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Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 11/09/2006
Anyone who is a BMX fan has to have a ramp or have designed one from
a ramp plan and if he doesnt then he is certainly not one for the league.

BMX ramps are the ultimate fantasy for any aspiring BMX enthusiast
and being able to try some of those dare devil feats is certainly a much
appraised feather in the cap. Now as far as BMX ramps are concerned,
you can either buy these ramps from a BMX or a sporting vendor or
you can build it from scratch.

When going for a BMX ramp, plan your usage in advance and the kind
of expertise you already have. You can either go for the conventional
BMX ramp that offers that offers the basic see saw fall along a smooth
board that is relatively easier to learn for a BMX rider.

However for the more initiated or for the expert, there are
BMX plans that can be customized to all kinds of BMX stunts.

You do the double hoops, or have a bumpy ride along the way as you
do the stunts. Some of the advanced BMX ramps allow you to adjust
the height of the ramp depending on your level of expertise.

Now if you are the more adventurous and plan to do it yourself and
want to experience the thrill and fun of making your BMX ramp,
read on!.

Building a BMX ramp from a plan is easy, get hold of a BMX ramp plan
from your neighborhood BMX community or from your peers. If that is
hard to find, dont despair as the Internet is there to your rescue.

Yes BMX ramp plans are available in plenty across the Internet and
youll be surprised at the variety and the number of free BMX ramp
plans that are available.

However, it isnt all that easy and youll need furniture assembly
and construction skills to assemble even the most basic BMX ramp.

As an alternative you could take the help of a few friends or a carpenter
if he decides to keep a watchful eye and wont charge you! BMX ramp
plans on the Internet come with nice to follow instructions, including the
materials to be used, the timber, the tools youll need.

Some sites are even considerate enough to leave video
instructions on assembly, though its rate to find one.

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Want to build your own ramp? Listed here is some
good Ramp Plans and How To Build A Ramp Link sources.

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* The Beginners Guide To Building Ramps & Resources

For how to build a ramp this site has d/l`s for step by step.
Or You Can Down Load Each Plan As A .Zip File...

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