BMX Real-Time Java & IRC Chat


This application requires Java suport.
This server also available via IRC at:

To Start BMX Chat Room - Let the chat room application load.
To start chatting - just add a name in ( Your nickname `Box' ).....
Then click on ( Connect ) let chatroom load, then chat chat chat.

It is Recommended! that you do Register your Nickname but you do not have to.
But if a nickname that you are using is already taken and registered by another user,
the chat will change your nickname to "Guest" with in time. So Please REGISTER!
How do I register my nickname? Its simple, log in to the bmx chat using the nickname
you want to register with and then just type this command in to the bmx chat room. -
/msg NickServ register [ make up a password? ] [ your email address? ]
If the nickname you picked is already taken and registered by another user, try a new nickname.
Returning to the bmx chat? ( logging in ) - Use the password you used to register your nickname.
/msg NickServ identify [ your password? ]


The Topic in this chat room is set for BMX - Please stay on topic.
You may chat about anything that has to do with bmx or bicycling.
Please NOTE & SEE: Gene`s BMX Warning & Disclaimer Page.
Please be safe & have fun, "Happy chatting in the BMX Chat Room!"


A Hint Note!

~~ No one here in the bmx chat room to chat with? ~~
Try letting people know that you are here and want to chat.
E-mail a friend with a date and time to be in the BMX chat room.
Set up a date and time for a bmx group to meet in the chat room.
Pass the word and url on - Get a BMX crowed in this chat room...
Anyone is Welcome to Chat in this BMX Real-Time Java & IRC Chat.

BMX Real-Time Java & IRC Chat - Help

The BMX chat room requires Java suport.
Use with any Web browser which supports Java
- Including Windows, UNIX and Macintosh Java-Enabled browsers.

To Start BMX Chat Room - Let the chat room application load.
once loaded - "Please enter a nickname in box to participate"
then push the enter key.

To Exit-Quit the BMX chat, Just click X in upper right of chat room. Or
just click X on right top of page and close out the page from your browser.

"Float" option, which takes the chat out of the browser and "floats" it in a
separate window allowing you to continue browsing the web while chatting.
To "Float" - Click the small box in upper right of chat room,

mIRC & Other IRC chat clients For BMX Chat

Many of you may wish to use programs such as mIRC or XChat to
connect to the bmx chat room server. You are Welcome to do so!
This bmx chat room server is available via IRC chats
To connect using your IRC clent such as mIRC Please use the IRC
Server: { irc:// } Port: { 6667 } on Channel: { #bmx }

Once you are loged on to the IRC Server on your chat client,
The command to enter the bmx chat room is simple: /join #bmx

mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client that allows you to connect
to an IRC server. It gives you much more flexablity than the java client,
however you can't use it on a website to connect like you can with java.

To download mIRC already setup to connect to IRCStorm click on the
mirc4ircstorm.exe This is an .exe file that has a menu driven installation.

Java and IRC NickServ Commands

The BMX Real-Time Java & IRC Chat Supports of all popular IRC
commands. Here are Some NickServ Commands to get you going...

REGISTER - Registers your nickname. ( It Is Recommended! )
/msg NickServ register [password] [email]

IDENTIFY - Identifies you to NickServ as the registered user for
your nickname. Use password you used to register your nickname.
/msg NickServ identify [password]

HELP - View NickServ help files on the IRChat network.
/msg NickServ help
/msg NickServ help [command]


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