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The purpose of Gene`s BMX Frequently Asked Questions file is to provide a
resource for everyone who wants their questions about the sport of bmx,
and Gene`s BMX web page answered cohesively and reliably.
Nothing here is guaranteed correct. It generally follows the FAQ format.
But is not like other FAQs, this FAQ has lots of URL/Linking to the info.
This FAQ is for all mixes of bmx racing & bmx freestyle.
This FAQ has been written with the intention of getting rid of as many
simple questions from Gene`s BMX and the bmx lists and news groups as possible.
There are many questions that are repeatedly asked and often have very simple answers.
If you think a section needs to be added/revised/redone etc, send me an e-mail.

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[-001-] The Main Page of Gene`s BMX & All About It.
[-002-] Disclaimer & Copyright(c)
[-003-] BMX Links List
[-004-] Gene`s BMX Web Page Tools "Internet Help" & Site Design.

[-005-] Bike Laws And Bike Riding Safety
[-005.1-] BMX Bicycle Theft Help Sources, Register Your Bike
[-005.2-] NEW TO BMX RACING & Getting Started

[-006-] NewsGroups And Mailing Lists + Forums Boards

[-007-] About alt.bmx Usenet Newsgroup
[-007.1-] Posting To alt.bmx Guidelines No Binaries?
[-007.2-] Free Usenet Servers & Listings.
[-007.3-] Newsgroups Browsers?

[-008-] Alt.bmx FAQ Is There One?
[-008.1-] Contributors Of alt.bmx

[-009-] Yahoo Groups & Clubs
[-010-] BMX Email
[-011-] BMX Chats & Chat links
[-012-] BMX Biking News

[-013-] BMX Magazines & Books
[-013.0-] BMX Bikes & Parts Catalogs - Downloads
[-013.1-]* BMX Posters
[-013.2-]* BMX Sponsors & Sponsorship
[-013.3-] What It Takes To Set Up A BMX Team?
[-013.4-] 2008 BMX Olympics Information

[-014-] Washington State BMX
[-014.00-] Indoor BMX Race Tracks In The Northwest
[-014.0-] Northwest BMX Racing Teams
[-014.1-] ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals
[-014.2-] Good Restaurants To Eat At When Going To A BMX Event?

[-015-] Wenatchee Wa .Biking Info
[-016-] Canada BMX Tracks & Info
[-017-] Idaho BMX Tracks & Info
[-018-] Oregon BMX Tracks & Info

[-019-] What Is BMX? - History Of BMX
[-019.1-] Sidehack BMX History
[-019.2-] What Are The Different BMX Riding Types? #1,-7,
[-019.3-] Ramp Plans & Ramp Building Info

[-020-] How Do You Learn Tricks?
[-020.0-] BMX Demonstration Shows At And For Events
[-020.1-] BMX Training Clinics
[-020.2-] BMX Starting Gate Info

[-021-] What Do You Need To Get Started In BMX? & BMXology

[-022-] How To Build A BMX Track And BMX Dirt Jumps
[-022.1-] Advocate Public BMX Riding Areas, Skateparks In Your Community
[-022.2-] BMX Grants and Fundings Information

[-023-] Which Bike Shop Should I Buy From? & What Bike Do I Get?
[-023.01-] Thinking Of Starting A BMX Company?
[-023.1-] Ebay To Sale and Buy Used & New Bikes & Items Online

[-024-] BMX Bicycle Tune Up And Repair Problems
[-025-] Schwinn Bicycle Co. History & BMX Info
[-026-] BMX Online Games

[-027-] BMX-Racing & Freestyle Photos/Pics Online
[-027.1-] BMX Video Clips, Movies & TV Online
[-027.2-]"RAD" The 1986 BMX Movie Info
[-027.3-]* Web Cam`s At BMX Tracks

[-028-] BMXers Music MP3`s List & Information
[-028.1-] .Wav Sound Files
[-028.2-] Live Streaming BMX (talk & music) Radio Stations?

[-029-] Other Stuff
[-030-] Contributors

[-001-] The Main Page of Gene`s BMX & All About It.

The home of over 1000 bmx links - Washington state ABA bmx & Schwinn bikes
Gene`s BMX All Things Northwest in BMX!

The page and website is updated all the time.

~~ A History Of Gene`s BMX ~~
Gene`s BMX web site was Launched in the spring of 1997 on
the neighborhood "Pipeline-Extreme Sports" at
with the URL address at: -
I thought it would be nice to start a web page to help BMXers and
people with questions about the sport of BMX. So I started a BMX
links list page. The BMX links list proved to be extremely popular
and was growing fast. In July of 1999, Yahoo!'s acquisition of GeoCities,
it replaced the neighborhoods like the "Pipeline" in to using member names.
So the web site URL address was replaced to
With the change in the URL name, the web site still proved to be popular and
was extremely growing fast. With thanks to all the people that has helped out on
the web site, - It now has over 1000 BMX links to help out the sport of BMX.
In March of 2002, Gene`s BMX gos to independent and launches a new URL
domain name: and it is now the official home web site.
Gene`s BMX today is the internet's most comprehensive "BMX"-related web site
of BMX Links Listings and BMX Information Sources from the Pacific Northwest
and in the Washington State area. Gene`s BMX web site is now in to it's 27th year
1997-2023 and is Leading the internet's BMXing community into its full potential.

Gene`s BMX web site is "NOT" a bike shop or a business of any kinds.
Gene`s BMX site is just a fun BMX web site as one of my hobbies that I
enjoy making and web mastering to help the internet's BMXing community
as much as it can. "I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do in making it".

Genes is a independent webmasterd not-for-profit bmx bicycling
web site and is a lead focal point for free access to documentation on bmx
bicycling on the world wide web. -- "BMX Bicycling Knowlegment And
Internet Knowlegment Belongs To Everyone In The World"

Gene`s BMX is involved in a handfull of clubs, groups, litigations, advocacys,
fund raises,and provides lots of helpfull information on behalf of the BMX world,
Many BMXers have computers and internet access now days and the internet is part
of the mainstream BMX bicycling American life. Gene`s BMX web site has helped
build some of the most unique BMX web sites in the BMX internet community today
by bringing url links together and web site improvement, information to some of the
industry , commercial , and individual BMX web masters who are diverse in their
BMX experience and depth of BMX talent. They all share a passion for the internet
and a commitment to the BMX community for success.

Gene`s BMX is located in Wenatchee,Washington U.S.A.
Wenatchee,Washington is located on Interstate Highway 2 on the
Columbia River approximately halfway between Seattle and Spokane.
The city is known as the Center of the State,"Apple Capital of the World".
Gene`s BMX has over 20 years of riding BMX - ABA BMX Racing.
Gene`s BMX Profile -
Yahoo! Profile "Genes BMX" -
Yahoo! Profile "Genes BMX" -

[-002-] Disclaimer & Copyright(c)

Gene`s BMX web site

Gene`s BMX is not responsible for the contents in the links.
Gene`s BMX does NOT necessarily agree with or endorse
all views expressed by the people that made the links! The
sites linked from these pages are operated by private citizens
exercising their right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution
and Universal International Human Rights Conventions.
For more Information see Gene`s BMX Disclaimer Information.

The Entire contents of Gene`s BMX is Copyright © 1997 - 2022.
( 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
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Gene`s BMX Page © may not be reproduced in whole or in part
without the express, written permission of Gene`s BMX Page ©.

[-003-] BMX Links List

Over 1000 BMX links listed by Gene`s BMX
Gene`s BMX

Gene`s BMX inspects each link, for content and style and don't
recommend anything on the links list page that's not cool or at
the least a good effort. Sometimes Links Change. If you find
that a site has changed, and is now aimed at a porno site or
is no longer working, please let Gene`s BMX know so it can be
edited out. 99.9% of the sites that are posted are good ones.
but there are exceptions, please keep Gene`s BMX posted about it.
Gene`s BMX content(s) policy for links to other sites at: Disclaimer.

If you maintain a BMX/Bicycling web site, and would like your
web site URL link added in to Gene`s BMX web site or pages?
~Please E-mail your URL link to

All BMX and Bicycling web sites ( E-mailed ) to Gene`s,
Will be Posted on the Links List Page or other page(s) on site on the next update.
"Gene`s BMX does reserves the right not to link to any web site or web page"

Linking your Web site back to Gene`s BMX is Welcome!
Please use the main url so others can get up to date information. Or if you would like Add a banner
to your website. Banners can be found at: Gene`s BMX Banners Page.

Other BMX Links Lists & Web Directorys:-
World Wide BMX Directory -
WWW Virtual Library Cycling BMX -
BMX Bookmarks -

[-004-] Gene`s BMX Web Page Tools "Internet Help" & Site Design.

Gene`s BMX Web Page Tools lists some good Help links on learning
HTML and how to build a website and some good internet help tools aswell.

Gene`s BMX website and pages are customized & made with,
Hypertext Markup Language - known as HTML code (Advanced)
When making my website or webpages I make my web pages, With
My Owen, Original Template Framework Layout - Freestanding & Freehand Code,
I type in the HTML code and text, key stroke by key stroke, - Absolute URL.
All inline with The World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C) develops and technologies -
Lists - *** The (W3C) WWW Virtual Library ***
WWW Virtual Library / Virtual Library of Sports / Cycling / Cycling BMX

Creating a professional-looking website/page - I Keep It Basic!
I ask myself what my audience wants? I center my site design on their needs.
Gene`s BMX does take time and looks at who makes up the target audience,
Most are BMX Bicycle Riders and Bicycle Industrys & Individuals.
I put myself in their shoes, and make the website they want to see,
and the information the average user is seeking for BMX bicycling.

Gene`s BMX website and pages, design was made from a -
mini tower/with 250 watt power supply, 586 - 133mhz.motherboard,
with 32 megs.of ram, 1.7 gigabyte hard drive, 14" color svga monitor,
56k. lucent modem, 4 megabyte video card, 64 voice sound card,
3 1/2 inch floppy, 24 X cd rom drive, Operating System Windows 95
A Compaq Preario EZ2200 Compaq Coumputer 500 MHz Intel Celeron,
128 KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, 64 MB 100 MHz sync DRAM ( shared )
17 GB Ultra DMA Hard Drive, CD-RW 4x Write / 24x Read,
40x CD-ROM DRIVE, 56k ITU V.90 Modem, 17" color KDS monitor,
2X AGP with 3D graphics, Digital Dashboard-Indicator, USB Keyboard
& Mouse, Operating System Windows 98
Case: Foxconn Mid-Tower Computer Case
Motherboard:Aopen AK-77 333 Motherboard
CPU: AMD Duran 1.6GHZ Processor w/fan Heatsink
Memory: 512MB of DDR PC2700 Ram
Drives: IBM 40GB Hard Drive, BTC 48X CD Drive,
Samsung Internal 52X24X52 CD-RW
Video: 32mb Savage AGP Video Card
Modem: Creative Labs Modem Blaster 56k,
10/100 network LAN for use with fiber-optics or DSL connections,
Other: 1.44" Floppy Drive, USB Keyboard ,
17" color KDS Monitor, Logitec Optical Mouse,
Operating System - Windows XP Professional x64

All with some of the tools & stuff listed at Web Page Tools

Gene`s BMX website is hosted by -
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Gene`s BMX Webpage(s) Archived - All Pages Listed.

[-005-] Bike Laws And Bike Riding Safety

State of Washington Bicycle Laws -
Warning about bmx riding -
How to Not Get Hit by Cars -


Advocate for public riding areas for BMX such as skateboard parks at:
The BMX Riders Organization (BRO) -
BMX and Skate Parks:-
Advocate Critical Mass Bicycle Road ways and others can be found at: |

US. Consumer Product Safty Commission(CPSC)
Nearly half of Bike-Related Hospitalizations Diagnosed as Traumatic Brain
Injury Helmets can prevent serious head injuries while cycling, BMXing, &
skateboarding, skating, scooter riding, and in snow sports. A national
education campaign to encourage bike riders, especially youngsters,
to wear bike helmets. More Information At:-
Washington.injuryboard provides the general public with easily accessible
legal and medical material in an effort to help consumers better understand
any injury or medical condition that has negatively impacted their lives.
Most of the articles on the site are related to personal injury information
pertaining to Washington State.
ThinkFirst, the National Injury Prevention Programs award-winning
public education efforts target this high-risk age group. - ThinkFirst!

Bicycle-Related Injuries - May 15, 2001 - American Family Physician
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington

Extreme Sports Injuries By Kidz World -

Bike Injuries Collision-related trauma

National Highway Safety Administration Bicycle Report: ( 01/19/2006 )

You can Search for more on "BMX injuries" on the WWW at: injuries

The nets first researched-based Helmet FAQ dealing with
common misconceptions about helmets is now on-line at:
( )
It answers questions about testing procedures, helmet effectiveness,
problems with modern helmets, the problem with Thompson and Rivara's
claim of 85% reduction in risk, why some people wear helmets and some
don't, whether cycling is dangerous, whether helmet wearing changes
cyclist behaviour, helmet laws, helmet promotion, impact on health,
and effective ways to reducing injuries. -

Bicycle Helmet Statistics -
Getting In To The Helmet Habit -

Motorized Scooters (IE: Foot,Goped,Minibike,Pocket Bikes,E-scooter)-
Motorized Scooters are NOT bicycles",
"They are motorized automobiles just like a car or motorcycle".
"A motorized scooters does not have any characteristics for
physical fitness performance for young people that rider them".
( Gene`s BMX Applauds To The Crack Downs On Motorized Scooters ) 06/17/2004

Motorized Foot Scooters -
Lots of reports in Wenatchee Wa. with the youth riding
motorized-electric foot scooter with in the streets.
Lots of Questions over "can they be on the roadways"?
11/13/2003 - City of Wenatchee pertaining to motorized foot scooters
09/16/2003 - Motorized Foot Scooters in Washington State

[-005.1-] BMX Bicycle Theft Help Sources, Register Your Bike

Bicycle theft is on the rise according to FBI statistics.
The increasing popularity of bmx bicycling as a sport and a means
of transportation have made bicycles an easy target for thieves.
It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year.

The victims of bicycle theft tend to be people who use their bicycles:
students, commuters, hobbyists, hard-core riders, and children.
Most bicycle crime occurs at homes and in cities where there are colleges
and universities. Bicycle thefts increasingly involve violence and bike jacking,
and there have been reports of stabbing, beatings, and even murder.

Most bicycles are stolen from places owners assume are safe.
Experienced thieves can take even locked bikes in about 10-20 seconds.
Bolt cutters will cut most chains and cables, and U-style locks are
broken by inserting scissors-style car jack inside the U and cranking.

Very little evidence exists about the thieves themselves.
Most information comes from journalists and is at best anecdotal.
Nevertheless, Centric Media has formulated theories based on these
journalists’ articles and interviews with law enforcement officials.

Within the drug trade, stolen bicycles are so common they can almost
be used as currency. On the streets, the value of a stolen bicycle
is approximately 5-10% of the bicycle’s original retail value,
with an inverse relationship between value and percentage worth
on the street. According to numerous interviews with industry insiders,
the percentage goes up as the value goes down; a bicycle that sells for
$200 new will sell for $20 on the street when stolen, and a new $2500
chromealloy machine will sell for as low as $125.

In most U.S. cities, bicycle-theft rings are organized to steal bikes
and sell them on the street, at flea markets, and to receivers of stolen goods,

Rumors and assumptions are more common than facts in reports on where stolen
bicycles are disposed of. Many eventually end up in police property rooms,
without being returned to their owners. There is some evidence, however,
about what happens to the others.

Reliable sources indicate that substantial numbers of stolen bicycles are
exported on barges through the Port of Miami. Customs officials have also
noted shipments of both bicycles and bicycle parts through New Jersey.
General rumors abound that many bicycles are taken into Mexico and Southeast Asia.

SO - Protect your bike and your investment! Don’t let it end up at a police auction!
Keep your bike so you don`t have to bye a new one...Register Your Bicycle!
The National Bike Registry (NBR) ( mirror site )

*** Stolen Bicycle Registry ***
Maybe you just had your bike stolen.
Maybe you're buying a used bike and want to run its serial number first.
Maybe you're a bike shop, and want to know if that trade-in is hot. is a free resource to register and track stolen bicycles.
It is run by tech-savvy people who love their bikes and hate the people who steal them.

Crime and No Punishment Bicycle Theft in America -
** Listed Part I: -
The Current Situation , The Victims, The Thieves, The Buyers,
Effect on the Bicycle Industry, Insurance Industry Point of View, Bicycle Registration.
** Listed Part II: -
Best Practices-What can be done now to prevent bicycle crime?
The Best Physical Prevention, Curing the Registration System, Other New Technology,
District Attorney and Police Best Practices, The Police Station, Legislative Changes,
What the bicycle industry must do Connectivity.

A List of Bicycle Theft Prevention "Do's" & "Don'ts"
** Some Do`s:
1 - Register your bicycle with a Bicycle Registration Program.
2 - Use a quality, hardened "U" type lock, securing the main (largest) portion of the frame and the front tire.
3 - Secure your bicycle to a bicycle rack. Note that some places do
not allow bicycles in a buildings or securing your bicycle to trees, sign posts, hand railings, etc.
4 - Record the make, model, and serial number of your bicycle.
5 - Inscribe your drivers license number on the frame of your bicycle.
6 - License your bicycle with the a Department of Public Safety.
7 - Report your stolen bicycle to a police department as soon as possible.
8 - Report suspicious persons observed near bicycle racks. ( schools, exta. )
** Some Don't`s:
1 - Leave your unlocked bicycle unattended "just for a minute", even at home.
2 - Use a cable or chain lock, no matter how large as they are easily defeated with bolt cutters.
3 - Secure your bicycle to a chain link fence or other
objects significantly weaker in strength, than your lock.

Some thoughts for people when advertising that there bike got ripped off
via posting internet email, post boards/groups and newsgroups.
Note: Be Wize, Do NOT give out or post the bikes serial numbers online.

Make a FREE website/page like on or somthing like that,
most of the free web hostings like geocities will walk you into
how to make a free site and page, then just post your info on a webpage,
Add a photo or two if you have them, then list as much info as you
can about the bike and a small story about what happend and how it
got ripped off. Add in a location town/city, state, zip, and a email
adddress where you can be reached, a police report case number if you
have one and a police agencies name and phone#/email so people can report
if they have seen the bike in the area of the crime or somewhers else riding.
Then once you have all of this info on a website/page, you can post a small
email message and add in the website/page address "url" in your message
advertising for help in trying to fine your bike. Note to say, you can even
submit and add the website/page address url in to searchs like or so people all around the world will see your asking for help
in finding your bike. If you do happen to find your bike, CALL the Police!
Don`t take on the thieves themselves, you could get hert....Good Luck,

BMX Bicycle Theft ??? = alt.bmx usenet newsgroup ( tips, notes and thoughts )

For other Bicycle Theft info see: = Bicycle Theft Groups = Bicycle Theft and = Bicycle Theft

[-005.2-] NEW TO BMX RACING & Getting Started

How To Get Started BMX Racing - Less Get Started In BMX Racing
by Gene`s BMX - ( )

Welcome to the sport of BMX racing. So you want to race your BMX bicycle?
BMX is an excellent individual and family orientated sport.Races are organized
into girls classes and boys classes, then subdivided into age groups and skill
levels. The age groups range from the 5 & under classes to the 19 & older.
Within these age groups there are three skill levels: Novice, Intermediate and
Expert. All riders start as Novices and must work up to the more advanced levels
by winning races. A Novice must move up to the Intermediate class after they have
6 wins in the Novice class. An Intermediate must move up to the Expert class after
they have 20 wins as an Intermediate. There is also competition in the Cruiser
class for boys and girls. The age groups for the Cruiser class are 10 & under to
51 & older.........

In the Northwest - Washington , Oregon , Idaho States and parts of B.C.,Canada
BMX Races are sanctioned with the ( ABA - American Bicycle Association )
and requires a ABA membership to race, for more info and a membership application
on how to get started see The ABA website:
ABA sanctioned BMX Race tracks can be found at the: ABA Track Directory.

BMX Tracks Information:

Also see: Getting started in BMX By - = Archived.

Age`s in BMX - Who Can Ride BMX?
How old do you have to be to BMX? - Am I to old?

BMX Bicycling is for all ages starting about 3 to 4 y/o all the way up to 75 y/o
If one can pedal a bike, one can ride/race BMX. BMXing is a fun family sport for anyone...
Botton Line:
If you are old enough to pedal and ride a bike, you can race BMX!
This sport is for boys and girls, and adults. The "Cardiac Class"
is really catching on with the Moms, Dads and Grand Parents!
Hope to see you Riding soon.....

CBS News Reports - Size Of The BMX Sport: year 2002,
3.6 million Americans over the age of six tried BMX biking at least once
in 2001, though that number represents a two-year decline of 1.7 percent.

[-006-] NewsGroups And Mailing Lists + Forums Boards

A big list of Newsgroups and Mailing Lists + some
BMX-Bicycling Forums Message Boards can be found at:
Gene`s BMX

[-007-] About alt.bmx Usenet Newsgroup

* 2009-2010 Note:- The alt.bmx usenet newsgroup is still
on the international hierarchy of "alt in the usenet but it is not
used by many people today. The alt.bmx has been over ran with
lots of spam posts from (G)email addresses via the
web bace archive that hosts for the usenet. Use The
alt.bmx usenet newsgroup at risk of mass spam in-listed.

The alt.bmx usenet newsgroup list is for general discussion
on bmx related topics past and present. People posts about
bmx and bicycling news, bmx product, lifestyle stories,
bmx scenes,experiences,- alt.bmx is listed in the "Big 8"
hierarchies of the Usenet in the "international" hierarchy of "alt."

For alt.bmx your web browser must be configured to a news server
to read the alt.bmx newsgroup. Not all news servers carry alt.bmx
newsgroup. If you don't have access to a news server you can access
and post to the alt.bmx newsgroup via : - alt.bmx
Google Groups is also the Archives for the alt.bmx usenet newsgroup.

You can also use the direct link alt.bmx - Post just to post your messages
Via Google Groups. Remember that it can be viewed by millions of people
worldwide....Please keep on topic of BMX-Bicycling!

New on May 12, 2004 Google Groups 2 Beta alt.bmx -
Google Groups 2 Beta - alt.bmx Home
Google Groups 2 Beta - alt.bmx About & Stats Listings

Some other bicycling usenet newsgroups
like - alt.mountain-bike & rec.bicycles listed:

[-007.1-] Posting To alt.bmx Guidelines No Binaries?

Here is a list of the things that you should not do on alt.bmx:
All participants of alt.bmx are urged to please go by this
list upon participanting on the alt.bmx usenet newsgroup.

(1) First, don't write your posts in all capitals. This means you are
yelling, and it will only annoy people. If you take note of this rule it
will save people sending messages to tell you to turn off the caps lock.

(2)Quote relevant parts of the post you are responding to so we know what you
are talking about. If you are only responding to something mentioned in the
last paragraph don't quote the other 6 paragraphs in the post.
How do I quote correctly in Usenet? - Quoting and Answering

(3)Take time to see how the thread progresses. Don't respond to everything
your first time on. Pay attention to the etiquete used.

(4)Don't respond unless you have something constructive to add.
"That bike rules" is not a valid response.
You are trying to provide information to other people.
The key is WHY do`s it rule. Schwinn bikes,have been around forever.
Explain yourself. If you agree with something someone submits don't post
something like "Hey! Word to Bob". This says nothing. If you agree say
WHY you agree, relate a similar experience, "I agree because...." etc.

(5)Just because you are on the internet doesn't give you an excuse to use
poor english. The internet is about the free (or $20.00 a month) exchange
of ideas and information. Spelling doesn't count but try your best to make
sense.The idea is to get people to undersand what you are talking about.
If they don't it makes you look strange . Paragraphs and sentences are
always nice. It makes things way easier to read.
'Txt msg typ' speak is definitely NOT encouraged.

(6)Try to read at your Re: posts and think : "If someone hadn't seen the
original post would they know what was talking about?" After a couple days
"Re:Stickers you suckers" can turn into a conversation about who won at the
Play contest. No one wants to go back through all the posts to find out what
the comment/post "Yo dude, what's the addie" means.

(7)Do not post binaries. A lot of people will not appreciate having to spend
extra time downloading their e-mail for the sake of a picture you think is cool.
( Binaries = Photos "pictures" files exta. ) - Only Post text-based content please.

(8)Messages which are cross-posted to or from any advocacy group are not
welcome.Spamming, ECP and EMP of any sort is absolutely not tolerated.

The above list of "things that you should not do on alt.bmx" was made by a
contributor/member of the alt.bmx group. On alt.bmx usenet newsgroup the
"things that you should not do on alt.bmx" list has been adapted by most of
the contributors on the alt.bmx usenet newsgroup.
Do as you do, just remember the eye in the sky ( big brother ) Waching!

***~~~ alt.bmx - Justifications Re: Google Groups~~~***

Google Groups Usenet
Google's Archive & Post For alt.bmx ( New )
Google Groups - Help & Introduction
Google Groups - Posting FAQ
Google Groups - Posting Style Guide
Google Groups - Posting Terms and Conditions

Google Groups 2 Beta - Home
Google Groups 2 Beta - alt.bmx Home
Google Groups 2 Beta - alt.bmx About & Stats Listings
About Google Groups 2 Beta
Posting Terms and Conditions of Use for Google Groups 2

**~~~ alt.bmx - Justifications Re: Big 8 Usenet.~~~***

Subject: "Control" and "Approved" newgroup alt.bmx
Thu Jun 11 19:16:29 1998 & Wed Jun 24 00:00:43 1998
alt.bmx Keywords: booster, bmx, freestyle, flatland, dirt, street,ramp, vert, bicycle motorcross
CC - |
Usenet References -

Subject: cmsg new group alt.bmx
Control: newgroup alt.bmx
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 02:05:32 GMT
alt.bmx Discussion of all aspects of the subculture of riding bmx bikes.

Subject: cmsg newgroup alt.bmx booster
Control: newgroup alt.bmx
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 06:47:58 GMT
alt.bmx Discussion of all aspects of the subculture of riding bmx bikes.
The topics for this newsgroup are will cover riding bmx bikes and the
lifestyles associated with riding. This may cover tricks, technical
information, comparisons of bikes, shoes, music, clothing, etc. Information
about the features and prices of BMX products may be posted in a terse
and factual manner but sensational advertising is not appropriate.
SPAM such as for get rich quick schemes, adult service
or massively crossposted articles are not welcome. The newsgroup is
unmoderated, however SPAM is a likely target for being cancelled.

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***~~~ alt.binaries.bmx usenet newsgroup? ~~~***
About an (alt.binaries.bmx) group Where you could post photos/files/exta.
Does NOT exist at this time....If anyone wants to help make this new group
It may make this group alt.bmx better for all? Its up to everyone if so...

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can expect that someone will post rmgroup control messages (requests for
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You should read alt.config "google-page" for a while and see what happens there,
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A post from newsgroup 2002-01-20 14:14:01 PST
New newsgroup for posting cycling related pictures
A post from newsgroup 2002-01-20 14:12:22 PST
New newsgroup for posting cycling related pictures Re / bmx

***~~~ ~~~*** Usenet Newsgroup.
Posting BMX Photos/Pictures is for general discussion on bmx related topics.
past and present. About bmx product, bmx scenes[racing][freestyle]experiences,
Or what ever is on the topics of the bmx scenes in the world.
All other bmx news side of things, biking stories, extra. posted at: alt.bmx

Support Relpys from asking about people from alt.bmx group
and other groups with in the BMX biking world on using this group
for posting our photos at:
Can't see why not... The pix would obviously be 'sports-related' Vs. - Andy123 Fri, 9 Nov 2001 18:20:26 - Animated GIF Man 09 Nov 2001 19:58:26 GMT

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+ [ ] = "Text & Binaries" full read server (slow) 12/03/2005
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+ [ ] = "Text & Binaries" full read server 08/17/2005
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The Usenet google group has some good info and tips aswell.

A NOTE! that was posted in at one time.
Free servers are the way to go if you are interested in text only groups. Like - ( alt.bmx )
You may have noticed that there is not very much binary content available on the free
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~~~ Free Usenet News Servers pages that has servers lists & Info- for access to the following servers | | -/- -/- -/- servers
~~~ News 2 Mail ( alt.bmx )
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newsserver. This group is available via free newsservers.
Click on the servernames to get the News from those servers.

Go to the list of free servers and pick one out, just click it,
it brings you to alt.bmx - Then in your browser, download all the
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Just repeat the same steps as above to use other free servers for binaries exta.
Its one good way of getting "binaries" if your IP dont carry them.
Or surf the web and find some other free server, "Lots are out there".
~ "look above in links for free binaries servers" ~ good luck!.

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Hope this helps everyone out. "good luck"!.

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[-008-] Alt.bmx FAQ Is There One?

alt.bmx FAQ Weekly post up thread Posted on
( Posted by Geneb and Bomba )

~~~Coppy Of Weekly Posted Thread~~~
Subject: alt.bmx FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Weekly posted
thread for locations of the usenet newsgroup ( alt.bmx )
This FAQ Weekly post was last updated on: See live listings
You can access the FAQ`s and archives via the listed:

Gene`s BMX FAQ Maintained by Geneb ( Note: your here now! )

The alt.bmx FAQ Maintained by Jonathan ‘bomba’ Harris ( Out Of Date )

Archives for ( alt.bmx ) ( Out Of Date ) ( New )

For alt.bmx Posting "binaries" -Photos|Files|Links to photos,
a branch of alt.bmx Usenet

alt.mountain-bike FAQ: Maintained by Jonathan ‘bomba’ Harris ( Out Of Date )

FAQ Location and posting for Rec.Bicycles.*
The rec.bicycles Usenet Newsgroups Topics
The Rec.Bicycles' Frequently Asked Questions and Interesting Information

View Thread "FAQ Location and Weekly posting for Rec.Bicycles.*"
FAQ Location and Weekly posting for Rec.Bicycles.*( Listed for info )

About alt.bmx
The alt.bmx usenet newsgroup list is for general discussion
on bmx related topics past and present. People posts about
bmx and bicycling news, bmx product, lifestyle stories,
bmx scenes,experiences,- alt.bmx is listed in the "Big 8"
hierarchies of the Usenet in the "international" hierarchy of "alt."

Questions? - There is tuns out there. It's the one that gets asked
right after someone answered it for the 100th time in alt.bmx group.
alt.bmx discussion group has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
sections where commonly asked questions are posted and answered.

If you are asking a basic question, please check the FAQ`s first.
The contributors on the alt.bmx newsgroup asks that you please
take the time and read the alt.bmx FAQ`s to ensure your question
isn't treated like spam (junk mail). Spammers frequently receive
flame mail / replys "heated retorts of a personally demeaning nature"
directing them to please read the alt.bmx FAQ`s. This posted thread
is one way to access the FAQs locations for the usenet ( alt.bmx )
The only other bmx FAQ is old and out of date.
and was made for the group at
BMX FAQ Maintained by Will Law Copyright(c) 1997 at

[-008.1-] Contributors Of alt.bmx

Contributors Names on alt.bmx usenet newsgroup Jan 01, 2003 - Mar 03, 2003

Contributors Names on alt.bmx usenet newsgroup
So everyone knows who is who on alt.bmx
Please reply to this post with a small
bmx bio of your self as in nick names
that one gos by as contributor on alt.bmx (ASL)...

~~~*** Topics in alt.bmx - "Hot Topics" ~~~***
Will be posted someday....Keep checking back........
12/08/2004 - alt.bmx - Note Of A Change On alt.bmx Usenet Archives
07/19/2004 - alt.bmx - Taking Google Groups 2 for a Test Drive
05/07/2004 - alt.bmx - New Here
05/06/2004 - alt.bmx - Feet Catch Pegs
05/05/2004 - alt.bmx - 36 Year Old With BMX Question
05/05/2004 - alt.bmx - Gene`s BMX News & Updates May/June 2004
02/28/2004 - alt.bmx - bmx music browser?
02/24/2004 - alt.bmx - son wants BMX jumper, recommend
01/26/2004 - alt.bmx - New E-Mail Virus Jamming Inboxes
01/17/2004 - alt.bmx - BMX Calendar of Events 2004
01/15/2004 - alt.bmx - Indoor track layouts
12/15/2003 - alt.bmx - Peg shopping once again
12/05/2003 - alt.bmx - What music do you listen to while riding?
12/02/2003 - alt.bmx - Gene`s BMX News & Updates December 2003
11/25/2003 - alt.bmx - Department Store Mongoose Fuzz Pro
10/28/2003 - alt.bmx - BMX Real Time Chat

~~~*** Web pages/links as listed ~~~***
alt-bmx yahoo group - A branch of alt.bmx Usenet Newsgroup.
( Post your - Photos | Files ) -

[-009-] Yahoo Groups & Clubs

Yahoo Groups! are - a discussion group—a forum to exchange ideas,
concerns and questions with a number of people who share similar interests.

*What are Yahoo Groups....Yahoo Groups! Interface....
Yahoo! Groups is a collection of Web-based tools focused around
discussion list-related features for like-minded groups of people.
The Yahoo! Groups service is the continuation of the service
formerly known as eGroups, which merged with Yahoo in August of 2000.

Yahoo! Groups allows anyone to setup and register a group online, and once setup,
the user can register their group in one of the many topical categories provided.
Groups can be setup to allow anyone to join, or with restricted access in which
case the moderator must approve each new member. In addition, a group may
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Once in a group, users may send messages to one or all other group
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to the Yahoo! Groups Web page for their group, with each individual
member choosing how they would like to work with the discussion list
(a member may choose to not receive E-Mails, for example). Archives
allow for the online searching of previous group messages. or You
may participate soley via e-mail aswell,

Other features of the Groups service include the ability to see which
other Group members are currently online, polling features for Group
voting, and limited customization of the Group home page including
the addition of photos or selection of color schemes.

Yahoo Groups can be found at
Yahoo Groups Help - ( help and hints for managing ) ( Help list for listowners & moderators )

On August 31, 2000, Yahoo! completed the acquisition of
eGroups, Inc., a service that empowers people to share
interests and exchange ideas through email groups. ( no longer active, but info listed ) ( no longer active, but info listed )

On January 25, 2001, the new Yahoo! Groups service,
based on eGroups technology, was launched. ( no longer active, but info listed )

On February 12, 2002 the migration of Yahoo! Clubs to the Groups service began,
marking the beginning of the last phase of integration of the two services.
Yahoo!Clubs has merged with Yahoo!Groups. Yahoo! now = Yahoo Groups!
Info - &

On August 21, 2003, Yahoo! implemented service changes for
Add Members / Messages / Files/Photos / More info -

On Nov 18, 2005 Yahoo! Groups Launches an Announcement only group.
The announcement only group is to inform Yahoo! Groups users about
upcoming downtime and other potentially useful information about Groups.

*** A good Yahoo Groups listings for "bmx and freestyle" at: ( some of the best )

Trying to help keep are BMX-Bicycling Yahoo! Groups world
of communications Via the internet clean and spam free!
Here is some usefull tips that has been found to help out.
Yahoo! Groups Tips For Owners, Moderator and Members

Yahoo Group - Gene`s BMX
( open public view - members may ONLY post NEWS! )
Info -

Want to talk about BMX in the Northwest United States? (WA)
Post and talk about any bmxing topic out there. ( all members may post)

Washington State BMX Racing Event News
WaBMXnews provides news and information for BMX racing
events in Washington State plus special event
information for British Columbia, Oregon and Idaho. ( moderator news postings only )

[-010-] BMX Email

Get a free e-mail a free BMX-freestyle E- Mail by Gene`s BMX at
Or try /

Being on the Internet alot I get Spam (junk email) messages.
I am a active contributor to BMX/Bicycling email forums of various sorts,
It get me lots of Spam junk email because of Spammers harvesting my email
address from Newsgroups, email lists, chat groups, etc............
I have asked my ISP on how to stop this, but I guess this is a big problem
in the US. and around the world aswell..............

Check out Gene`s BMX little page about spam at:
Other good info from a biking web site about spam email at:

Washington State Residents can Fight Back Against Spam
The Washington State Spam Law Chapter RCW 19.190.010 ( spam elimination tool )
This is a way to check and manage your emails before you download them.
MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination.
Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and emails before they get
to your computer. Finding it hard to be removed from mailing lists?
Getting harassed by someone on your email? Tired of getting junk email
from unknown sources? Why not make them think you no longer exist by
bouncing back their email so it looks like your address has been closed
down. Not only this you can Blacklist junk email senders.
It works the best to get rid of junk email senders AKA Spamm!
MailWasher is Free!!!, . [older exe 1.33 on hand?]

[-011-] BMX Chats & Chat links

BMX Chats & Chat links by Gene`s BMX
h Updated )

ICQ numbers & listings with D/L Gene`s BMX

Yahoo chats has some good bmx chats listed.
( the BMX chat hang out on Yahoo is at~ "Extreme Sports" )
* NOTE * Please note Geneb - Gene`s BMX is No longer a moderator
for Yahoo`s Extreme Sports 1-10 chat rooms, If you are having
problems with in this chat room Please go to the Yahoo chat Help page/room.

Bmx chat On IRC? /
mIRC is great.It's great for meeting new people, finding files, wheather it's
warez,or something else, I am sure you can find it. mIRC is kinda confusing at
first. I suggest reading the help file to get you running. I highly suggest
using Server: { irc:// } Port: { 6667 } on Channel: { #bmx }
It offers a great bmx channel to chat in. Once you have connected to the server,
type /join #bmx -- Also this IRC BMX Channel is posted on a JAVA web bace at:

[-012-] BMX Biking News

Gene`s BMX News & Updates
Some of Gene`s BMX & Bicycling News/Storys/Events & some posting
are from the news sources listings. Along with all of the links that are on
Gene`s BMX website its self. ~NEWS!~ The more we all know whats
going on in the world of BMX Bicycling today,The more bigger & smarter
brains we all will have in the BMX Bicycling world the next day.
Pacific Northwest BMX Forums - Contributors Welcome to Post or Browse.

The AP "Real-Time" BMX Headline News Wire
& Some of the Best BMX & Bicycling News Websites.
( Breaking News happings, As they happen - AP Wire )
Live News powered by Moreover Technologie, Google & Altavista
All live news is sorted by date & times posted on the press.

[-013-] BMX Magazines & Books

** BMX Magazines **
The ABA BMXer Magazine -
The ABA BMXer Magazine is a publication for its membered bmx racers.

The NBL BMX Today Magazine
The NBL BMX Today Magazine is a publication for its membered bmx racers.

World BMX Magazine -
All aspects of BMX: race, street, dirt, ramp, and flat.

Twenty BMX Magazine -
All aspects of BMX: race, street, dirt, ramp, and flat.

Moto Mag BMX Magazine -
The only US BMX magazine totally devoted to BMX Racing.

BMX Plus Magazine -
BMX Plus Magazine is a bmx racing and freestyle magazine.

BMX Action Magazine -
BMX Action Magazine is a bmx racing and freestyle magazine.
Bmx Action magazine info -

Snap BMX Magazine is now called - BMX Transworld Magazine
BMX Transworld is a bmx racing magazine with more freestyle in it.

Ride BMX Magazine - is a US bmx freestyle magazine.

Chase BMX Magazine -
Chase BMX Magazine is Canada's Source for BMX, a bmx freestyle magazine.

Pedal Mag Magazine -
A Canadian publication that covers all cycling,
Their BMX coverage was increased quite a bit in 03.

Ride UK Magazine -
A bmx freestyle,dirt,street,Everything - UK magazine.

Dig BMX Magazine -
based in the UK, yet it provides an amazing view of the
riding scenes around the globe from the riders' perspective.

BMX Rider Magazine -
UK's Newest BMX freestyle magazine.

BMX Press Mag -
Australian BMX Racing and some freestyle magazine. Online Magazines -
Free Online Magazines - Just Click and Read! &

BMX Publications/Magazines -

** BMX Books ** - COMMUNITIES: Bicycles | and or - Search "BMX"
Books listed are -
BMX Bicycle Racing Techniques and Tricks - by Brian Wingate
BMX Biking - by Chris Job
BMX Freestyle - by Tracy Nelson Maurer
BMX Racing and Freestyle - by Julie Nelson
BMX Training: A Scientific Approach - By M. Doug McGuff, M.D.
BMX in the X Games - by Christopher Bloomquist
Extreme BMX - by Bobbie Kalman
Extreme Downhill BMX Racing Moves - by Mary Firestone
Freestyle Motocross: Jump Tricks From The Pros - by Garth Milan
Haynes Bicycle Book - by Bob HENDERSON
Schwinn - by Lou Dzierzak
The Ride of My Life - by Mat Hoffman
The World of BMX Book - Description: -
BMX is back and it's badder than ever!
This concise reference to all the spills and thrills
that BMX has to offer will cover the history and resurgence
of BMX plus all the popular disciplines, from racing and street
BMXing to vertical and the intricacies of freestyle. Celebrate
the cultural madness of BMX through this colorful,contemporary look at the sport.
Packed with awesome photography, text that speaks the BMX language,
and all the elements that combine to make BMX the extreme choice of millions,
The World of BMX highlights all the insane tendencies of this pop-culture sport.

23 Mag BMX Index of BMX Books -

[-013.0-] BMX Bikes & Parts Catalogs - Downloads

Here listed is some places to find and download BMX
catalogs as distributed by some of the manufacturers.

Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line ( 2010 dated back to 1964 )
All of the Schwinn Catalog pages are in .jpg file format.
Contributors Are Welcome to help fill in missing catalog files.

Balance BMX 1995 Catalog
Or - Full Copy: Balance BMX 1995 Catalog:
P01 -
P02 -
P03 -
P04 -

Auburn BMX Bicycles 1995-1996 Catalogs

Robinson 1987 BMX Catalog

Powerlite 2001 BMX Catalog

Powerlite 1995 BMX Catalog

Many BMX Magazines Issues at:

Campagnolo Catalog Archive (1953-1991)

Dia-Compe Catalog (1986)

Diamondback BMX Catalogs (2006-date)

Giant BMX Bicycles Catalogs (2002-2006)

Hutch BMX Catalogs (1980-91)

Lyotard Catalog (1977)

Mongoose Catalogs (1970s-80s)

Raleigh 1974 Full Catalog Index:
Raleigh Catalog BMX Page [.jpg file](1974)

Raleigh 1976 Full Catalog Index: ( large and small )
Raleigh Catalog BMX Page [.jpg file](1976)

Scott/Mathauser Catalog (1975-1978)

Original manufacturer catalogs of HARO - GT - DYNO - REDLINE
HUTCH - KUWAHARA - SKYWAY - for you to down load free.(.PDF)

Redline Flight Cranks Installation Instructions downloads/publications lists alot of BMX catalogs
and magazines to down load. They share alot of old school magazines,
books, catalogues, videos. That you can download all this for free!!
This site is well worth your time to check out :) hosts its files on
The most of the files are zip files. To download -
1- click on the link they list.
2- click the download now link
3- Click on one of the file hosts.
4- then click where it says "click this file" wait for download to begin.
5- then open it or save it. It only takes a couple minutes to download.

[-013.1-]* BMX Posters

If your looking for BMX posters ask your bike shop in your area,
Or Get the posters out of the Magazines listed above,and you can try, IE: "sports" Or
Look On - key words BMX poster, BMX , extra...

[-013.2-]* BMX Sponsors & Sponsorship

Want to know how to get sponsored?
Need help creating a resume?
The answer. Check out:
And get the latest news on companies looking for riders.
Get help in getting your name out to companies looking to sponsor riders. is a new sponsorship service that helps connect riders to companies,
have joined forces to help ABA racers find sponsorship for upcoming seasons.

SponsorHouse pioneered the sponsorship service last summer for
the motocross industry and has helped hundreds of racers obtain
sponsorship through its online program. The service launched to the
BMX community on February 15, 2002 and has already gotten
some early support from the industry. created its services to:
1) Educate riders about sponsorship
2) Help riders secure sponsorship
3) Help increase exposure to all riders and their sponsors
4) Help riders communicate and strengthen relationships with sponsors
5) Help sponsors accomplish their sales and marketing goals
6) Help sponsors manage their sponsorship programs more efficiently

As a rider, you will have the opportunity to build a custom online resume
with race results and photos, and send it directly through the website to
leading BMX companies. You can communicate with other riders,
post local and national news, and have the opportunity to get involved
with SponsorHouse seminars and programs.

Sponsoring companies are provided with an profile on
to market their products to riders as well as an account which allows them
to accept, review and reply to sponsorship requests quickly and efficiently online.

"We are really excited to now be involved in the BMX industry.
As our database of riders, companies and partners continues to
grow we will work with the ABA to offer more support and services
to everyone involved," said RJ Kraus, SVP, New Product Development at SponsorHouse.

With the help of the ABA and several leading BMX industry people,
the services are expected to have an immediate positive impact on the sport.
Over the next several months, SponsorHouse will begin creating more
grassroots programs with the ABA to help unite riders, tracks and sponsors
in the BMX industry. "ABA is very excited to be involved with SponsorHouse.
We think it is a great opportunity for our riders and companies to gain
exposure without acquiring excessive costs," said Shannon Gillette,
who handles Advertising/Marketing at the ABA.

To learn more about SponsorHouse, visit our TOUR
http://www.sponsorhouse.comor call 203-359-0400.
If you're a company interested in becoming a sponsor on,
call us direct at 203-359-0804.

** 09/11/2003 BMXtalk Question? (jason podeed) Rider Bio or Rider Resume?
Is there a site or a standard set way to write a Bio or a resume,
maybe a someone can help a young rider see what a bio or a resume
should look like or what a sponser is looking to see. Should it
include a pic and such any help would be apperciated.
** Reply from (Steven Bailey)
I presume you are referring to a resume to send to prospective sponsors.
I would recommend sending two pic's, one in action (on the track) and one
with out the gear (school photo), so sponsors can see what you look like
in "real life", too. Be sure to include recent accomplishments, a brief
history in the sport plus academic info (GPA, school sports), and any extra
curricular activities besides BMX, such as volunteer work, helping in various
organizations and/ or church. Most sponsors want a well rounded person who is
a good representative of their team, the sport, their products (if applicable).

[-013.3-]What It Takes To Set Up A BMX Team?

How do I set up a team? I have no idea what it takes to set up a team.

~~Replys From BMXtalk.

If you want to start a team, just get some friends together.
pool some cash and get t-shirts made or something like that.
A team is what you make it. It can be intense and focusing
on win, win, win, or it can be a bunch of friends that like to
hang out and encourage each other, or a combination of both attitudes.
At a local level, a team and the guidelines for setting up one are not
as strict. At the National level, that is when the definitions of teams
(Trophy, Bike Shop, Factory) get more strict. It is up to you and your
team to define what you want to accomplish. - ( Steve Bailey )

Just go for it and Do what you can now, and then add to it later.
Talk to local Bike shops about helping with it. Maybe Even Local
Companies. Try to find a gear company to help with discounts.- ( bmxpuller )

A few years ago my wife and I started a team for local area kids "team tiedye"
whose parents couldn't afford to let their kids race. at the time we were much
better off financially. As long as the kids showed interest in being "good kids"
ie. scoolwork, being good at home, having good attitudes, showing good sportsmanship
and so forth, we would help them out as much as we could with entry fees, helmets
and other necessary equipment. We made tiedye shirts for everyone and we all had a
blast. we even were able to convince clarence perry to donate a bicycle from SBS
(thanks again) so that one of the kids who outgrew her bike could continue racing
and donate her bike to her little sister so she could race too. The kids were all
beginners and as time went on the kids advanced with their skills and the team went
from laughing stock to a team to be wreckoned with. Later on I was able to have real
jeseys made from the hotshoppe in california and boy were the kids stoked.
By this time most of the kids that we started with were no longer riding and our
team took a different turn than when we we were in it for the competition.
the problem with this type of team is that when you have riders that win, other teams
take notice and they want to steal them from you with promises of giving them better
stuff than you can give them. This is the part of having a team that i couldn't stand
because the riders think they deserve"factory type rides" when in reality most will
never see a deal like that. at this time most of our team were canadian riders and our
ability to go north of the border was being diminished.(financially and of course the
whole 911 deal) the team has since disbanded and we are looking forward to starting
over again back to our roots"helping less fortunate kids".we had numerous sponsors
throughout the years but you really dont need any. Just go out and have fun which
in my opinion is the main goal. - ( "tiedye" Haylie Taylor )

~~~ A coppy of a draft form - Co-Sponsorred Riders Sheet from back in 1997-98

Dear Rider:
Thank you for your interest in the newly ( your team name ) team.
As you will see there are quite a few packages to choose from so
take your time in choosing them. Here are just a few simple rules
that everyone must follow.

#1) Hair should be clean , combed and presentable.
#2) Bikes should be clean and stickers readable.
#3) You must have a C+ average in school.
#4) Promote the sport of BMX as much as possible.
#5) All riders must turn in a monthly activity reports.
#6) Respect other riders good sportsmanship is a must.
#7) Respect all ABA, NBL, rules.
#8) When racing or shows, complete uniform must be worn.
#9) Have fun, smile, ride hard enjoy your self.
Well , now that that’s over lets get your information.
Rider Name:----------------------------------------------
Rider Address:------------------------------------------
City, State:---------------------------------------------
Rider Phone #:----(------------)-------------------------
Age:-----------------------Birth Date:-------------------
Shirt:-----------------------pants-W:-----------( L -----
NBL License #--------------------------------------------
ABA License #--------------------------------------------
What brand of bike do you currently ride?---------------
How long have you been riding?---------------------------
Why do you want to be part of our support team?----------
Shop Name:-----------------------------------------------
Shop Address:--------------------------------------------
City , State:--------------------------------------------
Shop Phone # :----(---------)----------------------------
Place finished:------------------------------------------

[-013.4-] 2008 BMX Olympics Information

The IOC Executive Committee decided on June 29th 2003, during their meeting in
Prague, to include BMX ( Bicycle Motocross ) in the XXIX Olympics in Beijing,
China and will be held from August 8th to 24th 2008. - In The 21st Century Games
Are More 21st Century Athletes. New To Olympics, The Furies Intensity Of BMX.

For All Information About BMX In The 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China,
Please See: ( )

Making its Olympic debut in Beijing is one of the fastest and youngest cycling sports,
BMX racing! 32 male riders and 16 female riders competing, With eight riders racing
along a dirt track littered with jumps, banked corners and obstacles, this new cycling
discipline is a spectacular addition to the 2008 Olympic Games programme in Beijing.

On August 22nd, 2008 -- Maris Strombergs of Latvia won the gold medal in the mens
BMX cycling, holding off American stars Mike Day and Donny Robinson for the title....
Strombergs took control from the start and then remained in the lead the whole way and
claiming the first-ever BMX Olympic mens gold.... - America won three of the six medals
awarded, the first medals in the new sport of BMX. The U.S. men took two medals, with
Mike Day winning silver, Donny Robinson taking home bronze. Anne- Caroline Chausson
of France won the first ever Olympic gold medal for the womens BMX, finishing first in the
high-speed eight-rider womens final. - Great Britains Shanaze Reade had been challenging
Chausson for the lead until she crashed on a turn. Her compatriot Laetitia Le Corguille took
the silver, with Jill Kintner of the United States in bronze position. - History is made in BMX.
Congratulations to all nations of the world, all the BMX athletes for representing the sport of
BMX in the 2008 Olympic Games, and everyone that made it possible for BMX to be in the
2008 Beijing, China Olympic Games.

For All Information About BMX In The 2012 Olympic Games London, England,
Please See: ( )

For All Information About BMX In The 2016 Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Please See: ( )

[-014-] Washington State BMX

Up To Date Information At Gene`s BMX -
Lots of other Wa. Web sites listed on

Live/Today Washington BMX Tracks List Page:

***~~~ Historical BMX Tracks List For Washington State ~~~***

For reference: This association guide lists the sanctioning bodies, in the
order that the association entered the Washington BMX racing scene....
* NBA = National Bicycle Association
* ABA = American Bicycle Association
* NBL = National Bicycle League
* USBA = United States Bicycle Association

~ Washington BMX Track Names ~ ~ City ~ ~ BMX Sanction ~
AirWay Heights BMX
Spokane, WA
Alderwood BMX
Lynnwood, WA
Anderson Hill Downhill
Silverdale, WA
Aqua Barn BMX
Renton, WA
Arlington BMX
Arlington, WA
ABA, Gary Carter, T.O.
Asotin County BMX
Clarkston, WA
Auburn Downhill
Auburn, WA
Bakersview BMX
Mt. Vernon, WA
ABA, today
Battleground BMX
Battleground, WA
Bellingham BMX
Bellingham, WA
ABA-USA, today
Bellingham BMX
Bellingham, WA
Benton-Franklin BMX
Kennewick, WA
ABA, outdoor
Benton-Franklin Indoor
Kennewick, WA
ABA, indoor
Blue Mountain BMX
Walla Walla, WA
Bothell BMX (Bev Watts)
Bothell, WA
unsanctioned, NBA, ABA
Bothell BMX (Char Ayres)
Maltby, WA
Chehalis BMX
Chehalis, WA
ABA, fairgrounds
Chimacum BMX
Chimacum, WA
? unsanctioned
Clark County Indoor
Vancouver, WA
ABA, fairgrounds
Clark County Outdoor
Vancouver, WA
ABA, fairgrounds
Columbia Basin BMX
Richland, WA
ABA, today
Cottonwood BMX
Yelm, WA
NBL indoor
Eastside BMX
Bremerton, WA
ABA, across from pool
Elk Meadows BMX
Cle Elum-Easton, WA
ABA, Duane Ulbright, T.O.
Ellensburg BMX
Ellensburg, WA
ABA, Rich Searle, T.O.
Elma Indoor BMX
Elma, WA
Gray`s Harbor BMX
Aberdeen, WA
Greenwood Boys Club BMX
Seattle, WA
Inland Empire BMX
Spokane, WA
Kennewick Indoor
Kennewick, WA
ABA, horse barn
Kelso BMX
Kelso, WA
? questionable
Lake Stevens BMX
Lake Stevens, WA
Lewiston Outdoor
Lewiston, Idaho
Lewiston Indoor
Lewiston, Idaho
Longview BMX.jpg + Cloney Park
Longview, WA
unsanctioned, ABA
Lynden Fairgrounds BMX (indoor)
Lynden, WA
ABA, had a Canadian T.O.
Lynnwood BMX
Lynnwood, WA
Maple Valley BMX
Maple Valley, WA
ABA, hillside location
Maple Valley BMX
Maple Valley, WA
ABA, horse arena location
Mason County BMX
Shelton, WA
Maury`s BMX
Fife, WA
McCollum Park BMX
Everett, WA
ABA, Char Ayres, T.O. today
Miracle Mile BMX
Chehalis, WA
ABA, roofed oval
Monroe Indoor BMX
Monroe, WA
ABA, Evergreen Activities
Moses Lake BMX
Moses Lake, WA
ABA, Eldon Broughton, T.O.
Moses Lake BMX
Moses Lake, WA
ABA, today
Mount Vernon BMX
Mount Vernon, WA
MTS Racing
Port Orchard, WA
ABA, indoor
North Bend BMX
North Bend, WA
North Bend BMX
North Bend, WA
NBL, different site
North Sea-Tac Park BMX
Seattle, WA
ABA, Peter Kintner, T.O.
North Sea-Tac Park BMX
SeaTac, WA
ABA, today
Oakwood Indoor BMX
Roy, WA
ABA, Evergreen Activities
Oakwood Arena (Petes)
Roy, WA
Oakwood Outdoor (Petes)
Roy, WA
Ocean Shores BMX
Ocean Shores, WA
Omak BMX
Omak, WA
ABA, along hwy.97
Pasco BMX
Pasco, WA
Peninsula Indoor BMX
Port Orchard, WA
ABA, formerly MTS Racing
Pete`s Downhill
Tacoma, WA
Pete`s Tacoma Downhill BMX
Tacoma, WA
NBL, landfill site
Pete`s BMX World (indoor)
Tacoma, WA
NBL, current soccer center
Pete`s Olympia Indoor
Olympia, WA
NBL, prior to 86 at Farm
Pete`s Olympia Indoor Big Chief Arena
Olympia, WA
NBL, 86 farm location
Pete`s Olympia BMX (outdoor)
Olympia, WA
NBL, outdoor at farm
Port Angeles BMX Outdoor
Port Angeles, WA
Port Angeles Indoor BMX
Port Angeles, WA
Port Angeles BMX
Port Angeles, WA
ABA, Mike Thomas, T.O.
Port Orchard Downhill
Port Orchard, WA
ABA, MTS Racing
Puyallup Raceways BMX
Puyallup, WA
Puyallup Fair BMX
Puyallup, WA
ABA, Evergreen Activities
Quincy Valley BMX
Quincy, WA
ABA, track still there
Renton BMX
Renton, WA
unsanctioned, NBA, ABA
Richland BMX
Richland, WA
Riverside BMX
Spokane, WA
ABA, Dave Breidenback, T.O.
River Valley BMX
Sumner, WA
ABA, Evergreen Activities
River Valley BMX
Sumner, WA
ABA, today
Seattle Center BMX
Seattle, WA
ABA, Evergreen Activities
Sequim BMX
Sequim, WA
? questionable
Se-Yak Track
Selah, WA
ABA, John Jewett, T.O.
Silverdale BMX
Silverdale, WA
ABA, Alan Mazuti, T.O.
Kent, WA
Skagit Valley BMX
Mount Vernon, WA
ABA, Patrick Kelly, T.O.
South Kitsap BMX
Port Orchard, WA
ABA, Reed Muller, T.O.
South Praire Indoor BMX
South Praire, WA
Spokane Super X BMX
Spokane, WA
ABA, Orville Moe, T.O.
Spokane BMX
Spokane, WA
ABA, behind the market
Spokane BMX
Spokane, WA
ABA, Joe Albi - today
Swan Creek BMX
Tacoma, WA
ABA, Evergreen Activities
Trails End BMX (indoor)
Tumwater, WA
NBL, Pete Brady, T.O.
Tri-City BMX
Kennewick, WA
ABA, cable bridge location
Tonasket BMX Track
Tonasket, WA
? unsanctioned
University Place BMX
University Place, WA
Walla Walla Valley BMX
Walla Walla, WA
ABA, JD Jasperson, T.O.
Walla Walla Valley BMX
Walla Walla, WA
ABA, today
Waterville BMX Track
Waterville, WA
Wenatchee Valley BMX
Wenatchee, WA
ABA, 9th Street area
Wenatchee Valley BMX
Wenatchee, WA
ABA, Lewis & Clark Park
Wenatchee Valley BMX
East Wenatchee, WA
unsanctioned Eastmont Park
Wenatchee Indoor BMX jun08-feb09
Wenatchee, WA
unsanctioned, Squilchuck
Yakima Super BMX
Yakima, WA
ABA, Ahtanum Park
Yakima Renegade Raceways
Yakima, WA
ABA, Jim Hart, T.O.
Yakima Super BMX
Yakima, WA
ABA, behind Cocos Store
Yakima Valley BMX Indoor
Yakima, WA
Yakima Valley BMX
Yakima, WA
ABA, today
Vancouver, WA
ABA, outdoor fairgrounds
Are we missing a BMX track? If so, Please let Gene`s BMX know so it can be added in.

Note: Lewiston, Idaho tracks are included, because the T.O. was the same person
that ran the Asotin County BMX track in Clarkston, WA. The Wold family from
Clarkston, WA operated the Idaho tracks in conjunction with their Clarkston facility.

BMX racing in Washington, started via the JC`s running BMX events as fundraisers.
They had a membership program and kept points. This is believed to be the vary first
organized form of BMX racing in Washington state. Tracks were located in Bothell
(Bev Watts, track operator), Renton, SeaTac (Federal Way) on the west side of old 99,
under the power poles. Tacoma, now a Mega Foods near 72nd and the Freeway, and
Auburn Downhill. None of the tracks were sanctioned as we now know and understand
sanctioning bodies. Bothell BMX and Renton BMX became NBA when that sanction
arrived in the northwest, and later both converted to ABA. -- Gene`s BMX Notes that
that there are no dates listed via on the tracks or in the start of BMX racing in Wa. But
if it is any consolation, An ABA BMX Fall Nationals was held in Seattle, Washington
in June 1979 making this the first known ABA BMX National Racing event in Washington.

For An Historical Listings Of The ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals;
Please see: - ( )
or *

Pee Wee`s ABA BMX District Points Record Book:
* - WA facts and figures.

Washington State BMX Champions 2007

Eastern Washington Skate Parks Listings Directory Page:

Road/MTB Information Sources WSDOT - Biking in Washington:

[-014.00-] Indoor BMX Race Tracks in the Northwest

~~~ Washington State ~~~
Peninsula Indoor BMX ( Port Orchard, Wa ) [ ABA ]
~~~ Oregon State ~~~
Emerald Valley BMX Indoor ( Eugene, Or ) [ ABA ] ( EVBI schedule note)
~~~ Idaho State ~~~
~~~ B.C. Canada ~~~
Abbotsford Indoor BMX ( Abbotsford, BC ) [ Canada ]

[-014.0-] Northwest BMX Racing Teams

Atomic Air BMX Racing Team! -
Austin BMX Club! -
Bakerview BMX Race Team! -
Big River Bike Werks BMX Racing Team! - Archived
Bikeworks BMX Racing Team! -
Black Flame Bikes BMX Racing Team! -
Blur Racing - BMX Racing Team! -
BMX EH - BMX Racing Team! -
BMX Elite Racing Team! -
BMX HEX - BMX Racing Team!-
BMX TC BMX Racing Team! -
Canadian Bike Supply BMX Racing Team! -
Center Cycle Bike Shop BMX Racing Team! -
Center Cycle BMX Racing Team! - -
Code-3 BMX Racing Team! -
Desert Sun BMX Racing Team! -
Diablos Racing BMX Team! -
Fellowship BMX Racing Team! - Archived
Haro/O'Neal/Bombshell BMX Racing Team! -
Harveys Bike Shop BMX Racing Team! -
Linder-Staats BMX Racing Team! -
NorthWest BMX Racing Team! - Archive 01 & 02
Puget Sound BMX Racing Team! - web site Archive 01
Retro Cycle Worx Racing BMX Team! -
SINZ BMX Racing Team! -
Southern Oregon BMX Racing Team! -
Team Bob United BMX Racing! - Archived
Team Bust Out BMX! -
The Bike Master Racing Team! -
UFO BMX Racing Team! -
Vortex BMX Team! -
Weir's Cyclery BMX Racing Team! -

If you have a BMX Racing Team in the Northwest or a new team web site
address please let Gene`s BMX know so it can be added in or updated.

Also for some information on What it takes to set up a BMX team,
See BMX FAQ # [-013.3-] What it takes to set up a BMX team?

[-014.1-] ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals

The ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals (Indoor)
In March 2009 - the ABA BMX signed a three year extension
that keeps the ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals competition
at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond, Oregon USA.

The ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals in
Redmond, Oregon April 11th - 13th, 2014.

Information, Directions, Lodging, Results, News Press Releases, History
Please see: -

For An Historical Listings Of The ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals;
Please see: - ( )
or *

[-014.2-] Good Restaurants To Eat At When Going To A BMX Event?

What are some good Restaurants to eat at when going to a BMX event?
This list is tageting to the Pacific Northwest Washington state area.
A Restaurant Guide for Washington State -

~Some Good Restaurants Via members posts on BMXtalk
Alan Mazuti -
El Ranchito in Zillah, Wa. is the best and
I mean the best Mexican food I have ever had.

Greg Gamble -
Carls Burgers....any place I can find them.
The buffet in the Reno Hilton is good too.

Mike Raich -
Someplace where you can sit and relax, and have pleasant music playing....
In Reno, La Strada at the Eldorado is great.....
In Tulsa, the Olive Garden is good....
In Kennewick, the Olive Garden was o.k. as a third choice on my part....

Craig Redinger -
The " Shang Hai" just off High Way 395 on Clearwater in Kennewick,
Coming from a Tri-City HB this place serves Chinese that is fresh,
large and cheap, my favorites, Honey garlic chicken, Beef with broccoli,
and general Sao's chicken , of course they do it all, S&S ribs, barbequed
pork ect. and everything that I have tried is great, along with the service,
and in and out in less that 30 if you want to eat and run. Give it a try
the next time your over here in the banana belt of Wa.

~Some Restaurant Chains in alot of towns/citys in Wa.
Applebee's -
Dennys -
Godfather's Pizza -
Long John Silver's -
PizzaHut -
Red Robins -
Sharis -

~Some Fast Food Chains in alot of towns/citys in Wa.
Arbys -
A & W -
Blimpies -
Burger King -
Dairy Queen -
Domino's Pizza -
Jack In The Box -
McDonalds -
PizzaHut -
Skippers -
Subway -
Taco Bell -
Taco Time -
Wendys -

~Restaurants & Fast Food Places lists + Facts & Reviews -

[-015-] Wenatchee Wa .Biking Info

Info about the town and area of Wenatchee Wa. / /

Info about Biking riding in Wenatchee Washington at: ( updated all the time )

Devils Gulch in Wenatchee Wa.
Wenatchee Valley BMX, Wenatchee Wa history

Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumping Park

~~ Messages
***~~~ A Email to Gene`s BMX - Sun, 14 Oct 2001 ~~~***
From - Monty
I just wanted to send a message to gene in wenatchee and say how nice it is
that they are getting a place for the bmxer's to ride. As I am someone who
grew up my whole life in the wenatchee area, it is nice to see this sport
coming back to life in the area. I grew up racing in wenatchee and Quincy
and was sad to see the tracks disappear (i guess Quincy is still there).
now that the dirt jumps are there, we need to get a push to get a race
track up and running again. it would be the perfect city for one as they
are right in the middle of the state. the eastern Washington racers would
have a third track and for the western Washington racers, it would only be
a couple hour drive (2 hours from Everett over stevens pass)
compared to the 5 or 6 hour drive to walla walla, not that i wont still
drive to walla walla because it is the nicest track in the northwest.
i still get to wenatchee 5 or 6 times a year as my family still lives
there and now i have a reason to take the bikes with me and do some riding.
see ya at pioneer park gene.......Monty,

***~~~ A Email to Gene`s BMX - Fri, 19 Oct 2001 ~~~***
From - Dan Johnson,
I would very much like to see a bmx race track in Wenatchee, I live on the
coast but travel that direction often with my two racers and having a track
in that area would be that much more of an excuse to go. Unfortunately, What
happened at the meeting is what happens all to often on these type of
things, Everyone wants it, but no one wants to put out the effort to get it!
I admit to have been on both sides of that story. The sad thing here is it
appears there is great backing for this opportunity of a BMX track by the
city it just needs that certain person to grab it and run. It is quite a
commitment but the end results would be appreciated by many. Best of luck to
you all in Wenatchee. I truly hope to be racing in your great city some day!

Skate Board Park, Wenatchee Wa
Petition - Allowing BMX bicycles at Wenatchee Skate Park

~~ Messages
***~~~ A Post Board Forum December 18, 2001 ~~***
From - Erik
NO BIKES! at Wenatchee Skate Park,I am a biker and have been for many years,
i dont see why you skaters have to bitch so much. i live in wenatchee washington
and we have one skate park, it is small but both bikers and skaters contributed
to it. now if bikers ride there we get arrested and our bikes compescated,
all because of the skaters bitching about every thing we do. even though we
contributed to it we dont get to ride there. since we cant ride there we go
street riding and still get arrested for supposevly damaging property.
i think that bikers should be free to ride at skate parks also. now that we
cannot ride at the skatepark the city told us they would get us dirt for some
jumps, but for some of us that just isnt our style of riding. i think that
skaters should just get along with bikers the best they can because we are
always goin to be here and are always goin to be riding the skate parks.

***~~~ A Email to Gene`s BMX - Fri,9 Aug 2002 01:58:51 EDT ~~~***
From - Dustin Ryan,
wenatchee skatepark - Dear Genesbmx,
My name is Dustin Ryan, and I have tried several times to get a place in
Wenatchee to ride BMX (freestyle). As you may be aware, last year, my mom
and I set up a series of meetings with Chuck Largent (now retired), director
of the Wenatchee Parks and Recreation, to get the rules of the skatepark
changed and allow bikes. His main concern was safety, and the skateboarders
were opposed to it because they felt as though something was being taken from
them. There was also the issue of loyalty to those who had been instrumental
in getting the skatepark built. I have been asked several times by police
officers to leave the skatepark, and have even been charged with malicious
mischief in the third degree for grinding ledges at the convention center
downtown. I am writing to you in hopes of help and/or advice. I am
currently putting together petitons to take to the City Council and the Parks
and recreation board. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!
Sincerely Dustin Ryan

((( ***~~~ Geneb - Gene`s BMX Reply...08/10/2002 ~~~*** )))
Wenatchee Skate Park BMXers Law Run in`s, Iv herd lots of storys in the
last few weeks now. People getting tickets or kicked out of the skate park
for riding there BMX bikes there, Ok But posted rules at the skate park Does
Say NO BIKES! what more can it say. As fare as the Wenatchee Skate Park gos
I my self have asked a hand full of peace officers about what the Ordinance No.`s
are for the Skate park and what Ordinance`s do cover bicycles in the skate park
and I get no ancers back. So that is a tuff one to try to beet.

Wenatchee Skate Park ~Vs.~ BMX -- Well Ext for what was started last year
for the dirt jumping park next to the skate park should still be good till
October 9th of this year.( 1 year runs? ) Im guessing at that????
you would have to ask to see the mins of the parks board meets to get the
right times and dates. Wenatchee-BMX-DirtPark Grape Vine talk at the city hall
on 08/09/2002 some talk of just putting the dirt pilles at the park
and see what happens, ( Chit chat chit chat gosip )

My self and a hand full of People have showed up at the skate park with in
this year of 2002 to look and get an idea of what could be done. But seems
that we get cussed out and called dirty names by a hand full of bmxers &
skaters so when the big guys with the money here and see that they walk
away shaking there heads and saying no way to any ideas. ( it takes 1 to reck it for all )
Im all up for anything that has to do with bmxing in Wenatchee but I will not
support any rude or foul language bmxers, thats is not what bmx is about.
so I have walked away from trying to get anything here in Wenatchee for bmxers.
( less tudes change ) bmxing has not much of a chance in Wenatchee area.

Getting rules changed at Wenatchee Skate Park.
I my self have ask Public works for a coppy of them and have not yet seen them,
Just a posted road sign at the park its self. is all I know of. Caryl Morrell
is now the Recreation Supervisor for the city of Wenatchee you may want to check
with her and see if you can get a hard printed coppy of the rules before you try
to get them changed. If there is no rules, what rules can you change in the first
place? If you do , get the board voted mins of the parks board meet that passed
the rules that now say NO Bikes"for the skate park that way you could see the
dates and times they where pass in to the city of Wenatchee,
and I my self question? this one. Iv not seen them...............

If you get something at Pioneer Park/Skatepark to happen with bmx please let me know.
If you petiton for another place with in Wenatchee area for bmx bikes
I would be glad to back it up. IE: regarding attudes...............
Geneb - Gene`s BMX -- Wenatchee,Washington-USA

***~~~ A Email to Gene`s BMX - Fri, 23 Aug 2002 08:42:41 -0700 ~~~***
From - Jeff Hutchins
BMX and Wenatchee skatepark - Hi Genesbmx,
Got your email through BRO and visited your site. I took a look at
Wenatchee, and from a designers stand point, I would recommend adding
some steel coping and grind edges to support the bikes and add to the
longevity of the park. I am surprised that the coping was left off.
If this sounds like a palatable idea to the city, let me know and we
could give them a budget number. We design and build concrete parks all
over the US and come up against resistance to BMX all of the time.
Sometimes it's an insurance or state law thing. It just takes a little
education and evidence of quality design and construction to change some
of these city guy's minds. I finally got to ride one of my parks in
Edmond, OK and had a blast. I'm more of an advocate than ever.
Good luck Jeff Hutchins Principal Landscape Architect
California Skateparks 909-949-1601

Skate Board Park, Cashmere Wa
Skate Board Park, Leavenworth Wa
Skate Board Park, Chelan Wa.

[-016-] Canada BMX Tracks & Info

See - Gene`s BMX Canada BMX Tracks & Info

For more in on ferries and reservation -

As of June 1st, 2009 you will need a passport or a
enhanced drivers license to get across the border.

01/19/2006 - Border Crossing Cards Eventually Could Be Used As Other ID
04/16/2005 - Going To Canada? Soon You'll Have To Have A Passport

[-017-] Idaho BMX Tracks & Info

See - Gene`s BMX Idaho BMX Tracks & Info

[-018-] Oregon BMX Tracks & Info

See - Gene`s BMX Oregon BMX Tracks & Info

[-019-] What Is BMX? - History Of BMX

What is BMX? - BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross.

This sport originated in the 60s when kids from California
wanted to mimic their motorcross heros. Many kids were too
young to handle motorcycles since all of the motorcycles
were very large and heavy then. Some parents thought that
motorcross was too dangerous for their children, and those
who didn't have a problem with it couldn't afford a motorcycle.

These kids started building hills in vacant lots to
jump with their regular bicycles. They soon developed courses,
or tracks, with hills, turns, and other obstacles to have unorganized
races on. The kids didn't know it then, but they were forming a new
sport that would become one of the most popoular extreme sports ever.
Since the sport was like motocross, but on a bicycle, they called it
Bicycle Motocross, or BMX, with the "B" standing for bicycle,
the "M" standing for moto, and the "X" standing for cross.

BMX Bicycling is for people of all ages....
Starting about 3 to 4 y/o all the way up to 75 y/o
If one can pedal a bike, one can ride/race/freestyle BMX
BMX is a fun family sport for anyone...

Bicycle moto cross (BMX) started in the late 1960s in California,
around the time that motocross became a popular sport in the USA.
The motorised version of the sport was the inspiration for the human
-powered competition. Children and teenagers with the desire but
not the means to participate in motocross sated their appetite by
racing bicycles on self-built tracks.

BMX racing offered exciting action at a low cost, close to home.
It is easy to see why the sport was an instant hit. In California
the sport was more popular than anywhere else.

During the early 1970s a sanctioning body for BMX was founded
in the USA. This is considered as the official start of BMX racing.
As that decade progressed, the sport was introduced on other
continents too, among them Europe in 1978.

In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the
first world championships were held in 1982. BMX rapidly developed
as a unique sporting entity, and after several years clearly had more
in common with cycling than motorcycling codes. Thus, since January
1993 BMX has been fully integrated into the International Cycling Union.

On the 29th of June 2003, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
decided to include BMX in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.
See: -
BMX races are held on circuits of around 350 metres, including jumps,
banked corners and other obstacles. Eight riders compete in each heat
(qualifying rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals), with the top
four qualifying for the next round. Individual Men | individual Women

Also See: The BMX History Time Line Is Challenged?

Some Historys on BMX can found at:

* Huffy - - Time Line - Archived.

* Univof BMX -
* 23 Mag BMX -
* JT Freestyle -
* Maryland BMX History -

Joe Kid On A Sting-Ray - The History Of BMX.
See Gene`s BMX News Review For Trailer Videos:
Joe Kid On A Sting-Ray The History Of BMX - Review!

[-019.1-] Sidehack BMX History

Looking for info about Sidehack bmx racing and the bikes them selfs,
does anyone have any info they could share?, as ther is not much info
online that one can find. Will sidehack racing make a return to BMX?
( Some info found online via the URL links listed ) ~ alot of photos and good info

~~ A short history on Hacks
By (S.B.S.) gOrk - - Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002

Sidehack racing goes back to the beginnings of BMX since the sport of BMX
was created by a buncha kids who wanted to imitate motorcycle motocross
and since motorcycle sidehacks were popular at the time too the bicycle
sidehack was created around the same time.

At first -- the sidehacks were all home-made jobbers.
I've seen photos of ones that were made from shopping carts.
Much like the first home-made/garage-welded modified Schwinn Stingrays.

Just like motocycle hacks the riders were called "pilot" and "monkey."

By 1977 ~ '78, there were a few stock sidehack makers Mach-1 had a 1-piece
sidehack that was tested in BMX News R&R had a hack with a curvey "grab bar".
but the most popular hack was the Littlejohn.

The main, and most prestigious sidehack manufacturer was GARY LITTLEJOHN
who always came up with "niche"things for BMX
(16" pit bikes, "fire-road" cruisers, and 20" tandems - to anme a few)
the Littlejohn hack was used by almsot all of the top hack teams ..
one of the most famous being Dennis Dain and Larry Ruiz
( interviewed in one of the earliest 1977 editions of Bicycle Motocross Action magazine).

Another famous hack team was John Palfreyman and Thom Lund ..
those two were crazy -- there's some awesome jumping shots
in the old magazines of them; catching big air and getting pretty leaned.

David Clopton --who works for Finishline now,
was also part of a famous hack team -nicknamed "Pedal & Push."

And my brother--Scott, and I were the so-called "Kings of Sidehacks"
in Northern California -- from 1979 to 1982 .. earning the UBR National
No.1 Sidehack title three years in a row. We were sponsored by Gary Littlejohn,
and helped him make the ultimate , unbreakable hack --
with gussetts and braces in key spots where our old one's had cracked.
Everybody took sidehacks pretty serious and we had a lot of "top secret"
custom made pieces for it. the "Baker Buzzer Bar" being one of them
(it was a rear tire protector/sissy bar combo)
to keep our competition from bussing our back tire,
and providing the "monkey" a place to hold on to when he leans in turns.

In the early 80's, there was the last "Sidehack Series" the sport has seen ..
and the Croffoot Bros. of Placerviile, CA. wound up winning the overall title ..
(only because my brother and I didn't make it to So.Cal. for it).
That series was held at top downhill tracks like Corona and Rancho [in San Diego]
in fact, Chuck and Kelly Crofoot got taken out in Rancho, flew off the top of the
first berm at mach speeds and Kelly (the monkey) hit the ejection button
leaving his brother Chuck, strapped in to the hack via toe-clips to crash land by
himself and wound up breaking BOTH his arms!!

I've always tried to bring back hacks -- but with modernday BMX,
when the majority began to fly to races they could no longer
take hacks with them on airlines. And then once Littlejohn
shut down his shop around 1984, there were no longer hacks easily available.

There is a small resurgence of sidehacks, though based in Modesto, CA.
they have about 6 or 7 of them, and get together to race locals and occasional nationals.
Last year, we had a good hack race at the Springnationals in Stockton.
It's more of a "sideshow" now .. but the crowd still digs on watching 'em.

Also -- sidehacks are available again my brother bought the jigs from Gary Littlejohn,
and sells modern-day 1-piece hacks out of his bike shop in Sacramento - 916-961-9646.
(those names in bold are in the ABA BMX Hall of Fame)

[-019.2-] What Are The Different BMX Riding Types? #1,-7,

BMX Gets Organized

This is when you race against other riders to be the first to complete the dirt bmx track.
ABA Racing -
NBL Racing -
UCI Racing -
USA Cycling BMX -

~~~Some BMX Race Track Tools~~~~
BMXCESS - ( software linked administration database )
BMX Journal - ( shareware d/l for BMX racing points )
MotoMaker - ( software d/l for ABA BMX racing points )
MyLaps - ( Track Timing software race results resource )

International BMX Freestyle Federation -

Freestyle-BMX - the start
In 1976 ,the storys was that a group of kids was messing around during a
few races wasting time between there motos that established a few tricks
and bmx freestyle got sat in to history With in this group of young kids,
Bob Haro , John Swanguen & R.L. Osborn and in 1979 they formed a trick
team and adding Mike Buff and did some trick shows at a few ABA events.
BOB Haro started his Haro Co. in 1978 in Torrance, California
Mr.Haro is the Father of Freestyle BMX

This is arguably the most technically advanced riding type.
It is basically doing any tricks you can think up just on flat ground,
including spinning, rolling, scuffing and [a few] balancing tricks.
~~ A few Flatland Freestyle Trick Names - are:
Lawnmower - Balance Lawnmower - Stuble Duck - Funky Chicken Spastic,
Frount/Back Wheel Hoops - Frount Hops into Trackstand - Weed Whacker,
Cherrypicker - Boomerang - Floater Inverted Boomerang - Stall Boomerang,
Boomerankle - In-and Over - Biscuit - Double Bypass - 360 In-and-Over,
Flail Return - Overbuster - Decade - Slider-Into-A-Decade - Turnbucket,
Backside Walkaround - McApple Crate - Double Walkaround - Backwards Infinity Roll,
Circle Glide - Backwards Gutlever - Upside-Down Into an Antrider,
Spastic Seat Grinder - Undertaker - Miami Hopper - Backwards One-Footed Miami Hopper,
Miami Hop-Hops - FireHydrant - Backwards FireHydrant - FireHydrant Into Pedalpicker,
Double FireHydrant Into Decade Into Boomerankle - Windsurfer - Walk-Up Surf,
Grip Ride - Scarlo Squeak - Backyard - No-Handed Backyard - Side Glide,
Funky Chicken - Pinky Squeaks - Circular SideSqueaks - 540 Switzerland Squeaker,
Frount-Wheel-Spin Into Wilkerwhip - Spastic Forkwheelie - ~FOR MORE
( See FAQ #[-020-] How do you learn tricks? )

This is just what the name suggests. Doing tricks on mini ramps,
spines, sub-boxes, banks, quarter pipes, jump boxes etc
Ramp plans can be found at [-019.3-] Ramp Plans & Ramp Building Info
( Also See FAQ #[-020-] How do you learn tricks? )

Vert involves doing airs and lip tricks on a half pipe or vert ramp.
~~ A few Vert Freestyle Trick Names - are:
Alley Oop - Tabletop Air - One Footer - One Hander - X-Up - Cancan Footplant,
Flipper - 270 Drop-in - Hop Drop-ins - 360 Flyout - Flyout - Abubaca - Footplant,
G-Turn Rollout - Backwards Abubaca - One-Hand One-Footer - One-Hand One-Footer invert,
One-Footed Wheel-Grabber - Opposite One-Hand One-Footer - Opposite One-Hand One-Footer Invert,
One-Footer - Topside One Footed X-Up - One-Footed X-Up - No-Footer Invert,
No-Hander - One-Hand No-Footer - Fakie Air - Fakie Footplant - Fakie X-Up,
No-Handed Fakie - Cancan lookback - No-Footer Cancan - One-Hand No-Footer Cancan,
Rocket Air - Switch Hander - Candybar Air - No-Footed Candybar Air - Indian Air,
540 Air - No-Hander Into A No-Footer - ~FOR MORE
( See FAQ #[-020-] How do you learn tricks? )

Riding trails is basically riding through a section of several dirt
jumps in a row. Just get a shovel, pile some dirt up and huck yourself
into the air with reckless abandon.
( See FAQ #[-020-] How do you learn tricks? ) & Also
( See FAQ #[-022-] How to Build a BMX Track and BMX Dirt Jumps )

This is using any object in the street to do tricks on.
Banks,Walls, ledges, rails, steps etc are all things to ride.
A note to people who ride bmx street,
Look out for
They can be hell to you, if you know what I meen.
( See FAQ #[-020-] How do you learn tricks? )

[-019.3-] Ramp Plans & Ramp Building Info

Want to build your own ramp? Listed here is some
good Ramp Plans and How To Build A Ramp Link sources.

BMX Ramp Plans On The Internet: Gene`s BMX News:

BmxTrix How to build Ramps by -
Heckler Magz Ramp Plan
Ramp Building FAQ
Ramp Plans Dot Org
Ramp Plan
The Beginners Guide To Building Ramps & Resources

For how to build a ramp this site has d/l`s for step by step.
Or You Can Down Load Each Plan As A Zip File...
Links to Ramp Plans at B.R.O.-
Or You can try the -

[-020-] How Do You Learn Tricks?

Look at lots of freestyle videos and tips. I think in the majority of cases,
flatland is the only form of freestyle that tips really make a difference.
But for most other things it is usually a case of practicing until you get
the trick down. And before you ask, bunny hopping is just a case of
practicing and practicing. There's no other way I couldn't bunny hop at all.
Now I can bunny hop 2 foot. All I did was practice.
Bunnyhop HELP? The monster bunnyhop article! " Bmx Basics" site has posted a pretty
comprehensive article on bunnyhopping. Complete with over 60 photos and
5 Quicktime movies. Direct link to the article is at

Manuals:- I find that it's best to have you butt low and far back and your front
wheel low, than having you butt high and your front wheel high.In other words get
you butt near to your tire. I suddenly got a lot better at manuals after watching
Joey Garcia on 'American Muscle'. Maybe he has a good technique. Keep one finger
on your brake. If you have problems with leaning to one side, focus your vision
on a particular point and you should head towards it.

Lots of How to`s on BMX Freestyle tricks can be found at.
BMX Trix -

23 Mag - ( tricks )

~~~ Videos
Props -
Transit Video Magazine -
Lots Of Other good BMX video clips On The web at:
BMX Videos Web List Index -

[-020.0-] BMX Demonstration Shows At And For Events

Companies or BMX places that do demonstrations at an event? - Washington State.

Organize a Bike Rodeo By getting community agencies
and organizations thinking about bike safety, See:

[-020.1-] BMX Training Clinics

How To Develop Good BMX Racing Strategy by Gene`s BMX
( )

For BMX freestyle trainging and lots of other stuff,

For BMX racing check out the training Clinics/camps at:

BMX Training Systems is proud to offer a number of
BMX coaching and BMX training services to the global
BMX community. -
Other Trainging Clinics:
For more about BMX Trainging Clinics surf
Gene`s BMX links list or do a web search at:

[-020.2-] BMX Starting Gate Info

I am trying to find a starting gate dose any
one have one for sale or know where to find one?

How to Build a BMX Practice Starting Gate ( with photos & links to others ) ( for your private use )
"This also lists alot of places to find parcticegate gates on down the page"

For the BMX Track its self, Get hold of the
ABA, NBL, UCI and see what they say for
your area. Alot of the bmx tracks do use
Pro-Gate its a good start but a bit spendy.

Pro-Gate - Pro Stuff -
Get A Gate Custom BMX Gates

Also some tracks build there own gates that
somewhat look like the Pro-Gate to save cost.
Have a look at Moses Lake, Washington BMX Track.

Photos - Moses Lake, Washington BMX Start Gate/Hill - Index 1 Of Photos. - Index 2 Of Photos.

Building your own gate can be cheep or it can also be spendy aswell.
Building it your self you get to see your hard work at the end. + fun.

TARA CONTROLS: BMX gate controls.
Tara Corp.they are the folks that make the systems for both the ABA
and NBL Tracks,

For ABA and NBL Starting Gate Cadence Sounds Wav Files see:
BMX FAQ - [-028.1-] .Wav Sound Files

~ BMX Starting Gate & Start Hill Design Plan

I am shore there are alot more places and tips and trick.
A good idea is to ask a hand full of BMX Track Operators
out there on what they use. Most will help guide you to what
they use but makes for some good ideas on what to use/build.


Beijing Olympic Competition Depends on Parker Technology
( | )
A patented starting gate design that uses Parker
technology is winning recognition throughout the
world of BMX bicycle racing, including the 2008
Olympics in Beijing. The ProStuff® straight eight
starting gate has been selected as the official
start gate for Olympic BMX contests. ( More )

Pneumatic BMX Gates Go To The Beijing Olympics
Waltham, MA - 03/13/2007 -- When BMX racing makes
its Olympic debut at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing,
the riders will kick off each race through a patented pneumatic
starting gate. Thanks to its advanced electronic controls, this
Pro-Gate design has set a new repeatability standard for the
Olympics and any other BMX competition sanctioned by the
International Cycling Union (UCI). - ( More )

[-021-] What Do You Need To Get Started In BMX? & BMXology

A bike- obviously.
First and foremost you will need a good helmet.
A helmet that will to cover the temple area and ears.
BMX is different from other forms of bicycle racing,
in that the riders are all in close proximity and there is the danger of falling.
This is for your riders safety.{See-Bike laws and bike riding safety}
The only additional items are long sleeve shirt or jacket,
long pants and shoes. Elbow pads, knee pads and shin guards.
Gloves are recommended.
gloves- If you start riding lots and don't wear gloves your hands will get
blisters and you won't be able to ride. After a while your hands will get
tougher and you might prefer not to wear gloves.
shin pads- It can suck not wearing them even if you just slip your pedals.

Also see: How To Get Started BMX Racing

***~~~ BMXology ~~***
(Berm) - A banked corner.
(Cadence) - A string of words a starter uses to prepare riders for the drop of the gate.
(Drop-Off) - A steep drop in the race track.
(Gate) - Riders line up behind the gate for the start of the race.
They go when it drops.
(Holeshot) - Taking lead position out of the gate.
(Infield) - The entire area that is enclosed by the track's perimeter fence.
(Jofa) - Plastic mouth protector that snaps on to an open-faced helmet.
(Main) - The final moto of a particular class to decide who wins.
(Mini) - Smaller, lightweight racing products made for younger riders.
(Moto) - A single race taking place in one of the initial rounds of racing.
Riders not qualifying for the finals are eliminated from competition only
after completion of all the motos (normally three).
(Perfect) - When a rider places first in all his motos,in a particular class at an event.
(Proficiency) - Rider's skill level: Rookie ,Novice, Expert , Pro.
(Rad) - Wild, insane, crazy.
(Rollers) - A series of bumps - 3, 4, 6, and 8 packs of them.
(Slingshot) - An illegal gate start that helps you get out of the gate faster.
(Speed Jump) - A little jump on the track that is faster to ride over.
(Squirrely) - Not in control, wobbly.
(Staging Area) - Relates to the area, behind the start line, where the riders line-up.
In BMX racing, the next race starts immediately after the previous race finishes.
(Sweeper) - A flat curve on a track.
(Swoop) - To pass someone in a turn.
(Tabletop) - A jump with a long flat top. Some are as low as 2 or 3 feet,others are as high as 6 feet.
(Transfer) - Qualifying for the semi or main events.
(Whoop-De-Doos) - Three or more short jumps placed one after the other.
(20-inch) - The normal category for BMX racing, indicating a 20 inch wheel.
(24-inch/Cruiser Class) - A separate class form the traditional BMX 20 inch,
using bikes with, not surprisingly, 24 inch wheels.

A Glossary of BMX TERMS - Terms are listed in Alphabetical order

[-022-] How To Build A BMX Track And BMX Dirt Jumps

For Building a BMX Racing Track- See:

The ABA - American Bicycle Association -
ABA Potential Track Information - & Start_a_Track.pdf
ABA BMX Track Dimensions -
Some Photos of The 2004 ABA Grand Nationals BMX Track in Tulsa, Ok.
Being Built Via -

The NBL - National Bicycle League -
NBL Start a BMX Track Information -

The UCI - International Cycling Union -
UCI BMX track building guide -

TRAX SN JENKS - BMX Track Building & Necessary Information, Advice
A Case Study - Building a BMX Track - photo step by step
BMX Track Maintenance - improve and maintain a BMX track
Tracks will incur a lot of wear and tear with constant use and
consequently the surface will erode away. Therefore the top coating
of dust will need resurfacing. It is advisable to re-dust and compact
the track surface every 4 months or as needed. For more information -

Planning a BMX Track? Wicksteed BMX Track system planning, track design

BMX track projects? especially with on public land.
A article -

~~~ BMX Dirt Jumps
How To Build BMX Dirt Jumps

Some good websites to check out , How to Build Dirt Jumps
Trails, Trail Building , Trick and Jumping Tips,Articles:
( How to build Dirt Jumps - )
( EXPERT - )
Other sites
Dirt Jump Petition by BRO -

The BMX sanctions will not do much with just a stand-a-lone
dirt jump track/park as the sanctions are in to organized racing.

A stand-a-lone dirt jump track/park when its built whom ever is
on there own. If a city or town puts just a dirt jump track in
a park it is a recreational dirt jump track, a few lumps of dirt
in a park or a left over out of date BMX race track, Depending on
what state you are in liability coverage could eat you up big time
but in some states the liability can fall under parks and rec stats,
some what like how all of them skate parks are put out there in parks.

Competitions and events on a stand-a-lone dirt jump track, you are
much on your own if that is your plans. There are NOT any BMX freestyle
sanctions in the USA as of today. BMX dirt jumping does fall under the
categories of BMX freestyle.

Advocate for public riding areas for BMX such as skatebord parks at:
See ( FAQ #[-022.1-] Advocate public BMX riding areas, Skateparks ...Below...)

[-022.1-] Advocate Public BMX Riding Areas, Skateparks In Your Community

Email Questions First.....

***~~~ A Email to Genesbmx, Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 13:39:52 -0500 ~~~***
My name is Mark Rowell and I am the assistant manager at the Carolina Ice Palace in
Charleston, SC. We have an outdoor skate park that we call the Courtyard Skatepark.
We have not in the past allowed bikes in the park, but starting soon we are
going to allow them.I was wondering if you could give me any information that
you had on this subject to me to help educate us so that this can be done right
and so that the Bikes can say. it took a while to convince our owners to do this but
it happened also one of the major concers we had was damage to the park due to pegs
from the bikes. I have heard some stuff about covers fo the pegs, can you help me
with any info for this. Also our park is about 17,000 square feet what would you
consider a safe amount of riders in the park at one time? And what kind of
equipment should we require the riders to wear and what do places normally
make them wear? Thanks for you help and we hope that we can help promote the sport.
Sincerely,Mark Rowell Asst. Manager Carolina Ice Palace

***~~~ A Email to Genesbmx, Date:Thu, 6 Dec 2001 14:25:05 -0500 ~~~***
I attended a Parks Advisory Committee meeting last night and
submitted a rough proposal for a dirt jump park in Port Townsend,WA.
Their response was to ask for a more complete proposal to be
submitted January 9th. I saw on the BRO site that Wenatchee has been
working on a similar initiative and I'm searching for info and
documents so I don't have to reinvent the wheel. Another part of the
proposal is gathering names and addresses of potential patrons, just
as a show of support. Not really a petition, just a list to make the
city and chamber of commerce drool a little bit. If you have any
info or want to submit/gather any addresses, that would be much
appreciated. Thanks, Sky Stewart | Trove Productions
1604 Umatilla - Port Townsend, WA 98368 (360) 385-0620

OK - The Help~~~~~~~~~

To get something going ( BMX track, Dirtjumps, SkatePark, exta.. ) in your Community,
If your out side of the Wenatchee and or Washington State area.
I can not help you much more than online info,
If your in the Wenatchee area and want to get something going,
Please send me an email. I will try to back you up as much as I can.

Here is a sorta of a start to get you going.

BMX and Skateparks: ( How the two can-and should-mix ): ( BMX Vs. Skatepark )
Fair Play - BMX riders shouldn't be excluded, Regarding Liability Insurance,
Revised Code of Washington State RCW 4.24.210

Eastern Washington Skate Parks - An Alphabetized Directory List

Advocate for public riding areas for BMX such as skatebord parks at:
The BMX Riders Organization (BRO) Website:

Dirt Jump Petition by BRO -
For Building a BMX Racing Track & How to Build Dirt Jumps
See ( FAQ #[-022-] ....Above....)

Approaching City Hall by BRO -

BRO Resources List -

BMX Skatepark Fact Sheet
A resource to use when approaching your city council.

********** BMX and Skate Parks Access Page **********
To help riders gain equal treatment and equal access to public skateparks.

All across America, bicycles are being denied access to riding areas designed
for their use, namely 'public' skateparks. These parks are funded by tax dollars,
yet not all tax-paying citizens are allowed to use them. So - "Do something about it!"
Here are some HELP tips for you.

The Start-Intro
The goal of this is to help guide you through the process of getting a bike-friendly
skatepark built in your town, or to get bikes allowed into an already-existing skatepark.( More )

Getting A Skate Park
If your city doesn’t have a skatepark at all, it’s time to get that changed.
Here are the basic steps to guide you along the way. ( More )

BMX Skate Park Facts
This list of facts will help you when you contact the City Council or Parks and Recreation Board.
When they ask you questions like, “Don’t bikes hurt the skatepark?” you can answer back with a number
of answers from this list. Don’t turn it into an us-against-them situation. Just state facts and ask to be heard.
~fact~ A BMX track is not the same as a skatepark. BMX tracks are used exclusively for racing, which is
far less popular than ramp riding. Also, the dirt-jumping aspect of BMX is completely different from skatepark
riding. Dirt jumps have limited opportunities for tricks compared to skatepark ramps, and require a great deal
more maintenance. ( More )

Letter To The Government
Raising awareness about bikes in skateparks is very important, and you need to
let your elected officials know that it is a concern in their community. ( More )

The City Council Meeting
Getting a publicly funded park built means you have to work within your local
governments, and the most important thing you can do is make a presentation
at a city council meeting. Attitude is Everything - attitude can make or brake you ( More )

Getting Local Support
If there is an existing skatepark in your city, only actual residents will be able to get the rules changed
to get bikes into the park. so the more people you get behind your cause, the better. ( More )

Petition To Allow BMX Bicycles Into Skate Park
A copy of a petition for you to print out.
Take this petition everywhere you go and have everyone sign it. ( More )

~~Other good references....
The Skatepark Association of the USA
Skateparks, not just for skaters anymore?
Skatepark Magazine -
Petitions - "Power of the People" -;config=words=bmx

[-022.2-] BMX Grants and Fundings Information

There is not to many places that gives out grants for BMX.
Some tips and places to find grants or help in funding BMX.
Check with town/city/county/state offices like your parks and
rec, exta. and see if they have any kind of grants to help you
out. Also look in to school grants as BMX in some places
can be used as an after school program for the kids.
Other than that, hit up some of the top dog stores around your
area and ask for support for BMX ( BMX track - Skatepark )

Here listed are some sources found on the web that
can and may help in your quest to find BMX Grants.
( this is inter-mixed bmx, skatepark, bicycling + more )

Bikes - Grants Program!
Bikes Belong Coalition, whose mission is putting more people on
bicycles more often, accepts requests for funding of up to $10,000
for facility, capacity, and education projects. Bikes Belong also
accepts successor proposals from previously funded projects.
Bikes Belong - Grants Program:
Bikes Belong - Grant Seeker's Guide:
Bikes Belong - Grants Awarded:
Bikes Belong - FAQ:
Bikes Belong - Who Can Apply:

Wal-Mart Grants Information Sources ( click on "Community" ) -&-

The G.I. Joe's Foundation -
G.I. Joe's Foundation to provide financial support to qualified
charitable 501 (c) (3) youth sports, youth outdoor and youth active
organizations in the form of cash contributions and donations."
Primary mission of the Tony Hawk Foundation is to promote quality,
public Skate Parks in low-income areas throughout the United States.

Fundraising for a Skatepark ( good hint tips for bmx )
Practical advice raising funds for a skate park

KaBOOM!.org Playground Project! ( About KaBOOM! )
Kaboom Opportunities - Skatepark BMX Program Sponsorship

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[-023-] Which Bike Shop Should I Buy From? & What Bike Do I Get?

Support your local Bike shop!.
What is the difference between a bicycle shop bike and a department store bike?
Department store bikes have one advantage over quality bicycles ...price.

You can get a bike for less than $100 That's where the advantage ends.
If your objective is to save money, then a bicycle shop bike is still cheaper.
Once you roll your new heavy, poorly adjusted, non-warranted "bike" home,
then the real expense begins. The first stop will come when you have to take
the monster to the local bike shop to have it adjusted properly.
The local shop will not do this for free as they do with the bicycle you buy from them.
The next expense will come steadily as you bend and break the various components
on the bike.This isn't a prediction, it's a guarantee.
Bicycle shops repair department store bikes 10-1 over any other quality bike.
The parts are made cheaply and of sub-par materials so they can attract the first
time buyer with a low price.

Bike shop bicycles are designed and built with quality materials and components meant
to last a lifetime.That is why reputable bike manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty
on their bikes. Bicycle shops are required to offer professional assembly and service.
Bike shop bikes are not assembled by stock boys, but by real cycling enthusiasts.
a bike shop only sell bicycles, and so they know them inside and out.
If you want a toy, go to Wal-Mart; if you want a bicycle, Go to a Bike Shop.

I only have $250 for a bike, what bike do I get?
Well you get what you pay for, less you get a good deal.
For a nice good bike that will last it will cost you about
$400 - $800 depending on what model and brand you get.
Ther are tuns of names out ther. Schwinn/GT, Haro, Redline,Exta...
all are nice names in the world of BMX, your local Bike shop can help
you figger out what one you want,Depends on what kind of riding you plan on doing,
( See FAQ #[-019.2-] What are the different bmx riding types? #1,-7, )
To figger out what riding you wish to do.....What models do you recommend?
It is your choice on what you want to ride, Go with whatever brand you like.

Support your local Bike shop if you can.

National Bicycle Dealers Association - Dealer Finder
To find a list of specialty bicycle retailers in your area,
Enter a zip code and then click "go" -

In Washington State - Some lists of bike shops at:
( check a phone book for a bike shop in your area, OR
DexOnline Internet White and Yellow Pages )
If they only stock a few items like innertubes etc,
pester them to get more stuff in. If your local shop fails, go mail order. / / Staff BMX /
Or Surf the BMX links list for other mail order sites.

[-023.01-] Thinking Of Starting A BMX Company?

~ Thinking Of Starting A BMX Company? - Frames, Parts, Bike Shop exta.
Many BMX companies particularly the rider owned ones don`t make it to fare.
But with alot of inspiration and money backing you maybe you can go up like
the larger companies GT, Schwinn, Haro, exta. - Do you have alot of money?
Well, money is what it takes, it can make you or it can brake you, BMX companies
can be fun if everything works out, but do you have what it take to run a
BMX bicycling company? The most of people out there in the world don`t.
Well here are some places for some tips for you........ Good Luck,

Even if you are thinking of doing it on the side or as a 'hobby',
research it and write a real business plan. And idea is to Contact
the SBA for help. They have a lot of good information and advice.
Starting a business can be an exciting venture offering many rewards.

How To Start A Company -
National Bicycle Dealers Association -
Bicycle Product Suppliers Association -

A true Who's Who of top bicycle retailers and suppliers
who are committed to growing their businesses - and yours.
InterBike Expo -
This is one of the best places once a year where a big hand full
of bicycle retailers and suppliers show up to, and it is a good
place to ask alot of questions to them on how tos or what evers.

Are you an certified bicycle mechanic?
United Bicycle Institute - Ashland,Oregon usa for
Bicycle Mechanics School Offering Mechanic Certification and Frame Building.

The North American Hand Made Bicycle Show is a simple one.
Showcase the talents of the best builders of handmade bicycle
frames in the world. Whether they are well known or unknown,
no matter the material of choice. It is worth checking them out.
See - for Information.

[-023.1-] EBay To Sale and Buy Used & New Bikes & Items Online

Online - The best place to sale and buy your used & new bikes and parts is: Buy, Trade, Sale, "found to be the best"!
Ebay was founded in September 1995, - The World's Online Marketplace
for the sale of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals
and businesses. Today, the eBay community includes tens of millions of
registered members from around the world. People spend more time on eBay
than any other online site, making it the most popular shopping destination
on the Internet. Search keywords are:( bmx, bicycle, schwinn, exta....)

( = BMX -&- = Schwinn )

Some Tips to Begin Selling and KEY notes to Buying stuff on Ebay:( 001 - 005 )

001 - Choose your Inventory -
Most sellers start with branded, well known products and accessories
such as saddles, pedals and wheels. Unused distressed or overstocked
items are a good place to begin. ( bmx, bicycle, schwinn, exta....)

002 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -
Ebay buyers like to see what they are buying. Provide multiple
photos ( different angles, close-ups, ) of the products.

003 - Down and Dirty -
Details are even more important to online selling than they are in brick
and mortar stores. Thoroughly describe the products features and include
technical information. Include payment options and shipping and handling costs.

004 - Watch Your Rep. -
As in Reputation. Ebay buyers put a lot of stock in customer feedback .
Even one or two negative reviews could ruin a sellers business. And as
for individuals buying stuff, should be on the look out for negative reviews.
A negative review should bring out the red flags that the seller does not
have shuch a good reputation in selling products on ebay, buyers beware!.

005 - Stay Informed and Educated -
Go to -
for instructions on how to start selling and to view the PACE directory.
Good Luck :)

[-024-] BMX Bicycle Tune Up And Repair Problems

All work on a bike should be carried out by a certified bicycle mechanic.
United Bicycle Institute - Ashland,Oregon usa for
Bicycle Mechanics School Offering Mechanic Certification and Frame Building.

The North American Hand Made Bicycle Show is a simple one.
Showcase the talents of the best builders of handmade bicycle
frames in the world. Whether they are well known or unknown,
no matter the material of choice. It is worth checking them out.
See - for Information.

Industries:Manufacturing:Custom Frames Links Dir.

For bike tools : Parktool Does Have a Bike Repair and Maintenance Map /
Bike Repair and Maintenance by Parktool is a nice how to site.

For flat tires check out -

( This is the best how to`s found for a BMX on the web. ) *UPDATED! 2007
For Free Internet Presentation "That Shows You How To Fix BMX Bicycles".
How to fix your BMX bike-problems, step by step how to`s With photos +,
Links to the Dragonfly is listed/hosted via the World Wide Web Archives.
Some URL`s and some Photos via in some of the pages may not be work-able.
check out : Click-able Bike.
See The Dragonfly BMX Presentation Pages:
Cranks/bottom brackets 1-piece | Cranks/bottom brackets 3-piece
Tires/tubes | Rims | Front wheel | Rear wheel | Front hub | Rear hub |
Fork | Fork dropouts | Headset | Stems | Rotor/Gyro | Handlebar | Grips |
Brake levers | Front brake | Rear brake | Seat-tube | Seatpost clamp | Seatpost |
Seat | Pedals | Chain | Chain wheel | Freewheel/rear sprocket | Pegs |

Cable Detangler SST/OGRY-type - Cable Installation & Adjustment
"Schwinn_BMX_juvenile_om.pdf - Bicycle Owner`s Manual". This Manual has rotor how tos in it, ( members)
( PLEASE NOTE this is a .PDF file ) You will need to view it with Acrobat Reader
Also this same .PDF file can be found at:

Answer BMX Pro-Forx How To + Info

BMX Bicycle Racing Gear Ratio Charts

Bike Sizing at:

Online Spoke Length Calculator

Helpful Tips by Dan`s Comp -'s Freecoaster Maintenance Guide
-- Taska Hub Adjustment
-- Taska Hub Overhaul/Regreasing
-- Suntour Diagram
-- Odyssey/Haro Freecoaster Overhaul
-- Nankai Hub Adjustment
-- Nankai Hub Overhaul
-- Nankai Hub Maintenence 2

( Ancers to lots of bicycle repairs & maintenance questions )
Sheldon Brown has written many articles on cycling, repairs, maintenance,
etc., and put them up on his web site. See the links below for more information.
*Sheldon Brown's web pages*

Fix your bike step by step via Bicycling magazines
Bike repair and maintenance -
Bicycle Repair Guide and Service Instruction Directory -
Bicycle Maintenance Guide -
Bicycling Maintenance & Technical Books -
Bicycle Maintenance Guide -
Bicycling 101 -
How Bicycles Work -
How to box a bicycle -
How to fold a tire with out damaging the bead -


Dan`s Comp - TECH HELP! Instructions are to be used as a guide only.

Paints & Coatings & Colors, Product Info
Smoked Chrome Info.

Discussion - Vintage Bicycle Dating a bike by Serial # at:
Schwinn Serial Number Links 1-4:

Bike Maintenance for BMXer's. How to fix your bike:
Brake Guide -
KMC Chain Guide -
Bike Geometry 101 -

Redline Flight Cranks Installation Instructions

Helpful hints courtesy of Revolution Bikes

Somewhats of BMX tech help,

***~~~ BMX Maintenance/Repair tips ~~~***
(This is chich chat taken from all over the web,)
( also check the above info/links for more info on each topic)

Wheel Sizes
Different size bikes require different size wheels.
Each wheel's size (with the exception of 700c road wheels)
is designated by its diameter, in inches.

12-inch, 16-inch and 20-inch wheels are mostly used for kids' bikes.
although BMX bikes traditionally use 20-inch rims.

24-inch wheels are used on some of our smaller adult bikes,
and some of our larger kids' bikes. BMX Cruisers also use 24" rims.

26-inch wheels are used on our full-size mountain bikes.

700c wheels are commonly used on road bikes.
You'll find 700c wheels on some of our adult comfort bikes,
which will let you run high-pressure road tires for higher performance on pavement
(less rolling resistence = "smoother" ride on hard surfaces).
Are you doing some Wheel Building ? Check out -
"Wheel Building Masterclass"
Wheel building by Sheldon Brown

How much air should I put in my bicycle's tires?
Your bicycle has the answer to that one.
The amount of air a tire needs depends on the tire's size and the type of riding it's
intended for. Just take a look at your bicycle's tires-the recommended pressure
will be molded into the sidewall, that section of the tire that runs between the tread and the wheel rim.

Useing Sealer/Green Slime in your tire tubes? -
I do agree that Slime wrecks pressure gauges and makes
for unbalanced tires and its messy too....
But here in Eastern Washington we have little stickers called goatheads ,
Less one uses a tire sealer, as one rides a bike in the area.
on road or off road/dirt exta., you will get a flat , no questions,
The green slime aplyed in to a TR tube and rubber tire liners is found
to work the best for this area.
It is a life saver if you take off riding and happen to get a goathead
in your tub/tire, least you can see that the green stuff spitting out
and sealing the hole. It works!
Manufactures putting it to a tube, Well that to me is a down fall,
As I see most shops and chain stores in this area sale them
that way now with the sealer in the tube already .
Ther is a maybe chance that with the manufacture tube with the sealer
slime in the tube that you get off the store shelf that it may not have
enuff of the green slime or sealer in it to do you good, SO....
Get a bottle of the green slime and added it to your tube your self,
as I like to know how much is add in my tube on my bike,
going by someone elses judgement on how much or less
just dont cut it for me when im out in the middle of nowhere
and happen to hit a goathead I like to know that the slim is ther in the tube,

No Tubes' Tubed Tires Tubelsee?
New-patented self-sealing rim strips - with the included sealing rim strips,
you are able to use UST tubeless tires on your standard rims with
no sealant OR make non UST tires tubeless with our sealant..
The Question is would UST tubeless tires work on a BMX 20" ?

My bicycle's wheel has developed a slight "wobble". How can I fix this?
Occasionally, a wheel will develop a slight "wobble" or "hop," which will
make it appear lopsided as it spins. Most of the time this can be fixed
by adjusting the wheel's spokes, a process known as "truing a wheel".

My bicycle's brakes squeal when I stop. What can I do to quiet them?
Most of the time, brakes squeal because the brake pads are out of adjustment.
It's easy to adjust the brake pads so they contact the wheel rim at the proper angle,
which usually solves the problem.

A-Headsets- How to run a potts mod front brake cable with A-Headset
DO NOT take the "star flanged nut" out of the forks--you need that
for preloading the headset--if you knock your forks loose,
you're screwed--it's a chore to get back in--it's like banging bearing cups in
--no fun. On top of that, don't even take the screw out, because then every
time your headset gets loose you have to take Get the Diatech aheadset.
It uses no star-flanged nut. Just a clamp that tightens your headset with
a 5mm allen bolt. How to stop your a-headset coming loose
The aheadset system does get loose once in a while. The best thing to do is get
really coarse sandpaper and sand the steerer tube and the inside of the stem
till it's nice and rough. I have to really slam to knock my head set loose.

For more on BMX Maintenance/Repair tips please see:

[-025-] Schwinn Bicycle Co. History & BMX Info

Schwinn has Over 100 Years of bicycle history and technology behind
them. Schwinn is an American icon. BMX is a popular sport of millions
of riders. It can trace its roots directly to Schwinn, with the first BMX
riders taking to the BMX tracks on modified Sting-Rays in the mid-1960s....

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Schwinn BMX Bicycles
01 - Schwinn Up-To-Date + History Source.
02 - What Year Is My Schwinn BMX Bike?
02.1 - Where Was My Schwinn Bike Made/Manufactured?
03 - How Much Is My Schwinn BMX Worth?- $Value?
04 - A Web Safety Tip For You - Serial Numbers.
05 - Schwinn BMX Decals And Stickers?
06 - Schwinn BMX Information And History Archives

01 - Schwinn Up-To-Date + History Source.

To answer some of your Schwinn qusetions, here is a small
run down history on where Schwinn is today, as there is a
lot of people out there quoting that Wal-Mart owns Schwinn.
Wal-Mart does "NOT" own Schwinn, is all Wal-Mart is and does,
is a Mass Market Retailer for Pacific Cycle. Wal-Mart just sales
some Schwinn bicycles just like a bike shop, but its a chain store.
Schwinn High-End Quality Bicycles are also still sold at bike shops
all around the world today. Schwinn Bicycles sold at IBD bike shops
are on Schwinn`s web site:

~~ Schwinn Bicycles History - A Rundown.

In 1895, Ignaz Schwinn and partner Adolph Arnold incorporated "Arnold,
Schwinn & Company" on October 22 in Chicago. Ignaz and Adolph couldn't
have dreamed that the company they envisioned as a simple transportation
business would blossom into one of America's most popular brands.

Early bikes weighed about 22 lbs. and cost between $100 and $125
- a lot of bike for a lot of money in the early 1900s! Manufacturing
advances in the 1920s allowed Schwinn to build and sell bicycles at
lower costs, thereby making bikes available to more consumers - including
children - for the first time. A new market was born and Schwinn was there.

In the next several decades, Schwinn made innovative strides such as
the bicycle balloon tire, the Aerocycle, the Cyclelock, springer forks
and the famous Black Phantom bicycle. The '50s saw celebrities like Bob
Hope, Bing Crosby and Ronald Reagan endorsing Schwinn bikes, but in 1964
Schwinn produced perhaps the most famous bicycle of all time: the Sting-Ray.

Kids across the country proudly cruised through neighborhoods with high-rise
handlebars, banana seats, Stik-Shifts and racing Slik tires. Schwinn literally
couldn't make enough of them. Various versions of the Sting-Ray were developed,
but perhaps the most popular were the 1968 Sting-Ray Krates. These muscle-car
era bikes were truly an American phenomenon. Every kid in America had a Sting-Ray
or wanted one.

In 1967, Ignaz gave Adolph the boot, and "Arnold, Schwinn & Company"
became the "Schwinn Bicycle Company," with the Schwinn family maintaining
full ownership of the Schwinn brand.

The late 1970s saw the BMX craze in full gear, and though the Sting-Ray
essentially fathered this style of bicycling, Schwinn came to the BMX dance
a little late. To make matters worse, Schwinn management saw the mid-'80s
mountain bike trend as a fad, and didn't jump into that game until many of
its competitors had surged ahead in the exploding category. Some tragic
writing was on the wall.

In 1993, the axe fell. Schwinn filed for bankruptcy and new owners Scott
USA and Zell/Chilmark Fund L.P. took over, moving the company from Chicago
to Boulder, Colorado just prior to Schwinn's 100-year birthday in 1995.

In 1997, Scott USA and Zell/Chilmark sold Schwinn to Questor Partners,
an investment firm, and in 1998, two old rivals formed a lucrative marriage.
In June 1998 Schwinn and GT bicycles joined forces to form the Schwinn/GT
Corporation. Things were looking swell, but the honeymoon didn't last long.
The Schwinn/GT Corporation filed for bankruptcy in June of 2001.

On September 11, 2001, Pacific Cycle, the nation's largest importer of
quality bicycles, purchased the Schwinn/GT Corporation out of bankruptcy
court, and united the two brands with the company's other quality lines
like Mongoose, Mongoose Pro, Roadmaster and Pacific.

Paired with these product lines and under new management, Schwinn
moved into mass retailers in 2002, effectively making high-quality
Schwinn products available where Americans shop most. Schwinn
also carries on the winning tradition of sponsoring world-class athletes
by featuring two-time X-Games Gold Medallist dirt jump king, TJ Lavin.

In 2004, Dorel Industries, Inc., a global consumer products company,
purchased Pacific Cycle. Pacific Cycle now operates as a division of
Dorel, and its headquarters remains in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Dorel Industries =
Pacifc Cycle =
Schwinn Bikes =

With the moves and a continued dedication to quality, forever
synonymous with the Schwinn name, America's most famous bicycle
brand looks forward to another century of quality, dependability and
performance. Schwinn continues to lead the industry with innovative
new bikes.

Also on September 11, 2001, Nautilus, Inc, The parent company
of Bowflex Fitness Equipment, purchased the Schwinn Fitness Division
out of the bankruptcy court, Nautilus, Inc., its headquarters is in
Vancouver, Washington and is a pure fitness company that provides
tools and education necessary to help people achieve a fit and
healthy lifestyle. Nautilus manufactures and markets a complete
line of innovative health and fitness products through direct,
commercial, retail, specialty and international channels.

Nautilus, Inc =
Schwinn Fitness =

The Company sells its Schwinn Fitness products, under
the Schwinn and Trimline brand names, and its Nautilus
consumer fitness products through retail athletic stores.

The Schwinn brand name, may it be Bicycles or Fitness,
It continues to lead the industry with its powerful name.

More information about Schwinn can be found at:

Gene`s BMX Schwinn Page
This has the latest Schwinn/GT News, Happings-Links

The Sale of Schwinn/GT Assets PRESS RELEASES!
The Schwinn/GT press releases are from to-date all the way
back to the purchase of GT Bicycles in 1998.(Lots of History)

Do you want to talk with other Schwinn and Schwinn Sting-Ray
and BMX enthusiasts? Where you can exchange news, ideas, photos,
links, experiences and more about Schwinn. - Join in and see the
latest Schwinn News and Happings from all aspects of Schwinn.
Schwinn Sting-Ray Forum at Yahoo! Groups - independent
Schwinn Bicycle Enthusiasts Forum - independent


02 - What Year Is My Schwinn BMX Bike?

Answer: Schwinn Bike Dating After 1965,

Schwinn serial number sequences, while appearing to be confusing on
first sight, follow several general rules. If the first letter is a "A" through
"M" it refers to production month ("A" = January, "B" = February, etc.).

The letters "I" and "O" are not used, to avoid mistaking them for numbers.
If there is only one letter in the first two positions, the first number or two
numbers refer to production year. Date Codes occupy the first two, three
or four positions in a serial number.

Mass produced Schwinn bikes have been data-coded since 1965 by the
first two letters in the serial number. The first letter tells production
month, the second tells production year.

Limited Production Schwinn Bikes include Paramount, Letour, and Sting
model names produced in the United States. The Paramount serial
numbers (1970 - 1979) included a production month letter followed
by two numbers indicating production year (79 = 1970, etc.).

The sequence was changed in 1981 when facilities were moved to
Wisconsin, to include the letter "W" followed by a production month
letter and several numbers, the first two signifying year of production
(81 = 1981, etc.). Example: D72130 = April 1972. LeTour (and Super
LeTour) numbers (1978-80 and 1982 on) include the letter "S" with
year of production (8 = 1978, 0 = 1980). Example: SC94653 = March,
1979. Sting 20" racing bikes have a production month letter "T" signifying
that it is a tri-oval frame (with three frame tube ends ovalized). Example:
F1T20404 = June, 1981.

Imported Schwinn serial sequences depend upon country of origin.
Bicycles from Japan have a production month letter in either the first
or second position and a production year number in the other (first or
second) position. Examples: J677123 = September, 1976. Taiwanese
imports have a separate date code number on the right rear fork end
that includes the letter "G" followed by a two-digit month code (01 =
January etc.) and two more digits for the production year (80 = 1980
etc.). Example: G04813 = April 1981.

Also Note that if your bike is after year 2001 the
Schwinn/Questor bankruptcy, It has been found that
( Pacifc Cycle ) bikes do not use this dating.

Also See: The Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line Web Page:
( )
This is a good source on how to find out the bike you have
or you thought you had.

Vintage Bicycle Dating A Bike By Serial Number at:
Schwinn Serial Number Links 1-6:

Schwinn Bike Dating Prior to 1965
It is not always easy to tell the exact year of bicycle manufacture.
Even today (except for serial number records) many models look
the same from one year to the next.

The following information will be helpful, considering the possibility that
equipment on an old bicycle (like the spring fork) can always be retrofitted
to an earlier bike and that older parts are often used for repair purposes.
A bicycle with schwinn wheels is not necessarily a Schwinn bicycle. (A-D)

(A) - Serial Number Location
1. - Pre - 1948 Serial records were destroyed in a 1948 office fire
2. - 1948 - 1951 Serial Numbers were stamped under the crank hanger
3. - 1952 - 1971 Numbers were stamped on the left rear fork end
4. - 1972 - Present Numbers are stamped on the head tube below the nameplate

(B) - Serial Number Dating
1. - Pre 1948 Numbers are not available
2. - 1948 - 1964 Numbers in no sequence
3. - 1958 - 1964 Serials included one letter followed by six digits

1. The letter indicates month (A is Jan., B is Feb. etc.)
2. The first digit indicates year (8 is 1958, and 9 is 1959)
3. Following five digits are in sequence for each month

(C) - Frame Design
1. - Cantilever frame patented in 1938
2. - Rear fork ends

1. - Track slot (to the rear) until 1945
2. - Fish hook (to the front) since 1946
3. - Flashwelding (butt welds on head and hanger projections) since 1958

(D) - Parts' Innovation
1. - Balloon tires since 1933 (with seperate inner tube)
2. - Cyclock (front fork steering lock) from 1936 to 1957
3. - Fore-wheel brake, 1937
4. - Spring fork, 1938 (also introducing Paramount, Superior Lightweights)
5. - Cycle Truck introduced in 1939
6. - Middleweights introduced in 1956
7. - Sting Ray introduced in 1963


02.1 - Where Was My Schwinn Bike Made/Manufactured?

A question that is asked alot, - Where was my Schwinn bike made?
The Schwinn bikes sold in the U.S. are made in Asia, many by Giant.

Schwinn was for many years the largest American brand.
All bicycles were made domestically until the late 1980's.

Schwinn is now owned by Pacifc Cycle + Dorel Industries,
who also owns GT, Mongoose, and the Pacific Cycle Bikes.
Pacific Cycle is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. USA.
with offices in Olney, Illinois and Lake Forest, California.
The company has distribution centers in Olney, Illinois, and
Vacaville, California.

Under Pacific's ownership, the Schwinn brand is returning to prominence.
Pacific sells more bicycles than any other brand in North America. However,
that includes Pacific brands sold at mass market WalMart, Target, etc.
Pacific Cycle, which does outsources its manufacturing to China and Taiwan.

The bikes sold in the U.S. are made in Asia, many by Giant Bicycle.

You may have ridden a bicycle made by Giant without knowing it!
Giant is the world's largest bicycle manufacturer with factories
in Taiwan, China, and Europe. Giant, a Taiwanese company started
in 1972, manufacturers their own bikes - including the carbon bikes,
which is unique in the industry (i.e., most other brands utilize
other manufacturers such as Advanced or Martec).

In addition to making their own bikes, Giant also makes, or has made,
bikes for many other prominent brands, including Trek, Specialized,
Schwinn, and Bianchi. Giant's claim to fame is that they have the most
sophisticated and efficient manufacturing facilities in the bicycle industry.

Source: Kerry Roberts, the owner of The Bicycle Company, the parent company
of Allanti Bicycle Company, the Bike Pedlar, and The Jolly Cyclist in Nashville,
Tennessee. He also provides consulting services to the bicycle industry. More at:
( Where was my bike made? Or, who actually made my bike? ) by Allanti Bicycle.

Other Info:
01/22/1996 - Comments: Bicycle Manufacturers Association Of America By: FTC.
comments submitted on behalf of the Bicycle Manufacturers Association
of America, Inc. in response to the Federal Trade Commission's notice
soliciting public comment on the FTC's policies relative to "Made in USA"


03 - How Much Is My Schwinn BMX Worth?- $Value?

There is NO Schwinn BMX Blue Book
on the values of what a bike is worth.

How ever, Schwinn over the years has had some
set MSRP price tags for some of the bmx bikes for the
dealers to sale them, But it has been found that them
price tags in numbers are difernt from bike shop to bike
shop over them years. So even going this rought to try
and price a value with a Schwinn BMX bike can be side
ways in alot of cases. But it can lead to the "about" price
range of when it was new.....

"What is the BMX bike worth to you?"- This is the best way to go.


04 - A Web Safety Tip For You - Serial Numbers.

It is not a good idea to be posting your serial number to your bike
on the world wide web. By posting it on the web, it is a good way
for a bicycle thieve to claim that it is his bike. - Just a nice heads up.


05 - Schwinn BMX Decals and Stickers?

Its the Schwinn BMX Decals and Stickers Quest:
Alot of people asking where they can find them,
- So Where?

First, Check as many of the older and newer Schwinn bike shops,
as the shops are more than likley are where you may find the
older decals if you are lucky in your quest to find them. A lot
of them are out there, you just have to - Hunt, hunt, hunt! hunt!

The easiest way to find a Schwinn bike shop near to you
is to go to the
and use the dealer locater. After that, a phone book will
help you to as some of the old dealers are not there any
more. Look in the phone book ads that says something like,
in business since 1950", go to the business and ask what
stickers they have buried in the back. - Next is the,
( Search = Schwinn ) -Or- ( Search = Schwinn Decals,Decal )
there are a good hand full of pages you may have to surf to find
what you are looking for. Alot of older and newer Schwinn Stickers
and Decals for alot of the Schwinn bikes can be found at ebay.

Also - Via Information On The Ask Schwinn FAQ Page:
Q25: Hey – send me some stickers.

A: If you'd like some stickers for your helmet, locker, or forehead,
please sent a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address
below. Please note, however, that we cannot fill requests for
specific decals, specific colors, or specific models. Pacific Cycle
Attn: Sticker Guy 4902 Hammersely Rd Madison, WI 53711

Good Luck in your quest to find Schwinn BMX Decals and Stickers.........

06 - Schwinn BMX Information And History Archives

The Sale of Schwinn/GT Assets Press Releases ( archives )

Gene`s BMX Schwinn Page -

Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line Page -

Schwinn Sting-Ray Bicycle Information Page -

Schwinn 2001 - 2002 Full BMX Bike Line Photo Page

~~~~~~~~ Schwinn BMX News Archive By Date:~~~~~~~~

09/11/2009 - Schwinn Launches 2010 Bicycles Line But Drops BMX
09/11/2008 - Schwinn Launches 2009 BMX Bike Line (Gene`s BMX)
09/21/2007 - Schwinn Launches 2008 BMX Bike Line
08/04/2006 - Schwinn Launches 2007 BMX Bike Line
09/23/2005 - Schwinn Launches 2006 BMX Bike Line
06/02/2005 - Schwinn Launches A New BMX Forums (Redirection)
12/03/2004 - A Rough Ride For Schwinn Bicycle (Washington Post)
08/30/2004 - Schwinn Launches 2005 BMX Bike Line
09/13/2004 - Man Hits It Big With New Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike Design (Gene`s BMX)
07/15/2004 - Schwinn`s New Sting-Rays Are A Surprise Hit (PR)
04/03/2004 - Schwinn Launches New Sting-Ray Chopper Bike Line
11/14/2003 - Schwinn Settles With Parents Of Injured Cumberland County Boy (PR)
02/03/2003 - Schwinn BMX Bike Starts Sales In Mass Market (Gene`s BMX)
09/23/1999 - GT Bicycles, Haro, Schwinn Get Miniature Bikes (Gene`s BMX)
03/03/1999 - Schwinn Cycling & Fitness Announce Recall Of BMX Bicycles (CPSC-Document)

00/00/0000 - Click Here For More Schwinn News Archived By Date (Gene`s BMX Schwinn PR`s)

About Schwinn -
Schwinn`s TJ Lavin -

Schwinn Japanese/Japan Web Site -

Schwinn and Sting BMX Patent - Schwinn Bicycle Company (Chicago, IL)
United States Patent Brilando 4,293,141 October 6, 1981
.JPG`s Of the Sting BMX Patent - Schwinn's Engineering department.
Sting-us004293141-001.jpg / Sting-us004293141-002.jpg / Sting-us004293141-003.jpg
Also see - Search in 1976 to present db for: Schwinn: 692 patents.

Schwinn Sting-Ray Patent
Patent number: D200040 | Filing date: Apr 15, 1964
Issue date: Jan 5, 1965 | Inventor: Robert O. Brown
Drawings Page -1 | Drawing Photo
Also see: Schwinn BICYCLE SEAT Frank P. Brilando Patent

~~~~~~~~ Other Schwinn Information Archives:~~~~~~~~

Schwinn Paramount History -
Schwinn Paramount Track Bicycle - c.1939-Chicago-#A194
Chicago Schwinns -
Fillet-Brazed Schwinn Bicycles 1938-1978 -
Schwinn Phantom Restoration -
Arnold, Schwinn & Co. The World Of Cycles - Chicago, IL
Schwinn Bicycle Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[-026-] BMX Online Games

BMX Games Online Games To Play Via Real Time Links:

09/23/2009 - News - A UCI BMX Racing Video Game Soon
01/01/2000 - News - Schwinn/GT Freestyle BMX PC Game
00/00/1986 - News - BMX Simulator Review

Sources And News - games
Sources And News - games
Sources And News -

BMX Real Time Online Game At Gene`s BMX:

BMX Real Time Online Game At Sikids:

Colacao BMX - awesome BMX shockwave game where
you have to ride around performing sick bmx tricks for points:

BMX Real Time Online Game At Teagames:
bmx back flips2:-
bmx back flips:-
bmx star:-
bmx ghost:-

Other BMX Games?

For Other And More BMX Games See:
* bmx games

Non BMX Fun Games Online:

Acrophobia Online Game! ( acrophobia logo.gif)
The infamous Online Game! ( The Game Is Closed Down )
The object of the game is to create funny, and witty or creative answers
to random acronyms. You score points based on how many people vote
for you and how quickly you entered your answer. ( links below archived )
* Acrophobia -
* Acrophobia Was Born -
* Bezerk Index -

Publisher: Berkeley Systems, Inc.
Game Category: Classics/Online-Puzzles PC
Media: Release Date Online: 10/01/1997
The online game of Acrophobia is a blast to play.
Acrophobia - Screenshots - Description Info

[-027-] BMX-Racing & Freestyle Photos/Pics Online

~ Free Photo Hosting Places + BMX Photos~
You may know of some others, but here are some starter places.

You can Create a photo album. It is Free!
ImageShack® is an easy-to-use free image hosting solution.
Share pictures with friends, as well as to post images on message
boards and blogs. It can also be used to direct link images on web
sites and online fourms. - This is the BEST place to use to post your
photo(s) for free in on any of the forums boards listed via on the
Pacific Northwest BMX Forums - Give it a try!

You can Create a photo album. It is Free! (Ad supported)
Photobucket provides free video and photo sharing. Easily host and
link your images and videos to social networks, auction sites, blogs,
and message boards. Photobucket is reliable and very easy to use.
Give it a try! -

Photos by Geneb - Gene`s BMX and some others at:
Gene`s BMX Webshot Photos Gallery:

Some BMX Photos In Washington State At:

Some good BMX Photos Of National BMX Races And Big Events at:
~~ Check Out The BMX Cool Photos Gallerys ~~
Photos - ABA Nor Cal Nationals Roseville, CA May 12th-13th, 2007 ...........
Photos - UCI Supercross #1 Madrid, Spain April 13th-14th, 2007 .................
Photos - NBL Easter Classic Orlando, Florida April 7th & 8th, 2007 ..............
Photos - NBL Gator National Sarasota, Florida March 31st & April 1st, 2007
Photos - ABA Winter Nationals Phoenix, AZ March 24th & 25th, 2007 ..........
Photos - ABA Silver Dollar Nationals Reno, Nevada January 6th & 7th, 2007 .
Photos - NBL X-Mas Classic Columbus, Ohio Dec 28th & 29th, 2006 ...........

Other Good Sites With BMX Photos Are:
A Hint note about BMX Photos:
Alot of BMX web sites out there that list photos,
A good idea is to surf BMX web sites to find them.
A good place to start surfing for BMX web sites at:

[-027.1-] BMX Video Clips, Movies & TV Online

A list of some places to down load Free bmx video clips.
Check out the - BMX Videos Web List Index Page! -

The best Free places found on the web to watch FULL Movies,
`Free Video-Movie Places And TV Channels Streaming Links'

~~~ Also See: Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - BMX History
BMX and or Freestyle themed movies and or with
BMX and or Freestyle included. This is a Index.

~~ Web Video Files Info & Viewing Players

Videos come in many formats "IE" the extensions at the end of a
filename. Here is an information Link on File Types on the web....

Windows Media Player (Download Center)
Windows media player that provides the best experience for discovering,
playing, and taking your digital entertainment anywhere on Windows XP-
based PCs and the widest choice of portable devices. (IE: WMV format).

Quicktime Player 6.5+ works well for viewing .mov files.
A free down load

DivX Play gives you everything you need to start watching high-quality
DivX videos including rented or purchased movies (Windows 2K/XP).
Down Load -

On some web sites you can right click and `Save As' the BMX video files
on to your PC hard drive and some you can not like Streaming Videos. So,

How To Save As, Streaming BMX Video Files Like On YouTube,.
For those of you interested in saving these types of BMX videos:
1. Use Mozilla/Firefox Browser instead of Microsoft I.E. Browser.
2. Download the DowloadHelper extension for Mozilla/Firefox Browser.
3. Most streaming videos like on Youtube, etc are in the .flv format and
windows media player will not play them. But It has been found that the
VLC Media Player plays .flv files, So also install the VLC Media Player.
4. Save and watch your favorite BMX videos as often as you like this way.

[-027.2-]"RAD" The 1986 BMX Movie Info

"RAD" the BMX Movie - The most famous BMX film ever made.
The classic BMX movie, Rad was released on: 03/21/1986.
Rad was filimed-shot in Calgary, Cochrane, Alberta Canada.
MPAA: Rated PG. Running Time: 91 mins. Language: English.
Box Office Total: $2,015,882. Rad Film Distributors are:
Nelson Entertainment. - Tri-Star Pictures. - Warner Bros.
Home Entertainment Group -

A hometown kid on his BMX against the best in the world. At Helltrack...
This film's for the BMX bike racers of the world. A small town is out
to raise funds by building a BMX racetrack and sponsoring a major race.
They sponsor their own small-town hero Cru (Bill Allen) who's up against
the big-monied sponsor's champion Bart Taylor (played by Olympic gymnast
-turned-actor, Bart Thomas). Bart's the bad guy here, who doesn't play
by the rules. The film's highlights are found in the stunt-filled race
sequences, where the two duel it out on their high-flying two wheelers. ~

Movie Trailers, Tagline, Plot Outline, Credited cast for Rad (1986)
Directed by Hal Needham written by Sam Bernard & Geoffrey Edwards
Rad 1986 IMDB entry: -

You Can Watch The Full Movie Rad 1986 For FREE In HD, or In Parts
on the web. Surf on down till you find and see the RAD 86 BMX movie
logo. Also some RAD BMX video clips and info are listed + Full Movie.
* ( RAD! )

Rad For Sale$ and info Search BMX", Rad The BMX Movie" to buy this movie. (1986) & amazon`s used & new
Rad Movie Posters -
Order a RAD T-Shirt -

Soundtracks for Rad BMX Movie
Soundtrack Album Available on MCA/Curb Records
Song listings -

~~ Music MP3`s from the Rad Soundtrack to download?
Douglas Brayfield - Love Theme From Rad
Hubert Kah - Get Strange
Jimmy Haddox - Baby Come Back
John Farnham - Break The Ice.mp3
John Farnham - Thunder In Your Heart.mp3
Real Life - Send Me An Angel
Sparks - Music That You Can Dance To
The Beat Farmers - Riverside
The Charm Kings - Caught Up In The Crossfire.mp3 *
3-Speed - Wind Me Up

* The Charm Kings - Caught Up In The Crossfire.mp3
This .mp3 file is hosted via on NCW-BMX web site, under music.

* RAD Soundtrack:-
~ Hint Note: If you use the Mozilla/Firefox Web Browser, you can use the
DowloadHelper extension to download the music .MP3 files from web page.

Rad Movie Reviews, Storys & Stuff
RAD`s 25th Anniversary Event August 2011

Theres an online petition to get the movie "RAD" on DVD.
Click on the link to sign the petition. *

05/11/2008 - Gene`s BMX News - 1986 RAD BMX Movie DVD Online Petition?
Cob-webs are growing on that Rad online petition. The RAD online petition
was started back in year 2002 and it has made its rounds on the web over
the years. Wow! on that one since Gene`s BMX name is number SIX listed
on the petition in support. - But It looks funny for them Google Adds to be
showing sales for the RAD movie via on a DVD when this Petition is asking
for the movie Rad to be added on to DVD. Whats the point of this petition
if Google Adds already has the Rad on DVD and it is for sale. Here is a
photo screen rip *

On an added note: If you are someone that uses P2P like LimeWire or Kazaa,
If you do a search, like key words "RAD bmx" there is a good chance you can
find the full BMX Movie RAD .avi file to down load. Its a big file and it will
take you some time to down load it. But its well worth your time to d/l and watch.
( The full BMX Movie RAD .avi file is 694 MB | 711,140 KB in size. )
ACC - |
Divx Viewing Player -

Google Search: Rad BMX Movie:
Google Groups -
Google Web -

For More BMX Movies See: Internet Movie Database (IMDB) - BMX History Index
BMX and or Freestyle themed movies and or with a BMX bicycle included movies.

[-027.3-]* Web Cam`s At BMX Tracks

* Web Cam`s at BMX Tracks - Are any Internet Web Cam`s at the BMX Tracks?

** A Quote On How To Produce Live Streaming BMX Web Casts:
( ) that is if anyone is
interested in doing a Live Streaming BMX Web Casts from a track.

2009 Live BMX Racing Web Casts Information.
Lots of people asking about free open source live bmx web casts.
Is anyone doing live bmx web casts? There is not to many but a few.
Here is what we know of for the free open live BMX web casts. ( More )

Colorado River BMX Track in Bullhead City, Arizona hosts a cool free
LIVE Web Cast Feed of there BMX Race events.. BMX racing can
be seen on the web on Friday's at 8:00pm to 10:00pm Mountain Time...
Colorado River sets a nice prime example to what other BMX
Racing Tracks could be doing on the World Wide Web to help in getting
more people out to the tracks by showing off BMX Racing on the web...
The web cast is free open source, No membership hoop jumping to watch
people can just surf in to watch at will. Thumbs up Colorado River BMX.
* ( Colorado River BMX Live Web Cast Feed w/ Chat + Replay Videos )

Utah hosted some Live Streaming Video Web Cast
January 2007 making Utah the first ever Independent
ABA BMX track and BMX web site to host a live internet web
cast feed from a BMX race event. The BMX Events And Live
Web Casts Was A Big BMX Success. Utah Live
Web Cast Link - ( )
*** Commission Votes To Install Cameras At Skate Park ***
Great Falls, MT (AP) -- 04/08/2004
Big Brother will soon be watching the skateboarders at Riverside
Railyard. Great Falls city commissioners voted unanimously to buy
a $33,325 digital surveillance system from Rocky Mountain Hi Fi
for the facility that opened three weeks ago. ( More )
*** Woodinville Park Launches Web Cam For Virtual Visitors ***
Woodinville, Washington -- 04/07/2004
A new Web camera at the Woodinville Rotary Skate/BMX Park
went live yesterday, allowing kids and parents to log onto the citys
Web site at and see what's happening.

The camera projects live, full-motion video, enabling people to
watch skateboarders and BMXers do tricks and to check out how
busy the park is. The skate/BMX park, just east of Woodinville
High School, opened in September as the first phase of the park.
CC -
*** City Considers Cameras For Park Security ***
Mindful of two wooden playgrounds similar to Prosser's City Park
playground destroyed by arson, city officials are hoping a community
group will raise money to put security cameras in the park. ( More )

*** Just A Thought *** Gene`s BMX News -- 03/05/2002
Any BMX web sites that have a live webcam to a BMX race track,
Via internet so other interneters can watch the BMX races.....

Any track operators thought of adding a live webcam at BMX races?
This may be a good tool to help get people to the tracks and help
in some ways... people could watch a race via internet and not be
left out. I do know of the cost of adding a cam is not cheep, but
just a thought from a BMX internet junky. Geneb - Gene`s BMX

*** REPLY`s ***

You know I have seriously thought about it. Who
knows just maybe we will! -- Nema Davis LA BMX

I believe there is a track out of TX. I saw awhile back
that was setting one up for this summer. -- David Miller

We have discussed it for River Valley often. From discussion to
installation is a tough step. Some of the discussions sound like
it wouldn't cost much, and others sound like it could be very
expensive to do. We continue to discuss it, and search for a way
to accomplish installation and cover necessary costs, and budget
the monthly charges.... -- Mike Raich

I saw a story on the news that a high school basketball team had
started to do that.I thought that would be a great idea to do at
the track,but I have no earthly clue as to how to go about doing it.
I know that it starts with a web cam(something I personlly don't have),
but what about everything else to put that toghether. - Tim Schreiber

Posted Via Usenet alt.bmx = Just A Thought "BMX Webcams

[-028-] BMXers Music MP3`s List & Information

Changes happen, and some fun ends, BUT Instead of offering mp3's
on Gene`s BMX site and wasting space and time uploading them all.
I am going to list some great places to get music online for free. With
everyone trying to cash in on this latest craze of music, I still believe
music should be free! If any of these places are changing, and if you
know of any other places that offers free mp3 d/l Please let me know.

Here are some good music mixed up mixes of all sorts of music
.mp3 mixes to look for. This list is made up by BMXers from
on the web from all around the world over time and has all been
listed in to this listed list. - This list is updated all the time.

***** UPDATED! ~~~~~ List updated on - 01/01/2014
NOTE: Some music mp3 files are in-listed as found on the web. ( .mp3 /file )
NOTE: Some music mp3`s in-listed w/link to file source of download.( /link )

* - Files, Let Page Load, At Bottom Click On Yellow DL Button.
ALSO: You can do a search on: ( ) using some of the
songs-names of the music listed below to find the mp3`s to download for Free!
Or you can try a search on:- and or
try a search on:- and use Mozilla/Firefox Web Browser,
use the DowloadHelper extension to download the music .MP3 files from web pages.
Some other places to search: - |
Also NEW! - - Listen and download music.

NOTE: As of Oct. 26th, 2010 Limewire PtoP Closed Down.
~ An Alternative Place To Check Out:

*****~~~ BMX MP3 Music List ~~~*****

((( HOT Top Requested BMX Themed Music! )))
* Benjiman - Old School BMX.mp3
* Big Jim - BMX 2000
* Cool Ray - Awestruck ( bmx themed )
* Bouncing Souls - The BMX Song
* Fiberglass - Sting-Ray Bike
* Kelley Kelley - BMX HoleShot
* Komes - Bike Jumps
* Orbit Underground - Sting-Ray.mp3
* Pernod Fils - BMX
* Queen - Bicycle Race
* RAD Soundtrack - See FAQ: [-027.2-]"RAD" The 1986 BMX Movie Info

~~~~~ Other Hot Music! --------------

Aaron Carter - I Want Candy | Get Wild.mp3 | Aarons Party
ACDC - TNT | Thunderstruck Remix.mp3 | Who Made Who | Long Way To The Top
Aerosmith - Sweet Emotions | Janie's Got A Gun
Akon - Mr. lonly
Allanis Morisette - Thank You
Aldo Nova - Fantasy.mp3
Alice In Chains - Man In The Box
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
AM60 - Just A Dream ( In Schwinn`s April 2010 TV Add )
Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn
Anthrax - I`m The Man
Aquagen Ft Rozalla - Everybody's Free
Archers of Loaf - Harnessed in slums
Audioslave - Out_of_exile
Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life, Incomplete
Bad Company - Shooting Star
BarbWire Soundtrack - Word Up (remix)
Beastie Boys - Alive | Sabotage | Girls |Triple Trouble Remix
Beck - Loser
Ben Folds Five - Rockin The Suburbs
Benjiman - Old School BMX.mp3
Big Jim - BMX 2000
Billy Idol - Mony Mony | Hot In The City | White Wedding
Billy Joel - Pressure
Blink 182 - Reckless Abandon
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead Or Alive.mp3 | Blaze Of Glory
Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
Boris Dlugosch - I Thought That
Bouncing Souls - The BMX Song
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
Boys Don't Cry - I Want To Be A Cowboy
Brooklin Bounce - Contact,| Born2Bounce | Loud & Proud
Bush - Come Down | Machinehead
Butthole Surfers - Pepper
Caesars Palace - Jerk It Out
Cameo/KoRn - Word Up
Cars - Good Times Roll
Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down To Georga
Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me
Chemical Brothers - How Does It Feel Like
Class of 99 - Brick in the wall
Coldplay - Yellow | Clocks | Speed Of Sound
Collective Soul - Its the world I know
Coheed And Cambria - The Suffering
Coolio - Gangster's Paradise
Cranberries - Zombie
Crazy Frog - Axel F | Axel F 2005 (Club Mix)
Crazy Town - Butterfly
Creedence Clearwater - Bad Moon Rising.mp3
Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over.mp3 ( From the movie The Stand )
Cyndi Lauper - Video Killed The Radio Star
Crystal Method - Magic Carpet Ride (remix)
Cypris Hill - Rock Supperstar | Insane In The Membrane
David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo
Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round
Def Leppard - Rock of Ages | Rock Till You Drop
Dilated Peoples - The Platform
Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
Disturbed - Voices | Stupified | Down With The Sickness | Just Stop
DJ Shadow - Six Days Remix
DMC - WatchTower
DMX - Who we Be | Ruff Ryders' Anthem
Donavan - Hurdy Gurdy Man.mp3
Doors VS Blondie - Rapture Riders
Drowning Pool - Bodies
Drunken Monkey - E
Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf | White Lines | Reflex | Girls On Film
Eagles - Hotel California.mp3
Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue
Eiffel 65 - Blue | Move Your Body | Europop
ELO - Don't Bring Me Down | Twilight
Eminem - With Out Me | Lose your self | Superman | Sing For The Moment
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Touch And Go
Enemy You - Lock out
Europe - The Final Countdown
Everclear - Otis Redding | When it all go wrong
Everlast - White Trash Beautiful
Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Fatboy Slim - Rockafella Skank | Right Here Right Now
Fiberglass - Sting-Ray Bike
Filter - Take a Picture | Hey Man Nice Shot
Five For Fighting - World
Fixx - Red Sky's At Night.mp3
Flo Rider - Right Round | Jump
Flogging Molly - Another Bag Of Bricks | Devil's Dance Floor
Foggy - Come Into My Dreams
Foreigner - Jukebox Hero
Fort Minor - Remember The Name
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax | Two Tribes Go To War
From Zero - Check Ya!
Fugazi - Blueprint
Gap Band - You Dropped a Bomb on Me.mp3
Gary Jules - Mad World
Geto Boys - Mind Playing tricks on me
Godsmack - Voodoo(rave remix)
Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood | 19-2000 | Dare
Green Day - I Fought The Law
Gwar - Sexecutioner
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
HIM - Wings Of A Butterfly
Honeymoon Suite - New Girl Now
Hollywood Undead - Undead, Out The Way
Hoobastank - Disappear
Hot Butter - Popcorn
Hubert Kah - Get Strange (From the bmx movie "RAD")
Huey Lewis And The News - I Want A New Drug | Heart And Soul
Inner Circle - Bad Boys
Insane Clown Posse & Sly Fox - Lets go all the way(remix)
Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills | Aces High
Janes Addiction- Stop | Three Days| Just Becouse
Jars Of Clay - Flood
Jay Z - Bittersweet Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Jimmie Evans - The Ride
Jimmy Eats World - The Middle
Jimmy Haddox - Baby Come Back (From the bmx movie "RAD")
Jimmy Hendrix - All Along The Watch Tower
J Geils Band - Centerfold Remix
Joe Cocker - Hot Town Summer in the City
John Farnham - Break The Ice.mp3 (From the bmx movie "RAD")
John Farnham - Love Theme From `Rad (From the bmx movie "RAD")
John Farnham - Thunder In Your Heart.mp3 (From the bmx movie "RAD")
John Williams - NBC Olympics Theme Song | see ( others page)
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
JRalph - One Million Miles Away.mp3
JT Money - Who Dat
Judas Priest - Breaking the Law | You Got Another Thing Coming
Juice Newton - Queen Of Hearts
Kelley Kelley - BMX HoleShot
Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
Kid Rock - American BadAss
Kim Mitchell - Go For A Soda
Kim Wilde - Kids In America | You Keep Me Hangin On
King Swamp - Blown Away
Kings Of Leon - Closer
Kiss - Lick It Up | Heavens on fire
KLF - What Time Is Love | Timelords Dr. Who | 3 A.M.Eternal
KMFDM - Anarchy | Terror | Juke Joint Jezebel | Search and Destroy
Komes - Bike Jumps
Kon Kan - These Boots Are Made For Walking
Korn - Got The Life | Freak on a Leash | Twisted Transister | Coming Undone
Kotton Mouth Kings - Bump | Full Throttle
Krayzie Bone - Ridin' Dirty
Kris Kros - Jump
Lady GaGa - Bad Romance | Poker Face
Lasco - Something ( remix )
Leftfield - Open Up
Limp Bizkit - My Way | Nookie | Take A Look Around | Boiler| Behind Blue Eyes
Linkin Park - In The End | Cralwing | One Step Closer | Bleed It Out
Living Things - Bom Bom Bom Remix
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
London Suede - The Next Life
Lords Of Acid - Out Comes The Evil
Loverboy - Gangs In The Street | Turn Me Loose | Working For The Weekend
Mano Negra - King Kong Five
Marlyn Manson - Personal Jesus
Martika - Toy Soldiers
Matrix II - Trance Mix
Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy
Mc Hammer - U Cant Touch This
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
Metallica - Enter Sandman | Sanitarium | No Leaf Clover | Whisky In The Jar
Metro Station - Shake It
MGMT - Time To Pretend
M.I.A. - Paper Planes
Miami Sound Machine - Conga
Micheal Jackson - Beat It | Billy Jean | Thriller | Smooth Criminal
Mika - Love Today
Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars | Natural Blues | Extreme Ways | Alice | Flower
Moped - Clocks
Motley Crue - Wild Side| Hooligans Holiday | Looks That Kill
Mudvayne - Dig
Mushroomhead - Simple Survival
Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie
Mutantes - Minha Menina
My Chemical Romance - The Ghost of You
Napoleon 4 - Ther Coming to Take me Away
Nardo Ranks - Test
Neil Diamond - Coming To America
Neil Young - Keep On Rocking in the Free World
Nelly - Country Grammar,| Ride with me
Nelly Furtado - Turn Out The Light
Nena - 99 Red Balloons
N.E.R.D. - Rock Star
Neuroticfish - They Are Coming To Take Me Away
New Order - Blue Monday
Nickelback - Next Contestant
Nine Inch Nails - Closer | Head Like A Hole | Terrible Lie Mix.mp3 | The Hand That Feeds
Nonpoint - Bullet With a Name
Novaspace - Beds Are Burning (Radio Edit)
Nsync - Bringin Da Noise
Offspring - Come Out And Play | The Kids Aren't Alright | Can't Repeat.mp3 ( Dew Tour 2005 )
Oingo Boingo - Weird Science | Dead Mans Party
Orbit Underground - Sting-Ray.mp3 ( A Cool Schwinn Song )
Orgy - Blue Monday (club 69 mix)
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears | Fire In The Sky | Iron Man
Pantera - Walk | Cowboys From Hell
Pat Benetar - Hit Me With Your Best Shot.mp3 | Love Is A Battlefield.mp3
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom
Paul Okenfold - Send Me An Angel.mp3 | I'm Seeing Stars
Pernod Fils - BMX
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain | In Your Eyes | Shock The Monkey
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
Placebo - Running Up That Hill
P.O.D. - Alive | Youth Of Nation | Boom
Prince - Let's Go Crazy | Party Like Its 1999 | When Doves Cry
Puddle Of Mud - I feel so alive | Blurry | Drift and Die
Puff Daddy - Come With Me
Queen - Bicycle Race | Under Pressure | We Will Rock You | Another One Bites The Dust
Queens Of The Stone Age - Burn the Witch
Queensryche - Silent Lucidity
Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head | Cum On Feel The Noise
Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy | Bulls On Parade
RAD Soundtrack - See FAQ: [-027.2-]"RAD" The 1986 BMX Movie Info
Radio 4 - Calling All Enthusiasts.mp3 ( Music in Schwinn Sting-Ray TV Add )
Rammstein - Du Hast | Bang Bang | America | Sonne | Truffelschwein
Ratt - Lack Of Communication | Wanted Man | Round and Round | Scene Of The Crime
Real Life - Send Me An Angel (From the bmx movie "RAD")
Rednex - Cotton-Eyed Joe
Rehab - Bump
REM - Orange Crush
REO Speedwagon - Variety Tonight
Rihanna - Pon-de-Replay.mp3
Robots In Disguise - BMX Boys
Rob Zombi - Feel so numb| Never Going To Stop | Dragula | American Witch | Living Dead Girl
Rockwell - Somebodys Watching Me
Rush - Tom Sawyer Remix
Saigon Kick - Feel The Same Way | Love Is On The Way
Saliva - Click Click Boom | Your Disease | Ladies And Gentlemen ( Dew Tour 2007 )
Salt n' Pepa - Push It
Sandstorm - Best Techno Club Mix Ever
Scooter - Extacie | Nessaja | Ramp | The Night | Take Me Baby | Always Hardcore
Scorpions - Send Me An Angel | Rock You Like A Hurricane/w Orchestra Remix
Sean Paul - Get Busy
Seether- Truth
Sevendust - Ugly
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream | Alive And Kicking | Dont You Forget About Me.mp3
Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares Two You
Sir Mixalot - I Like Big Buts | Beepers | Buttermilk Biscuits
Siouxie And The Banshees - Peek A Boo
Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing | More | Cry Little Sister
Shed Seven - Dolphin
Skid Row - 18 And Life
Slade - Run Run Away
Snow - Informer
Snow Patrol - Run
Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky | Ring Of Fire
Solar Twins - Rock The Casbah
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Sound System - Dreamscape
Sparks - Music That You Can Dance To (From the bmx movie "RAD")
Sparta - Taking Back Control
Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself Triple Trouble Edit
Stagga lee - Rock ya body mic check 1, 2
Starship - We Built This City
Static X - Im With Stupid
Steve Winwood - Gimme Some Lovin
Still Pending - Argus
Styxx - Mr Roboto.mp3
Sublime - April 29 1992
SugerRay - Mr.Bartender
Suicidal Tendencies - Bring Me Down
Sum 41 - Fat Lip
Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner
Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
System Of A Down - Toxicity | Hypnotize
Tatu - All The Things She Said
Tears For Fears - Mad World | Shout (Mix)
Tecnoheads - I Want To Be A Hippy
The Beat Farmers - Riverside (From the bmx movie "RAD")
The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
The Charm Kings - Caught Up In The Crossfire (From the bmx movie "RAD")
The Clash - Rock The Casbah | Brand New Cadillac
The Go-Gos - We Got The Beat | Our Lips Are Sealed
The Hooters - All You Zombies
The Killers - All These Things That Ive Done | Somebody Told Me (Remix)
The Kinks - Come Dancing
The Nobodys - No Guarantees In The Western World
The Rifles - Science Is Violence ( Dew Tour 2009 )
The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode
The Sounds - Were Not Living In America
The Stone Coyotes - Changing Of The Guard
The Sundays - Wild Horses
The Tamperer - If You Buy This Record | Can you feel it
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
The X-Ecutioners - It's Going Down (Feat Linkin Park)
The Wallflowers - We Can Be Heroes
The Who - Join Together | Magic Bus
Thinkman - Best Adventures
Thompson Twins - King For A Day | Doctor! Doctor!
Thousand Foot Krutch - Move
Thursday - 5432 What Are You Waiting For ( Dew Tour 2006 )
Thurston Haris - Little Bitty Pretty One
TJ Lavin - Soldier | Time Goes On | Tonight
Train - Calling all Angels
Trapt - Headstrong | Stand Up
Urge Over Kill - Never Known A Girl Like You Before
Underworld - Underneath The Radar (12-Inch)
Utah Saints - New Gold Dream
Vanillia Ice - Ice Ice Baby
Van Halen - Running With The Devil | Jump
Vast - Free
Velvet Revolver - Falling to Pieces
Vengaboys - We Like To Party (airplay)
Vitamin C - Put A Smile On Your Face
Yes - Shoot High Aim Low.mp3
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Weezer - Hash Pipe
Weird Al Yankovic - ebay - 50 ways to get Bin Laden + lots more
White Zombie - Black Sunshine | More Human Than Human.mp3 | El Phantasmo Mix
Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls
Zero Down - Down This Road
Zeromancer - Send Me An Angel
2 Unlimited - No Limits | Tribal Dance | Twilight Zone
3-Speed - Wind Me Up (From the bmx movie "RAD")
50 Cents - In da Club

ALSO: Music Videos Via
* - Gene`s BMX Playlist - Music
* - Gene`s BMX Playlist - Music - 80s
* - Gene`s BMX Playlist - Music - BMX
* - Gene`s BMX Playlist - Music - Michael Jackson

YouTube MP3 A Free Service For Converting Videos To MP3.
Convert The Audiotrack Of A YouTube Videofile To .mp3 File.
* - Only thing you need is a YouTube URL

BMX Video Music Listing -
A list to find a song from a BMX video or BMX DVD.

Some music mp3`s you can download found on the web.
See URL Sources Listed - Index Of /Media or Music:

Index List -
Index List -
Index List -
Index List - Delusions of Grandeur Hits From the 80's

"Royally Free" Music:-"royalty free music"

For More Index Lists search on: ( ) using some of the
songs-names of the music listed below to find the mp3`s to download for Free!
Or you can try a search on:- and or
try a search on:- and use Mozilla/Firefox Web Browser,
use the DowloadHelper extension to download the music .MP3 file from web pages.

You can also search: - to download free music mp3`s.

"Here is the Billboard Top 40 Hits Lists - of today`s best songs in the land".
Compiled by the music industry ~ music industry news since 1894.
And As Heard on The Radio - The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown show
Rick Dees online & The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 music Hits list chart. And The
40 best songs in the land by - updated Weekly! And the
weekly radio show that takes you back in time to the 80s!
It's the original 80s music show, heard on hundreds of radio stations each week!
Kid Kelly of Z-100, New York hosts two hours of great music from the decade.
Featured are sound bites, trivia, TV and movie clips, and headlines from the 80s.

~~~ Music On The Usenet ( The back bone of the WWW )
If you happen to have accass to a binaries usenet news server,
there are tuns and tuns of music mp3`s that you can download.
For some Free binaries usenet news servers listings see FAQ
# [-007.2-] Free Usenet Servers & Listings.

~On the Usenet Listings some good places to
look for music MP3`s are in news groups,

This is just a few groups, there are tuns more in the usenet listings dir.
You can surf, key in`s for music is in the words - "binaries", "music",
"sounds", with in listing of groups in usenet. This listing should give you
a somewhat of a start point on where to go on the usenet listings dir.

*** P2P Browsers To Download/Upload .MP3 Music Files *** = best. = Closed Down On 10/26/2010.

Winamp Media Player -
You are pretty much going to need this to listen to mp3's.
If you don't have this, get it, it makes your life so much easier.

*** Internet Music Web Bace Sites ***

*****~~~ MP3 NEWS and Happings ~~~******
12/19/2008 - Music Industry Drops Effort To Sue Song Swappers.
10/16/2003 - Lawsuits Won't Stop Everyone From Sharing Files.
10/02/2003 - Record Industry Fires Warning Shot.
09/09/2003 - Kazaa Founder Peddles Software To Speed File Sharing.
07/26/2003 - Grandma Beware, The Internet Song-Sharing Police Are Coming.

[-028.1-] .Wav Sound Files

What are .WAV file?
.wav files are - A popular sound file format.
WAV files are easy to download and manage,
because they're so compact (usually only a few kilobytes in size).

Odds are, you can name your favorite moment from a TV show or
film and it's available as a WAV file that you can download for free.
Wav sounds often feature short snippets of music, sound effects,
computer system sound effects, E-mail, and clips from Hollywood,
TV shows, commercials, cartoons, politics, humor and lots more.

To here and play .WAV files,
You can Download Winamp It has been found to be the best for them.

~~~ BMX .WAV sound files?
Here are the "Official" ABA BMX and NBL BMX starting
gate Wav file cadence by: Cartessa Inc - TARA CONTROLS ( ABA BMX Cadence ) ( NBL BMX Cadence ) ( UCI BMX Cadence ) ( UCI BMX Cadence )
Note: Both UCI BMX Cadence Files Are .M4A Files. = iTunes.

( Note: MP3 File = bmx cadence looped on the mp3`s many times. )

YouTube Videos: BMX Start Cadence:

And more found from online surfings over the years:

Index page of .wav files on Gene`s BMX Listings.
( )
You can download and save any of the wav files listed in the indexs.

There are a variety of .WAV files available out there for free.
Here are some web sites and places that offer free .WAV files.

For more Free Wav file web sites try - - free WAV files

[-028.2-] Live Streaming BMX (talk & music) Radio Stations?

Is there a live streaming BMX Radio Station on the web?
Well, there is a "yes" and a "no" to this real cool question.

The Yes part of this question is that the ABA BMX Racing Sanction
does offer a Free live streaming BMX Radio Sports Talk web-casting,
broadcasting of its National BMX Events. For event dates and times,
See the ABA BMX web site at: - for it all.
ABA National BMX Events Live Online Streaming Talk Radio Station
Streaming ( on dates of events ) Listen To The Live Web Broadcasts.
( )
Lots of BMX action going on at all the events, Starts at 6pm on Fridays
11am on Saturdays 8am on Sundays. - ( W.M.P. 9 ) For all up-to-date
times and dates See the ABA BMX web site for the Broadcast Schedules.
A NOTE: In year 2007 the ABA BMX Charges money for its live web casts.
The ABA BMX live web casts have since been droped.

The No part of this question is that there is No free live online real
time streaming 24/7 year around BMX Radio Station on the web
yet. Like a real FM Music Radio Station with all the hot top music
and news. It has yet to be seen in the internet's BMX community.

You can call this a dream or what ever, but it would be way cool
to see a free live online streaming BMX Radio Station that was
nothing but for BMXers. IE ( BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle ).
A 24/7 free BMX Radio Station offering all the hot top music
and bmx news casts that people - BMXers would not have to jump
hoops to join some BS web site list, but as to just make one click of
the mouse and its free live BMX streaming Radio that could be herd
around the web and around the world. It could help the internet's
BMX community in all as in to having something as this.... - BUT:
There is always some one that thinks they are going to get rich
over night from scamming the bmx youth in the world that smashes
down dreams and ideas like this one..Money is the root of all evil!

So for now till some bmx dreams can be filled we are all stuck with
what is offerd to every joe bloe on the web ( Non BMX Music Radio? )
Here are a few real good and real cool places on the world wide web
to find Free Live 24/7 Streaming Music and News Radio Stations:

Listen To Live Radio and Music Streaming On The Internet For Free!

You Can Listen To Live Online Streaming Radio Stations & Music For Free!
While You Surf The Web. --- It Is Sort Of Like Shoving A Stick Into The Spokes
Of Your Buddys BMX Bike In The Middle Of A BMX Race. ~ It Just Rocks! ~
( Sky Streaming Live Radio.FM Player-Channels )
(~~ Tomorrow`s Hits Today. | 80`s Rock. | Best Of The 80`s. | Classic Rock. ~~)

* KXRX FM 97 Rock.... - ( LIVE! Streaming Feed ) - Pasco, Washington USA..... - Links to thousands of streaming radio stations world wide.( PR)

[-029-] Other Stuff

Gene`s BMX other stuff links page.
Wenatchee and Area Fire Information Is Listed.
This page also lists other pages of off links too.

Gene`s BMX Hot Links - A Mix of Off Topic links:

Gene`s BMX Heavy Machine Links - idea tools:

For Skateboarding Inline ,Snow board, Links,
but somewhat is out of date but good info at:

*** ( Coumpter and Web Site/Page Building Stuff ) ***
What are some good sites that provide help tools for building a web site?
If your making or want to make a bmx web site, home page some good
Help links for tools and HTML tools and downloads can be found at the
Gene`s BMX Web Page Tools :
A lot of help tools are listed there to help get you building a nice web site.

Gene`s BMX Banners for your web sites at:
And for other bmx web sites -

[-030-] Contributors.
Thank you to all the people who helped to make this FAQ:-
People from The Usenet Newsgroups - alt.bmx & rec.bicycles
and the Yahoo!Groups - BMXtalk, WaBMXnews,CG_BMX,
BMX4FAMILYFUN, BMX2, BMXriders,Destroy43,UKdirtriders,
and Yahoo!Clubs - BMX, and bits from all of the people
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and some e-mails from a hand full of people.
And all the other Webmasters of the websites listed.
You know who you are. Thanks From Geneb... Gene`s BMX

All Things Northwest in BMX!
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