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Wenatchee Valley BMX

Wenatchee, Washington USA

This is a History Time Line of Wenatchee Valley BMX
& BMX Happings in the Wenatchee, Washington Area.

This history time line web page is from todays date back to 1978.
For more and up to date biking events with in the Wenatchee area,
Please See Gene`s BMX:- ( Wenatchee Biking Information Page )
Wenatchee BMX Racing And Recreational BMX Riding Notes:
At this time, - 2018 there currently is not a public or sanctioned BMX race track
in Wenatchee. The closest sanctioned and public recreational BMX race track to
Wenatchee is Quincy BMX track and Waterville BMX track for recreational use.
Riding BMX bikes at the Wenatchee Skate Park is Probhibited. The closest public
Skate Park to Wenatchee that does allow BMX Bikes in is the Chelan Skate Park.
All of the other skate parks in the general area of Wenatchee do not allow BMX in.

*** A BMX Pump Track In Wenatchee In 2019-2020, Maybe? ***
February 22nd, 2018

Wenatchee City Council Meet Thursday, February 22, 2018 AGENDA & MINUTES:
Some talks of the City and the Wenatchee Rotary Club adding a BMX Pump Track
at Lincoln Park via the Lincoln Park Improvement Plan for 2019-2020.

Lincoln Park Improvement Plan
Renovate Lincoln Park including adding two Youth Baseball Fields, one soccer field,
a second picnic shelter, splash pad, replacing the play equipment, BMX Pump Track,
ADA accessibility and landscaping.

* Wenatchee City Council Meet Thursday, February 22, 2018 AGENDA & MINUTES. = .PDF File.
* YouTube Video:- Wenatchee City Council Proceedings February 22, 2018. = 51:43 Min.
* Wenatchee City Council February 20, 2018 Lincoln Park Improvement Plan. = .PDF File.
* Wenatchee Rotary Club Talking About The Lincoln Park Improvement Plan.

* Other Information About BMX Bicycle Pump Tracks.


*** Cashmere Pump Track In Cashmere, Washington USA ***
October 09th, 2015

Cashmere Pump Track At Riverside Park In Cashmere, Washington USA
The new bike pump track is about 85 feet long by 60 feet wide and contains
120 cubic yards of dirt. The pump track replaces a sand volley ball court which
wasnt being used. The pump track was built by local volunteers and the expertise
of Evergreen Bike Alliance. The pump track opened in October 2015 at Riverside
Park which was opened in 1987 and is a centerpiece of the Cashmere park system
and is located along the Wenatchee River off Riverside Drive in Cashmere Wa.

Cashmere, Washington USA - The Home Of Aplets & Cotlets
Just 10 Miles West Of Wenatchee On Hwy 2 City of Cashmere

* Other Information About Bicycle Pump Tracks.


*** A Skateboard/BMX Track May Emerged ***

* Dog Area And Skateboard/BMX Park Top Ideas For Waterfront Land.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 09/27/2013
An off-leash dog area and a skateboard/BMX track emerged as the top ideas for a
new waterfront park at a meeting earlier this week. About 35 people attended a city
open house on Tuesday to gather ideas on how to develop about five acres on either
side of the Pipeline Bridge along Wenatchees riverfront. The land was donated earlier
this year by the Hale family. The city parks board hopes to have a final design for the
park by November. The city would like to start applying for grant funding early next
year and build the park in 2016. - Also See News: Public input sought on new park site.
Also See: Photos Of The Area From 02/20/2002: Wenatchee Loop Trail Wastland.

10/17/2013 - Hale Park Site Concept Plans:
The process to create the conceptual plan for the Hale Park site is underway.
If you missed the Open House on October 16th, you can click here and download
a PDF for more information and copies of the four concept plans. Comments on
the plans are being accepted until October 28th. They use them to refine the concept
plan and create one plan for the site. This plan will be presented at the November
19th Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting for further review and comment.
The meeting is scheduled at Noon at City Hall. After this meeting, the plan will again
be refined and presented at a City Council work session in early 2014.

* Land Donor Not Crazy About Park Ideas.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 11/20/2013
Parks board members told Erickson they liked the idea of more open space and playground
equipment instead of a BMX bike area.. So, Shot Down Once Again, No BMX In Wenatchee.
A BMX Race Track On That Land Would Have Not Work Out To Well Anyways. To Small
Of An Area. Maybe A Pump BMX-MTB Track And Skate Park Might Have Worked, But
That Land Is A Bad Area Of Wenatchee. Lots Of Loud Rumbles From The Trains, Lots Of
Homeless People And Lots Of Trash. All And All, A Green Grass Park With A Few Flowers
And Shrubs Would Be Of The Best Thing For That Land To Be Turned Into A Park. Also
See 11/13/2013 - Photos: Hale Park Proposed Land - Wenatchee, Washington USA.


*** BMXer Rides On Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 05/01/2011

A BMXer rides his bike along the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail enjoying
the warm sunny weather on May 01st, 2011 Photo by Adam F. - Wenatchee, Wa.


*** BMX Smiles At The Wenatchee Skate Park ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 04/05/2011

Even though riding BMX bikes at the Wenatchee Skate Park is Probhibited,
A few smiles where seen on a few BMX riders at the Wenatchee Skate Park.


*** North Central Washington BMX Riders At Great Northwest Nationals ***

Redmond, Oregon -- 03/28/2010

Gene`s BMX Notes BMX Riders From East Wenatchee & Moses Lake, Wa.
Congratulations! for racing in the 2010 ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals.

~~ Pre-race:
* 10 Girls Total Riders = 6 Groups = 1
5th, Holly Mccoy, - Team BustOut - East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 16 Girls Total Riders = 5 Groups = 1
4th, Danielle Dean, - BustOut BMX - East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 8 Novice Total Riders = 5 Groups = 1
2nd, Conner Pitts, - Desert Sun BMX - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 13 Expert Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
6th, Tyler (The Tyrant) Crowell, - Desert Sun BMX - Moses Lake, Wa.

~~ National #1 Rider:
* 16 Girls Total Riders = 10 Groups = 2
7th, Danielle Dean, - BustOut BMX - East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 8 Novice Total Riders = 7 Groups = 1
2nd, Conner Pitts, - Desert Sun BMX - Moses Lake, Wa.

~~ National #2 Rider:
* 10 & Under Girls CR Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
1st, Holly Mccoy, - Team BustOut - East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 8 Novice Total Riders = 5 Groups = 1
2nd, Conner Pitts, - Desert Sun BMX - Moses Lake, Wa.


*** Ride & Glide Extreme Sports Stunt Team In East Wenatchee ***

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 10/04/2009
The Ride & Glide Extreme Sports Stunt Team was in East Wenatchee, Wa. for
the Wings & Wheels Festival on October 03rd and 04th 2009 doing BMX tricks.
The Ride & Glide Extreme Sports Stunt Team from Tacoma Washington was so
awesome. These guys are unbelievably talented and truly professional BMXers.


*** Obituarie: Scott Donald Bates ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 04/11/2009
Scott Donald Bates, 43, a lifelong Wenatchee resident, died Monday,
April 6, 2009. He was born August 17, 1965, in Wenatchee to Don R.
and Karen Bates.

He received his education at Wenatchee schools, graduating from Wenatchee
High School. He then attended Wenatchee Valley College and Central Washington
University, graduating with a double degree in Psychology and Criminal Law.
His senior year, he was honored and placed in the Outstanding College Students
of America Directory. He attended the ROTC program and taught a class for
women students in self defense.

Scott was very involved with sport activities, including football,
basketball, baseball and was on the Buddy Werner Ski Racing Team.
He began riding motorcycles at age seven. His motocross racing continued
through college and into the last big race held in the Seattle Kingdome.

Scott was also very involved with bicycle motocross racing. He and his
dad built Wenatchee's first BMX track. He was awarded a factory Sekai
sponsorship and raced every track in Washington State, some in Idaho,
and the Nationals in Portland, OR and Vancouver, B.C.

Scott also loved the YMCA Karate Taekwondo Program. He worked very
hard to be the first young person to receive their Black Belt at such a young
age. He continued to train and participate in Karate matches around the state.
He loved to joke and laugh. He could call his dad and pretend like he was asking
about having a building moved and go on and on. He once called his mother
collect and told the operator it was from the Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster.

Scott is survived by his parents; his sister and brother-in-law, Susan and
Samer; three nieces, Sabrina, Sarah and Stephanie; his uncle, Dennis Bates;
aunt, Doris Blanton; cousins, Sherrie and Harold Wood, Andrea and Gary Ott,
David Blanton, Ron Roe, Carl Roe and Evelyn Roe; step-son, Seth Mullens,
and Seth's mother, Tess Whitehorn.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Roy and Helen Bates and Rev.
and Mrs. Charles Estabrook; and numerous aunts and uncles. A Private Graveside
Service was held at the Wenatchee Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may
be made in Scotts name to the Cashmere United Methodist Church. Arrangements
were by Telfords Chapel of the Valley, East Wenatchee.

CC - The Wenatchee World.


*** North Central Washington BMX Riders At Great Northwest Nationals ***

Redmond, Oregon -- 04/05/2009

Gene`s BMX Notes BMX Riders From East Wenatchee & Moses Lake, Wa.
Congratulations! for racing in the 2009 ABA BMX Great Northwest Nationals.

~~ Pre-race:
* 9 Girls Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
2nd, Holly Mccoy, - East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 14-16 Girls Cruiser Total Riders = 3 Groups = 1
3rd, Danielle Dean, - East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 6 Novice Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
6th, Collin Barkle, - Fred & Bobs Cost. - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 7 Novice Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
6th, Mckenzie Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass House - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 9 Inter Total Riders = 11 Groups = 2
3rd, Gage Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass Car - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 15 Novice Total Riders = 3 Groups = 1
2nd, Danielle Dean, - East Wenatchee, Wa.

~~ National #1 Rider:
* 10 & Under Girls CR Total Riders = 9 Groups = 2
4th, Holly Mccoy, East Wenatchee, Wa.
* 5 & Under Novice Total Riders = 10 Groups = 2
6th, Jesse (James) Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass House - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 7 Novice Total Riders = 12 Groups = 2
8th, Mckenzie Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass House - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 9 Inter Total Riders = 16 Groups = 3
2nd, Gage Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass Car - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 12 Inter Total Riders = 18 Groups = 3
4th, Tyler Crowell, - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 15 Novice Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
7th, Danielle Dean, - East Wenatchee, Wa.

~~ National #2 Rider:
* 5 & Under Novice Total Riders = 8 Groups = 1
6th, Jesse (James) Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass House - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 7 Novice Total Riders = 11 Groups = 2
5th, Mckenzie Garza, - BustOut BMX/Glass House - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 10 Novice Total Riders = 5 Groups = 1
3rd, Connor Farris, - Wenatchee, Wa.
* 12 Inter Total Riders = 15 Groups = 3
2nd, Tyler Crowell, - Moses Lake, Wa.
* 15 Novice Total Riders = 4 Groups = 1
3rd, Danielle Dean, - East Wenatchee, Wa.


*** In Memory Of BMXer Dustin Kemp 9 ***

Florence, AZ ( Wenatchee, Washington ) -- 03/02/2009
Dustin Michael Kemp, 9, of Florence, AZ died February 22, 2009 at home.

Dustin was born September 7, 1999 in Wenatchee, WA. He was well-loved
and devoted to his family. He loved school and was an excellent student
and known for his character. He was charismatic and concerned for others.

He spent most of his time outside practicing his bicycle skills.
He wanted to finish school, attend college, compete with BMX in
the Olympics, and become a police officer. He had a goal to raise
$1,000 through Race for Life of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Rest in peace Dustin!
ACC - ( Liberty BMX Racing Riders: Dustin Kemp 1999-2009 )


*** Wenatchee Private Indoor BMX Race Track ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 07/08/2008
A private owned Indoor BMX race track in Wenatchee.

The Wenatchee indoor BMX race track is about the same size and same
layout, a letter M style, as to the BMX race track in Moses Lake but
it is in a building indoors. The indoor BMX track has a nice eight man
Pro Gate start gate and the track is well built and well thought out in all.
The building does have cooling for the summer time and heating for the
winter time. The BMX track and building is set up to host big BMX events.

The Wenatchee indoor BMX race track is NOT a sanctioned BMX
race track as it is Private. The BMX track is NOT open to the public.

* Added Information:( December 2009 ):
The Wenatchee indoor BMX race track was located up the Squilchuck canyon.
The BMX race track ran as a private BMX track from June 2008 - Febuary 2009
with a few un-sanctioned BMX race events. The owner of the Wenatchee indoor
BMX race track was killed in a car accident in late Febuary 2009 just out-side of
Sunnyvale, California while on a bussiness trip. Since then, no one had any interest
to keep the Wenatchee indoor BMX race track alive or to build it in to a sanctioned
track. The indoor BMX race track has been torn down and the building dismantled.


*** Moses Lake BMX Supports Leukemia Lymphoma Society ***

Moses Lake, Washington -- 05/29/2008

More than 300 BMX riders from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and
Canada took to the track in the American Bicycle Association's
"Race for Life" to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The event, in conjunction with a weekend of BMX racing at the
Moses Lake BMX Track, featured over 25 motos a day in various
classes based on age and experience.

The riders, who took pledges of donations, raised $2,600.
Six-year-old Hunter Talbot raised the most at $200.

Track operator Sunshine Rutherford said she was "worn out"
after four days of intense racing. "Everything went really
well," she said.

Rutherford said the riders were "bumped and bruised"
after the riders but noted the "kids wear protective gear."

"Although there were several on-track crashes,"
she added, "nobody was seriously injured."

Sunday's races were qualifiers for the Redline Cup,
a prestigious invitation-only race in which only two
riders from Washington will qualify.

The local youth that qualified to race at the Redline Cup Finals were:
McKenzie Garza 6 Novice, Cody Wood 12 Novice, Gage Garza 8 Inter,
Logan Menendez 9 Inter, Tyler Crowell 11 Inter, Collin Wood 14 Inter,
Beth Rutherford 17 Girls, Guy Rutherford 13 Cruiser.

Monday's race was used to qualify for the state finals. Placing in
Monday's races were: Guy Rutherford 13 Cruiser 4th, Guy Rutherford
13 Expert 3rd, Gage Garza 8 Inter 5th place, Logan Menendez 9 Inter
3rd place, Tyler Crowell 11 Inter 2nd place, Collin Wood 14 Inter 2nd
place, McKenzie Garza 6 Novice 6th place, Cody Wood 12 Novice 2nd
place, Kameron Kuch 16 Novice 2nd place, Beth Rutherford 17 Girls
7th place, Kayla Menendez 17 Girls 8th place.


*** Wenatchee Plans Pioneer Park BMX Track ***

Wenatchee, Washington -- 03/05/2008 -&- 05/22/2008
The Pioneer Park complex could be receiving a massive facelift,
depending on what a conceptual drawing from a consultant hired
to create the facility's master plan looks like.

The complex is a combination of city and Wenatchee School District
property, consisting of Pioneer Park, Recreation Park, Apple Bowl
and Triangle Park. -- A BMX track in the plan? maybe. ( More )


*** Tonasket Skate Park And BMX Track ***

Tonasket, Washington -- 05/09/2008 -&- 05/13/2008
Opening for Tonaskets new skate park and BMX track is tentatively
set for May 31st 2008 during Tonasket Founders Day festivities,
according to B3 Skate park Project organizers.

Some Cool News In Eastern Washington As A New BMX Track Starts
To Form Up In Tonasket, Washington Area... But Some Questions Arise.
Lots of money given in grants for it. Just where is this BMX Track at?

WWRP Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition Info: Tonasket BMX
( Tonasket BMX Track Info 2005 -&- Tonasket BMX Track Info 2009 )


Moses Lake, Washington

A bmx event took place on Saturday
November 12th 2005 at the Moses
Lake BMX track. With dirt jumping
and BMX Racing. BMX riders from
all over showed up for the bmx event.
A well job done everyone! :-)

( Click Here For Moses Lake BMX )


Moses Lake, Washington 10/18/2005

( Click On Photo For Full Sized Flyer )

COOL! A Moses Lake BMX Event
~~~ November 12th, 2005 ~~~
Registration is at 11 am - 12 noon.
Free Racing for all ages. You Must
have a Helmet to race. Will be some
freestyle demonstrations and ( More)

( Click Here For Moses Lake BMX )


Chelan, Washington 08/27/2005

New Skate Park Ramps Are Big Hit.
Jumpin' and Grindin', Chelan recently
completed installtion of new ramps at
the Chelan Skate Park at Don Morse
Park.The ramps seems to be meeting
with overwhelming approval from the
people who are useing them. ( More )

( Click Here For Chelan Skate Park )


Quincy, Washington 08/18/2005

The Quincy BMX track is seeking
restoration. - The city council heard
suggestions for the city to restore its
BMX bike track back to its original
condition. - The mayor and council
members all agreed that they would
have to discuss the request...............

( Click Here For Quincy BMX Track )


Cashmere, Washington 07/15/2005

Cashmere Skate Park Shuts Down & Removed

The City Of Cashmere has now shut
down & closed & removed the skate
park due to abuse such as trash and
vandalism and illegal activities in at the
skate park. No skate park supporters
attended meetings, so the city council
voted to close it down on July 15, 2005

( Click Here For Cashmere Skate Park )


Moses Lake, Washington 10/15/2004

Moses Lake BMX Track Complex

The BMX Track has been proposed and the Moseslake city council
has approved the funds for building an ABA BMX dirt race track.

The Track is now a reality, with A 1,000-plus-foot-long bmx track,
- Two thousand yards of topsoil neatly packed into jumps and turns,
as a brand-new BMX bicycle track nears completion in Moses Lake.

The track is located next to the Larson Park Batting cages.
See - ( http://www.genesbmx.com/moseslake-bmx.html )


Some BMX Style In Wenatchee 2004

Photo Left, Robin Fenlon doing a tailwhip transfer
at the trails in Wenatchee, Washington.

Photo Right, Morgan Wade doing a T-down flip
at the trails in Wenatchee, Washington.


Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth Skate Park

A Ribbon Cutting to open the new
Leavenworth Skate Park thats is
located at Chumstick Hwy. at the
foot of the Cascade High Schools
parking lot on May 28th 2004 The
$140,000 project is a reality ( more )


( Click On Photo For More Photos )
Wenatchee Skate Park 11-17-2003 Photos by Gene`s BMX

A bit cold out, but it looked like everyone was happy and having fun.
The BMXers where bmxing and the Skateboarders where a skating.
Both groups seem to be getting along with each other.

Allowing BMX bicycles at Wenatchee Skate Park would be a good idea
and lots cheeper than building a new bmx half pipe less then 300 feet
from the skate park. Both groups seem to get along with each other,
Just change the park rules, let everyone have fun at the skate park.
( http://www.genesbmx.com/petition.html )


( Click On Photo For More Photos )
August 10, 2003 A BMXer showing some good style at the
Cashmere Skate Park in Cashmere. Photos by Gene`s BMX.

BMX Is an Extreme Olympic Sport and is set to be in the 2008 Olympics.
With the sport being granted full Olympic status, lots of BMX riders in
the Chelan County areas do not have any places to ride bmx bicycles.

With no places for the youth to ride BMX bikes lots of the youth lose
the opportunity to further their Olympic dreams. "Opportunitys lost"
It is something for all to think about.

Fair Play - BMX riders shouldn't be excluded from a skate park.
The two can-and should-mix. For more see: BMX and Skateparks


October 30, 2002 Chelan Skate Park Opens!

( Click Here For Chelan Skate Park )


( Click Here For More Photos )
A BMXer getting some big air on a dirt jump at the
Porters Pond area of the Loop Trail on 04-20-2002
in East Wasenatchee, Wa. Photos by Gene`s BMX


March 01, 2002 Lake Chelan Gets A Skate Park

After several years of fits and starts, proponents of
a Skate Park at Lake Chelan are finally on a roll.

A 1,100-square-foot, steel-reinforced concrete slab with about
15 ramps will take shape at Don Morse Park this spring.
Voting 5-2, the Chelan City Council approved the project.

( Click Here For Chelan Skate Park )


Asplund`s Outdoor Sports
1544 N. Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, Wa. 98801

On December 31, 2001 Asplund`s Outdoor Sports Closes its doors.
Asplund`s was a big supporter for lots of biking events in Wenatchee.


Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumping Park

On October 9th 2001 at a City of Wenatchee Parks Board meeting
the Parks board said YES to a BMX Dirt Jumping Park.

Problems between the Skateboarders and the BMX Bike Riders
at the Skateboard Park have been flaming up for some time now.

The City of Wenatchee Parks Board helped ease the tension by giving
some space in the same park ( Pioneer Park ) to the BMX bike riders
to build dirt jumps. ( Click Here For Wenatchee BMX Dirt Jumping Park )


Douglas County - East Wenatchee Skate Park & BMX

Skate Park Location: Eastmont County Park
255 N. Georgia, East Wenatchee, WA 98802
Contact Name: ? "Parks Dept." Phone: 509-?
Comments:- A converted bumper-boat pool.
Contains oval track, ramps, quarter pipes and
pyramid. Surrounded by a BMX bicycle track.

As of fall of 2001 the Eastmont Skate Park & BMX bicycle track
is Closed! and was removed. In other words NOT there anymore!
Now sits at the old bumper-boat pool is a toy remote car track.
When asking the Douglas County Parks on why the skate park and
bmx track was removed, they would not quote back on reasons why.


Leavenworth Skate Park

09-13-2001 Leavenworth Wa. starts fund raising for a Skate Park.
( Click Here For Leavenworth Skate Park )


Cashmere Skate Park

06-22-2001 Cashmere, Wa. gets a Skate Park.
( Click Here For Cashmere Skate Park )


BMXing The Apple Blossom

Photo by Gene`s BMX - May 5th, 2001

Forget the bumper to bumper cars on Apple Blossom of 2001
This girl was cruzing the Wenatchee Ave. on her BMX bike
and she was getting around town fast on her BMX bike.


Sand Jumping

Photo by Gene`s BMX July 20th 2000 Sope Lake, Wa.
A BMXer Jumps his bike at the Sand Pits, Getting big Air!


Photo By Tom Williams, Wenatchee World staff - June, 2000

Gettin A Jump On Summer, with school being out for just
one week, Josh Ingram 13, of Wenatchee, is wasting no
time getting the most of his summer vacation.

Monday afternoon found him launching his BMX bike off an
submerged concrete fishing dock at Walla Walla Point Park.

He landed in waist-deep water and wheeled his bike the few
feet to the shore to go again. The Columbia River is still
running high, making the dock a perfect ramp.


In-Line Skaters, Skateboarders Are Out:
BMX Bikers Are In At The Eastside Park

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 05/14/2000
In-line skates and skateboards will be out. BMX bikes
and radio-controlled cars will be in. That's the plan this
season for the Skate Park at Eastmont County Park.

With Wenatchee's skate park ( in Pioneer Park ) interest is
dwindling here and there's more interest in these other things,
said Bob Houston, recreation supervisor of the Douglas County
Parks and Recreation Department. We are trying to provide
different recreational opportunities, he said.

He said BMX bikers and radio-controlled car users should come to the
park office, 255 N. Georgia St. at 7 p.m. Tuesday to discuss hours of use.


Wenatchee Cycle & Fitness - AKA - Wenatchee Cycle & Toy
228 South Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, Washington
The bike shop, an icon in Wenatchee Closes Its Doors In May 2000.
Wenatchee Cycle, was a big supporter for the Wenatchee BMX track
and lots of other bicycling events in the Wenatchee area.


Photo By Tom Williams, Wenatchee World staff - June 1999

3 Wenatchee boys cooling off as the summer brake starts by
jumping there BMX bikes in to the Columbia River at Hydro Park.


Eastmont Skate Park And Bike Track Opens

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 04/09/1999
The Eastmont Skate Park and BMX Bicycle Track opening
5 to 8 p.m. today and from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday for the first
time for the season. Spring hours will remain 5 to 8 p.m. on
Fridays and 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

There is no admission charge but in-line skates, pads and helmets
are available for rent. The skate park and BMX track are available
for group rental and for group gatherings.


What, Us Worry?

Photo by Tom Williams, Wenatchee World - 07-20-1998.

Dennis Langlais,a member of Diamonback`s three man BMX stunt team,
jumps over (from left) Chad Lochman, 12, East Wenatchee; Ty McGrew,
12, EastWenatchee; Eddy Kavanaugh,11, Wenatchee; Michael Marboe,6,
Wenatchee; and Dustin May,11, East Wenatchee, during a performance
at Asplund`s parking lot on Sunday.

Organizer Gene Sharratt said the event, sponsored by Sunrise Rotary,
raised $409. The money will be used by Kids First, a group started by
Sharratt this spring to raise money for children in Chelan and Douglas
counties.Sharratt said about 400 people attended the three performances
Sunday afternoon, Cooper Helm,7, Wenatchee was the winner of a BMX
bike raffled off during the event.


Thrills And Spills: New Trail Means Freestyle
Bike Riders Dont Have To Seach For Open Fields

By Anythony Perez, Wenatchee World staff writer Spring of 1998.

East Wenatchee/Douglas Co. Park Its been about 10 years since
the Wenatchee Valley freestyle bike riders could try their tricks
in public parks without getting in trouble. Now, they have their own
BMX trail, opened two months ago, on the perimeter of the skate
board course in the Eastmont County Park.

"Before this opened, we hit the stairs and stuff around town,"
said 14-year-old Mike Brawley, East Wenatchee. "Or we found
an open field to ride in." Some of the other 15 riders that showed
up for Thursday evenings BMX session also admitted that they
rode the Wenatchee Skate Park, even though biking is prohibited.

The BMX trail was built with a lot of input from the young riders,
three meetings worth held by the Douglas County Parks Department.

But their ideas about track's design didn't stop when the
construction was over. Park officials encourage the bikers
to change the course, even giving them rakes, shovels and
hoses to do it.

"We don't want them to completely change the whole thing," said
Andre Gerspach, the parks employee in charge of operations of
the track. "We make the kids keep some areas simple so the
inexperienced riders can have a chance."

The trail has grown into several dirt ramps some of which are
known as berms along with slopes and inclined turns, which vary
in size and difficulty, set up in a semi-circle.

"It's pretty cheap to come here and it's near our homes," said
17-year-old Jered Bykoski, East Wenatchee. "It's also better
then other places because we help build it. If we don't like
something we can change it." Falls that result in injury are
increasingly a part of so-called "Generation X" games like
freestyle BMX and skate boarding. But, in the track's two
months of operations there have only been a couple instances
of moderately serious injuries.

The most severe was a dislocated shoulder. "Falls go along with
getting better," said 16-year-old Dustin Cates, East Wenatchee.
"If you don't crash, you arent trying hard enough."

Pushing themselves a little further each day, many of
the riders are trying to perform more difficult tricks.

Ten years ago a small BMX track closed in Wenatchee adjacent to the
Lewis and Clark Elementary School. From that point on, the nearest
public track was in Waterville. Douglas County Parks gave permission
for the trail in early March.

It took only one weekend in the middle of April to build the dirt ramps.
All the construction equipment was donated by Chipman Construction
and two volunteers performed all the labor. "My son brought (the BMX
park idea) to my attention,"said Steve Milton, who along with his son,
Jeff Nelson, were the duo who built the course."

It was a long weekend. I think it turned out really well."
The park is open Thursday through Sunday with two sessions
each day. An afternoon session runs from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.,
while the evening session runs from 6 to 9 p.m. Both sessions
are open to all ages, provided a helmet is worn.

Each session costs $1 for those living within the Eastmont Regional
Service Area and $2 for those living outside the area. "Most of the
riders who show up are from East Wenatchee," said Jerry Sernoffsky,
a parks employee. "But we'll occasionally have some riders from
Wenatchee, Cashmere and Leavenworth show up."


Douglas County Parks Considering BMX Facility

East Wenatchee, Washington -- 03/015/1998
The Douglas County Parks Department is considering
building a BMX bicycle facility this spring next to the
skate park in Eastmont County Park.

The bicycle shops around town are reporting that BMX bike
sales are back on the increase. We're seeing kids looking for
places to ride their bikes, and kids in our skate park have
asked for a BMX area," said Roger Boyer, Douglas County
parks director.

BMX bikes are small-wheeled bikes, sometimes with special
pegs extending from the back axle on which riders can stand to
do tricks such as spinning and jumping.

Monday, Boyer received permission from Douglas County commissioners
to pursue the idea and said department resources and donated supplies
and materials could be used.

He had no estimate of the cost but said maintenance and operation
would be minimal. Jerry Sernoffsky, aquatic and skate park facility
manager, met with six youngsters last Thursday and will meet again
at 4 p.m. this Thursday at the park office to determine interest and
whether a free-style area or track, or both, should be built.

Boyer said the BMX area could be east, west and south
of the skate park, which is near the swimming pool.



On 08/07/1997 Wenatchee gets a Skate Park.
( Click Here For Wenatchee Skate Park )


Getting Big Air!
Photo By Wenatchee World staff - June, 1996
A BMXer getting air jumping his BMX off a dirt lip in Wenatchee.


The Devils Gulch!
Photo by Gene`s BMX August, 1995

A group of BMXers and Bikers hits the 12 mile trail,
Devils Gulch South West of Wenatchee, Washington.


A BMXer Jumps Over A Kid In Wenatchee, Wa USA Year 1992.
Photo by Geneb - Genesbmx.com


On January 20th, 1990 at 3:55am A Fire Destroys Bicycle Shop;
Eastmont Cart & Cycle 1000 Valley Mall Pky. East Wenatchee,Wa.

The Owner of the bike shop Ken Lewis, helped out with trying
to rebuild the BMX track at Lewis & Clark Park from 1986-1987
and was the team MGR of the Wenatchee Freestyle Team.

Eastmont Cart & Cycle also supported a few other bicycling events
through out the Wenatchee valley. The bike shop was never rebuilt.



Captain America Trick Team, A troupe of bicycle & skateboard
artists from Seattle, will be one of the featured attractions at
Sundays Wenatchee Rainier Mexican Fiesta at Lincoln Park.

Maria Ellen Avilez, East Wenatchee, will reign over the celebration
which will include Mexican dancers & musicians from Moses Lake
& Yakima, pinatas for the children, skateboard and bicycle trick
competition and plenty of Mexican-style food for everyone.


Photos by Gene`s BMX.com
Photos - Wenatchee Freestyle Team spring of 1988
in the Wenatchee Valley North Mall in front of the
JC Pennys store doing a Freestyle BMX demo. In top
photo Shawn Provo, and Brandon. In the bottom photo
Mongoose Bicycles BMX Freestyler Jonathan Garcia..

Photos by Gene`s BMX.com
Photos - Wenatchee Freestyle Team spring of 1988
in the Wenatchee Valley North Mall in front of the
JC Pennys store doing a Freestyle BMX demo. In top
photo Mongoose Bicycles Freestyler Jonathan Garcia.
In the bottom photo Jonathan Garcia & Shawn Spencer.





Photos By Mike Bonnicksen, Wenatchee World staff - Fall of 1987

Three bikers raced ther machines inside Grace Lutheran Church
Thursday. They didnt do any damage, though and no one was scard.

These riders were on bicycles and they were invited to put on a show.
The audience just loved it. Mrs. Crutcher said, She is always on the
lookout for entertainment for here church.

Recently Mrs. Crutcher`s husband Harry, saw a group of bicycle
riders practicing at River Front Park and ask them if theyd put
on a demonstration at the church center.

This was the first demonstration for the bikers
who call themselves the Wenatchee Freestyle Team.

Three of the Wenatchee bicyclists performed thursday, they are
Jeff Hawk 16, Shawn Provo 15, and Shawn Spencer 18, all three
of Wenatchee.

Mrs. Crutcher said the show lasted about 45 minutes.


The Fish BMXing On A Ramp In Wenatchee 1987. Photo by Gene`s BMX.com


Photos Wenatchee Valley BMX Race 1987 At Lewis & Clark Park.
Photos by Geneb - Gene`s BMX.com


1987 Photos Of The Wenatchee BMX Track At Lewis & Clark Park.
( click on a photo to view full size photo ) Photos by Gene`s BMX.com

wen1_jpg.html wen2_jpg.html wen3_jpg.html
wen4_jpg.html wen5_jpg.html




Photo Kelly Gillin, Story By Andy Perdue, Wenatchee World - April 23,1987

Competitive motocross bicycle racing hasnt been at Lewis & Clark
Park for awhile. But a new team has formed and the excitement may
begin as soon as mid-May.

Bryan LaRoque, a Wenatchee man who is coaching the Rock N Roll
racing team, as its called,said in the pastmonth about 35 people ages
4 to 20 have joined the new club.

LaRoque said he alrready has six local businesses sponsoring the
team, so he hopes to be able to provide team helmets and jerseys
soon. Right now LaRoque said, he is only waiting for the Wenatchee
Parks board to recommend the city council give him permission to
expand the present track at Lewis & Clark Park by 75 feet to make
it the proper racing length.

While hes waiting, though,hes training team members for the racing.
Much of that training is learing how to avoid accidents and how to
fall properly to avoid injury. That way, when racing begins, the fun
and excitement won`t be ruined as the kids try to win races.

To start, LaRoque said he`ll be using donated trophies to award
the winners,but as the racing becomes more organized, he`ll be
able to start purchasing new trophies.

LaRoque receives $1 million in liability insurance through the ABA
for $500 annually, and each racer will pay $5 to help cover that cost.
He said he expects racers from all over Central Washington to be
competing each week as soon as racing begins.


By Andy Perdue, Wenatchee World staff writer - April 2,1987

BMX motorcross bicycle racing is back at Lewis & Clark park.
At its Wendesday meeting,the Wenatchee Park Board approved
the use of the present BMX track for a new racing club called
Rock n Roll Racing.

The team,which formed a month ago,has about 35 members ages
4 to 20 said team coach Bryan LaRoque. LaRoque said the team
is insured through the American Bicycle Association for $1 million
liability which costs the team $500 a year.

The board approved use of the track to the club Monday through
Friday so the bike racing wouldnt conflict with radio-controlled
car racing on Sundays.

The car racers use two tracks built inside the BMX track.
LaRoque also asked the boards approval to expand the track
by 75 feet,but that request was tabled until board members
could review the proposal.




1983 Eastern Washington Championships Flyer

Eastern Washington Championships Flyer September 10th - 11th, 1983
At The Wenatchee Valley BMX Track and Quincy Valley BMX Track.


Photo - Wenatchee Valley BMX Track 1982 layout drawing
at the Lewis & Clark Park in the City of Wenatchee, Wash.
Notes: The BMX start hill/gate located at upper right corner.


1981 Wenatchee Valley BMX Photos

1981 Wenatchee Valley BMX Photos Courtesy Of Columbia Basin BMX F.B.


1981 Wenatchee Valley BMX

Ninety-nine BMX riders and lots of spectators, including the
Mayor Jim Lynch, turned out for the opening of the Wenatchee
Valley BMX motocross bicycle racing season at the Lewis and
Clark park. - Tim's Bike Shop captured the BMX team trophy.


1981 Wenatchee Valley BMX Flyer

1981 Wenatchee Valley BMX Flyer/Photo Courtesy Of Oregon BMX F.B.


Photos by Gene`s BMX.com
Photos - left, 9th Street area, right, Lewis & Clark Park area
year 2002 on where the Wenatchee BMX Tracks where located.

Wenatchee Valley BMX Racing started in the Wenatchee Area
in the year of 1978 on an ABA sanctioned track on 9th Street in
the city of Wenatchee.

BMX Racing lasted on the 9th Street track till mid year of 1980.
In 1980-81 the BMX track moved about 1/2 of a mile north to the
citys Lewis & Clark Park. From there the BMX track was called:
"Lewis & Clark Park BMX Track".

The Lewis & Clark Park BMX Track was organized with ABA BMX
racing till mid year 1984. From there the BMX track just sat with kids
playing on it as a dirt pile.

In the fall of 1986, the city of Wenatchee wanted to remove the old
BMX racing track. But a few people got together and said some stuff
to the city of Wenatchee in protest and the BMX track stayed there.

A hand full of ABA BMX sanctioned races happend in 1986-1987.
On from that time the BMX track just sat there as a lump of dirt
and a few kids played up on it from time to time.

In year 1991 the BMX track was removed because of the school that
is next to it rebuilt. Today, the Lewis & Clark Park BMX Track is a
grass area and a play ground fild for the school that sits next door....


Also next to Wenatchee is Quincy and Waterville, Check Out The:
Quincy Valley BMX History and the Waterville BMX Track History.


This page is missing some Wenatchee BMX history from 1978 - 1986.
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the Wenatchee area and the Wenatchee BMX tracks from them dates
and would like to share and add to this BMX history web page it would
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