BMX Practice Start Gate

How to Build a BMX Practice Starting Gate
This maybe old-school but it does work if one wants to practice.

From The Complete Book of BMX - Bob Osborn

Practice Gate - 1 or 2 man

*BMX Practice Starting Gate List of Materials*
- 1 sheet of 3/4in. fir exterior plywood cut to 4ft. by 5ft.
- 2 2x4 fir studs cut 4ft. long each.................................
- 2 2x4 fir studs cut 4ft. 9in. long each...........................
- 1 2x4 fir stud cut 3ft. 9in. long.....................................
- 1 piece of 1/2in. mesh wire fencing cut to 4ft. by 5ft.....
- 1 2x12 fir plank cut 4ft. long........................................
- 3 ft. of 1/2in. galvanized pipe.......................................
- 2 U-bolts, 3in. long by 1 1/8in. wide............................
- 18 flat headed wood screws, 1 1/4in. long....................
- 2 concrete blocks, 5 3/4in. by 9 1/2in. by 15 1/2in.......
- miscellaneous nails.......................................................

Here it is, the Completed beast.
By changing the positioning of the concrete blocks to ther sides or ends
you have three[3] adjustments for the angle of the gate.
A close up view of the gate hinges and pipe handle after final assembly.


Other Information About Practice Gates

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Subject:Re: Starting gate
Date:Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:54:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: aaron mell -

I had a wooden starting gate in my back yard.
You can nail a 2x6 or 2x8 on the back of the gate to get
a decent angle, also add some braces. i think i have a
better way to do the actuall starting mechanism as well.

One the 2x6 or 2x8 you add to the back of the gate,
extend it a foot past one side of the gate. Get a 2x4
and drill a hold through the wide part of the 2-4 also
drill a hole through the side of the gate near the top
of the gate. Then get a long bolt and attatch the 2x4
to your gate.

Have someone lift the gate up and sit the 2x4 on the
extended 2x6 draw a notch on both the 2x4 and the 2x8
cut the notch on the 2x4 about an inch or so deep and
the notch on the 2x8 the same. now you can lift the gate
up put the 2x4 in the notch and lift the 2x4 up to get
it too drop.

This worked fine on my gate that fits two. I think if
the gate was any bigger you would need a central pole.
It might have to be made of a stronger material than
wood, or have some metal used around the notches.

And Some More Other Information About Practice Gates

***** Lots of requests for information on Practice Gate Info *****
On Tuesday - April 8th, 2003 over on web site,
asked web viewers - Do you know where we can find information
on individual or two person practice gates? With Electronics?
Without Electronics? If you have any info on that venue, is to
please let them know, got several good replies.
Listed are some copys of what was posted on

~~ALSO~~ - added information sources & links posted on this
page as they are found via the web, listed old to new..................
***** GET A GATE *****
Debby Work at Revolution Bike Company referred us to the Get A Gate
You Know, the guys you see at the Big Races, helping riders get their gate
dialed in before their big chance at BMX Stardom. Get A Gate makes up
some Super Zoot Whammo Zowie systems, that are a minimum of two lanes
up to 8. Aubrey Zabojnik is the guy who you want to talk with, and he's pretty
knowledgeable,having built a lot of gates for a lot of people. Aubrey builds
the traveling gates for the ABA, and recently manufactured an NBL style gate
that was then sent to The Netherlands. Aubrey doesn't have a web site or a
fancy business card,AND his gates are not cheap, but if you want an awesome
gate built Just For You, then you can contact him at 214-734-7335.

The Race Ace Starting Gate can be seen and purchased on the Sonic
Speedwerx web site, at: -
The low down on this one is that it's manually operated, so much less expensive
than one that has all of the national level electronics. We know of several pros
who use these stylin' gates, built by "Black Jack" Kincaid, in the San Diego area.
That gates are fully welded steel construction, improve your form and second pedal,
they're great for sprints, with a rider tested starting mechanism and can be
purchased at the web site above. Race Ace Starting Gates are $320.00 USD Shipped.
For more info, email: RACEACE21@YAHOO.COM or phone 619.741.4693.
***** Pro Stuff - Pro Gate - 04/09/2003 *****

The Pro Gate, a nice lookin' practice gate made by the company Pro Stuff
is sponsoring the H.H. Factory Team, and is a nice package that comes in
several different flavors. It comes in either the ABA or NBL starting cadence,
has a Power Supply, an Air Ram System, a Charging System and either Red/Green
or Red/Yellow/Yellow Green Light Systems, and voice speakers for the cadence.
Pricing is substantial, but the quality seems to be there. To contact Pro Gate,
you can visit their web site, at ( )
***** Sure-Snap Gates - 01/11/2005 *****
The Sure-Snap Gatesm The best training tool in BMX! - Check out the web site.
High-quality construction BMX Practice Start Gates - $480
Set yourself apart from the competiton, get a Sure-Snap Gates.
***** Stumpy Start Gate - 03/06/2005 *****
Information via bmxdude/forums (.jpg File/Archive)
Blueprints -
( )

Home Made Stumpy-Gate YouTube Videos:
***** Get-A-Gate Custom BMX Gates - 04/08/2005 *****
Get A Gate Custom BMX Gates has been building quality starting
gate systems for years. Whether you are looking for a brand-new
starting gate for your BMX track, a 2 or 4 man gate for your rider
to train or just replacement parts.
***** The TripGate For Your Gate Start! - 04/11/2005 ***** = Archived.
The TripGatesm (patent pending), designed by Dan Triplett,
uses a trip mechanism to help you improve your starts.
The gate is adjustable to fit your bike (20, 24, 26")
and is easy to use. After just a few starts you will
see an improvement in your snap and power.
***** BMX Tronics Parctice Start Gates - 10/28/2006 *****
( )
Parctice Start Gates - * UCI, ABA & Random Drop Starts.
Electromagnet and spring release, low cost, low maienance
and safe. Times Rider to a sensor mat. Portable design, 22kg.
Battery or plugpack powered. * AFFORDABLY PRICED.
***** Taylor BMX Gate Co. / Pro Snap BMX Gates - 10/11/2007 *****
. = Archived.
Taylor BMX Gate Company is in the business
of manufacturing single man bmx starting and or
practice gates. Disassembles for easy transport.
***** B&B Gates / Practice BMX Gates - 11/11/2008 *****

Practice Makes Perfect - Thats why they specialize in high quality
inexpensive starting gates for the individual BMX racer. Whether you
want to practice by yourself or with a friend, They have what you need
to be able to practice at anytime: - = Archived.
***** BMX Parctice Start Gates Web Sites Found - 10/29/2009 *****
Is all we can say is to check out the sites, They talk for them self.

Pro-Start BMX Parctice Start Gates:

Start Gate Pro BMX Parctice Start Gate:
***** REDSTART The Coolest Holeshot Practice Gate For BMXers - 07/07/2015 *****
REDSTART Is A Holeshot Practice BMX Gate That Automatically Syncs
With One, Two Or More Gates. No Plug, No Wire, No Hassle.


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