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Gene`s BMX News Commentary Quote -- 08/28/2010
Gene`s web site was recently featured in on a ESPN blog post on
August 26th, 2010. The blog post article contains some errors, - Corrections:

Gene`s web site is frequently updated all the time, if not more than others.
Gene`s web site is not left to take up cyber space and collect Internet dust.

Gene`s web site today is the internets most comprehensive "BMX" related
web site of BMX Links Listings and BMX Information Sources from with in the Pacific
Northwest and in Washington State + World wide. Gene`s BMX site is just a fun BMX
web site as one of my hobbies that I enjoy making and web mastering to help out in the
internet's BMXing community as much as it can. Gene`s web site is updated
all the time.

Gene`s web site does have some archived BMX information and sources.
But also has lots of up to date BMX information and sources as well. The Espn Blog
quotes: `no financial motivation behind this" This is true. Genes web site
is a independent webmasterd not-for-profit bmx bicycling web site and is a lead focal
point for free access to documentation on bmx bicycling on the world wide web. It is
to bad that other BMX web sites are not like this as it could help make the sport of
BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle grow much bigger than it is, -- online and off-line.

Gene`s BMX has archived every Schwinn BMX catalog since 1964.

Gene`s web site subtitle does read:
The Home Of Over 1000 BMX Links, All Things Northwest In BMX!

Thank you for featuring Gene`s web site in on the ESPN blog post.
Gene`s web site does not have big corporate names like ESPN to pay
for everything. Gene`s web site is ran by a one man band and that only.
Gene`s web site is a big BMX bicycling web site with lots of contents.
But we are still pushing up to date BMX Information Sources with no dust on it.

***** Gene`s BMX *****
All Things Northwest in BMX!


* The Web Archives Wayback Machine *
By Nick Ferreira, ESPN-Blog - August 26th, 2010

Im fascinated by the Internet, which makes sense considering its sort
of my job. Of course Facebook, YouTube, and all of the blogs are on my
daily surfing agendas, but lately the sites left behind from the first Internet
boom have been the focus of my attention. These sites are not updated
frequently or even at all, left to take up cyber space and collect Internet dust.

To start, we have Gene`s BMX, and Gene`s BMX has archived every
Schwinn BMX catalog since 1965. An overwhelming source for BMXers
young and old, there seems to be no financial motivation behind this as
the subtitle only reads " The Home of 1000 BMX Links."

In addition to the Schwinn Catalogs and the 1000 BMX links, Gene`s BMX
also features forums, guestbooks, a YouTube page, more information on the
sanctioning BMX organizations than anyone would ever need to know, and a
how-to on building a starting gate. If you do enough digging around, you`ll be
able to find photos of Van Homan`s first signature frame (the "Mean Streets,"
pictured here), as well as commercials from XS (embedded below). Classic.

Courtesy of Gene`s BMX
Van Homans signature Schwinn frame from 2001.

Even companies that no longer exist sometimes still have sites even
though they havent produced a product since the mid `90s. Jive Handles,
famous for their "Tentacles" grips, is still up and running with no broken
links and full product descriptions. I also happened to notice that Jive
Handles were distributed by Seattle Bike Supply. Maybe, if you`re lucky,
they still have some dead stock to dial in your childhood dream bike.

Jive Handles. - Jive Handles bolt grip.

Similar to their modern day counterparts blogs, Angelfire sites have had me
glued to the screen for too long now. Between the polls, quizzes, fuzzy images,
and crude writing I don`t think I have enough time in the day to take in the folk
-art vibe that all of the sites have to offer. You can easily do a Google search
for these, but in case you are strapped for time BMX For Life exemplifies
the late `90s Angelfire BMX site.

Those three Web sites are pretty good examples of whats out there if you do
a little work. You might even want to check out all of your favorite sites that
no longer exist on the Web Archives Wayback Machine. There are some real
gems on there but I`ll let you unearth those yourself. As Gene of Gene`s BMX
says, "Net surfers, ready, mouses set, watch the screen and Enjoy!

CC - Exploring Schwinn, Jive Handles and Angelfire sites
Exploring BMX sites left behind from the first Internet boom.
Nick Ferreira | Blog | Conversation | August 26th, 2010


***** Gene`s BMX *****
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