Schwinn Sting-Ray Bicycle Information

Schwinn Sting-Ray Bicycle Information

~~ The Schwinn Sting-Ray - The Rebirth Of Cool ( 2004 - 2006 ) ~~
It's been over 25 years since Schwinn Sting-Rays ruled America's
sidewalks, streets and alleys. Now we're taking them back, with a
totally new Schwinn Sting-Ray, built for a totally new generation...

The Schwinn Sting-Ray Web Site + Pages.....
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The new Schwinn Sting-Ray can be found at these, and
many other retail locations beginning in April 2004:
Sting-Ray Retail Locations - Where To Buy: = archived.

Schwinn Sting-Ray Press Room - = archived.
FAQ - = archived.
History - = archived.
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IBD = Independent Bicycle Dealer, "A Schwinn bicycle shop/store".
Mass Market = Chain Stores like Wal-Mart, Target, ToysRUs, exta.


Wal-Mart had exclusive sales on the OCC Schwinn Sting-Ray Bikes
chrome/red/black version that comes with a front fender and highway
pegs. They do have different specifications than others. The Sting-Ray
Street Series with square-rectangle lock down highway pegs and front
fender attaches-bolts to the square-rectangle highway pegs. Also it has
allen bolts for bumpers on the triangle part of the fork. This was of the
first Schwinn OCC Sting-Ray bicycles on the market in the year 2004.

20" Schwinn Sting-Ray Street Series Bike: = archived.
20" Boys' Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike: = archived.
20" Schwinn Sting-Ray Electric Bike: = archived.
20" Schwinn Sting-Ray 3 Speed: = archived.
20" Schwinn Sting-Ray Squadron: = archived.
20" Boys' Schwinn Manta Ray Bike: = archived.
16" Boys' Schwinn Sting-Ray Chopper: = archived.
16" Girls' Schwinn Sting-Ray Chopper Bike: = archived.
12" Schwinn Sting-Ray Scooter: = archived.


*Sting Ray 2004 TV Commercial* - *Sting Ray Electric TV Commercial*

In 2004 - One of Americas favorite brands, Schwinn is proud to
announce that - The Rebirth Of Cool has arrived At Schwinn!
YouTube Source: - Schwinn Sting-Ray 2004 TV Commercial..

In 2005 - Introducing the latest Schwinn Sting Ray,
The Sting Ray Electric, The rebirth of cool has arrived!
YouTube Source: - Schwinn Sting-Ray Electric TV Commercial
This video is listed via the World Wide Web Archive Source.
( 2005 30 second spot - sting_comm_new.mp4 -Quicktime (5.4M) = archived.

Music in the 2004 Schwinn Sting-Ray TV Commercial
(~ Radio 4 ~)- [Gotham] - Calling All Enthusiasts.mp3 = archived.

A Cool Schwinn Song About Schwinn`s Sting-Ray Bikes:
( Orbit Underground - Sting-Ray.mp3 ) = archived.


Other Schwinn Sting-Ray Sources

Orange County Choppers OCC Endorses The Schwinn Sting-Ray.
Orange County Choppers OCC - - Buy & Sale Schwinn & Sting-Ray Bikes & Parts
eBay is The World's Best and Biggest Online Market Place.
( )

IBD Sales for OCC Schwinn Sting-Ray Parts & Accessories.
* J&B Importers -
* Schwinn Japan's Web Site -
* Canadian Tire Canada -

Some Schwinn & Sting-Ray Information Sources can also be
found at the Independent Schwinn & Sting-Ray Yahoo! Groups.
( )

The Schwinn BMX Catalogs Time Line Page Source
Dated Back To 1964 Showing Schwinn Sting-Rays:::
( )

~ Schwinn BMX Catalog Pages 2006 Showing Sting-Ray Bikes:
* Schwinn BMX 2006 Page 06.jpg
* Schwinn BMX 2006 Page 07.jpg
* Schwinn BMX 2006 Page 08.jpg

~ Schwinn BMX Catalog Pages 2005 Showing Sting-Ray Bikes:
* Schwinn BMX 2005 Page 04.jpg
* 2005 Schwinn Manta Ray Bike - Mass Market.jpg


New Schwinn Sting Ray Hats - 04/26/2005

$5.82 for the hats at Wal-Mart. They are cool looking,
Check the boys section at Wal-Mart Stores for them.
Photo -
Photo -
Photo -

Some 2006 Schwinn Sting-Ray Bikes & Things.
Photo - Schwinn Sting-Ray Mantaray - "05-06" Mass Market.
Photo - Schwinn Sting-Ray 3 Speed Spoiler - IBD.
Photo - Schwinn Sting-Ray Apple Krate - IBD.
Photo - Schwinn Sting-Ray Orange Krate - IBD.
Photo - Sting-Ray 3 Speed Street Series Black/w-Red Fenders

Photo - Pedrosfest 2005 Lanesboro, MA.
A Schwinn Sting-Ray Chopper Bike Race.

Photos - Schwinn`s 2005 Spoiler Sting-Ray - adult-sized bike

Photos - Schwinn`s 2004 OCC Sting-Ray Street Series Chopper Bike

Photos - Schwinn`s 2004 Sting-Ray Bicycles Mix


Schwinn`s 2004 Sting-Ray Street Series Chopper Review

Gene`s BMX News --
The Sting-Ray is an American icon - a legendary bicycle
The 2004 Schwinn Sting-Ray Is The Rebirth Of Cool......

The new Schwinn Sting-Ray is all about the ride.
Built with customized parts, like the Big Boa Tire
and signature V-back Handlebars --

Schwinn Sting-Rays are endorsed by
OCC - Orange County Choppers.

Schwinn`s 2004 Sting-Ray Street Series features:
Custom-stretched chopper frame with gas tank gusset
Measurement in inches: 36.0 x 75.0 x 26.0 - weight 45.0

The "Big Boa" rear drag tire is 20" tall by 4.25" wide.
20" x 4" super wide V line rear slick tire 24" x 2" narrow
front tire mounted on extruded alloy rims.

Adjustable cruising saddle with built-in sissy bar, riveted
upholstery and Schwinn embossed logo. Dual crown Sting-Ray
twin barrel chrome forks with color matching paint. Chrome
steel chain guard and heavy duty double leg kickstand.

Clear-coated Schwinn flame decals with machined aluminum
head badge. Alloy linear pull brake with alloy lever 3-piece
custom Sting-Ray cranks with iron cross pedals. The Sting-Ray
Street Series Chopper bike roughly weighs 45 pounds.

*Photos of the 2004 Schwinn Sting-Ray Bike.

This bike is not bad at all, for a bike being sold in the mass market
like chain stores Wal-Mart - Target - ToysRus - and more. Its roughly
$180.00 The Sting-Ray bikes rolled into mass stores in mid-April 2004.
The manufacturer of this bike is Schwinn/Pacifc Cycle-Dorel Industries.


Schwinn`s 2005 Sting-Ray Foot Scooter Review-Report

Gene`s BMX News --
Well - deck them halls with a bit of holiday spice - lalala,
But - I bet you would like to ride them halls on this new
Schwinn Sting Ray Scooter? Its cool looking.......

I took a trip to my area Target store this week and bought
one of them Schwinn Sting-Ray Scooters red/black for $99.99

Its not a bad price - that is, if your in to the scooter fad or
just a flat out Schwinn nut like my self that has to have any
thing that has the Schwinn name on it.

This new Schwinn Sting-Ray Scooter does look cool
and does ride smooth for a scooter. It also looks good
side by side with my Schwinn Sting-Ray 20' Street Series bike.

The Schwinn Sting-Ray Foot Scooter has a double barrel"
frame with dual exhaust tips and a curvy steering tube.

With exclusive Sting-Ray 12" x 3" "Big Boa" drag slick rear tire,
and a 14" x 2" front tire, each mounted on alloy rims, Front and rear
custom steel fenders ( Red ) with integrated rear reflector mount and
rolled edges Extra wide deck with traction grip. - the deck is plastic?

Here are some photos --

A Sure-stop hand brake with a alloy color matched brake lever.
You can also push down on the back fender to drag stop on
the back wheel, as this is also used as a brake to stop the scooter.
The back fender does have a skid plate built in the inter part of the
fender, making it a bit strong to do so.....

Somewheres, someone was asking about the brakes on this scooter.
So here are a few photo shots of just the brake area on the scooter.

It also has a durable and cool Sting-Ray "Dualie" kick stand,
and Signature Sting-Ray "lucky dice" valve caps..............

I have to give Schwinn a Thumbs Up! on this new Sting-Ray Foot
Scooter - it makes "the rebirth of cool " now even more cool. :)


Schwinn 2005-2006 Manta Ray Bike Review

( Click Photo For Full Size! )

Gene`s BMX News --
The Schwinn Manta Ray Bike, 2005-2006
Rule the streets on the new Schwinn Manta Ray muscle bike.
With a cool double-wide polo frame, Schwinn chrome springer
fork, double-wide coaster brake and laid-back banana saddle,
it's brimming with attitude and style.

~~~~~ It`s Features & Specifications ~~~~~
Schwinn double-wide polo frame.
Extra-long Schwinn chrome Springer fork.
Double-wide coaster brake.
Laid-back banana saddle with chrome sissy bar.
Front and rear wide fenders.
Steel chain guard.

Click Here! For Photos of the Schwinn Manta Ray Bike.
This is a cool looking bike, some say it looks like a re-make of the older
Schwinn Sting-Ray Krate bikes, but built for a all new generation.

The Schwinn Manta Ray Bike will run you around $153.00
and can be found in the Mass Market chain - Wal-Mart stores. = archived.

The Schwinn Manta Ray Bike that sold at Wal-Mart mass market
retail in year 2005/2006 came with a cool looking coupon add that
did not make much since to be on this bike.

As seen at the Wal-Mart mass market retail on the
Schwinn bicycles being sold, is a ABA-Dew Coupon.

A Free Race Coupon - Bring this coupon to your local track
and get a FREE RACE ENTRY and a free 30-day trial membership.
(photo) -
Schwinn and ABA BMX - American Bicycle Association.

And on the other side of the coupon is -
Schwinn is a proud sponsor of the Dew Action Sports Tour.
(photo) -

A Schwinn BMX coupon add on a style Schwinn muscle bike, - Hmmmm!
So why did the Schwinn Manta Ray Bike have this cool looking coupon on it?
Who knows why? - It realy does not fit with the style of this Manta Ray Bike.
But we all will be guessing for a long time on as to why this coupon add came
the Schwinn Manta Ray Bike.


The Brains Behind The Sting-Ray Design. The
Schwinn Sting-Ray Comes To A End 2004-2006

Gene`s BMX News --
A man hits it big with new Schwinn Sting-Ray bike design.

A former Lompoc, CA. resident Frank Blankenship was "messing around"
on his computer and turned out to be magic for one major bike company.

Blankenship - who grew up in town, graduated from Lompoc High School
and attended Allan Hancock College - is the brains behind the design
for the new Schwinn Sting-Ray. The retro-looking bicycle that resembles
a chopper without the engine has a motorcycle-style kick stand, pedals
that jut out from the body, a chrome fender, a 4.5-inch rear tire, a seat
with rivets in the upholstery, and flame decals.

It took about 400 hours to design and put together a presentation
to pitch it to Schwinn, but only four days for the company to respond,
Blankenship said. Before he knew it he was being flown to Schwinn's
headquarters to hammer out a deal with the company's top brass.

"The whole experience has made me think things are possible,"
Blankenship said. "I think this is a Cinderella story for messing around."

Blankenship's deal includes quarterly royalty checks on the bike
sales and merchandise with the Sting-Ray logo. The 49-year-old
said he wants to use the money to retire early.

"I told my wife that this has commercial value to it.
I thought it was going to be something."

Blankenship, a manager in Lockheed Martin's graphics department
in Marietta, Ga., said he started coming up with designs for a bike
and some off the wall things because he does not get to draw at
work anymore. He has ideas for other bicycles to pitch to Schwinn.

His design is the first Sting-Ray bike to hit sidewalks and
streets in 25 years and it is the brand's 40th anniversary bike.
Schwinn's Sting-Ray Web site boasts "The rebirth of cool has arrived."

Schwinn launched the new Sting-Ray in April 2004 and it quickly
became clear that Schwinn had something very special on there hands.
But all cool things do come to a end.... -- On September 29th, 2006
Dorel-Pacific Cycles, Schwinn launched a sad press release - PR.

Pacific Writes Off $3.5 Million In Sting-Ray Inventory

Montreal, Ontario Canada -- 09/29/2006
Dorel, Pacific Cycles parent company, reported that second
quarter sales, totaling $436 million, were flat compared with
the same quarter last year. The companys first six-month
earnings were down 2.2 percent to $887 million.

Some of Dorls divisions where up - its baby products and juvenile
division grew 12 percent to $216 million. However, those divisions
could not offset falling sales in its bike division.

"As anticipated, the quarter was disappointing. While juvenile posted
solid revenue gains, particularly in the U.S., we are continuing to work
through issues in ready-to-assemble furniture and to stregthen Pacific
Cycle`s foundation in recreational products," said Martin Schwartz,
Dorel`s president and chief executive officer.

Dorl`s recreational/leisure division, which is dominated by Pacific Cycle,
saw revenues fall 10 percent to $100 million from $111 million last year.
Earnings from operations were down 58 percent to $6 million from $13
million. Year-to-date earnings from operations decreased 43 percent to
$13 million from $22 million last year.

Schwartz points to a major mass market customer`s invenyory reduction
initiative as the main reason for Pacific`s sales drop as well as slower
sales to other reailers. In addition, Dorel wrote off $3.5 million on its
remaining Sting-Ray bicycle inventory to lower prices and help move it
through the channel.

Going forward the company expects sales during the second half of the
year to be better. Inventory levels at mass retailers are low so orders
are expected to pick up.

Wal-Mart`s bicycle boutique concept has proved a sales success for
Pacific`s Schwinn and Mongoose brands. According to Schwartz, the
retailer plans to roll out six more stores with the IBD-like departments,
as well as retrofit some existing stores with the concept, something
Pacific expects will increase profits.

"Our IBD business was up 29 percent in the second quarter, so the
plan to make GT exclusive to this channel has been the right one,"
Schwartz said.

The company also is renewing its commitment to e-bikes and will launch
entirely new bikes this fall at Eurobike. Featuring new battery technology
that promises range and weight savings, the company thinks electric bikes
may be coming of age.

For the first time in June, Pacific Cycle shipped more than $1 million
worth of Schwinn Scooters, the highest amount for a single month
since the line was introduced.

This reflects EPA certification of the units in all 50 U.S. states and
continued growth of the dealer network, which doubled over the quarter
to 156. Pacific hopes to have a 150cc scooter on the market shortly.

January 2007 - From The Official FAQ Web Page.
Q8: Sting-ray Choppers

Q8: If you've bought a Sting-ray chopper and have parts and/or
warranty questions, you'll need to contact the Sting-ray service
team at 1-800-626-2811 prompt 1. We aren't able to process parts
requests via e-mail, but the technicians at the service center
will be able to help you with the parts and information you need.

The choppers are no longer in production and are becoming increasingly
difficult to find through retail channels. We do not, unfortunately,
have any way to track which models, sizes, or colors, if any, a specific
store has in stock.


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