists And It Is Slower In Loading. It Somewhat Looks Like The Older Layout But Backwards Form.
YouTube.com Is A Big Mess Now, Nothing Anyone Can Do About It. --- Recommendations, YouTube.com
Was Better Off Back Before The 2009 Layout. People Where Happy And It Was Fun Then, It Is Not Now.

02/16/2012 UPDATE: - YouTube.com Will Force Everyone To Its New Layout
On March 07th, 2012 The New Layout Sucks. * www.youtube.com/genesbmx
Forced Changes So Fare That We Have Seen On Are Account: Subscribers 112,
Has Dropped Down To 87. Also Are BMX Logo Has Been Wiped Out. It Is Also
Now Vary Hard To Add YT Videos In To Playlists/Favorites As It Is All Messed Up.

01/30/2012 - YouTube.com Will Once Again Force Its Users To A New Layout.
All Channels Will Be Updated To The New Design On March 7th 2012. ( Link )
Like It Or Not It Will Be Forced Upon Users. The New Lay Out Sucks And Is Hard
To Find And In-Line Contents On It. Lots Of People Have The New Layout Already
We Oped-OUT Of It, But Now We Will Be Forced To It. We Have Are Own Web Site
And Have A Page Dedicated To Linking Videos On It. So Google`s YouTube.com
Forcing Us To Trash Layouts Can Just Stick It! -- Geneb. Gene`s BMX.

12/09/2011 - YouTube.com Has Tweaked With Its Website Again.: ( Friends ).
YouTube is making adjustments to Friends and Subscriptions Making it a bigger
mess. YouTube.com Is Tweaking Things That Don`t Need To Be Tweaked With.
Google`s YouTube.com is starting to get to the point of not so user-friendly for
BMXing. Gene`s BMX is going to get it some more time but its very frustrating.
The Only Thing I Have Seen Is That YouTube.com Has "Deleted" Are Friends
List On Are Accounts. The Number Count On Subscriptions & Subscribers Not
Changed. YouTube Quotes It Is Adjustments? But It Is More Like A Downgrade.
YouTube.com Is A Big Mess And Has Been Since October 08th, 2009. Good Luck.
Help Info: * support.google.com/youtube/bin/static.py?page=guide.cs&guide=1728471&topic=2385994
Other: * http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=5336e41c0fd5ea48&hl=en

11/30/2011 - YouTube.com Has Tweaked With Its Website Again.: ( New Layout ).
Once Again, YouTube.com forced a new layout changeover on to its users. BUT,
YouTube does give the users an opp-out of the new layout. Un-less users are a
rocket scientist, the new YouTube layout is a drag. Things are way messed up
with it. Loading slow videos, playlists are mashed up, in all, users do lose space
to show off videos on the new layout, as users can only show off one big video
and a small hand full of smashed up playlists. Bottom line, the new lay out sucks
big time. --- Gene`s BMX -&- BMX Quality has Opped-OUT of the new layout...
If other people Opp-Out of the new lay out, make sure you clean out your computer
cache along with cookies and then reload your web browser. Your YouTube layout
should go back, be back to the way it was: the mid-older YT style. Good Luck Everyone.
Info: * http://www.youtube.com/t/new - Also: ( Info Help - New Channels Design )
Other: * www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=4942d3ed26491a69&hl=en

11/25/2011 - YouTube.com Has Tweaked With Its Website Again.:
YouTube.com Does Not Work Well And Or The Contents Are All Messed
Up When Viewing From On The Mozilla/Firefox Browse. But When Using
The Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Things Inline And Work Well.
It Is The Season Where Web Browses Are At War With Each Other And The
YouTube.com Is All Tweaking Things That Don`t Need To Be Tweaked With.
YouTube.com Is A Big Mess And Has Been Since October 08th, 2009. Good Luck.
Other: * www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=4942d3ed26491a69&hl=en

11/18/2011 - A Small Fix YouTube Videos:- Getting Around The Captcha Logo Thing:
In on Facebook Go To URL ( * http://developers.facebook.com/tools/lint )
Then enter in the URL of the YouTube video you want to post on FB. Then copy
the ( Final URL from underneath ) the ( Raw Open Graph Document Information )
area and put that YouTube Video URL into your FB ( Update Status ) link message
area and you will have your Thumbnail back without a captcha image! - Enjoy.
Other: * www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=11950a244c22a8b6&hl=en

11/04/2011 - YouTube.com Tweaks With Its Website Again: The Playlists.:
See: * www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=4a8c52ca96ac98ea&hl=en

09/01/2011 - Google`s YouTube.com Tweaks Playlist Pages Again To More Worst.
People Can No Longer Edit-Rearrange-Move Videos Inside Of A YT Playlist Page.
Also It Is Now Vary Hard To Find The YouTube Playlist Index Edit On An Account.
There Are Now More You Can Not`s Than There Are You Can`s On YouTube.com
* www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?hl=en&tid=5c7ceb8b34a30bae
* www.google.com/support/forum/p/youtube/thread?tid=2c552a6e0f05f202&hl=en

08/03/2011 - YouTube.com Tweaks Older Style Playlist Pages Again. Info is hard to see and
moved to the right side of pages. User names to other videos are not click-able. But playlist
video thumbs are bigger. Also Video DownloadHelper only down loads .flv video files now.
To download the .mp4 YouTube video files ( Install DownloadHelper version 4.9.5a1 )

01/22/2011 - Video DownloadHelper - Download HQ18/Medium.mp4 Videos From YouTube
You should see an entry with [HQ18] in the type column and Medium in the name column in the
DownloadHelper configuration. If you dont have it, make sure your are running DownloadHelper
4.8.2. - Once this HQ18/Medium is enabled, youll have it available on any youtube page.
Gene`s BMX had to download the new DownloadHelper 4.8.2 to get it to work.

12/01/2010 - Video DownloadHelper - You can no longer download videos from YouTube
in the standard MP4 format (HQ18 format). The MP4 widget displayed into YouTube pages
is ineffective. --- Since Dec. 1st, you can no longer switch to the MP4 YouTube page version,
so you cannot capture the MP4 variant of the video being played. This is due to a change on
YouTube. However, you can still download this video format by picking the entry in the down
load menu prefixed by [Medium] (or [HQ18] depending on your configuration). - If you dont
have this entry in the download offering, enable the video variant from the DownloadHelper
preferences, section Capture, tab YouTube.

09/29/2010 - It Is Now Harder To View Gene`s BMX and Other Peoples Playlists.
Google-YouTube has made it lots harder to view YouTube Videos via on the older
style Playlists like we have linked on are Gene`s BMX web page. There is not to
to much that anyone can do about it as YouTube has been tweaking there free video
host in to web hell and making it not fun to use for over the last year now. Good Luck!

09/10/2010 - Gene`s BMX and Other People Have Trouble Editing Playlists.
Trouble editing YouTube.com playlists? - you cannot get to the desired playlist?
* When you go to edit a specific playlist, youre taken to the list of videos in
only one playlist (and not the one you're trying to edit!). You cannot seem to
get to edit the desired playlist. When you click the edit button for one playlist,
youre always redirected to that first playlist. YouTube.com says they are going
to fix for this annoying glitch soon. Don`t get your hopes up to much. ( More )
* UPDATE: 09/16/2010 - This problem fixed on YouTube genesbmx -&- bmxquality.

08/13/2010 - YouTube.com Blanks Out The Tops Of Some Users Video Pages.
Pages appears to load normally, but then goes blank leaving a big blank space.
Then it tries to switch to player mode, but gets stuck showing a big blank space.
Gene`s BMX YouTube.com video page looks like a big blank space of smashed
up web crap now! ( www.youtube.com/genesbmx -&- www.youtube.com/bmxquality )
When we log in and try to fix this, the opps will not let us do that. There is not to
much that YouTube users can do from there end as YouTube users have no control
with this problem. YouTube keeps on tweeking with its site way to much, making
it not so fun to surf or to use. ( More ) And YouTubes Forum Post Technical Issues
* UPDATE: 08/16/2010 - This problem fixed on YouTube genesbmx -&- bmxquality.

08/02/2010 - YouTube Forces New Playlist Bar At Bottom Of Each Video.
It takes up a huge chunk of the screen and actually overlaps the videos.
Making it to where you can not even watch YouTube videos. Lots of users
do not like it. Lots of people want this new Playlist Bar removed. ( More )

07/29/2010 - YouTube Boosts Upload Limit To 15 Minutes.
YouTube has raised the limit it places on video uploads to 15 minutes.
The video website, owned by Google Inc., said in a blog post Thursday
that the longer upload time was the single-most requested feature that
its users have been asking for. ( More )

03/10/2010 -
An idea and thought for the BMX community that is using YouTube.com
If you want to get your YouTube BMX Video(s) recognised by others on
the world wide web and other YouTube.com users, Then it might not hert
to have some respect for them by not posting BMX videos with hard rude
and foul language and foul language music in the BMX videos that you
are posting up for the world to see. Having some respect for the BMXing
community can get you recognised and it does go a long ways. -- ALSO,
Add a location and date, name of event or bmx track to where video is shot at.
This might help you getting your YouTube BMX Videos recognised. - Geneb.

02/18/2010 -
YouTube.com And The IOC Blocks Out 2010 Winter Olympic Videos
YouTube.com is not to popular anymore. They all cry about copyrights
to much anymore. What fun is that.......

01/29/2010 -
Not much has changed since the October 2009 all of YouTube Channel Pages
Forced To The New Redesign. Lots and lots of people dis-like the new redesign.
In blogs and forums YouTube.com has asked how they can improve the YouTube?
Why not let the users to beable to re-arrange Favorites, Subscriptions, and
Subscribers, and Friends? At this time and since the new Redesign users can
NOT move, re-arrange videos in the Favorites area and can not move, re-arrange
the users links in the Subscriptions, and Subscribers, and Friends. - YouTube
says that the New Redesign is improvements, Ya right, more like dis-provements.
Hay Google/YouTube.com try looking at what most of your users are saying and
bring back the older lay out. It seemed to work way better than it is now...

01/20/2010 -
Introducing YouTube HTML5 Supported Videos - YouTube.com Blogspot.
* http://www.youtube.com/html5 - an opt-in experiment for HTML5 Video Player

01/15/2010 -
YouTube.com/feather_beta is a version of YouTube.com ultra-light page
Try the new ultra-light watch page - ( http://www.youtube.com/feather_beta )

12/14/2009 -
YouTube.com/XL is a version of YouTube.com optimized for watching
YouTube videos on any large screen. - ( http://www.youtube.com/xl )

11/11/2009 -
Gene`s BMX.com has found over the last week that when you Embed a
video(s) from YouTube.com on to a basic web site 4.1 HTML page that
the embeded YouTube video does not let the basic web site 4.1 HTML
page load up in full. The YouTube.com embeded video(s) link and code
keeps transferring data from i2.ytimg.com keeping a web site page from
loading up in full. This can and does make web accessibility a problem.
It can make risk in losing some web sites audience. Less go back to the
basic`s of the web. If a web site page does not load up 60 sec or less, in
full most web surfers-viewers will surf away. - YouTube.com loads slow.
~ We at Gene`s BMX.com have Removed ALL embeded video(s) hosted by
YouTube.com on are web site and have replaced them with a basic binaries
.jpg photo of the YouTube video set-head with a link able in to the video.
This way are Gene`s BMX.com web pages load up fast and load all the way.
Less face it, Video host YouTube.com just keeps going deeper in to web hell.

11/05/2009 -
Not much has changed since the October 2009 all of YouTube Channel Pages
Forced To The New Redesign. Lots and lots of people dis-like the new redesign.
Since the change over in October we have seen a big decrease in BMX users on
YouTube.com. Lots of people in the BMX community are finding other free video
host sites on the world wide web to host there BMX and Bicycling videos to share.

10/12/2009 - YouTube.com Changes Channels, Thousands Of Users Complain...........

10/08/2009 - Gene`s BMX YouTube Channel Page Was Forced To The New Redesign.
10/10/2009 - BMX Quality YouTube Channel Page Was Forced To The New Redesign.
The YouTube.com has forced a changeover to a new web site layout design.
We do Not like the new redesign. Things do not line up, It is now hard to find
video contents on the user pages. Videos do load slower on the page due to java.
Gene`s BMX YouTube.com video sharing web site looks like smashed web crap!

Here are a few things found that are NOT so good on YouTubes new user pages.
* Users have lost the MY V Log Giving the extra two videos on page..........
* Users Profile Information is to fare down below Whos videos are they...
* Users Videos, Favorites Playlists, are all smashed up on top of the page.
* Users can only re-arrange up to 12 of the Playlists logs to show not all...
* Users can Not re-arrange Subscriptions, Subscribers, Friends to show.....
* Users can Not re-arrange Favorites with out delete of videos and relist...
* Videos when clicked defalt to a flash/java player making it slow to load.
* Videos clicked defalt to a flash/java player making it hard to back out...
* Videos, Playlists are hard for web surfers to find as they are not by page.
* Videos, Playlists hard to find as everything is left to right, not up & down.
* http://youtube-global.blogspot.com/2009/10/release-notes-10109.html

You would have thought that YouTube would have made improvements to its site
to make its users and surfers happy but there are lots of user/surfer complaints.
Gene`s BMX would recommend people find some other free video sharing site on
the web as the YouTube.com video sharing web site is now officially web Crap!

09/22/2009 - YouTube To Force The Changeover To New Design On September 30th 2009.

UPDATE: 09/16/2009: YouTube To Changeover To New Design On September 30th 2009.
The Google-YouTube Date Set For Moving All Remaining Old Channels To New Version
Hey folks - the remaining items on our to-do list for new channels have been taken care of
(with a few remaining bugs expected to be fixed in the next two weeks), so were planning on
switching all user channels still using the older version on September 30 and all partners on
October 14. Note that not all channels will switch over instantly; itll take a week or two after
the migration starts to complete converting all remaining channels. ( More )

Since August 13th, 2009 YouTube has made changes that prevents DownloadHelper
to download videos correctly in a format other than standard FLV. They are working
on this and they will do the best they can to provide a fix. | 08/20/2009 - This is fixed.

07/08/2009 - YouTube Video Web Site Readies For Redesign With Lots Of Complaints.

PLEASE NOTE:- JULY 15th 2009 YouTube will changeover to a new web site design.
- We do not like the new redesign. Things do not line up, It makes it hard to find things
on the page. So we may be dropping out from being on, using YouTube.com site soon.
We say NO to Youtubes new changeover. This web page is just a test drive for options.
For more information about the new YouTube.com web site redesign:- ( Click Here )
Genes BMX will remain on the current older layout style un-till YouTube.com forces it.

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