Allowing BMX Bicycles At Wenatchee Skate Park Petition

Allowing BMX Bicycles At
Wenatchee Skate Park Petition

To: The City Of Wenatchee Parks Dept.
We, the undersigned, support allowing BMX Bicycles in at the
Wenatchee Skate Park, at Pioneer Park in the city of Wenatchee,Washington.

It is a common misconception that BMX bicycles in skate parks
create a dangerous environment. BMX bicycles are equipped with
brakes and are highly maneuverable, making them at least as safe
as the skateboards and inline skates that are permitted in most
skateparks. Many cities around the country already recognize this
by permitting BMX bicycles into publicly funded skateparks,
where they co exist with other skatepark users. Countless private
skateparks already demonstrate that any and all skatepark designs
are compatible with BMX bicycles.

For all of the reasons above and more, we, the undersigned,
recognize to allow BMX bicycles at the Wenatchee Skate Park
and allow BMX bicycles to have a place that is accessible and safe,
where BMX bicyclists may enjoy their sport.
Sincerely, The Undersigned

The signing of this online petition has been closed and removed
Due to Internet Abuse of in signing names on the online petition.
People where posting in the Signatures area some general ignorance
foul/hate language. Some people are are just flat out Internet idiots.
But a big Thanks to the responsible public that did sign this petition.

This petition was started on 11/03/2003 and closed on 03/13/2004
with ( 122 ) - Validated Signatures = ( 54 Yes | 50 No | 18 n/c )
With Thanks to that provided a free online hosting for this
public online petition of "Allowing BMX bicycles at Wenatchee Skate Park".

Please Note:
BMX Bicycles Are Still NOT Allowed At The Wenatchee Skate Park.
If You Are Riding A BMX Bicycle In The Skate Park Then You Can Be Subject
To A Fine Or Ticket And Have Your Bicycle Impounded As A Traffic Infraction
Via Area Law Enforcement - State Of Washington Bicycle Laws - And The City
Of Wenatchee Parks & Recreation Ordinance Codes. So Caution! To BMXers.

Here is the list of signatures collected that did help by signing this petition
( Name & Comments of ( "yes" | "no" | "no/comment" )
Gene`s BMX = Yes
Adam Noble = Yes
Brian Zackery = Yes
Cammern Woods = Yes
Chad Walker = Yes
Steve Baklik = Yes
Austin Gilmore = n/c
Debbie Thune = No
Sam Goodwin = Yes
Rob Neilson = No
Benj Wilkowski = Yes
Wes Chandler = Yes
John Sherman = No
John Povah = No
Juaquina Sandoval = Yes
Daniel Marino = No
Jerry Shaver = No
John Guimond = No
Mathew Devriese = n/c
Joe Guimond = n/c
Mark Flipikowski = n/c
Leslie Guimond = n/c
Tim Griffin = No
Daniel Pfarr = No
Kevin Knorr = No
Matt Whelchel = No
Dexter Lesaca = n/c
Robbin Nikels = Yes
Ryan Shaw = Yes
Jimmy Hays = Yes
Aaron Lunn = Yes
Bernie Tomaszewski = n/c
Sal Ciprez = Yes
Dustin Shipman = Yes
Josh Hunter = n/c
Mitch Guimond = n/c
David Cooley = No
Adam Aquino = No
Donnie B. Renfro = Yes
Danny Parks = Yes
Lucas Kragt = No
Jessy Bush = Yes
Dennis Schneider = Yes
Rickie Jackman = Yes
Brian Malone = No
Rich Goss = Yes
Chris Hernandez = Yes
Josh Dyal = Yes
Kyle Welch = No
Thomas Thornquist = No
Chad Blakeslee = No
Armando Lara = Yes
Michael Young = Yes
Rich Sieg = n/c
Felix Ortiz = Yes
Carmello Cruz = Yes
Dennis Ferry = Yes
Andrew Mellon = Yes
Ronald W. White Jr = No
Brad Jewell = No
Charles Miller = No
Felipe Munoz = No
John Isello = No
Danny Quinn = No
Branden Bollweg = No
Joel Sangster = Yes
Chris Knight = No
James Mortimer = No
Ryan Mense = No
Kevin Porter = No
Bryan Campbell = No
Derek Lionas = No
Samuel David Kiceina = Yes
Ryan Dowler = No
Kris Birch = No
Paul Lumsden = Yes
Graham Dyce = Yes
Tim Temko = n/c
Chaz Burrows = No
Matt Deckrow = n/c
Anthony R Chiarello = No
Daniel Groben = n/c
Joel Dunsdon = No
Arthur Macy = n/c
Jozef Jankola = Yes
Ryan McCann = No
Andrew Masson = Yes
Paul Waring = Yes
Brandon Weaver = No
Michael Gray = No
Jose Rivera = No
Stefan Piererse = n/c
Vince Lischka = No
Bill Crane = Yes
Carl P Morasch = Yes
Ronnie Wiggins = Yes
Mitchell Jones = Yes
Steve Sitzman = Yes
Laura Rowley = No
Kevin Appleton = Yes
John Dester = No
Nick Nation = Yes
Nick Berger = Yes
Matt Polar = No
Steven Dauster = No
Anthony Rose = No
Tom Lewis = n/c
Kris Moody = No
Scott Carlile = Yes
Nick Brodbeck = n/c
Nick Alldredge = Yes
Zack Hodge = n/c
Kevin Chambers = No
Ryan Null = Yes
Blake Anderson = Yes
David H. Jones = No
Michale Kelly = Yes
Casey Ward = No
Jimmy Robbins = Yes
Tony Collins = Yes
Justin Pascale = Yes
James Aalin = Yes


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