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* Bicycle Museum Of America
* BMX Bike Bunch
* Bunch O
* Chicago Schwinn - Sheldon Brown
* Ed Schwinn's -
* Fillet-Brazed Schwinn Bicycles 1938-1978 - Sheldon Brown
* Greg's Classic Schwinns
* Joe Kid On A Sting
* MacNeil Bikes Inc. - Schwinn BMXer Jay Miron
* Maiden Products = Sting BMX Data Page
* Maiden Products = Sting BMX Pix
* Peeler
* Perry Racing Schwinn BMX - Via Flickr Photos
* Perry Racing Schwinn BMX - Via File Photos
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* Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line + Other Sources Listed.
* Schwinn BMX History -
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* Schwinn History - - The Schwinn BMX
* Schwinn
* Schwinn
* Schwinn Paramount History - Waterford
* Schwinn Paramount Track Bicycle - c.1939-Chicago-#A194
* Sting - Info On Schwinn Sting.
* The History Of Schwinn
* Trik - Schwinn Logo Ball Valve Caps
* UnHappy Trails News Clip
* Where Was My Bike Made? - = Archived.
* Yahoo! Group - Schwinn-StingRay
* YouTube Videos Playlist = Schwinn + Schwinn BMX
* Vintage BMX Ads: Schwinn.
* Vintage
* Zero G Extreme Schwinn Page

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* Cycle Sport & - Cleveland Heights, Ohio
* Garland [WWW-Archived] - Spokane, Washington
* Valley Cycle and ( flyer/photo) - Yakima, Washington
* Wenatchee Cycle & Fitness - Wenatchee, Washington

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0020 - The Schwinn Walkabout Balance Bike Review
0019 - The Schwinn Slalom Racer Review
0018 - Schwinn In-Line Skates - Review
0017 - Schwinn 2007 Classic Sting-Ray Review-Report
0016 - Schwinn Tires And Tubes Review
0015 - Schwinn Ergo Comfort Grips Review
0014 - Schwinn And Vans Give Away Krate Bike
0013 - Schwinn And Country Time Limited Sting-Ray
0012 - Schwinn Skateboards - A Cool Look
0011 - Schwinn Sting-Ray 2000 Foot Scooter
0009 - Schwinn Roger Decoster Bike Information
0008 - Schwinn On Grape Krate Crusade
0007 - Schwinn General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios
0006 - Schwinn BMX Poster Add Photos
0005 - Schwinn American Muscle VHS Video
0004 - Schwinn BMX Bally Pinball Game
0003 - Schwinn/GT Freestyle BMX PC Game
0002 - Schwinn Pro Stock SE Information
0001 - Schwinn 1989 Predator Flatland Pro

The Schwinn Walkabout Balance Bike Review

Gene`s BMX News Review -- 03/04/2011
The Schwinn Walkabout is part balance bike, part scooter and all fun.
The Balance bikes help kids to develop the motor skills and balance
necessary to ride a two wheeler.

The Schwinn Walkabout allows kids to learn these skills on a seat with a
low center of gravity so they feel safe and confident. The Walkabout also
doubles as a scooter so your kids will get use out of it even after they
are riding a two wheeler.

The adjustable height saddle and handlebars insure a good fit.
Your kids will love the 10" chrome mag wheels.

Suggested retail about: $70.00 and can be found in mass market stores.


The Schwinn Slalom Racer Review

Gene`s BMX News Review -- 08/16/2010
Part trike, part scooter, all fun! The self-propelled Schwinn Slalom Racer
promises hours of high-speed action. 360 degrees of mobility partnered with
zig-zag steering action, go forwards, backwards and anywhere in between.

* Cartridge-bearing polyurethane skate wheels.
* Features fast and smooth rolling action.
* Rumble seat design suspends racer for an easy ride.
* Zig-zag motion propels the rider forward.
* Spin the bar 180 degrees to go backwards.
* Simple assembly required.

Suggested retail about: $49.00 and can be found in mass market stores.


Schwinn In-Line Skates - Review

Gene`s BMX News Review -- 09/15/2009
It seems that Schwinn is in to everything in bicycles but where
does In-Line Skates fit in with Schwinn? - We do not know. The
In-Line Skate fad thing was in the 1990`s and it somewhat sank.
But today, the big bicycle brand name has Schwinn In-Line Skates
just in case you are someone that is stuck in the 1990s time warp.

Schwinn In-Line Skates - Boys - Blue

Boys Inline Skates - Blue Nylon Skate Upper, Features
ABEC-5 Bearings, Power Strap Closure Transparent Wheels
Made of PVC, Heel Brakes Push-Button Size Adjustment,
Available in Regular Sizes. This cool Schwinn In-Line Skate
will run you about $30.00 in the mass market chain stores.

Schwinn In-Line Skates - Mens - Gray

Adults Inline Skates - Gray Nylon Skate Upper, Features
ABEC-7 Bearings, Power Strap Closure, Indoor/Outdoor 76mm.
Wheels Made of Urethane, Heel Brakes, Adjustable Size
Available in Regular Sizes. This cool Schwinn In-Line Skate
will run you about $45.00 in the mass market chain stores.

Schwinn In-Line Skates - Womens - Teal

Adults Inline Skates - Teal Nylon Skate Upper, Features
ABEC-7 Bearings, Power Strap Closure, Indoor/Outdoor 76mm.
Wheels Made of Urethane, Heel Brakes, Adjustable Size
Available in Regular Sizes. This cool Schwinn In-Line Skate
will run you about $45.00 in the mass market chain stores.

Schwinn In-Line Skates - Youth Girls - Pink

Girls Inline Skates - Pink Nylon Skate Upper, Features
ABEC-5 Bearings, Power Strap Closure, Transparent 64mm.
Wheels Made of PVC, Heel Brakes, Push-Button Size Adjustment
Available in Regular Sizes. This cool Schwinn In-Line Skate
will run you about $30.00 in the mass market chain stores.


Schwinn 2007 Classic Sting-Ray Review-Report

Gene`s BMX News --
A Schwinn Classic Sting-Ray $88 - While Supplies Last.
Friday November 23, 2007 Only 5am - 11am At Wal-Mart.

On Black Friday - November 23rd, 2007 People were lined up
out side getting ready for the doors to open at the Wal-Mart Store.
Wal-Mart one of the world's largest retailer, threw open its doors
at 5 a.m. for the Holiday shopping season. Gene`s BMX stood inline
and froze as it was cold out but we ended up with one of them cool
Schwinn Classic Sting Ray Bicycles.

( )
"Click on Link" to open a Directory of Photos.

The Schwinn 2007 Classic Sting-Ray (mass market)
Wal-Mart, it features a 20" rear wheel, and a 16" front
wheel. - As well as a springer fork, ape hanger handle
bars, a "S" Schwinn banana seat and a coaster brake,
and a Schwinn slick rear tire. The bike, just that all over
cool, classic Sting-Ray style!

Made by Dorel-Pacifc Cycle, Schwinn and was
sold exclusive via on the Black Friday 2007 at
Wal-Mart stores for $88.00 - ( Made in China )

The 2007 Wal-Mart Schwinn Classic Sting-Ray is a hybrid of
the Sting-Ray and Krate. It does have some parts of both of them.
BUT, they are `NOT' anything like the old school Schwinn Krates.

The Fork: Schwinn Chrome Plated Springer Fork, Crankset: Schwinn
Forged with One Piece with Schwinn Mag 46T Sprocket, Bottom Bracket:
One piece 24 tpi, The Pedals: Schwinn Rubber Block, The Freewheel is:
Shimano 20T, The Chain: KMC z-410, Anti-drop, black, The Rims: Front:
Alloy 16" x 1.75 Rear: 20" x 2.125 28H, The Tires are: -Front: Schwinn
Superior 16" -Rear: Schwinn 20' Sting-Ray Slick, The Front Hub: Steel
Chrome Plated 28H, The Rear Hub is a: Shimano Coaster Brake, w/ 28H,
The Spokes are: 14G UCP, The Rear Brake: Shimano Coaster Brake, The
Handlebar: Classic Sting-Ray Polished Steel, The Stem: Sting-Ray Alloy,
The Grips: Classic Metal Flake Sting-Ray Grip, The Headset: Steel, The
Saddle: Schwinn Classic Banana Seat, The Seat Post is: Chrome Plated.

In All, Schwinn had no listings on its web site about the 2007 bike.
The new 2007 Schwinn Classic Sting-Ray is not a bad deal for $88.00
Its a COOL Bike, Keep the rubber side down and RIDE IT! - Have Fun.


Schwinn Tires and Tubes Review

Gene`s BMX News -- 11/14/2007
Do you have a bald tire or got a flat?

Schwinn/PTI Sports has launched some new looking
tires and tubes in to the mass market chain stores,
Walmart, Target, Toys R Us. exta. The new Schwinn
tires and tubes are manufactured and distributed by
PTI Sports Inc, providing quality products for Schwinn.

About the Schwinn branded parts and accessories,

Back in year 2002 Pacific Cycle/Schwinn signed a multi-year deal
with parts and accessory maker PTI in which to PTI to produce and
distribute Schwinn, GT and Mongoose-brand parts and accessories
to mass merchants, sporting goods chains and specialty retailers.
It covers a wide range of bicycle parts and accessories, including
helmets, locks, pumps, water bottles, bags, gloves and saddles.

The products can be found at specialty retailers and mass merchants.


Schwinn Ergo Comfort Grips Review

Gene`s BMX News --
Schwinn`s Ergo Comfort Grips Features: A dual density design
and its a No-slip grip, it does fit most handlebars. The grips have
been found to work well on BMX, MTB, and some Chopper bikes.

They are a soft rubber with hard rubber ends, on both ends,
This grip have a hard end rubber plug wich extends the life of the grip
and it helps prevent injuries to a rider caused by open bar ends.

This all makes for a tuff grip that does last for a good time on a bike.
The design and style of this grip makes for a comfortable bike ride.
The Ergo Comfort Grips gets a thumbs up becouse they seem to last.

The Ergo Comfort Grips are manufactured and distributed by PTI Sports
and the grips have the Schwinn Quality Seal logo and star on them.

The Schwinn Ergo Comfort Grips are available at most Wal-Mart stores
for about $6.00 and a few other mass retail store locations as well.


Schwinn And Vans Give Away Krate Bike

Gene`s BMX News -- 03/05/2007
Vans teamed up with Schwinn bicycles and tricked out a
1968 Krate Bike to match the Vans sparkle slip-ons that
you can see in the photo.

The sneakers will be available for purchase on ,
but the only way to get a hold of this extremely low-run bike
(only 300 made) bike is to enter a contest on the Complex site.

One lucky winner will be drawn randomly.
Entries must be received on or between
February 5, 2007 and March 28, 2007


Schwinn And Country Time Limited Edition Sting-Ray

July - October 2000
Country Time and Schwinn Stand for Fun

Country Time Lemonade, the #1 selling brand of lemonade,
is giving away limited edition Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycles
customized with the Country Time logo.

Look for the Country Time display at your grocery or convenience
store and register to win the limited edition Schwinn Sting-Ray.


Schwinn Skateboards - A Cool Look

Learn to skateboard on a Schwinn skateboard?
Schwinn skateboards for the Schwinn Collector's?
So, you pick - Check them out, they do look cool..

Schwinn/Pacific Cycle -- year 2005-2006

Learn to skateboard on Schwinn's 101 model.
The Schwinn Skateboard 101 - Features:
9 ply Maple 31" x 8" Deck & 5A Aluminum/Polished Trucks
PVC 50 x 36 mm Wheels & 608Z Bearings & Heat Transfer Graphics.

Sharpen your boarding skills on Schwinn's 102 model.
The Schwinn Skateboard 102 - Features:
9 Ply Maple 31" x 8" Deck & 5" Heavy Duty/Polished Trucks
PVC 50 x 36 mm Wheels & ABEC 3 Bearings & Heat Transfer Graphics

Board like a pro on Schwinn's 103 model.
The Schwinn Skateboard 103 - Features:
9 Ply Maple 31" x 8" Deck & 5" Heavy Duty/Stone Blasted Trucks
Polyurethane 50 x 36 mm Wheels & ABEC 5 Bearings & Heat Transfer Graphics

The Schwinn Skateboards will run you about $40.00 and
are available at most Schwinn mass retail store locations.


Schwinn Sting-Ray 2000 Foot Scooter

The Schwinn Sting-Ray 2000 Foot Scooter an official product
of Schwinn Cycling & Fitness was found in the mass market with
the Pacific Cycle name on it. This is still a big mystery today on
how that worked out since Pacific Cycle had nothing to do with
Schwinn un-till Sept 11th 2001. Was this a conspiracy plot for
Pacific Cycle to take over and win the Schwinn Cycling brand
name? Some say Yes. Giving us all a small tast of whats to come
the year befor Pacific Cycle actually owns it. - Click The Photo:

The Schwinn Sting-Ray Scooter Year 2000 at Target Stores 34.90
The Schwinn Sting-Ray Scooter unfolds at the touch of a button.
Quick release handlebars and grips and a Integrated foot rear brake.
100 mm In-line skate wheels with smooth rolling ABEC 5 bearings.
The wheels are sealed bearing hubs, It is Lightweight - 6 lbs. with
the frame and foot board made of 6061T-6 Aluminum. Its Cool!!!


Schwinn Roger Decoster Bike Information

Photo - Roger DeCoster him self and his BMX bike. /web file photo.

Roger DeCoster is widely recognized as the one of the best racers
in motocross, he won five 500cc Motocross World Championships
and many other national championships. He was inducted into the
Motorcycle Hall of fame in 1999.

Roger Decoster BMX Schwinn. The year was 1979.

Roger DeCoster was a private label brand that was
made for and sold to Schwinn. It was realized that
BMX Products where leading the BMX market with
BMX racing teams, advertising and promotions.

The Roger Decoster frame kit came in long or short frames
made of 4130 chromoly. They were manufactured by BMX
Products, Inc.
for Schwinn and sold only in Schwinn dealerships.

The Roger DeCoster frames came in nickel, Red, Blue,
and Yellow. Only the short frame came in a nickel finish.

The Roger DeCoster frame can easily be identified by
the oval in the front gusset behind the head tube.

Catalog Page: * Schwinn BMX 1979 Parts - Kits ( Roger DeCoster ).jpg

How much should I re-sell my Roger Decoster BMX For today?

There is NO Schwinn BMX Blue Book
on the values of what a bike is worth.
"What is the BMX bike worth to you?"
- This is the best way to go.

Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line


Schwinn On Grape Krate Crusade

Schwinn Cycling & Fitness Press Release:
April 12, 1999 - Schwinn On Grape Crusade In May

Photo - 1999 Grape Krate

Schwinn is releasing a Grape Krate bike to celebrate the millennium.
Schwinn produced a line of various Krate bikes in the 1970s, identified
by their ape hangar handlebars and banana seats.

A bit of mystery surrounds the Grape Krate—no one knows if it ever
was produced though some say a limited number were made in 1969.

The limited edition of 1,999 Grape Krates will be sold with ape hanger
handlebars and metal-flake vinyl banana seats. "We wanted to have fun
with this and celebrate the end of the millennium with something uniquely
Schwinn. And any relationship with Prince, the color purple or the 1999
album is purely coincidental," said Gregg Bagni, senior vice president of
marketing and product development at Schwinn.

The bike will be available to consumers beginning with
the Schwinn Cycle Madness Spectacular from May 8-16.

The Grape Krate is shrouded in mystery.
It was available in 1969 but only as a single speed. No wait,
200 were made in 1970 and they all had stick shifts. No, that’s
not right; the company planned to launch them in ’72, but the
CPSC decision killed it outright. Obviously there’s been much
conjecture about Grape Krates, and to this day experts dispute
whether they actually existed or not.

But regardless of its nebulous past, the Grape Krate has
now been reborn. And this is your chance to get one.

Here’s the lowdown on the 1999 special edition Grape Krate.
We will produce no more than 1999 of these special edition
"end of the millenium" bikes. The specifications are the same
as used on the 1999 reissue Apple & Orange Krates.

Only dealers participating in our spring Cycle Madness promotion
will be eligible to receive these bikes in strictly limited quantities.
Call your local dealer to verify that they are participating in Cycle
Madness. Cycle Madness ’99 runs from May 8th – 16th 1999.

Schwinn has no suggested retail price for this bicycle.
Check our web site for details and participating dealers
starting in April.


Schwinn General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios

Designs And Artwork by Mike Taylor.

Mike Taylor Designs paints for many professional BMX
and motocross athletes. Also, several pro teams protect
their cranium with custom MTD helmets.

Pro Athletes: T.J. Lavin | James Stewart.
Pro Teams: GT | Schwinn | Huffy | Specialized.

Schwinn scored a major promotional deal with the makers of Honey
Nut Cheerios! Schwinn riders Jay Miron, Dave Osato and Joey Garcia
all have pictures on the back of the Honey Nut Cheerios box, which
was expected to be seen by 18 to 24 million people. The Honey Nut
Cheerios box offerd people free Schwinn Decals and a Schwinn Sting
ray T-shirt. The offer expired in April 30th, 1998.

Honey Nut Cheerios Box Offer - Schwinn Decals:
( Schwinn Quality, Schwinn Stingray, and Schwinn XS Decals )
Put the most famous name in BMX on your bike! Get three free
Schwinn decals when you send in one UPC code from a Honey Nut
Cheerios box, plus $1 for shipping and handing.

Honey Nut Cheerios Box Offer - Schwinn Stingray T-shirt:
Now you can wear the look made famous by the Schwinn BMX
& Freestyle Team! This 100% cotton, heavyweight t-shirt
features a classic Stingray logo and racing stripe. To get
yours, send in $6.00 price includes postage and handing.


Schwinn BMX Poster Add Photos

1995 Interbike Schwinn`s 100th year partys and shows where
cool and had style in VEGAS! The Schwinn Elvis! style show.

Schwinn Merry BMXmas!

( Click On Photo For Full Size )
Santa knows good trash when he sees it.
Because whether you`re kicking up dirt or
cruising down pavement, Schwinn Phantom
Scrambler is one honkin machine. And you
can`t get it anywhere except your around--
the-corner Schwinn Dealer. 1980 Schwinn.


Schwinn American Muscle VHS Video

A forty minutes long Props production
(Chris Rye - Marco Massei), released in 1997.

Starring : Allan Foster
Brian Foster big 360.
Pat Dehme, Timmy Strelecky
Dave Osato downside icepick ou toothpick,
toothpick over the spine and back.
Joey Garcia manuals longs et compliqués.
Pat Miller
Sean Peters : spastic forward karl kruzer on the pedal.
Jay Miron : 720 full barspin and double flip on Woodward's
"safe landing" jump. 540 turndown, tailwhips, boomerang
air, 900 on vert.

Locations : US East Coast, Canada, Woodward, Spain (Madrid)

The VHS Video sold at Schwinn dealers around the world for around $30.00

Something special happens when you put a kid on a Schwinn BMX:
Check out the ( Schwinn American Muscle Video ) on-line for free.


Schwinn BMX Bally Pinball Game

The Schwinn BMX Bally Pinball.

Info -
BMX / IPD No. 335 / November, 1982 / 4 Players
Average Fun Rating: No ratings on file
Manufacturer: Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
[Trade Name: Bally]
Model Number: 1276
MPU: Bally MPU AS-2518-35
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Production: 406 units (confirmed)
Theme: Sports - Bicycling
Notable Features: Split-Level Playfield, Two outlane gates activated
by extra buttons, Magnet under the upper playfield.
Design by: Ward Pemberton
Art by: Greg Freres
Photos in: Pinball: The Lure of the Silverball pp. 87 [?]
Arcade Treasures pp. 127
ROMs: 8 KB ZIP PinMame ROMs Set
11 KB ZIP ROMs [Bally Mfg. Corp.]
2 KB ZIP Sound ROM
Documentation: 7 MB PDF Manual [Bally Mfg. Corp.]

YouTube Video: - * Understanding Pinball: Ballys BMX: Learn How It Plays: TNT Amusements.


Schwinn/GT Freestyle BMX PC Game

Schwinn/GT Freestyle BMX PC Game by Head Games Publishing

Features: An extreme freestyle BMX simulation
using officially licensed Schwinn and GT bicycles.

Media: CD-ROM - Windows 95/98/Me
# ESRB Rating: Everyone Everyone

Description: - An extreme freestyle BMX simulation using
officially licensed Schwinn and GT bicycles.

Competitions involve performing tricks (aerial jumps, bar spins, back flips)
throughout various levels. Rake in a sponsorship and enhance your bike.

Featuring 3D visuals and accelerator support, there are 12 levels
in all, each with its own unique textures and environments.

There are outdoor courses in which you'll leap white-picket fences,
basketball courts and indoor half-pipes.

After completing a level, you can use your winnings and go to the local
bike shop. There, you choose from a variety of tricked-out bikes, each
with its own weight and performance specifications.

Features BMX trick bike masters Brian Foster and Joey Garcia Freestyle.

Jaw dropping graphics and overflowing bag of tricks will thrill you.
Ride with the Pro's in twelve wicked courses on on tricked out high-tech
Schwinn & GT bikes.

From bar spins to back flips, wheelies to catching, and huge air on
the ramps, Freestyle BMX provides thousands of hours of wild
entertainment as you compete to be #1.

Manufacturer Company Info: Activision, Game Developer: Silverfish Studios.
Included: 4-Page Instruction Manual, Rating: E, Release Date:- 01/01/2000


Schwinn Pro Stock SE Information

Schwinn Pro-Stock SE.

The integrated chain tensioners suck! becouse it realy don`t
make since of a round alan bolt butting up to a round washer
on the axle nut. ( Round on Round ) I have a pro stock 1 and
a pro stock 3 that both run the integrated chain tensioners and
running round on round does not hold much of any thing. In all
the frame is nice but the SE is just a sticker that says SE as the
frame is the same as the pro stock 3 ........ It is a nice frame....

The 1999 Schwinn Pro-Stock SE frame, It also looks like the
Pro-Stock 3 - in all, it is, But just a deferent sticker set........

The Schwinn Pro-Stock SE bike was made and used for the 1999
Schwinn Pro-mo Cycle Maddness Sales. It was sold as just a frame.
The only official PR about the SE is the Cycle Maddness Sale flyers
showing the yellow one as a Frame Only. The Pro-Stock (SE) was
never listed in the main Schwinn Catalogs as it was made for just
the Schwinn Cycle Maddness Sales Event.

Iv seen a lot of them show up on ebay over the last few years,
colors: yellow, white, cream, black, red, and green. In giving that
I would think there is a good hand full of colors of them a float.
-- Paint is paint and Stickers are stickers and makes it a eazy
and a cheap way to change the looks for a sale........................

The 1999 Schwinn Pro-Stock (SE) and (3) has "NOTHING TO DO"
with the CPSC March 3, 1999 Recall. The recall targeted to bikes
February 1998 through December 1998 Also The recall targeted
to 2,800 BMX bicycles in wich as of to day have been counted for.
CPSC, Schwinn Cycling & Fitness Announce Recall of BMX Bicycles
( )


Schwinn 1989 Predator Flatland Pro

On the 1989 Flatland Pro what pegs do you use on the fork?
The fork I have has 4 holes a upper and a lower hole for the
pegs on it but I do not know what pegs.

The 1989 Predator Flatland Pro was not sold with pegs
It did have places made for pegs to be added to it like
on the fork. Back then, Flatland Freestyle was being toyed
with a lot of wicked ideas to what could be done to help
with places to put feet on the bikes.

I did have one of the 1989 Predator Flatland Pro bikes.

I ran Odyssey axle pegs on the axles as did alot of people.
This was found to be the best way of a peg when doing tricks.

The holes on the fork did not work well on the Flatland Pro.

They where not set in the right areas. They where ether
to high or low for doing tricks. Most found this same problem
and just used pegs on the axles on the Flatland Pro.

It was seen over time some smaller people did find threaded
pegs to fit in to the holes on that fork. I think it was Wald that
made the pegs that fit in to that fork. A lot of the kids went cheep
and at that same time Murry had a mass market freestyle bike
that had a fork that looked almost the same and was sold with
threaded pegs. It was seen a lot of people around that time
took the pegs from the Murry bike and was using them on the
Schwinn Flatland Pro. I seen this at many of the freestyle contests.

The 1989 Predator Flatland Pro.
Notes For The Pegs: Wald, Murry, and Odyssey

* Freestylin Magz 1989 Ad Predator Flatland Pro - Page 01.
* Freestylin Magz 1989 Ad Predator Flatland Pro - Page 02.jpg

* Schwinn BMX 1989 Page 02. = Catalog Page.
* Schwinn BMX 1989 Photo Predator Flatland Pro.

Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line:


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