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* Schwinn`s History/TimeLine

Schwinn has two (2) bicycle lines.
1.-Mass Market line, Chain Stores
( Walmart, Target, Toys R Us )
2. - Independent Bicycle Dealers..
( I.B.D. Bikes listed via website )

Schwinn 2023 USA Bike Line

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The Schwinn/GT press releases
are from 2023 dated back to the
purchase of GT Bicycles in 1998

Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line
( 2022 dated back to 1964. )

Frequently Asked Questions
About Schwinn BMX Bicycles

Schwinn Sting-Ray Information

Sting-Ray - The Rebirth Of Cool!

Schwinn`s American Muscle Video

( Click Photo Link To Play Video )
Schwinn American Muscle Video is
a 37 min run time and was released
in 1997. - This Schwinn BMX video
shows the race and freestyle team at
its best.- Something special happens
when you put a kid on a Schwinn.....

*** Corporate Owners***
Dorel Industries - Pacific Cycle
Nautilus Group - Direct Focus

* www.gtbicycles.com
* www.mongoose.com
* www.cannondale.com

Powerlite Bikes 2001 Catalog
-&- 1995 Catalog + Information

Schwinn BMX Photos-Adverts

Schwinn`s 2005-2006 Sting Pro
BMX Frame Story and Review.

Schwinn 95 XS ENF - A Radical
BMX Frame Made Out Of Pasta.

Schwinn & GT Miniature Finger
BMX Bikes Road Champs BXS

Schwinn BMX 2002 & 2001
Bicycle Line Listed Bike Index

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* The Schwinn Slalom Racer Review
* Schwinn 2007 Classic Sting-Ray...
* Schwinn Skateboards Cool Look..
* Schwinn Sting-Ray 2000 Scooter..
* Schwinn Roger Decoster Bike Info
* Schwinn On Grape Krate Crusade
* Schwinn GM-Honey Nut Cheerios
* Schwinn BMX Poster Add Photos
* Schwinn BMX Bally Pinball Game

Independent Schwinn News and Happings, All Aspects Of Schwinn From Time To Time.
~~~~~ ( * www.facebook.com/genes.bmx.news ) ~~~~~
This Also Hosts And Posts News Coverage Of All Aspects Of BMX Worldwide.

YouTube Video Playlist: Schwinn Bicycles In General + BMX ( A Index Mix )
Playlist: * www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B5CACFA56F59BB84

Also See: * www.youtube.com/schwinnbicycles - Schwinn`s Official YouTube Page.

Schwinn Television Commercial Videos:

Schwinn XS BMX Television Commercial Videos. - Check Them Out!

Moses Lake, Washington 04/23/2006

Gene`s BMX hit the Moses Lake BMX
track showing off the Schwinn logo and
putting some fun back in to the - BMX
sport like it should be. The loud yelling
Gene`s BMX could not be missed on the
Moses Lake BMX Track on this day...
Information - Moses Lake BMX Track
Schwinn`s BMX Commercial Video

( TJ_Commercial )
This BMX thing has been going on
way before I was born. When I get
on a Schwinn bike, The feeling I get
is the same feeling I had when I was
a little kid. - Im TJ Lavin, I ride for
Schwinn Bicycles. A Pro Dirt Jumper.

Schwinn in Aigle, Switzerland

( Click Photo for a BIG! full size )
Schwinn`s Nate Berkheimer, is up to
his usual bmx tricks! Flippin' out with
the UCI Center in the backgrounds at
the 2005 UCI BMX Supercross race
in Aigle, Switzerland, -- The photo is
by Jerry Landrum - BMXMania.com
TJ Lavin In Portland, Oregon

Meet Schwinn`s Pro BMX Rider TJ
Lavin Wednesday, Aug. 9th 2006 at
11:30 a.m. at Hillsdale Library 1525
SW Sunset Blvd in Portland, Oregon
With The Dew Action Sports Tour in
Portland, Or. TJ Lavin is on hand for
some photos and autographs( More )

*Sting Ray 2004 TV Commercial* - *Sting Ray Electric TV Commercial*

YouTube Source: - Schwinn Sting-Ray 2004 TV Commercial...
YouTube Source: - Schwinn Sting-Ray Electric TV Commercial

~~ Schwinn Mass Market Web Sites:
* www.walmart.com/Schwinn | www.walmart.com
* www.target.com/Schwinn | www.target.com.......
* www.toysrus.com/Schwinn | www.toysrus.com...
* www.kmart.com/Schwinn | www.kmart.com.......

Photos: - Schwinn`s 2007 Classic Sting-Ray
( Also See Schwinn 2007 Classic Sting-Ray Review-Report )

Photos: - Gene`s BMX Schwinn 2005 BMX Sting Pro Bike
( Also See The Schwinn 2005-2006 Sting Pro BMX Frame Page )

Photos: - Schwinn`s 2005 BMX Sting Pro Frame
( Also See The Schwinn 2005-2006 Sting Pro BMX Frame Page )

Photos: - Schwinn`s 2005 Spoiler Sting-Ray - adult-sized bike
( Also See The Schwinn Sting-Ray Bicycle Information Page )

Photos: - Schwinn`s 2004 OCC Sting-Ray Street Series Chopper Bike
( Also See The Schwinn Sting-Ray Bicycle Information Page )

Photos: - Schwinn`s 2002-2003 and 2005 Z-Force BMX Freestyle Bike
The Schwinn Z-Force BMX Bike was of the first of the Schwinn BMX
bicycles that Pacific Cycle launched in to the mass market in 2002-03...

The Schwinn Bicycle Stunt Air Show
Book a Schwinn stunt show today!
The Schwinn Stunt Show is Cool!!!

The Schwinn Stunt Show performed
bmx stunts at the Fort Hood Military
Base in Killeen, Texas - July 2005.

Photos: Schwinn BMX Stunt Team Show In Year 2003

Photos: Schwinn Rollin The States In 1988 Tour Kennewick, Washington

Also See:
YouTube Video: Schwinn Rollin The States In 1988 Tour Kennewick

The Schwinn Team was a proud sponsor of the 2005 Dew Action Sports Tour
The Schwinn Team was a proud sponsor of the 2006 Dew Action Sports Tour

The Schwinn XS Parts & Accessories Line. ( 1995 - 2001 and 2002 - 2006 )
The XS Parts & Accessories can be found via in the Schwinn BMX Catalogs
Pages. The term ( XS ) = Xtreme Schwinn And Xtreme Sports. The XS term
was from the brains of Schwinn`s Jay Miron the owner of MacNeil Bikes and
Schwinn`s John Paul Rogers. In 1987-1990 Schwinn used the term YO! for its
BMX parts line. The Yo! term from the brain of Schwinn`s Robert Peterson...

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