Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumping Park - Wenatchee, Washington USA

Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumping Park

Wenatchee, Washington USA

This Project is on hold ( stalled ) and seems to be a flop.
If anyone in the area wants to step up and push for any of this?
Please e-mail ideas to Gene`s BMX. The information as listed,
is out of date and is listed for bmx archives. -- geneb Nov. 2005


*** BMX Vs. Skate Park In The Same Park Or Other Park? ***

Wenatchee, Washington- 05/12/2003
On October 9th 2001 at a City of Wenatchee Parks Board meeting,
the Parks board said YES to a BMX Dirt Jumping Park. Problems
between the skateboarders and the bmx bike riders at the skate
board park have been flaming up for some time now. The City of
Wenatchee Parks Board helped ease the tension by giving some
space in the same park to the bmx bike riders to build dirtjumps.

* UPDATE - This has never went in to place and is not there today.
The flames are a flying at the skatepark day by day for more troubles.
So looking for some help in what to do................

Should the BMXers and the Skateboarders share the same park?
As in Pioneer Park its self - just not the skateboard park...
but by adding bmx dirt jumps and install a half-pipe for BMX bike riders
in the same park? "I see troubles will still happen between the two?"
If they are keep in the same park. Both will just bounce to one another.

Or should we be looking in to adding a BMX park in some
other park that way there is no troubles in all? What is the best
thing to do? A thought of mine is to split the two up, leave
the skateboard park where it is and set it just for the skaters.
and add a BMX track/dirt jumps along with a half-pipe of
some sorts across town about 4 miles apart in the Wenatchee
Riverfront Park Area (LoopTrail area) Behind the Chelan County
P.U.D. Park Crew Shops. This is a good Idea Land area for a BMX
Bicycle Track and it may make everyone happy in all.....

( Link/URL - Some photos of the Riverfront Park Area for BMXers )
Has anyother citys/towns ever tryed doing it this way?
Please let me know on what you think............

RE: Wenatchee Skate Park


Wenatchee, Washington - 05/12/2003
No Waterslides At Pioneer Park But A BMX Half-Pipe?

No Waterslides at Pioneer Park...For Now Plans to construct waterslides
at Wenatchee`s Pioneer Park are being put on hold. Mayor Dennis Johnson
says it appears unlikely the city will receive a state grant to fund much
of the 150-Thousand dollar cost of the project. Meanwhile, the city may
install a half-pipe for BMX bike riders to use. There have been problems
with bike riders using the parks`s Skateboard ramps. Plans to improve
fencing and storage at the park are in the works as well.


Wenatchee, Washington - 09/11/2002
City Considers Adding Giant Slide To Pool & BMX Bike Track

The next big splash at the city pool could come from the addition of
a 220-foot-long water slide. The city also has received a request for
a BMX bike track, which could be built just south of the pool facility.


** No Interest From BMXers Or People So NO Dirt Jumps At Pioneer Park.**

Wenatchee, Washington -- May 24, 2002

Photo by Gene`s BMX - Area of Pioneer Park that was to be the new
BMX Dirt Jumps Park And is a NO go now...lack of interest by BMXers!

Wenatchee Parks & Recreation Caryl Morrell - The Parks Director, Said
today that the bmx dirt jumps at Pioneer Park are put on hold. Nothing is
going to be dune with making the bmx dirt jumps at this time.

It seems that no one in the Wenatchee area wants to step up and do anything
to get the dirt jumps up and going. The Parks & Recreation board has talked
about BMXers with no interest about having the bmx jumps at Pioneer Park in
some of there meetings and there is no input from anyone.

So its a NO go now for the Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumps Park. Less a group
of people get together and do something. It is just sad that a hand full of
BMXers in the area got the park land/space for the bmx jumps and then no
one does anything with the space, Nothing like a wast of time to the City
of Wenatchee.

Less just hope that when something else is asked for by BMXers in the area
that the City Parks helps out and they don`t look at this as an example of the
BMXers in the Wenatchee area.

If a Group forms up and wants to get something going?
Call The Wenatchee Parks & Recreation Caryl Morrell
The Parks Director, 509-664-3394


April 19th, 2002

In ther July 2002 coppy of RideBMX Magazine
A small news clip about the bike park( Page 136 )
Riders in Wenatchee, Washington are working
on a bike park for themselves, too-Good Luck.


As of January 9th 2002 - There is not much news about the Dirt Jumping Park.
Nothing has been done to build the jumps. Most of the office/meets are dune,
That is becouse no one/BMXers show up. The City Parks & Recreation passed
it as a "YES" "Let the bmx bikes have dirt" It just kneed the dirt moved in to
the park and a few BMXers/people to step up and shape it up.

The City Parks & Recreation took the time and gave the space in the park for the
BMXers to build BMX dirt jumps. It would just be a shame to see this not happen.

If anyone wants to step up and do something?
Wenatchee Parks & Recreation
Caryl Morrell - The NEW Parks Director,
2 S. Chelan Wenatchee, Wa. 98801


A BMX Riders meeting is set for Wednesday October 17, 2001 at 4:00PM
at Pioneer Park in the area ask for. Bring your bike, and or just your self
and meet some City Park Officials. The Park Officials wants to know what
you want, and how you want the dirt jumps layed out. So the bmx riders and
everyone can have a idea to get started building the jumps.
What Happend at this meeting on Wednesday October 17, 2001 at 4:00PM
The City of Wenatchee Park Officials showed up. My self, Gene`s BMX
showed up. But NO others showed up to this meeting. Not much was said
at the meeting. So no one knows whats going on at this time.

For more information, Please call Wenatchee Parks & Recreation
Parks Director, Chuck Largent: phone: 509-664-3392


*** BMX Bikers To Get Their Own Park, City To Put Dirt Next To Apple Bowl ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 10/13/2001
"Ther Is no place ( now ) for a BMX bike to be."
Gene`s BMX, a racer and supporter of a new park for bikers.

Photo by Don Seabrook, Stephen Maher Wenatchee World staff writer.
Derek P.,15 Wenatchee,rides his bike at the skatepark at Pioneer Park in
Wenatchee Friday as a rollerblader struggles up an incline. - Derek said he
and his friends had petitioned the Park Board about trying to get a separate
track for bikes at the park. Hes happy to hear of plans to build BMX jumps.
There is noticeable tension between the bicycles & skateboarders at the park.

A corner of Pioneer Park may soon resemble a relief map of the Cascades.
Earlier this week, the city Parks Board preliminarily approved the
installation of BMX bike dirt jumps in a spot adacent to the Apple Bowl.

If final approval is granted,the city will move tons of dirt to the site,
either this fall or next spring.BMX riders and others will then shape
the earth into mounds and depressions,stretching 200 to 300 feet long.

Once completed,riders of the specialized single-grar bikes will
travel up and over the piles,catch air and perform aerobatic moves.

Parks Director Chuck Largent said the project grew out of conflicts
at the Wenatchee Skatepark at pioneer Park.Skateboarders and BMX
riders were using the skatepark, which ist larg enough for both groups,
and he worried a serious injury would ensue.A meeting this summer led
to the idea for the BMX dirt track.

"It`s fairly simple," Largent said. "It`s basically dirt. "Largent said the
only city cost will be moving dirt from a large stockpile at the Wenatchee
Cemetery, He said users will be responsible for maintaining the mounds.

If completed,the BMX park will be the only public facility of its kind in the
Greater Wenatchee Area, according to enthusiasts. In the 1980s, BMX
jumps where located at the old Lewis and Clark Park.But those closed in
1988 after the Wenatchee School District took over the park.

Gene`s BMX, who helped raise money for the skate park and has had a hand
in building the old BMX jumps, said numerous BMX riders have been using
the skate park. Gene`s BMX said they range in age from about 13 to 27.

Gene`s BMX said BMX racing and jump riding is a growing activity and
is considered an "extreme sport." Racers and other competitions have
been featured on ESPN2 and MTV. "I see this as a way of solving conflicts
between the skateboards and bikes." said Gene`s BMX, a BMX racer.
"There is no place ( now ) for a BMX bike to be."


B.R.O. BMX Riders Organization

News Clip Via B.R.O. BMX Riders Organization - 10/10/2001
Wenatchee Washington Gets Permission For Public Dirt Jumps
From Geneb. Check out Gene`s BMX Page

On October 9th 2001 at a City of Wenatchee Parks Board meeting, the
Parks board said YES to a BMX Dirt Jumping Park. Problems between
the skateboarders and the bmx bike riders at the skateboard park have
been flaming up for some time now. The City of Wenatchee Parks Board
helped ease the tension by giving some space in the same park to the bmx
bike riders to build dirt jumps.

Keywords:- Washington WA BRO-WASH Public Skate Parks


City Of Wenatchee Parks Board Meeting 5:30pm Tuesday
October 9th, 2001 Parks & Recreation Conference Room

1. 2002 budget issues
2. Presentation by BMX bike riders and supporters
3. Street tree expansion projects

*Note the change in time!
This is to accommodate thos presenting regarding the BMX bike riders.

*Also, members are invited to attend a meeting this Friday October 12th, 2001
at 10:00am in the parks Conference Room regarding the possibility of a Farmers
Market facility being established at Locomotive Park. A consultant will be on
Hand to discuss with City staff , Farmer`s Market growers, and others.

6:00pm Tuesday October 9th, 2001
Going with the Agenda leaving out 1. & 3. and looking at 2.
2. Presentation by BMX bike riders and supporters| *Note
the change in time! This is to accommodate thos presenting
regarding the BMX bike riders.

Opening statement:
As of 1997 Wenatchee got a Skate Park At Pioneer Park.
In the last few weeks or so, a lot of bmx bikes have been riding there.
And lots of problems between the skateboarders and the bmx bike riders.
A few young people have been getting kicked out of the skateboard park
by law officials for riding the bmx bikes there, So a few city park officials
looked in to this matter and have been asking the bmx bikers questions.
"Where would you like to ride your bmx bikes to get the bmx bikes out of
the skateboard park?" Answers Back Are: "Some dirt jumps would be nice
and just a place for us the bmx riders to hang out and have fun."

In the meeting a few photos where passed around and a video tape was played
to show what bmx dirt jumping is and looks like. Note: that the photos and video
tape was Not of or in Wenatchee Wa. And the video tape was made by young teens.

The Photos and video tape where taken at Green Lake , Seattle Washington
of some dirt piles " jumps' at the Green lake Park. It showed a few bmx bike riders
jumping the dirt piles and the grounds where they where riding on "looked nice".
A lot of People Ohhing and Ahhing at the meeting as they watched the video tape.

The area that the bmx bikes riders are looking at is at Pioneer Park
Just north west about 300 feet from the skateboard park at Pioneer Park.

Photos Of The Area Asked At Pioneer Park. Photos by Gene`s BMX

A few questions from the City officials:
What about safety ? What happens if someone gets hurt?

City Parks Official Chuck Largent stated that it would be
just like the skateboard park."Use the Park at your own risk
Safety helments and equipment RECOMMENDED at all times."

The issue of security that was brought up. Are the police are going
to help out with this? Talking all at once, it was answered that the
police and security are already in the area of the skateboard park.
So that should not be a problem .Some lighting will be add to make
the area safer for all.

This was voted on Tuesday October 9th, 2001 at the 6:30pm at the
Wenatchee Parks Board Meeting And was passed as a YES "Let the bmx
bikes have dirt jumps" by City of Wenatchee Parks & Recreation Board.

For more information call Wenatchee Parks & Recreation at: 509-664-3392

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