Wenatchee Skate Park - Wenatchee, Washington USA

Wenatchee Skate Park

Wenatchee, Washington USA

The Wenatchee Skate Park Is Located At Pioneer Park.
Just East Of Pinoneer Middle School And At Fuller And
Russell Street In The City Of Wenatchee, Washington.

2 Photos - The Wenatchee Skate Park Rules &
Contributions who made the skatepark possible.
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*** Wenatchee Skate Park Rules ***
Park closed at 10:00pm
Use the Park at your own risk.
Safety helments and equipment.
recommended at all times!
Weapons, Alcohol and drugs Prohibited!
Park closed to anyone under 18,during school hours.
Bicycles Probhibited!
Respect others and their right to use the Skatepark.
Foul or Abusive Language will not be tolerated.
No Glass containers.
Please keep the park clean! Pick up your litter!
For Information call the City of Wenatchee
Wenatchee Parks & Recreation - 509-664-3392


Allowing BMX Bicycles At Wenatchee Skate Park Petition!

This online petition was started on 11/03/2003 and closed on 03/13/2004
with ( 122 ) - Validated Signatures = ( 54 Yes | 50 No | 18 n/c ) See Link:
http://www.genesbmx.com/petition.html - for petition and signatures collected.
Please Note: BMX Bicycles Are Still NOT Allowed At Wenatchee Skate Park.
Other Skate Parks:
* Eastern Washington Skate Parks - A Directory List Of Skate Parks.......
* Kenroy Park Skate Park - N. James Ave & 8th St NE East Wenatchee.
* Wenatchee Indoor Skate Park - 246 N. Wenatchee Avenue Wenatchee.

***** NEWS Of Wenatchee`s Skate Park! *****

*** Photo Shots Of Wenatchee Skate Park ***

03/10/2011 - Wenatchee Skate Park - Pioneer Park - Wenatchee, Wa

The Skate Park Looks Good Except For The Graffiti.


*** Oil Dumped On New Skate Park ***

Photo - Ryan Winn, foreground, and other Eastmont Metro
Parks District workers on Tuesday clean up oil spilled on the
new skate park in Kenroy Park in East Wenatchee.

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 08/04/2010
Eastmont parks officials continue work today to clean off
gallons of motor oil that were dumped Monday night on a
new skateboard area at Kenroy Park. ( More )

Gene`s BMX Quotes:
It is not to surprising to see vandalizm after the new skate park
was added in to a park with an unwelcoming neighborhood. This
is sad to see, but skate parks do target vandalizm everywhere in
the USA. Vandalizm also gives a community a reason to remove
a skate park. Vandalizm was a reason the Cashmere Skate Park
was removed. Hopefully this vandalizm at the new skate park does
not go that fare. Hope this can be cleaned up and skaters can skate.


*** Kenroy Skate Park Gets Rolling ***

Photo - Angel Valdez, 12, left, and his brother Gustavo
Valdez, 9, of East Wenatchee, try out the new skate park.

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 07/29/2010
Skateboards glide across freshly poured concrete and 20
kids and kids at heart watch and wait for their turn to take
a go around Kenroy Parks new skateboarding feature.

The new Kenroy Park Skate Park is located at N. James Ave
& 8th St NE in East Wenatchee, Washington.

Mike Leeds, head of Community for Wenatchee Valley Skate
Parks, said about 20 individuals and about a half dozen general
contractors volunteered their time to help build the 2,000 square
foot skate park.

Community for Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks is a nonprofit
organization that spearheaded the project. Leeds said the project
was worth about $80,000 from concept to completion. ( More )


** Skateboarders To Have New Place To
Play Despite Neighborhood Opposition **

Photo - Plans for the Kenroy Park skate park.

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 03/18/2010
Despite opposition from the neighbors, the Eastmont Parks Board
unanimously approved a new skate park in the Kenroy Park.

As a group, we all thought a skate park was worthwhile, said Dan White,
the chairman of the Eastmont Metropolitan Parks Board, which approved
the plan Monday. White said the Board looked at the two alternatives:
Tedford Park, near Grant Elementary School, and Eastmont Community
Park, at Georgia Avenue, Grant Road and Northeast 3rd Street.

White noted that Tedford Park already has a ballfield and has lots of
trees. He added that long-range plans for the park include adding a
disc golf course. Eastmont Community Park has the highest traffic of
all three parks and also has a lot of features. Kenroy is a large park.
The use of Kenroy is very low compared to the other two.

What happened to our voice? said Linda Buterbaugh, who lives nearby.
Buterbaugh said she and others attended meetings beginning in December
and expressed their displeasure at the idea of a skate activity area being
built at Kenroy Park. A petition, presented to the board during the December
meeting, was signed by 72 people, who mostly live within a couple of blocks
of the park on North James Avenue between Northeast 6th and 8th streets.

Its not that we didnt hear the people talk, White said. But when
were trying to be representative of the whole district, that (Kenroy)
looked to be the most viable.

The approximately 30- by 50-foot skate feature will be built by volunteers
with donations from Community for Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks, which
is headed by mortgage banker Mike Leeds. I cant wait to see the kids faces
when they have a legal and safe place to go, he said. Thats why were doing this.

Its the only quiet park in Douglas County, well, in East Wenatchee, said
Buterbaugh, who lives near the park, where families can go play Frisbee
with their kids, kick the soccer ball around and have a family reunion.

Granted our teenagers need some place to go, Buterbaugh added.
Were just opposed to it right here in our neighborhood.

Its less than 1 percent of the entire usable area of the park, Leeds
said. Theres plenty of room for more playground equipment and for
kids to play soccer. You cant make everyone happy at one time.

So far, the skate park only includes a location and plans. Eastmont
Metropolitan Parks Director Dave Schwab said he will ask Community
for Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks to provide a budget and timeline.

About the organization:

Community for Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks is a nonprofit
organization under the umbrella of Skaters for Public Skate Parks.

Mike Leeds said the organizations goal is to construct skate park
features at all three East Wenatchee parks in addition to other area
parks. Leeds said Larry and Jane Scrivanich, owners of Mission Ridge
Ski and Board Resort, and Dr. Richard and Linda Bennion have donated
money to the organizations fund. The construction of the skate park
feature at Kenroy Park is expected to cost between $5,000 and $10,000.

So far, landscape architecture and engineering have already been
donated to the skate park project. It never ceases to amaze me how
when people believe in something, even in a bad economy, they come
together, Leeds said. Those interested in donating may donate at any
U.S. Bank location under Skaters for Public Skateparks, Wenatchee
Chapter, Leeds said. Community for Wenatchee Valley Skate Parks
is on ******** and has jars around town where supporters of skate
parks can donate, he added.

CC - www.wenatcheeworld.com

Gene`s BMX Quotes:
Cool, a new skate park in the Kenroy Park. - But it does not sound like
the neighborhood around Kenroy Park is welcoming this new skate park.
A unwelcoming neighborhood could make an unfriendly place to be around.
The neighborhood(s) around the Kenroy Park seems to have lots of youth
on bicycles. We hope adjustments are made to adapt bicycles on to this new
skate park. The neighborhood Bicycles Shouldn't Be Excluded. - Fair Play.
I do wish the best of luck with this new skate park at the Kenroy Park.


** Skateboarders Want New Places To Play
Outdated Pioneer Park Is Past Its Prime **

Photo - Gavin Peterson of East Wenatchee tries a backside flip at
Pioneer Park skate park. He says seams in the concrete and a lack
of metal rails & sharper edges around the bowls limit skaters ability
to do even ordinary tricks. It is the only free skate park in town.

Wenatchee, Washington -- 10/22/2009
Pioneer Park is the only place in the city where skateboarders can
show off their gravity defying skills and ability to absorb amazing
wipe outs without being run off by police or business owners.

But anyone who uses the skate park there will tell you its less than ideal.
East Wenatchee skateboarder Gavin Peterson, 17, doesnt mince words.

This ones crap, he said recently of the park while taking
a break from the backside flips he was working on there.

He and friend Jason J-Man Straw rattled off a quick list of defects:
The parks bowls have seams between slabs of concrete that jar their
boards. The edges around the bowls are too rounded. These same edges
dont have inset metal rails for grinds, slides and other tricks.

The sport has progressed since the park was built in 1997. The park hasnt.

Longtime skaterboarders Mike Leeds and Peter Whitley envision a new
skate area in Pioneer Park thats bigger and professionally designed
to serve the estimated 4,000 to 5,000 skaters they say live in Chelan
and Douglas counties.

They also want to add skatable features
to other parks around greater Wenatchee.

Photo - Mike Leeds (in tie) and Peter Whitley (plaid shirt) chat with
skateboarders Jamin Schipper (holding board) and Jason Straw at the
Pioneer Park skate park. Leeds and Whitley are lobbying city and PUD
organizing local skaters to gain support for a new skate park and for
smaller skate plazas around town.

The idea would be that the average kid who steps out the front door
can shoot hoops or have some type of skate feature in the local park,
said Leeds, a 38 year old Wenatchee mortgage broker who grew up
with the sport and now skateboards with his kids.

These skate plazas would be worked into the landscape ... so they flow
with everything else there, said Whitley, 42, an Eastmont High School
grad and skateboarding dad who now lives in Tacoma.

Executive director of the interest group Skaters for Public Skate Parks,
Whitley has written a book on skate park design. Its foreword was authored
by perhaps the most commercially successful skateboarder of all, Tony Hawk.

Where theres a basketball court, there should also be designated skate
areas structures that dont have an impact on the rest of the park,
Whitley said.

Leeds and Whitley have met recently with officials at the cities of Wenatchee
and East Wenatchee and the Chelan County PUD to pitch the vision.

They say their ideas have been well received.
How to pay for them thats the tough part.

A new, professional skate park is already envisioned in the city of
Wenatchees $18 million plan to overhaul the weary Pioneer Park complex,
which also includes the aged and maintenance plagued City Pool, a
playground and picnic area, and Recreation Park, a proposed site
for a new AppleSox stadium.

Dave Erickson, the citys public works director said the plan, approved
last year, would tear out the current skate park and build a new city
pool in its place at the parks center.

A new, professionally designed skate park would go where the pool is now,
fronting Fuller Street, and extending back more than 40,000 square feet
almost four times the size of the existing skate park.

Erickson said the city is looking for funding sources now. The $4 million
to $5 million needed for the pool, alone, would likely be left to voters,
in the form of a bond.

The parks overhaul is a long-term project, he said.

Photo - Adrian Quinn, 10, of Wenatchee, takes advantage of a short
school day to use the Wenatchee skate park at Pioneer Park on Wednesday.
Longtime skaterboarders Mike Leeds, 38, and Peter Whitley, 42, envision a
new skate area in Pioneer Park thats bigger and professionally designed.

Steve Currit, the manager who oversees parks for the Chelan PUD, said
skate features in the utilitys waterfront parks and elsewhere is an
idea that could be healthy for skateboarding. But he points to liability
concerns and construction-and-maintence costs that the utility is currently
unable to take on.

The Eastmont Parks Board Monday gave Leeds the go-ahead to design a small
area with a few skate features in Kenroy Park, at North James Avenue and
Eighth Street Northeast. If the board approves the design, Leeds would have
to assemble a group of volunteers to raise their own funds and build the
small park themselves.

As practitioners of a still up and coming sport with few city or county
provided facilities, skaters are used to that, Leeds and Whitley said.

In skateboarding, if you need something, youve got to go get it, Whitley said.
Youve got to find it, appropriate it, do it yourself. Skateboarders are self
driven and self-directed. Its fertile soil for volunteerism, because the
culture is already in place.

As the sport goes mainstream and increases its visibility through televised
extreme sports competitions, the public is gaining appreciation for boarders
skills and agility, Leeds and Whitley said.

Skateboarding is still in its infancy, as far as organizing, because the
first generation is just growing up, Whitley said, as he and Leeds watched
skateboarders at Pioneer Park. Eventually, these kids will start going to
city council meetings.

CC - www.wenatcheeworld.com

Gene`s BMX Quotes:
Good Luck in trying to get a new skate park in hard economic times.
I would say start doing some car washes and bake sales to raise funds.
Also look for some grants to help pay for the costs. A good place to start,
Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition ( WWRP ) grants program.
WWRP has helped lots of skate parks all around the state of Washington.

And Ping: Steve Currit, Chelan PUD pointing out to liability concerns.
Washington state statute, RCW 4.24.210 should take care of that concern.
But construction-and-maintence costs of a skate park, you do have a point.
If a new skate park was to be added in to the city of Wenatchee I would say
adjustments should be made to adapt BMX bicycles on to the new skate park.
BMX Riders Shouldn't Be Excluded. They Can-And Should-Mix - Fair Play.
I wish all of you guys the best of luck in on trying for a new skate park.


A Web-Site Page Devoted To Wenatchee Skate Park

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/28/2008
Dan's Skate page, one of the many skate pages on the world wide
web it has a few way cool photos of the Wenatchee Skate Park.
Check it out at: ( http://www.northwestskater.com/wenatchee.html )


*** Wenatchee Skate Park To Upgrade + BMX ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 03/05/2008
Plans Are Aplenty For Pioneer Park.

Photo - Lucus Schley, 13, of Wenatchee rides his skateboard
at Pioneer Park while a meeting goes on Tuesday at Pioneer
Middle School on possible improvements to the Pioneer Park
complex. Schley and his friends Jose Maravilla, 15, and Evan
Eichler, 14, would like to see the skate park expanded, adding
stairs and smaller ramps for people who aren't very good skate
boarders. They would also like to have the size increased so
bikers could use the area. See: ( MORE )


*** Mother Asks For Safety Controls At Skate Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 08/07/2007
The mother of a 13-year-old boy who suffered traumatic
injuries in what a city official has called the "most severe
situation involving injuries" at Wenatchee Skate Park in
10 years is asking for tighter safety regulations at the park.

Michael Benitez was about to ride his BMX bicycle
into the bowl portion of the park Friday night when
a tire got caught and he fell backward off the bike,
landing on the ground head first. He was not wearing
a helmet. -- For The Rest Of The Quoted Story See:

Re: Mother Asks For Safety Controls At Wenatchee Skate Park

Gene`s BMX has posted a Quote Reply to this news story.


*** 5th Anniversary Skateboard Contest ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 05/21/2007
On June 9th, 2007 at Pioneer Park
Registration at 10:00am & Contest at 11:00am
Cost is $15.00 includes tee and lunch

Contest Catergories: 11&under, 12-14,
15-17, 18&over and Best Trick Contest.

Must have current Liability Release Signed.
Must have Guardian Signature if under 18 yrs.old

Come join us for a good time, with tons of prizes,
bands and yummy food.

More Information - www.revolutionsnowandskate.com


*** Wenatchee Skate Park Skate Contest? ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/02/2006
A Skate Contest set for Wenatchee but little info
to share about it, Here is all I know about the event.

Back to School Skate Contest
Where: Pioneer Skate Park
When: September 10, 2006
Cost: $15 entry fee includes lunch and Revolution t-shrit
Registration starts at 10:00 am & Contest starts at 11:00am
Live Bands, BBQ ad Good Times

I just thought I would pass this on to everyone.
Sorry I don`t know more info but heck its something
happing in Wenatchee and for that, there is not much.


*** Skate Competition Stokes Memories ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 06/12/2006
Casey Cooper, 21, starts to say that its been seven years that
hes been skating. Matt Pryor, however, interrupts to correct him,
saying its been longer than that and that hes the one that got
Cooper to test out the Wenatchee Skate Park when the pair were
students at Pioneer Middle School.

On Sunday, both would put try to put their best tricks on display
at the park, where 22 skate boarders as young as 5 each took their
turn trying to impress judges and each other at a competition
barbecue general hang-out organized by Revolution Snow & Skate
shop,a Wenatchee business.

I always look forward to it, said Pryor, 21, adding that hes been to each
of the competitions since they began, twice-yearly, in May of 2003.

So has Joey McGuire, 29, owner of Revolution and event organizer,
who said he knew pretty much everyone there.

Ive seen most of them start skating, McGuire said, calling it
amazing how much improvement some of the skaters have shown.

McGuire said he was one of the original Wenatchee skateboarders
who petitioned city leaders and raised money to help build the park,
which opened in 1997.

When he started his shop, which features an indoor skate park, four
years ago he said he always wanted to help organize events like this.

He hands off the judging duties to others, but McGuire works the microphone
as each of the skaters tries to make the most of their one minute of allotted time.

In his commentary, McGuires familiarity with the competitors shines through.

Hes been at this park before, McGuire began. Ive actually seen Matt throw
his shoe across the park, he says while Pryor is making his run, praising him
for his current level of maturity.

Pryor, like nearly all the skateboarders, had his share of falls. The competition
part of the event, however is decidedly low-key. McGuire said everyone would
get a T-shirt and lunch off the grill, with free decks (boards without wheels) and
skateboard hardware reserved for the top finishers. Each competitor pays $15
to participate, but McGuire says the event isnt about money.

Its promotion for the shop...and good for the kids, McGuire said,
adding that hed be more than happy if the event broke even.

As the skaters took their turns, the crowd, which numbered about 100, mostly
teens with a smattering of parental-types, applauded politely. When 10-year
-old Matt Penny, winner of the 12-and-under class, powered over a ridge into
a steep bowl in one corner of the park, the crowd burst into spontaneous applause.

Barry Pocan, 17, winner of the 13 to 17 age category and named by several other
boarders as the most impressive skater, said he started out by trying to imitate
older skateboarders.

The skateboarding community is pretty tightknit, said 30-year-old Mike Blair
of Leavenworth, the oldest competitor in the field, with the Wenatchee Skate
Park a big key to the community. Id say at least half are locals to this park,
Blair said.

Among skaters the same age, the biggest group in the competitions were
13- to 17-year-olds, there is a natural camaraderie. 16-year-old Jordan
Caudill talked about how he was given a deck by 17-year-old Alf Baird.

McGuire talked about how the park could use an upgrade to smooth out
some of the rough spots. This thing is getting pretty aged and antiquated,
McGuire said.

But Baird praised McGuire as an important part of the skateboarding community.
Joey is the man....hes why we have a skating scene here, Baird said.


*** Wenatchee Indoor Skate Park Opens ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 11/08/2005
Skateboarders wont go without when the snow flies now
that Revolution Snow & Skate shop, 246 N. Wenatchee
Ave. has opened its indoor skatepark.

Photo - Matt Penny, 9, of Wenatchee, does a Frontside Air
Sunday afternoon as he launches off the 6-foot mini-pipe.

Revolution owner Joey McGuire said the park is
about 3,500 square feet in size and includes the basic
combinations of banks, down ledges, mini ramps, vert
walls, hips, stairs, roll-ins and pyramids.

The park is open seven days a week. There is a charge.
Online information about Revolution Indoor Skate Park:
( http://www.revolutionsnowandskate.com )



*** Man Admits Luring Girl At Pioneer Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/16/2005
A 19-year-old Wenatchee man was sentenced to
eight months in jail Monday after he pleaded guilty
to luring a 13-year-old girl in Pioneer Park. ( More )

*** Man Pleads Not Guilty In Kidnapping Case ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 08/02/2005
A 19-year-old man accused of attempting to kidnap a
13-year-old girl last month at Pioneer Park pleaded
not guilty Monday.

Alberto Alvarez Horta was charged July 20 with
first-degree attempted kidnapping and possession
of methamphetamine.

According to court documents, Alvarez, employed here
during cherry harvest season, allegedly grabbed two
girls by their wrists on July 16 and began dragging
them to a pickup truck, saying he wanted to have sex
with them.

It is not known why charging
documents list only one victim.

The first charge carries a maximum sentence of
10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, while the
second carries a maximum sentence of five years
in prison and a $10,000 fine. Trial is set for
Sept. 20. 2005

*** Attempted Kidnapping At Skate Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 07/18/2005
Two girls at Pioneer Park, the skate park, were nearly abducted
Friday night when a man they didn't know grabbed them by the wrists
and began dragging them to a pickup, saying he wanted to have sex
with them, police said.

The girls escaped when one of them bit the man's forearm and he
let go, Wenatchee police Sgt. John Kruse said. One of the victims
is a 13-year-old who lives near the park. The age and hometown of
the other victim weren't immediately available.

The incident occurred around 9 p.m. Friday. A 19-year-old man,
Alberto Alvarez Horta, was arrested Saturday after the 13-year
-old went back to the skate park area shortly after noon and
saw him there, Kruse said. She ran home and -- too scared to
call police herself -- had a friend call 911, he said.


Wenatchee Skate Park 03-08-2005

( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 03/08/2005
The skate park looks clean but with some trash
in and around the skate park in the grass areas.
Please keep the park clean! Pick up your litter!


*** Teenager Reports Robbery At Pioneer Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 10/19/2004
A 16-year-old boy told police that a man with a baseball
bat demanded money from him at the Wenatchee Skate
Park at Pioneer Park.

The robbery was reported to the Wenatchee Police
Department at 10:03 p.m. Monday, a police dispatch
log says.

Wenatchee police Sgt. John Kruse said this morning that
the suspect had driven up in a car. Kruse said he did
not have a report from the investigating officer and
that he could not provide more information.


Wenatchee Skate Park 09-18-2004

( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/18/2004
A quick look at the skate park in September.
A few people out skating and riding a bike
after a small rain storm that wet down the park.

The skate park had a bit of trash around the edges
of the park and in the 7 foot skate bole a bit of
graffiti can be found. Rules signs could not be
found with in the skate park area or in Pioneer Park.

It gos to show that crimes are still happing around the
skate park with out any consequences to the ones doing
the crimes. Its sad that the youth dos not have respect.


Wenatchee Skate Park 03-10-2004

( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 03/10/2004
A look at the Skate Park on March 10th 2004.
It looks like the skate park has been cleaned
up a bit, But some gang graffiti in the bole area.

It seems that the city of Wenatchee has posted up
No Bicycles Allowed signs on a few light poles at
the Skate Park. See photos for a look at the new
signs hanging around the park.

~ A Heads Up! ~
To all the people that that do ride a bmx bicycle
at the skate park, You can get a ticket for riding
your bike at the Wenatchee Skate Park.

It is now Official by seeing the No Bicycles Allowed signs
at the Wenatchee Skate Park that there is NO place for a
BMX bicycle to ride and have fun in the city of Wenatchee.
It is a sad fact, but it is a true fact, no place to ride BMX.


( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 12/18/2003
Wenatchee Skate Park coverd with snow. Last year on this same
date 12-18-2002 (" photos-news-clip-below") the skate park was being
used by diehard skateboarders thrashin in the cold but did not have
the snow to deal with, In 2003 one year latter no one around in the
skate park due to snow. But looks like the gang graffiti and drawings
graffiti is not a stop at the skatepark.


( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 11/17/2003
Wenatchee Skate Park was a bit cold out, but it looked like
everyone was happy and having fun. -- The BMXers where
bmxing and the Skateboarders where a skating. Both groups
seem to be getting along with each other.

Allowing BMX bicycles at Wenatchee Skate Park would be a
good idea and lots cheeper than building a new bmx half pipe less
then 300 feet from the skate park. Both groups seem to get along
with each other, Just change the park rules and just let everyone
have fun at the skate park. - www.genesbmx.com/petition.html


*** Saturday Skatepark Tour Wenatchee Skatepark ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- October 18, 2003
Corporate Bikes - Craig and I went to the wenatchee skatepark,
Me and craig came here recently and it was pretty sick. Its mainly
a big bowl. Cool Locals

Location: Pioneer park next to Pioneer middle school, get on chelan
street and turn on to ferry st. going up the hill. Park is on the right.
Features: Big bowl with 4ft, 7ft, and 5 foot sections, spine, hips,
pyramids its a bowl, geez. Cost: Free, Facilities: Water fountain,
restrooms by pool (were under construction when we went) BMX
Rating: 5.5/10 good flow, but some sketchy tranny

Craig's folks went to ride the long bike trail in Wenatchee
and they said we could tag along and go to the skatepark
over there. We got there and got lost. We forgot the directions
at craigs house. We spent an hour trying to find it and craig
and i got ****** cause there are no maps in the phone books.

So I ended up putting down 4 bones to get a map so we could
find pioneer park where the skatepark was. We finally made
it after buying the map. The park was pretty dope. Most of the
tranny was pretty sketchy, but once we got used to it it wasn't
that bad. The locals there were super nice. Once we got used
to riding the park, good stuff went down. Craig was manualing
all around the bowl. I was 450ing the pyramid. Craig blasted
crankflips on it. I 540 tailtapped from the deep part of the bowl
to the small part. I hopped to manualed the grind box on the
pyramid to manual to the corner of the bowl. Craig did the same
thing backwards ( manual to hop up on the box ). I did a good
nosewheelie to manual barspin on one of the big quarters. Mostly,
we just flowed around the park cause it was like a huge bowl.

We rode a few minutes of street at the school. From the looks
of it Wenatchee has a lot of rails and street riding. I'd say its
worth the trip. The locals were telling us about some of the other
parks around there too, but we didn't have time to get to em.

Once we got home, craig and I got taco johns to end a good day
of riding. It was fun to get out of town and ride something
different for the day.

Hopefully we can shred there again sometime.
- Skylar, Corporate Bikes


( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 10/07/2003
At the Wenatchee Skate Park BMXer`s riding hard and having
fun getting some big air and having a blast doing so. BMXer`s
were suggesting that the city of Wenatchee change the park rules
to let bmx bikes be allowed to ride at the skate park.


*** A Wenatchee Skate Park Update ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/19/2003
A update as of 09/19/2003 at 12:30pm A quick stop by the skate park.
The gang graffiti was coverd over and is gone, at least for this time.
But still lots of trash around the skate park grounds. "Alcohol and
Soada Cans and Smoking butts" and a few teens skipping school and
skateboarding at the park. What happend to the rule "Park closed to
anyone under age 18, during school hours"?


Wenatchee Skate Park Photos

( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/09/2003
Looking at the Wenatchee Skate Park on 09-09-2003, Lots of glass
containers that have been shartterd around the park. Lots of smoking
butts and trash in on the grounds and area. Foul and abusive language
gang graffiti and drawings graffiti up on the skate park walls.

The area law crime blotter shows reports of a gun in the skate park
area in the last few weeks. A few teens have been talked to by police
for crimes in the area. And lots of people being ask to leave the park
way past 10PM at night, week days and ends.


( Click Photo For More Photos )

Looking at Wenatchee Skate Park on 07-05-2003, at 2pm seems
no one was using the park on this nice hot summer day, the day
after the 4th of July 2003 - Independence Day.


Wenatchee Crimes And Skate Park

Wenatchee Skate Park a source of Troubles & Hate Crimes, Teens
attack jogger, videotape beating. This happend on February 9th 2003
For more news about this see: - Wenatchee Crimes and Skate Park


Wenatchee Skate Park 01-17-2003

( Click Photo For More Photos )
Bikers and Skaters out in the cold of
January ripin it up and having fun!


Wenatchee Skate Park 12-18-2002

( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 12/18/2002
A little cold out to be at the skate park but a hand full of die hard
sk8ers are there. and they where have a good time sk8ing it up on
a nice sunny cold December day with no snow?

The skate park could use a good sweeping out. Lots of tree droppings
with in the skate park that makes it hard for people to ride there skate
boards All and all it is winter time but would be a good idea to sweep
the skate park up in the spring time.

What has changed and what has not? -- The Skate Park Rules signs
are missing and can not be found with in the park. And the light poles
at the Skate Park braker/swich seems to have been locked up so it
can`t be played with by people, Thanks! That is about all that has
changed at the park. It would be nice to see some other changes soon.


Words Of Thoughts For The Wenatchee Skate Park
And Some Thoughts Of Changes For The Skate Park

Wenatchee, Washington -- 08/23/2002
Foul or Abusive Language will not be tolerated. Which is listed in
the park rules and should be enforced to the fullest, in the summer
of 2002 lots of Foul & Abusive Language at and around the Wenatchee
skate park. Which is a big down fall for the Pioneer Park it`s self.

Some people would say and recommend that the City of Wenatchee
to add some steel coping and grind edges to the skate park.

By adding the coping to the skate park it may help in the life
of the park it`s self. And may help out with the people using
the park in doing there tricks and things?

Iv seen picnic tables, trash cans at the skate park getting beet up
and crushed up by people using them as a coping and sliding in on
to them. By adding coping to the skate park this may save the picnic
tables for lunchs and save the trash cans for the trash?

Photos At The Wenatchee Skate Park - 06/20/2002:
#1 Photo Of A Skateboarder On A Picnic Table Upsidedown
#2 Photo Of A Picnic Table Upsidedown At The Skate Park

The light poles at the skate park, This would be the on/off swich
for the lights at the park. The City of Wenatchee and the P.U.D.
may want to look in to locking up the control swich boxes that is
next to the fire pit, from the S.E. of the skate park in Pioneer
Park it`s self. For safety add a timer to the light box so people
don`t play around with the swichs and the box it`s self. Iv seen
young people playing with this light swich-braker by turning it on
and off for fun. Also have see them taking water in soada cans and
spiting the water in to the braker/swich to wach it bounce the braker
and pop it open. Electricity is something that should not be played
with at the skate park and is a big hazard at the Pioneer Park.

In the summer 2002 Safety helments and equipment has not been seen
on many people using the skate park. A hand full of the younger kids with
safety helments on has been seen at the skate park. But the older kids
you don`t see safety helments on them. I understand that safety helments
and equipment is just recommended at the park. I guess the question would
be, Do people dislike there heads and brains? A question out to the (C.W.H.)
ER room - How many people show up in the ER room with Injurys from the
Wenatchee Skate park? Could they have not gottin injurys if they had Safety
helments and equipment on at the time of there injurys if so? Think About It!

Should the City of Wenatchee allow BMX bikes in Wenatchee Skate park?
Yes - Why not? - It is a city park.

Do BMX bikes ruin the Skate Park? = NO!
spausa.org has been surveying parks for several years
and have not come up with any evidence that BMX Bikes
cause anymore wear & tear than skateboarders or inline skaters.

Can BMX bikes and skateboarders use the park at the same time?
YES! - Wenatchee Skate Park is a very busy park.
City of Wenatchee may want to designate special hours for BMX bikes.
Dual Time Usage of the Skate Park. It may ease some of the tensions?

BMX and Skate Parks
How the two can and should mix - BMX riders shouldn't be excluded.

Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumping Park
No interest from BMXers or people So NO Dirt Jumps at Pioneer Park.
This should be re-looked at and thought about by the City of Wenatchee.
Maybe in some other park? It may ease some of the tensions all about?


Wenatchee, Washington -- 06/20/2002

Photos by Gene`s BMX.com
( Click Photo For More Photos )

At the Wenatchee skate park on a hot summer day
a group of bmx bikers where having fun and jumping
there bmx bikes in to the air. As a hand full of skate
boarders where trying to do there tricks and get air.

In the back ground was the Wenatchee city pool,
crowed with lots of people trying to stay cool on
this hot summers day June 20th 2002.


Wenatchee, Washington -- 06/07/2002

Photos by Gene`s BMX.com
( Click Photo For More Photos )

Photos of BMXer`s at the Wenatchee Skate Park
Flyin high and having lots of Fun! on June 7th 2002.


Wenatchee Skate Park May 11th 2002

Photos by Gene`s BMX.com
( Click Photo For More Photos )

Wenatchee, Washington -- 05/11/2002
As one gos by the skate park and seeing a hand full of bmxers,
sk8ers, inliners. Looks like eveyone was having fun. As one stays
there for about 30 min. You can start to feel some tension growing.

The bmxers did not have much to say when asked about thoughts for
Dual Time Usage of the Skate Park and the soon to be Dirt Jumps
that are to be just west of the skate park.

I was left by my self after I ask, when I flowed the hand full of
bmxers as they stood in a group, they would brake up and regroup
to a new spot at the skate park with leaving me out. It does look
that the BMX bikers in Wenatchee don`t care to much to have a
place to ride there bikes.

As one asked the skateboarders and inliners the same questions, a
big yell in the back ground to not have bmx bikes at the skate park.

All and all it looked like eveyone had smiles upon ther faces just
for the skatepark being there. But there is a noticeable tension
between the BMXers and the Skateboarder and inline skaters...


Skateboarders Fly At This - Home Of Their Own Sk8ers Talk

Wenatchee, Washington -- 04/23/2002
If youre heading out to the Wenatchee Skate Park with a
scooter or bike, youd better pack a lunch it might be awhile.

Since skateboarders are running out of places to do their ollies,
ose grabs, kick flips, board slides, and Benny Hannas, they are
protective of their turf. Besides, isnt bike riding supposed to be
prohibited on the concrete course? ( More )


Photos Of The Wenatchee Skate Park On - May 26th, 2001
Photos By Gene`s BMX.com ( Click On Photos For Full Size )


Douglas County - East Wenatchee Skate Park & BMX

Skate Park Location: Eastmont County Park
255 N. Georgia, East Wenatchee, WA 98802
Contact Name: ? "Parks Dept." Phone: 509-?
Comments: A converted bumper-boat pool.
Contains oval track, ramps, quarter pipes and pyramid.
Surrounded by a BMX bicycle track.

In-line skates and skateboards will be out.
BMX bikes and radio-controlled cars will be in.
That's the plan this season for the Skate Park
at Eastmont County Park.

"With Wenatchee's skate park - at Pioneer Park,
interest is dwindling here and there's more interest
in these other things," said Bob Houston, recreation
supervisor of the Douglas County Parks and Recreation
Department."We're trying to provide different recreational
opportunities," he said.

As of fall of 2001 the Eastmont Skate Park & BMX bicycle track
is Closed! and was removed. In other words NOT there anymore!
Now sits at the old bumper-boat pool is a toy remote car track.
When asking the Douglas County Parks on why the skate park and
bmx track was removed, they would not quote back on reasons why.

A small history about the BMX bicycle track at the Eastmont County Park
can be found via on the ( Wenatchee Valley BMX Time Line ) web page.


*** Skateboard Competition ***

Wenatchee Washington - 10/25/1999
A skateboard competition at Pioneer Park in
Wenatchee on Saturday attracted about 100
spectators and about 30 competitors.

A similar competition is scheduled for next
weekend at the - Moses Lake Skate Park.


( Conflict On Concrete Skate Park Center Of Concerns )

Concerns at the Wenatchee SkateBoard Park
at Pioneer Park. - Wenatchee, Washington

03/17/1999 - Part 1 'Conflict On Concrete:
03/18/1999 - Part 2 'Graffiti Is A Symptom:
03/19/1999 - Part 3 'Boarders Speak Out:


*** Swimmers Camp Out At Pioneer Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington - 07/31/1998
Those swimmers may be tough, what with daily lap
workouts of a mile or more ... but camping on concrete?

Actually a tent just blew off the grass and into the nearby
in-line skate and skateboard area at Pioneer Park Thursday
afternoon when it was left unattended by some of the 900
junior swimmers arriving for regional competition this weekend.

A Skater Tyler Dew, 13, Wenatchee, was curious enough
to take a peek inside. Another 900 swimmers are at the
Eastmont County Pool for additional competition.


*** You Can Join Friends Of The Parks ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 01/15/1998
When skateboarders needed a place to drop in,
parents, boarders, volunteers and the city banded together
last year and built the Wenatchee Skate Park at Pioneer Park.

A year earlier, the Wenatchee Rotary oversaw construction
of a large playground at Lincoln Park, again using volunteers,
in-kind contributions and donations.

Now the city of Wenatchee is creating a formal way for people
to participate in future projects by starting a Friends of the
Parks Program.

Plans call for the program to start sometime this year,
and city commissioners have said it's a priority.

Parks Director Chuck Largent said people likely will have
two ways to join Friends of the Parks. If they live near a park,
they can become the "eyes and ears" for the city by reporting
vandalism, criminal activity or other problems. Or they can
agree to help out regularly with park improvements and repairs,
similar to what occurs on Make A Difference Day each fall.

"It could be anything from planting a new
rose bush to building a new restroom," Largent said.

Largent said virtually every city park needs work or improvements,
including new drinking fountains, benches and plantings.
In addition, some trees cut down in recent years because
of disease or safety concerns have yet to be replaced.

"We're trying to plant trees back when we can,
but there is a need for more," he said.

Largent plans to talk about the Friends of the Parks Program
at neighborhood meetings the city will be holding in February.

CC - By STEPHEN MAHER, Wenatchee World staff writer.


*** Bicycles Banned From Skate Park: ***
~City Officials Issue Challenge To Bicyclists To Design Their Own Course~

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/10/1997
The new Wenatchee Skate Park is now officially just a skate park,
with bicycles off-limits on the smooth concrete walls and jumps.

But city officials and Terry Bawden, head of Friends of Wenatchee
Skate Park, met with bicycle riders at the park Monday and challenged
them to design their own course, one that can be strictly for bicycles.

"It won't be as expensive or complicated as the skate park,"
said Bawden. "Bike tracks are usually just made of piled-up dirt."

Bawden said even the bicyclists recognized the inherent danger
of having bicycle riders weaving between skateboard riders and
roller-bladers at the park. The skaters have been protesting the
presence of bikes ever since the park opened, but Bawden said
it's disappointing to bike riders who want a place to do jumps and
trick riding, too.

The skate park cost about $40,000 to build, with the city paying
about $20,000, Chelan County providing $4,000 and the Wenatchee
School District paying $1,000. The remainder was raised by supporters,
skaters and skateboard riders over a period of four years. The skaters
even recommended that the bicyclists could sell concessions at skating
competitions and exhibitions to help raise money for their project,
Bawden said.

About 15 teens met at the park Tuesday afternoon with Bawden and
Parks Director Chuck Largent, who made the decision to ban bikes.
Bawden said they've all agreed to meet at 4 p.m. every Tuesday
at the park until they get all the issues worked out.

Skaters who attended the meeting also agreed to work with Bawden
on writing out a code of ethics for using the park, to satisfy the
city's needs for some rules of conduct. Among rules agreed to by
the skaters are new hours, from daylight till 9 p.m. on weekdays
and 11 p.m. on weekends.

Bawden, co-chair Gene Anderson and Parks Director Chuck Largent
also honored the many volunteers and donors during the city
commissioners meeting Tuesday night who helped create the skate park.

Donors who gave $500 or more in cash or donated services included
SeaFirst Bank, Washington Trust Bank, Mission Ridge Foundation,
Town Toyota, Sangster Motors, Selland Construction, Zumiez,
Danny Campbell, Mary Ellen Miller, Together! for Drug Free Youth,
Central Washington Home Builders, Mike Wood Excavation,
Doug Jones Concrete and Pipkin Construction.

Also honored Tuesday were three of the people who helped get
the project off the ground -- "retired" skateboarder Josh
Porterfield, 18, and his parents, Larry and Nancy Southwick.

CC - By JEANETTE MARANTOS, Wenatchee World staff writer.


*** Skateboard Park Sets Free A Teen Ballet On Wheels And Concrete ***

Wenatchee,Washington -- 09/07/1997
Kids say the new Wenatchee Skate Park is "awesome," "cool"
extremely popular. But it's not for the faint of heart, especially
if you're a parent.

The park was packed with users weeks ago,
even before contractors were finished pouring the concrete.
And this past Thursday, the day before its formal dedication,
more than 30 skaters and even a few bicyclists were zipping up
and down the concrete walls in a wheeled ballet of clattering
boards, narrow misses and sometimes spectacular collisions.

Although the small signs around the park strongly recommend safety
equipment, almost no one on Thursday wore a helmet or knee pads.
A few, usually the most skilled, wore wrist guards to keep their
wrists from breaking as they tried to prevent a spill.

"Most people don't like to wear pads and helmets because
they're uncomfortable," said Jesse McDonald, a 14-year-old
in-line skater. "And most of the time, if you wear pads its
because you think you're going to fall, so you do fall.

When you don't have pads on, you're a little more careful"

"No you're not," interjected skateboarder Gabe Embler, 23.
"You just bleed." And there is some blood -- although no tears.

These skaters are like the football players who always run off
the field waving, no matter how badly they've been smashed.
Skaters and skateboarders, do things that appear to defy physics,
like a 360-flip. That's where a rider manages to make the board
simultaneously flip and turn 360 degrees while he makes a little
nonchalant hop into the air. When it's done right, the rider lands
on a straight-moving board. When it's done wrong, which is often,
the rider falls, or the board breaks.

There are lots of jumps and hops that can break a board,
and that's what makes the sport expensive, said Shane
Gerde, 14, who wears a "Skate and Destroy" T-shirt.

A fully outfitted skateboard costs around $110, Gerde said,
but the boards themselves run $50 to $60 apiece, and he
figures he breaks about a board a month. In his case,
it's not so hard to replace a board.

"I just ask my parents if they need any yard work done,
but a lot of kids have trouble getting a board. One of the
best skaters here is like that. We give him all our old
used boards, if they don't break."

Safety equipment is expensive, too.
One good skater spent $45 on his glove-style wrist guards.
But one of the reasons the park is so popular is because it
doesn't have any requirements, skaters said.

They talked with disdain about the skate park in East Wenatchee,
where admission costs $2 to $3, depending on where you live,
and safety gear is required. The Eastmont park is too small,
the skaters say, and way too crowded. And they don't like having
a monitor telling them what to do.

The skaters also know that they and their supporters helped
raise half the $40,000 the city used to build the Wenatchee park,
so they feel they should have lots of say in how it's run.

Wenatchee's park is free and unmonitored in large part for
insurance reasons. A state law dating back to 1967 removes
liability from public and private land owners who let people
use their land for free for recreational purposes.

Adding a supervisor would actually increase the city's liability,
said Nancy Heyen, risk management specialist for the
Association of Washington Cities, because it would raise the
expectation that someone should have prevented any injuries.

And requiring safety equipment doesn't work unless you have
someone to enforce the rule, she said, because otherwise people
can claim the city is liable for their injuries because no one made
them wear a helmet or pads. The Association insures numerous cities
with skate parks, she said, and none have monitors or requirements
for safety gear.

"From a liability point of view it's better to say,
'Use at your own risk,' " she said.

There is one new rule at the Wenatchee Skate Park
that went up Thursday that irritates some of the skaters.
It forbids anyone under 18 from using the park during school hours.
Parks Director Chuck Largent said the school district requested
that rule to keep the park from being too much of a lure to students
at the nearby high school and adjacent Pioneer Middle School.

But skaters are an independent group, and they insist they
can monitor themselves. If you want to talk about rules, the
skaters say, make some rules that forbid bicycle riders and
beginning skaters. "They just get in the way," said skate
boarder Ben Lawrence.

Anthony Aguirre, a skateboarder who brings his three sons, ages
8, 9 and 10, is one of the few wearing a helmet and knee pads.

He says he's impressed at how well people get along,
but he still thinks it would be a good idea if the city
hired someone to monitor the park.

Parent Deanna DeBord agrees. She takes turns with other
north-end parents, driving their children to the park for
a few hours after school. She says she's been pleasantly
surprised at how well the skaters get along.

"I was visualizing all the kids with broken bones," she said.
"But I'd still like to see someone keeping an eye out here."

CC - By JEANETTE MARANTOS, Wenatchee World staff writer.


*** Please Take Good Care Of It ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 09/07/1997
A community gift to the youth of Wenatchee was dedicated
Friday night where tennis courts once stood in Pioneer Park.

The new Wenatchee Skate Park is finally a place for
skateboarders and in-line skaters. About 200 people,
many teens on skateboards, listened and accepted a
charge from Terri Bawden to take care of the park
which she called a legacy from an earlier group and
a gift from them, the city and community.

Listening youth agreed to serve on an
advisory board to guide the park's future.

"As an enrichment teacher (for Wenatchee School District)
my job is to find and nurture talent in kids -- all kinds
of talent," Bawden said. "So when my son (Jay Ullrich)
came home about four years ago and starting doing some
amazing acrobatics on his skateboard I became intrigued.

"At first I thought it was just a fad, but I saw how
seriously he and his friends took this sport. They
spent hours and hours practicing just as my other
son used to do on his piano or guitar."

But there was no place for skateboarders.
The city didn't want them on downtown sidewalks.
The youth, Bawden and other parents formed Friends
for a Wenatchee Skate Park and raised $28,000 over
four years. With $20,000 from the city, the park was
built this summer.

She listed Sky Sturek, Josh Porterfield, Adam Moore,
Eric Just, Scott Myrene, Joel Myrene, Hoang Nguyen,
Hy Nguyen,Keith Stokes, Rob Stanley and her son as
the original boys who lead the drive to build the park.

"This isn't their park anymore," Bawden told the teens.
"It's your park now. Enjoy it. But please take good care of it."

CC - By Dan Wheat, Wenatchee World staff writer.



Photo By Wenatchee World
Mike Bonnicksen Story By Jeanette Marantos.

Wenatchee, Washington -- 08/07/1997
After four years of waiting,eager skaters are getting
a jump on things by using the Unfinished skate park.

Skateboarders,skaters and others who love bumps, jumps
and dives have been waiting four years for a place to paly with
out reprimand. So a few signs and a flimsy fence have hardly
been enough to keep them away from the nearly completed
Wenatchee Skate Park at Pioneer Park.

They`re not supposed to be using it now because they haven`t
finished pouring the concrete yet, and thers some danger because
of the construction going on,said parks Director Chuck Largent.

But its really hard because the kids are just so eager.
After waiting so long,they`re so anxious to get in ther.
I went down and saw about 25 kids down ther the other night,
and they were just having a ball.The Park is especially inviting,
Largent said.

Its just awesome. Its one of the nicest facilities we`ve ever
built for the kids in this town. And when they see it, the kids
will go nuts.

Nonetheless, Largent said city officials are trying to keep kids
off the 60-by-100 foot area at least until the concrete work is
finished late next week. Then the city has plans to do some land
scaping around the site,and its looking at whether it can afford
lighting as well.


*** Help Needed At Skate Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 07/28/1997
The contractor who's handling the concrete work
at the Wenatchee Skate Park needs help Tuesday
and Wednesday from volunteers.

The city is paying for about half of the $40,000 project,
which is relying heavily on fund-raisers, volunteer
workers and donated materials.

The new skate park is being built in Pioneer Park,
at Fuller and Russell streets.

Adults and teens who want to do community service work
can show up at the park around 8 a.m. with work gloves.
No skills are required.


*** Skate Park Is Taking Shape ***

Wenatchee, Washington - 07/16/1997
The first concrete was poured Tuesday for ramps
at the new skate park at the site of the old Pioneer
Park tennis courts in Wenatchee.

Doug Jones Construction is handling the project,
which is expected to be finished sometime this summer.

Volunteers are still welcome and should contact
Chuck Largent at the city Parks Department.


*** Skate Park Construction To Begin In Spring ***
~Anonymous Donation Helps Put Project Over The Top~

Wenatchee, Washington -- 02/12/1997
It appears that Wenatchee's long awaited skate park
will finally get built this spring, thanks to an infusion
of cash, a few key volunteers and streamlined plans
that have made the project more affordable.

Parks Director Chuck Largent said the Chelan County
commissioners gave the group $4,000, and a donor who
wishes to be anonymous has pledged another $5,000
to $7,000 to see the project completed.

That gives the group enough money to cover the $8,000
fee from California landscape architect Ken Wormhoudt
and still have the required $20,000 to match the $20,000
pledged by the city to build the park.

Largent said the new budget is $39,700, which includes
$5,000 for contingencies. With the new contributions,
the group now has $40,800 to do the work.

The group has also gotten several contractors to volunteer
their work, Largent said. Dale O'Neal, the retired manager
of the Douglas County Sewer District, has agreed to be the
project manager, and he's recruited retired Chelan County
PUD engineer Eldon Rickman to help him.

The idea began nearly four years ago when several teens
complained to city officials that they had nowhere to ride
their skateboards because of city rules prohibiting their
use on sidewalks.

The group asked the city to build a skate park, and the City
Commission agreed to set aside the old tennis courts at Pioneer
Park and provide up to $20,000 in funds for the project, as long
as the group raised the matching funds.

The teens, their parents and supporters raised close to $16,000,
but there were many delays along the way. The group hired
Wormhoudt to design a sturdy skate park, similar to those
he's designed in Southern California, but his plans turned
out to be much more expensive than the group could afford.

Largent said the group scaled back those plans this winter
with the volunteer help of local contractors. For instance,
the project now calls for 3/8-inch rebar instead of 3/4-inch,
which resulted in a savings of more than $5,000. And on the
advice on contractors, it's also reduced the thickness of the
concrete slab from 4 inches to 2 5/8 inches, reducing the
price from $9,300 to $4,000.

Late last year, city commissioners asked Chelan County
commissioners if they would help with the project, and just
before the end of the year the county commissioners agreed
to budget $4,000 from the county's parks and recreation fund.

The new county commissioners who took office in January agreed
Tuesday to honor the former commissions decision, but not with
out some grumbling.

Commissioner Ester Stefaniw noted that the city of Chelan
is looking for funds to build its own skate park and she didn't
want this decision to set a precedent.


Photos By Gene`s BMX.com
Wenatchee`s Pioneer Park 1996, The Home Of The New Skate Park.


Photos By Gene`s BMX.com - Looking Behind The Pool South Of
The Bleachers Showing Where Wenatchee`s First Skate Park Was.

Wenatchee`s First Skate Park was located behind Wenatchee`s city pool
just South of the city pool bleachers and pool parking lot, North behind the
Apple Bowl and East of the Baseball fild.

The small Skate Park was built in the mid-to late 1970s by Wenatchee`s
JC`s Club, Boy Scouts of America and the City of Wenatchee. The Skate
Park was made of a few cement dips and bumps with a few small wood ramps.

The small Skate Park was popular for about one and a half years. In the early
1980s the Skate Park had lost interest and weeds and brush grew over it. In the
late 1980s dirt was bought in and the land-lot was used for remote control cars.
Today, the lot is used for a parking lot for the Pool, Apple Bowl, Baseball fild.


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