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Photo: - A View Of A BMX Pump Track.

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A BMX pump track is a nice addition to add in to a public park due to its small appeal.
A BMX pump track can be placed in a small area of a park, as it requires a little bit
of maintenance, but not to much. Unlike a traditional BMX race track that can cost lots
of money and lots of maintenance, A BMX pump track is a short, compact course consisting
of bumps and banked corners on a small course that can take many forms, shapes and sizes.

Most pump tracks have a continuous loop of dirt or paved berms and rollers making a BMX
pump track course to whrere a bicycle rider hardly needs to pedal, but to pump up and down
in a motion to propel the bicycle forward in a pumping motion that uses the bicycle riders
upper and lower body as they ride a bicycle around on the pump track.

A BMX pump track is fun, and can help teach some good bicycle riding skills for everyone.

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03/03/2015 UCI News: * Pump-Tracks And Urban Cycling Facilities To Make Citizens Healthier.

Some BMX Pump Track Photos:
* Photo 1: A Cool Looking Pump Track Meets Mini Golf In This Maintenance Free Zone.jpg
* Photo 2: A Cool Looking Pump Track Meets Mini Golf In This Maintenance Free Zone.jpg
* Photo: A Small And Simple BMX Pump Track In A Backyard.jpg

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