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Chats intended for use by people in to BMX racing, BMX freestyle,
Or just about anything or anyone with in the BMX bicycling world.......
While Gene`s BMX Welcome`s you to stay and chat as long as you like,
But Please remember that there are often kids/teens in the chat rooms listed.
So Making rude, obscene, racist, suggestive or otherwise obnoxious remarks,
It is *NOT* acceptable! and Will NOT Be Tollerated!

Gene`s BMX is sorry to even have to mention this,
Gene`s BMX reminds you NOT to be obscene or abusive
or you and your computer may be banned from the servers.
Please NOTE: Gene`s BMX Warning & Disclaimer Page
If you would like to add a chat room-page to this chat list,
Please e-mail Gene`s BMX...Be Safe and Happy Chatting!


BMX Real-Time Java & IRC Chat Room

("A JAVA - IRC Chat Room" Topic Anything BMX-Bicycling )


BMXers ChatRooms OnLine NetWork Inc.
( an Affiliate Co-branded site/page and Service of Gene`s BMX )

Links to Other BMX Chats

BMX Team Warning ChatPage
( Every Night at 8:00pm Central new time.)

BMXtreme.com Chat

Dannys BMX Chat Page

Emery Park BMX Live Chat Room
( Wichita, KS )

Hit Man BMX Chat

Internet Main Stream Chat Services w/ some bmx

mIRC is a real time Internet Relay Chat. [d/l]
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help | mIRC | mIRC Commands

mIRC is kinda confusing at first.
I suggest reading the help file to get you running. I highly suggest
using Server: { irc://irc.ircstorm.net } Port: { 6667 } on Channel: { #bmx }
It offers a great bmx channel to chat in. Once you have connected to the server,
type /join #bmx -- Also this IRC BMX Channel is posted on a JAVA web bace at:



Google Talk is a simple and free way to talk with and send instant
messages to your friends. Like Gmail, Google Talk uses Google's
innovative technologies to help people communicate more effectively
and efficiently. Think of it as Google's approach to communications.

Google Talk is easy and intuitive to use. All you need to make free
calls is an Internet connection, a microphone, and a speaker. After you
download Google Talk, sign in with your Gmail username and password.
Invite your friends to download Google Talk, and once they do, you'll
be able to talk or IM with them instantly. - http://www.google.com/talk



Yahoo! Chat`s And Yahoo! Messenger Chats

( "The BMX chat hang out on Both Yahoo!`s is at~ "Extreme Sports" )

* Please NOTE: Geneb - Gene`s BMX is No longer a moderator
for Yahoo`s Extreme Sports 1-10 chat rooms, If you are having
problems with in this Yahoo! chat room(s) Please go to the
Yahoo! chat Help room(s). ~ Thanks Geneb...Gene`s BMX

***** "PARENT ADVISORY NOTE": 03/27/2004 *****
Yahoo! IM chat rooms , all topic areas that yahoo lists for its IM chats
are full of hard rude/foul language & pornographic photos tradings area,
even in the "Extreme Sports" chat, most chat rooms are use for a post
board just asking for other users to IM them in a privet chat rooms to
trade pornographic photos and sexaul chatting. It has been found that a
chat room topic like "Extreme Sports" does not even get people chatting
on a topic, just people post adding for IMings and hard rude/foul language.
So Parents, Please know where your kids/teens are hanging out on the
net and who they are chatting with on Yahoo! - IM chats and chat rooms.



ICQ chats is a real time chat. - [d/l]

Gene`s BMX ICQ numbers & listings with D/L
http://www.genesbmx.com/icq.html ( out of date )

ICQ Sports Chat Room = JAVA web page
The world of Sports never sleeps, there's always something
going on. Football, Tennis, Basketball to the Tour de France.


AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

old "aim" aol page
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a real time chat. [d/l]



Para Chat is Basic html/java main stream internet chats.

Other Information & Help

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Gene`s BMX ( FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

***** HINT NOTE! *****
~~ No one in a chat room to chat with? ~~
Try letting people know that you are there and want to chat.
E-mail a friend with a date and time to be in a BMX chat room.
Set up a date and time for a bmx group to meet in a chat room.
Pass the word and url on - Get a BMX crowed in a chat room...

***** Gene`s BMX *****
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