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Alt.BMX by Geneb - Gene`s BMX
Alt.BMX by Jonathan bomba Har.
Alt.BMX by Will Law in 1997 edu.
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Other Bicycling Usenet Newsgroups
Listed Usenet newsgroup or you can
View and post via Google archives.

alt.mountain-bike - FAQ / archives

The rec.bicycles Usenet Newsgroups
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And More Usenet Newsgroups

alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent / archives

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BikeRide.Com Newsgroups list
& also a Cycling Web Directory.

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Welcome to Gene`s BMX
Newsgroups & Mailing lists

This is a list of BMX & Bicycling
newsgroups and mailing lists.

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to a news server to read a group

Not all news servers carry
all of the newsgroups listed.
If you don't have access to
a news server, you can read
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GoogleGroups.com archives

Gene`s BMX has listed some
links/archives from Google
So you can view some of the
bmxing and bicycling usenet
newsgroups and mailing lists.
Gene`s BMX ( FAQ )
Frequently Asked Questions

Gene`s BMX Chat &
Chat Links & Chat Services

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The Yahoo! Group of
GenesBMX News and Updates

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A BMX & Bicycling News Group
all from an array of sources AP wires
and more from all around the World.

Yahoo!Groups BMXtalk
( Talk about BMX in the Northwest )
Talk day to day issues of BMX, Ask
other bmxers questions, and get some
answers to your questions. Read me!

Yahoo!Groups WaBMXnews
( Washington State BMX News )
A Receive Only Group for additional
BMXing information, primarily about
Washington State BMX activity......

Yahoo!Groups Schwinn-StingRay
This is a Schwinn Group.All aspects
of Schwinn.StingRay, BMX, MTB,
Road, Fitness, and More". Post
and share your news and ideas...

( Group Closed! listed for info )
BMX@Cyclery.Com ( 1994-2001 )
Hyper Mail Archive BMX@Cyclery
This was the First BMX Mailing List
on the world wide web. Cyclery.com
closed the list down, the bmx archives
where re-inlisted in to the Topica site
directorys in the CyberCyclery area.
The bmx archives have disappeared.

( Group Closed! listed for info )
BMX And Freestyle Mailing List
a freestyle oriented mailing list.
To subscribe:send a mail to bmx-
request@hesston.met.tamu.edu with
the word subscribe in the subject
To unsubscribe:send a mail to bmx-
request@hesston.met.tamu.edu with
the word unsubscribe in the subject
bmx@hesston.met.tamu.edu groups
*BMX* FAQ By Will Law 1997

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Yahoo! Groups is a way for
BMXers to stay in touch on
the Internet! Gene`s BMX
has listed a mix of the most
useful and unique BMXing
Yahoo! Groups found on the
Internet today. You can now
find all of the Yahoo! Groups
listed on Gene`s BMX at the

Gene`s BMX Listings Directory
Page Of BMX Yahoo! Groups.

You can join an array of groups
that are listed that best fits what
ever style of BMX riding you do.
Stay in touch with whats going on
at the track or get some help tips,
how to fix your bike or to do some
tricks. You can join, or drop out
of a Yahoo! Group at your will,
Its your choice, hope you enjoy!

Know a New BMX Yahoo Group?
Please let Gene`s BMX know.
It can be add in the list asap!

Other BMX Yahoo Groups!
can be found at Yahoo.com`s
Yahoo!Groups BMX Directory

What are Yahoo Groups? Listed
Via Genes BMX FAQ #[- 009-]

Yahoo! Groups Tips For
Owners, Moderator & Members

** BMX Forums Message Boards **
*Web Baced php Message Boards*
It seems everyone has a message
forums board anymore, So here is
a list of some of the most usefull
BMX Forums Message Boards!

Pacific Northwest BMX Forums

Contributors Welcome to
Post or Browse BMX Happings.
( BMX Washington State Forum )

Bicycle Retailer Forums Board
Bike Forums.net Forums Board
Bike Guide.org Forums Board
BMX BC.com Forums Board
BMX-Forum.com Forums Board
BMX and More.com Forums Board
BMX Museum.com Forums Board
BMX Talk UK Forums Board
Bonzai BMX.com Forums Board
NE BMX News.com Forums Board
New Jersey BMX Forums Board
North Idaho BMX Forums Board
OS-BMX.com Forums Board
Pedal BMX.com Forums Board
Ramp Rage.com Forums Board
Ride Monkey.com Forums Board
Schwinn Bicycles Forums Board
Singapore BMX Forums Board
Skaters for Public Parks Forums
Sleestak.net Skate Forums Board
The Fabulous BYKE Forum.com
Treasure Valley BMX Forums Board
VintageBMX.com Forums Board

Want to Add a BMX Forums
Message Board to this list?
Please send it to Gene`s BMX
For More BMX Forums See:
Google.com/Search/bmx forums

World Wide BMX Links Directory

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