Wenatchee Lincoln Park BMX Pump Track

Photo: - A View Of The Wenatchee Lincoln Park BMX Pump Track.

The BMX Pump Track Is Located At Lincoln Park 1410 South Mission Street
Wenatchee, Washington USA At The Corner Of Methow St. & Parkway Ave.
And It Is Maintained By The City of Wenatchee - Parks and Recreation Dept.

~ News-Info:- Wenatchee Lincoln Park BMX Pump Track:

* The RV Terrorists Are Back! After Clean Up, To Trash It Up Again. = FB Photos.
Wenatchee, Washington USA ( Gene`s BMX News ) -- 02-08-2024
In The Month Of January 2024 No RV Campers Around Lincoln Park And A Small Group Of Young
People Donated There Time In The Cold To Help Clean Up Old RV Parts, Old Tires And Just Trash-
Garbage Around Lincoln Park. But Now February 08th, 2024 The RV Terrorists Are Back! To Trash
It Up Again. --- Looking At 03 Photos Of A Broaken-Down RV Camper And Black Car-Rig Parked-
Camping In The 300 Block Of Parkway Ave ( South-Side Of Lincoln Park ) In Wenatchee, Washington
USA. This, Making Travel For Others On Parkway Ave A Big Liability Despite Of The City Of Wenatchee
Streetside RV Ordinance. Just Where Are They Dumping There Raw Sewage And Trash At? - Hmm,
- If You Choose To Use Lincoln Park Or Its BMX Pump Track, Please Use Extreme Caution! As
Lincoln Park Has Become A High Crime Area Due To All The RV Campers Parked Around Lincoln Park.
~~ 03/02/2024:- The RV Camper Has Been Removed But The * Broaken-Down Black Car-Rig Is
Still In The Same Place And Has Not Moved On Parkway Ave. This Same Broaken-Down Black Car-Rig
Has Been Going In Circles Around The Lincoln Park Area For The Last Year Now. ( * See Photos ) - And,
Going In Circles This Same * RV Camper-Van Has Moved To The Corner Of Methow St. & Parkway Ave.
Still, If You Choose To Use Lincoln Park Or Its BMX Pump Track, Please Use Extreme Caution!

* The Wenatchee Lincoln Park BMX Pump Track Is Open For Use.
Wenatchee, Washington USA ( Gene`s BMX News ) -- 11-01-2023
The Wenatchee Lincoln Park BMX Pump Track Is Open For Use. The Official Opening Of The
Wenatchee Lincoln Park Was On Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023. - So, Please Enjoy It And Ride It.
But If You Choose To Use Lincoln Park Or Its BMX Pump Track, Please Use Extreme Caution!
As Bicycles, Personal Property Seems To Disappear Very Quickly If Left For To Long As Lincoln
Park Has Become A High Crime Area Due To All The RV Campers Parked Around Lincoln Park.

* YouTube Live Stream Video:- Wenatchee City Council.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 10-26-2023
This Is A Two Hour YouTube Video. It Is Worth The Watch. This Is A Vary Interesting Meeting.
IE: Citizen Requests/Comments, And A Few Reports About The Parks In Wenatchee. IE: Comments
Said About Lincoln Park And RV Nuisances.

* RE:- No Motorhomes Have Been Towed Under A 2022 Wenatchee Law, But That Could Change.
Wenatchee, Washington USA ( Gene`s BMX News ) -- 10-25-2023
Gene`s BMX Notes:- So, The RVs, Vehicles Junking Up The Lincoln Park Area In Wenatchee, Wa.
( * See Photos ) They Are Not A Nuisance. Hmm, No Vehicle Registration On Most Of Them. Some With
Out License Plates And NO Vehicle Insurance. Some Smashed Up Windshields, And It Is Also OK For
Them To Dump There Raw Sewage And Trash On The Side Of The Roadways And In Irrigation Creeks.

The Vehicles I Have Photoed For Almost A Year Now Are Of The Same Ones Going In Circles Around The
Lincoln Park Area And Trashing Up The Area. Iv Tryed To Talk To A Few Of The People Iv Seen From
Time To Time In The RVs And Vehicles But Most Are Intoxicated With Alcohol And Or Drugs. But I Guess
That Is OK Too. Hmm,

They Call Them Selfs Homeless But I Say They Are Borderline Of Being Terrorists As They Have Taken
Over The Lands Of Wenatchee. They Keep Going Circles Around The Lincoln Park Area Just Like A Gang
Of Terrorists Junking Up The Roadways And Lands In Ukraine And Gaza. The So Called Homeless People
Needs To Get Off There Asses And The Alcohol And Drugs And Go Get A Job. There Are Lots Of Places In
Wenatchee That Say Help Wanted. -- That Is A Solution As It Is Better Than Going Circles Around The
Lincoln Park Area Everyday In A Junked Up RV Or Vehicle Acting Like Abunch Of RV Terrorists.

So, What About Us, The Working Class People Of Wenatchee? Dont We Count To In Weneatchee?
People That Live Above The 1500 Block Of Methow Street And Above The 1500 Block Of South Mission
Street And On Up Via Squilchuck, Wenatchee Heights, Mission Ridge, Exta. Has To Drive By The Lincoln
Park Area Everyday To Get In To The City. We See All The Trash Looking RVs and Vehicles Parked And
Try To Doge Them As Some Are Somewhat Parked So Close To The Roadways It Makes It Vary Hard To
Get Around Them. We Also See All The Trash-Garbage Piled Up And Smell It As We All Drive By It.

That Alone, The City Of Wenatchee Just Forked Out $3.5 Million For A Lincoln Park Remodel And Lots
Of People Are Scard To Go There And Use The Park Now Due To The Trash And RVs And Vehicles Parked
Around The Park. Hay, City Of Wenatchee, Please Give Us Back Our Park And Our Roadways To Are Homes.
Tow Them, Pull Them, Push Them, We Do Not Care How You Move Them, But Please Clean This Mess Up.
This Is Just My Thoughts, - Geneb - Gene`s BMX.

Also Some * FB News PR Posts From October 2022: Wenatchee Bans RV Parking.

Notes:- City of Wenatchee, Washington: * Code and Ordinances. - Chapter 8.16 Parking Regulations:
* 8.16.040 Recreational Vehicles.
On all streets within the city, it shall be unlawful for any person to park a recreational vehicle, as
defined in WCC 6B.02.030, at any time except during such period as the vehicle is in the process of being
loaded and unloaded and the driver or owner is in actual attendance of the vehicle. (Ord. 2022-21 § 6)
* WCC 6B.02.030 Definitions.
(14) “Recreational vehicle” which may be abbreviated as “RV” is a motor vehicle, trailer or camper unit
that includes, but is not limited to, motorhomes, camper vans, coaches, travel trailers, camper trailers,
fifth wheel trailers, popup campers, truck campers, tent trailers, converted buses, conversion vans, and
vehicles which are utilized as a shelter for humans.

8.16.050 Penalty. Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be fined as authorized in
* WCC 6B.08.010(2). (Ord. 2022-21 § 6)

Also: * Title 6A Crime: Chapter 6A.14 Public Nuisances:- This Can Also Be Used To Help Clean This Mess Up.

10/05/2023:- Photos:- * RVs, Vehicles Junking Up Lincoln Park Area Wenatchee, Washington USA .

* A Photo:- Looking At The BMX Pump Track At Lincoln Park In Wenatchee.
Wenatchee, Washington USA ( Gene`s BMX News ) -- 09-14-2023
Looking At The BMX Pump Track At Lincoln Park In Wenatchee, Washington USA On Sept 14, 2023.
If You Choose To Use Lincoln Park Or Its BMX Pump Track, Please Use Extreme Caution! As Lincoln
Park Has Become A High Crime Area Due To All The * RV Campers Parked Around Lincoln Park.

What Is The Big Attraction For All Of The RV Campers, Older Looking Cars That Are Always Parked
Camping In The 1500 Block Of Methow Street, West Side Of Street, The West Side Of Lincoln Park In
Wenatchee, Washington USA, In The Trees And Bushes And Weeds? = It Is A Small Dirt Irrigation Creek
That Water Flows From A Dirt Ditch In To A Concrete Culvert Pipe That Has Big Round Steel Bars To Help
Keep Debris Out, That Flows Under Methow Street And Lincoln Park On Down Into The Columbia River.
-- People Have Been Seen Drinking This Water, Bathing, Having Sex, And Doing Drugs Around This Irrigation
Creek Flow-Way Over The Last Two Or So Years Now. And Just Assuming That People Are Dumping There
Raw Sewage And Trash Into This Irrigation Creek Flow-Way From All The Parked-Camping Cars And RV
Campers In This Area. ( * See + Photos Of This Irrigation Creek Area. )

07/20/2023:- Photos:- * Lincoln Park Pump Track In Wenatchee, Washington USA.

07/19/2023:- Photos:- * Lincoln Park Pump Track In Wenatchee, Washington USA.

* Two Attractions At Lincoln Park Temporarily Closing.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 07-13-2023
Two of the attractions at Wenatchees Lincoln Park will be temporarily closed in the coming weeks.
City of Wenatchee Parks & Recreation Director Dave Erickson says one of those closures will occur
at the parks pump track. We built that earlier this year and had to wait for the weather to warm
up properly so the asphalt on it could be sealed. So contractors are going to be coming out on the
19th through the 21st to seal the asphalt thats on it. And thatll create a smoother riding experience
for all of those toy wheels that are up there riding on it.

* Official Opening Of Wenatchees Lincoln Park.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 05-23-2023
Lincoln Park on Wenatchee's south side is officially open. - More than $3 million went into renovating
the 22-acre park including the additions of a new stage, splash pad, playground equipment, disc golf tee
pads, bike pump track and soccer/lacrosse field. Mayor Frank Kuntz joined city and state leaders in a
reopening ceremony this afternoon under the big picnic shelter. Were sitting here on a Tuesday afternoon
and the park is heavily used so Im super excited. Congratulations to staff and thanks to all the state
organizations that gave us money, rotary and others. Just a super-exciting day to rededicate Lincoln Park.

* City Asks Residents To Stay Out Of Lincoln Park Until It Reopens.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 05-19-2023
The city of Wenatchee will host an opening ceremony next week, Tuesday May 23rd at 4:00pm, for
newly renovated Lincoln Park. But some people have already been using the park. People have been
disregarding the closure and going on the grass even while it was being sprayed, people have taken
away signs that state that the park is closed and to stay off the grass. Signs to stay off the grass
will still remain, In the meantime, Erickson asks the public to stay off the grass to allow it to grow.

* Vandal Damages Newly Refurbished Lincoln Park.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 05-19-2023
Just a few days before the grand opening of the refurbished Lincoln Park and the City of Wenatchee
is already cleaning up damage from vandalism. Someone jumped the Mission Street curb with a car,
ripped up a good portion of the new grass and damaged some of the irrigation system. Erickson says
the vandalism wont delay the grand opening or the ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday May 23 at 4:00pm.

* Wenatchees Lincoln Park Project: Stay Off The Grass, Please!.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 04-28-2023
The City of Wenatchees Lincoln Park Improvement project is nearing completion and is scheduled
to be re-opened for use on May 23rd according to Parks Director Dave Erickson. The Parks department
is asking the public to kindly Stay Off The Grass Unfortunately city staff have observed people
damaging newly hydro-seeded areas despite signs warning to avoid the vulnerable material. We have
seen many people disregarding the closure and running through the new grass seed. We would like
to encourage people to stay out of the park and off the grass until it re-opens to allow the grass
the opportunity to grow said Erickson.

* Lincoln Park To Host Wenatchee Summer Movies/Concerts At The Park.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 04-07-2023
Just six more weeks until Wenatchees Lincoln Park Revitalization Project wraps up. The city hopes to
have construction finished by May 23rd for its grand reopening. Crews are putting the finishing touches
on the new playground equipment, splash pad, lacrosse/soccer field and B-M-X pump track. The city will
also wrap up construction on the stage, the new venue for the Wenatchee Summer Concert Series. The
parks department asks people to be patient. With the warmer temperatures, more children are starting
to visit the park and may want to try out some of the amenities such as the new playground equipment,
the B-M-X pump track. Crews still have some work to do and they ask you to wait until opening day.

* Wenatchee Park Project Nearing The Finish Line.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 01-31-2023
Construction crews are close to wrapping up the Lincoln Park Rehabilitation Project in South
Wenatchee. As long as the weather cooperates, the city says work should start soon to finish
up the new soccer/lacrosse field, BMX pump park, playground, second picnic shelter and the
unfinished disc golf course. Completion of the project is slated for no later than Memorial Day
Weekend. Erickson says a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place as well.

11/18/2022:- Photos:- * Construction:- Lincoln Park Pump Track In Wenatchee, Washington USA.

* Lincoln Park Face Life Set To Be Completed By Fall 2022.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 04-06-2022
City of Wenatchee is kicking off construction for the Lincoln Park remodel with hopes for completion by fall.
The remodel will even out to $3.5 million. Once every 40 years you need to update your park, said Wenatchee
Mayor Frank Kuntz. Weve got a bunch of grant money and the citys in for about a $1.5 million in general fund
dollars. Were excited for it. The remodel includes a new kids area, a new stage, the addition of a pump track
and full size soccer field. A Frisbee golf area will also be installed during the remodel. Construction will be
underway throughout the summer.

* City of Wenatchee Okays $160,728 For Lincoln Park Pump Track Paving.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 02-21-2022
Wenatchee City Council is moving forward with a payment of $160,728 to construction company,
KRCI, for the paving of the Lincoln Park dirt pump track. This cost was included in the construction
cost estimate. When you approved the construction contract…we had shown in the budget that this
change order would be coming, said David Erickson, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services director.
Because of the way we bid the project, we have to do it as a change order. The city is opting to pave
the dirt area for long term maintenance reduction and the possibility of a multiuse amenity. The project
to revamp the park hasnt started yet.

* Wenatchee City Council Approves Lincoln Park Construction Contract.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 01-24-2022
The Wenatchee City Council recently gave their approval to enter into an almost $2.6 million contract with KRCI
for the remaining elements of the Lincoln Park remodeling project. David Erickson with the City of
Wenatchee said the final phase of the project will include in part a bmx pump track, at least two group shelters, a
new stage, a more open play area, and a splash pad. Construction expected in spring and end around Halloween.

* BMX Pump Park At Wenatchees Lincoln Park Pushed Back To 2022.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 09-24-2021
Construction for a BMX pump park in Lincoln Park will not be completed this fall and will instead be
pushed to next summer. The Wenatchee City Council on Thursday rescinded approval for an $181,400 contract
with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for a pump park at Lincoln Park. Councilmember Travis Hornby, whos
worked as a project manager for the alliance, recused himself from the vote. Evergreen had committed $10,000
of its own money to the city for the project and planned to use some volunteer labor. After nearly two months
of negotiation, the group stated it would not be able to complete the contract as bid. A lot of it was volunteer
work and a lot of the volunteers were fighting fires,” Mayor Frank Kuntz told the council. They basically
said they didnt think they could make the deadline. Construction was expected to finish by October, but
Evergreen proposed moving back construction to next summer. The citys capital projects manager, Charlotte
Mitchell, said since the contract included a set schedule, it had to be rescinded once the contractor couldnt
meet the deadline. We cannot just allow the contractor to set the contract in this case, Mitchell said. Because
then we would have to allow that for every other contractor. We couldnt be seen to be showing favoritism.
The pump park work will instead be wrapped up into a larger contract for improvements to the entire park,
including a splash pad and soccer/lacrosse field. That larger contract will go out next month and Evergreen,
which was the only company to bid on the pump park contract, is expected to bid as a sub.
Also This Same News Via KPQ News On 09/29/2021: * Wenatchee Pump Track Pushed Back To 2022.

08/17/2021:- Photos:- * Lincoln Park Proposed Land 2 BMX Pump Track Wenatchee, Wa.

* YouTube Streamed Live Video: Wenatchee Washington USA City Council Proceedings - July 08, 2021.
IE Topics:- Hale Park Skatepark Lights, -&- Lincoln Park Renovation BMX Pump Track Park.

* Wenatchee BMX Park Coming In 2021.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 07-09-2021
Lincoln Park is getting its newest upgrade in the form of a BMX pump park. The Wenatchee City Council
voted unanimously Thursday to award a $181,448 contract to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for the
project. Construction is expected to start this summer and finish by October, and the parks size will be similar
to that of a full-size basketball court. The addition will be the latest in a series of upgrades known as the
Lincoln Park Renovation Project, which began in 2015. Construction on future sub-projects, including a splash
pad and soccer/lacrosse field, is planned for the spring and summer of 2022. The pump park, which will be in
the southwest corner of Lincoln Park, was initially planned as a dirt park. However, the city settled on a paver
park to reduce long-term operational costs. The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, which worked on East
Wenatchees pump park, was the only entity that submitted a contract bid after the city sent out solicitations
to over 200 companies. The alliance will use some volunteer labor to complete the project and is putting in
$10,000 of its own money as a grant to the city.

* Lincoln Park Pump-Track Project Approved By Wenatchee Council.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 07-09-2021
The ongoing $3.4 million renovations at Wenatchees Lincoln Park will now include a pump track — offering
some fun for bicyclists and other folks on wheels. The Wenatchee City Council approved a $181,000 contract
Thursday night with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to design and build the pump park, much like projects
the nonprofit group has overseen in East Wenatchee and Cashmere. City Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
Director Dave Erickson says now that its approved, the pump park should be open and ready for use in October.

* City Of Wenatchee Plans Pump Track By Fall For Lincoln Park Remodel.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 07-07-2021
The city of Wenatchee has plans for a $3.5 million remodel at Lincoln Park, including the addition
of a pump track. According to Kuntz, the goal is to have the pump track built this fall. The pump
track will be asphalt and similar to the pump track at the East Wenatchee Park. The park is expected
to be funded with a combination of state funds, grants, county dollars and the citys sewer fund.

* Lincoln Park Renovation Seeks $250,000 Chelan County Grant.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 10-07-2020
The city of Wenatchee this week asked Chelan County commissioners to share some cost to redevelop Lincoln Park.
The 18-acre recreation site in South Wenatchee is due for vast upgrades, and Parks and Recreation director Dave
Erickson hopes $250,000 out of funds set aside by the county for economic development can be made available for
the project. Overall, this project will include adding soccer field, replacing the restrooms with new restrooms that
meet ADA accessibility, a new stage, a BMX pump track, Erickson said.

* Washington State Recreation & Conservation:- Wenatchees Lincoln Park Renovation.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 12-16-2019
The City of Wenatchee used three grants to complete a major renovation for its beloved Lincoln Park, an eighteen
-acre park located in South Wenatchee. The City replaced the existing playground equipment and installed a BMX
pump track, a splash pad, new soccer and lacrosse fields, added a picnic shelter and restrooms, and built a stage to
hold concerts and movies in the park. --- Youth Athletic Facilities Recreation Projects Grant Amount: $1,263,192.
Wenatchee Lincoln Park:- See * project details for park renovations. | See * project details for soccer-lacrosse field.

* Wenatchee Receives $500,000 Grant For Renovation And Improvement Of Lincoln Park.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 10-08-2019
A $500,000 grant has been awarded to the city of Wenatchee for the renovation of Lincoln Park. Located in
Wenatchees south side, the 18-acre park will get a facelift in the form of a new BMX biking track in an
underused area in the park, a group picnic shelter, new playground, a splash pad, a new stage and the
improvement of walkways, parking areas and landscaping. Wenatchee is one of several to receive the award.

* Wenatchee Receives $520,600 For Lincoln Park Renovations.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 10-02-2019
Senator Cantwell announced Wednesday morning that Wenatchee will receive $520,600 in funds from the Land
and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The money will be applied to Lincoln Park renovations which is a $1.5
million project. The renovations include a new playground, outdoor amphitheater and a new BMX track among
other features. The city of Wenatchee had applied for this grant in 2018.

07/12/2019:- Photos:- * Lincoln Park Proposed Land 1 BMX Pump Track Wenatchee, Wa.

* Wenatchee Rotary Auction Beats Lincoln Park BMX Track Fundraising Goal.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 02-08-2019
The group announced the final tally from its January 26th Building Community Auction
to benefit Lincoln Park. The amount raised surpassed the groups 115-thousand dollar
goal. The proceeds will be used to fund improvements at Lincoln Park including a pump
BMX track and second picnic shelter.

* Rotarys 2019 Building Communities Auction To Support Lincoln Park BMX Track.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 01-15-2019
The city of Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Rotary are teaming up for the 2019 Building Communities
Auction to support park upgrades and a new BMX pump track at Lincoln Park. The proceeds raised
during the annual auction will support several projects in the community, but the main beneficiary is
the Lincoln Park BMX track. The Rotarys fundraising goal is $115,000, which will be used for the new
BMX track. This, pending some grants, this would be 2020 or 2021 construction.

*** A BMX Pump Track In Wenatchee In 2019-2020, Maybe? ***
Wenatchee, Washington USA --02-22-2018

Wenatchee City Council Meet Thursday, February 22, 2018 AGENDA & MINUTES:
Some talks of the City and the Wenatchee Rotary Club adding a BMX Pump Track
at Lincoln Park via the Lincoln Park Improvement Plan for 2019-2020.

Lincoln Park Improvement Plan
Renovate Lincoln Park including adding two Youth Baseball Fields, one soccer field,
a second picnic shelter, splash pad, replacing the play equipment, BMX Pump Track,
ADA accessibility and landscaping.

* Wenatchee City Council Meet Thursday, February 22, 2018 AGENDA & MINUTES. = .PDF File.
* YouTube Video:- Wenatchee City Council Proceedings February 22, 2018. = 51:43 Min.
* Wenatchee City Council February 20, 2018 Lincoln Park Improvement Plan. = .PDF File.


* Other Information About BMX Bicycle Pump Tracks.

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