The Schwinn XS ENF - A Radical
BMX Frame Made Out Of Pasta.

Before you break out a jar of marinara, understand that the
"XS ENF," Schwinn's 1995 top-end BMX frame, is constructed
entirely of Aluminum. There is, however, one element of the frame
that might have you thinking Chef Boyardee helped design it.

Nestled in the bottom bracket area, and integral with the
bottom bracket shell itself, lies an innovative new extrusion.

Aluminum Lasagna

An extrusion is what you get when you force raw material,
such as plastic or aluminum, through a die in order to achieve
a certain shape. Kind of like bionic pasta.

The aluminum extrusion used on the ENF begins life as a two
foot long cylinder of solid billet. The billet is then heated, set
up against a custom die, and shoved through by a mechanical ram.

When it comes out the other end, it's stretched from both
ends by two robotic claws. According to Rich Adams, the
Schwinn engineer in charge of the project, this stretching
serves two purposes. "It straightens the extrusion out and
'cold works' the material, imparting better mechanical
properties," he said.

The extrusion is then cut to width and CNC (computer
numerical control) machined to a state of perfection.

Finally, the extruded pieces receive a thorough "tumbling,"
whereby they are placed in a container with abrasive media
(stone-like objects) and jostled to remove burrs or other

A Savory Dish

Using "Pro-Engineer," a highly advanced, design-oriented
software package from Parametric Technologies
Incorporated, Schwinn engineers have whipped-up and
extrusion to satisfy anyone with a taste for hard-core BMX

Unlike other designs, such as Easton or Manitou, where the
extrusion sits against a standard bottom bracket shell,
Schwinn's ENF extrusion actually replaces the shell itself,
eliminating a weld joint and increasing strength.

The rear portion, or yoke, extends on a tangent from the
shell, creating a large platform along the bottom. Adams
indicated that this platform enhances both structural integrity
and impact resistance. "It allows force delivered from the
chain stays to be dispersed over a larger area," he said.

In addition, the yoke is highly relieved (drilled-out), for
increased weight savings. The midsection is visibly hollow,
while the rear-most portion where the chain stays anchor is
actually hollow as well.

A vent hole allows gases to escape during the welding
process, while facilitating water drainage in wet conditions.

At the back end, the extrusion is artfully scalloped for
added tire clearance and a stylish transition from stay to
stay. How sweet it is.

So if you're the kind that loads up on pasta before a big
race, you may want to consider going with pasta DURING
the race. Climb aboard an ENF, and trade in that
checkered tablecloth for a checkered flag.

Schwinn`s BMX "XS ENF Catalog Pages.

Schwinn`s "XS ENF," was the top-end BMX frame in year 1995.
In 1995, The Schwinn BMX ENF frame sold only as a Frame/Set.

* Schwinn BMX 1995 ENF Page 01 = Catalog Page.

Schwinn`s "XS ENF," was also the top-end BMX frame in year 1996.
In 1996, The ENF frame stayed the same and sold only as a Frame/Set.

* Schwinn BMX 1996 ENF Page 01. -&- 02. = Catalog Page.

The Schwinn XS ENF featured a 6061 T-6 aluminum frame.
Oversized 4130 cro-moly fork, Dia-Comp AheadSet and a
CNC-machined alloy XS A-Head Stem. This was a Frame/Set only.
Made by Schwinn/Scott Boulder, Colorado USA ( 1995 - 1996 ).

* Schwinn BMX 1995 ENF American Muscle Advertisement.

Schwinn`s "XS ENF," - 10o Years Of Quaity 1985 - 1995
Designed And Engineered At Schwinn, Anniversary Edition.

The Schwinn ENF bmx frame, it has been said to
have been a first aluminum Schwinn BMX frame?

This is what makes the Schwinn ENF bmx frame stand out.
The ENF is the frame with the Extruded BB Shell/Chain Stay Bridge.

( Click Photo For Full Size )

The Schwinn ENF bmx frame is a good frame, its a nice strong
frame for being aluminum, it can also take all abuse, beatings
that a BMXer can fork out when racing or riding a BMX track.

Gene`s BMX has one of the Schwinn ENF bmx frames and has
been riding on it since year 1995. Its a nice bmx frame to have.

Gene`s BMX Schwinn ENF BMX Bike Built Up.

( Click Photo For Full Size )

The Schwinn XS ENF 6061 T-6 aluminum frame.
Oversized 4130 cro-moly fork, Dia-Comp AheadSet
CNC-machined alloy XS A-Head Stem. ~~ With,

GT-usa. made 3-piece crmo crank { 175 } with
sealed bearing bottom bracket, with a 43 tooth
chainring, A 16 tooth ACS freewheel, with suzie
sealed hubs, with 36 spoke araya 20x1 3/8 rims,
Odyssey black widow Pro pedals, Powerlite aluminum
mini handlebars with XS grips, and a XS Aheadset
stem cap, and a Tektro cantilever brake, with an
Odyssey sidewinder lever, Sting-ray saddle&padset,
and the Schwinn`s American muscle number plate.

Click on Photo for 24 more Photos of the Schwinn BMX ENF 1995,
And the Schwinn BMX 2005 Sting. - Photos where shot April 2006.

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